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By | September 8, 2019

Cross area appearance of the corrugated conical horn antenna design

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While best 3D printed antennas are bogus with metal, two advisers from Turkey’s Yasar University afresh completed a abstraction about application PLA actual to accomplish a 3D printed conical corrugated horn antenna, which is acclimated to augment reflector antennas in absolute advertisement accessory (DBS) systems. The paper, blue-blooded “The Ancestor of a Wideband Ku-Band Conical Corrugated Horn Antenna with 3-D Press Technology,” discusses the researchers’ design, production, and analysis of a prototype antenna bogus with FDM 3D press and nickel conductive aerosol painting.

The abstruse reads, “The antenna advised with CST Bake Studio affairs operates aural wideband of 10.5-18.5 GHz at Ku-band. The ancestor is accomplished with new bearing 3D press technology and conductive acrylic blanket method, which makes the antenna failing and provides low amount and faster production. According to altitude results, the antenna has acknowledgment accident about bigger than 20 dB, accretion amount of minimum 14.5 dBi and sidelobe akin of -18 dB at best aural 1.76:1 abundance bandwidth. Antenna is empiric to accept a accretion accident of at best 1.5-2 dB aural the bandage as compared to the aforementioned antenna with aerial application metal, which needs college amount and assembly time for the manufacturing.”

3D printed behindhand of antenna prototype

Typically, conical corrugated horn antennas are acclimated in bifold or annular animosity applications, like accessory communication, and are bogus up of four capital sections: ascribe (feed) waveguide, transition, corrugated contour (mode converter), and the antenna aperture; however, this ancestor alone has three.

The autogenous apparent slots and teeth in this blazon of antenna assignment as a augment for reflectors in alien analysis systems and satellites, due to its “directivity and gain as able-bodied as low cross-polarization level, low ancillary and aback affiliate levels and acceptable acknowledgment accident value.”

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“When there is TE11 approach advancement in the ascribe waveguide section, which is a bland and collapsed belted structure, TE11 and TM11 modes propagates in the corrugated surface. The advancement of the both electric and alluring acreage apparatus of TE and TM modes are at the aforementioned velocity, which after-effects in as a distinct amalgam (HE11) mode,” the advisers explained. “Therefore, the corrugated apparent of the antenna absolutely behaves like a approach converter. Amalgam approach advancement provides acutely acceptable axle agreement in radiation patterns with low cross-polarization levels, with aerial axle efficiency. For these reasons, corrugated horns accommodate acceptable wide-bandwidth performance.”

Assembled antenna structure

Because they are bogus up of circuitous geometric shapes, you charge a awful absolute accomplishment action to accomplish these. CNC and CCM machines are acclimated best often, but they’re big-ticket and booty a continued time, which is why some bodies accept to use FDM 3D printing.

This antenna was accurately advised to operate aural wideband amid 10.5 and 18.5 GHz, so it can awning both the general RX bandage (10.5-12.75 GHz) and TX bandage (17.3-18.4 GHz) in DBS communications and the TX/RX bands of 10.7-12.75 GHz and 13.75-14.5 GHz in telecommand and telemetry accessory applications. Simulations aural CST Bake Studio 2017 were acclimated to optimize these dimensions, aboriginal application Perfect Electric Conductor (PEC) actual to accomplish the action faster, and again with dielectric PLA and the nickel conductive aerosol acrylic coating.

“Besides, the after-effects with PEC actual are acclimated as advertence after-effects for allegory such that they can be about taken as the after-effects back the antenna is bogus with CNC apparatus and aerial application actual such as aluminum,” the advisers explained.

“From the simulation after-effects accustomed for the coated antenna, it can be assured that PLA/nickel abstracts accept absolutely slight aftereffect on the acknowledgment accident achievement of the antenna area the acknowledgment accident ethics are about aloft 20 dB for 10-19 GHz. The ethics hardly bead beneath 20 dB for the frequencies about 10 GHz. This is due to the acumen that the blanket array on PLA decreases the close ambit of the antenna including the augment ellipsoidal waveguide. Therefore, the blow abundance of the waveguide (and the antenna) becomes afterpiece to 10 GHz, at which the acknowledgment accident of the antenna is deteriorated.”

Return accident altitude setup

An Ultimaker 2 was acclimated to accomplish the antenna ancestor out of PLA, which is easier, cheaper, and added environmentally affable to book than ABS. A 0.4 mm bill was acclimated to administer 0.2 mm layers, with 50% infill, at 50 mm/second, which took about 23 hours.

Measuring directivity and radiation patterns

“After printing, the identical genitalia are coated by application three coats of Super Shield-841 nickel conductive aerosol acrylic aerosol to accord the blanket array of about 0.1 mm. Finally, the bogus half-pieces are accumulated by accumulation them with a appropriate adjustable catch system,” the advisers noted. “After the accomplishment accomplish are completed, the absolute weight of the ancestor antenna is abstinent as about 230 gr, which is abundantly lightweight.”

The performances – directivity, radiation patterns, accomplished gain, and acknowledgment accident – of the antenna were measured. Additionally, the advisers compared the cost, assembly cost, and weight of the antenna back bogus with 3D printed PLA and nickel, and one bogus out of aluminum with CNC-based milling.

Not surprisingly, the analysis shows that the 3D printed ancestor takes beneath time and money to make, and is additionally added lightweight.

“Although a conductive actual (nickel) with abstinent application is acclimated for aerosol blanket with a array of about 0.1 mm, it is begin from the abstracts that the antenna gives not added than 2 dB accretion accident as compared to aforementioned antenna bogus with aerial application actual and CNC-based manufacturing. The proposed antenna anatomy bogus with proposed address still has awful satisfactory performances such that it provides added than 17 dB acknowledgment loss, 14.5 dBi accretion and aiguille sidelobe akin of -18 dB in E-plane and H-plane at the accustomed abundance bandage (1.76:1 bandwidth),” the advisers concluded. “The proposed artifact address has the advantages of low weight, low amount and low assembly time as compared to CNC-based assembly in animosity of slight accident in the gain. As a conclusion, 3-D press and blanket adjustment is actual advantageous abnormally for analysis and ancestor analysis in antenna and bake systems.”

Co-authors of the cardboard are M. E. Carkaci & M. Secmen.

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