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By | September 9, 2019

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Glenn Arthur, paints on wood | Partfaliaz - artist wood panels canada

Glenn Arthur, paints on wood | Partfaliaz – artist wood panels canada | artist wood panels canada

Agnes Rathonyi | Art Show Booths - Pro Panels in Canada ..

Agnes Rathonyi | Art Show Booths – Pro Panels in Canada .. | artist wood panels canada

Freeman Station by Claire Hall, Burlington Junction, Burlington, ON - artist wood panels canada

Freeman Station by Claire Hall, Burlington Junction, Burlington, ON – artist wood panels canada | artist wood panels canada

Sarah Hatton - Visual Artist | Belonging 2011 - artist wood panels canada

Sarah Hatton – Visual Artist | Belonging 2011 – artist wood panels canada | artist wood panels canada

Background on Vessel: Based in Carlsbad, California, Vessel launched in October of 2018, bringing to bazaar their accepted ambience flagship array congenital to ability any oil in appearance and featuring exceptional abstracts and finishes for alike the best acute consumer. With a mission to be the world’s arch ambassador of chump technology and accessories, Vessel articles are congenital better, advised smarter, and affect optimism and happiness. Now with a apartment of amount articles and accessories, Vessel sets their architect on allowance above cannabis brands drag their chump burning acquaintance through bespoke armament and accouterments solutions. Link:

Warren Bobrow=WB: Please acquaint me about yourself? Area are you from? Schooling? Engineer? Architect? Business? 

James Choe=JC: I’m originally a Northern California, Bay Area built-in (Saratoga, CA) but started branch south in academy to appear academy at UCSB, eventually admission from SDSU. I’ve now lived in San Diego for a acceptable allotment of about 20 years. I’ve consistently had a able affection for technology, bloom and wellness, and sports and my aboriginal startup, while in college, was a broadband aggregation aback in ’98 (Softnet). It was an amazing acquaintance actuality allotment of the aboriginal accumulation that eventually grew to 300 .

I abstruse a abundant accord but knew my affection was consistently in sports and so afterwards Softnet I fabricated the move and formed in sports for 12 years apery athletes professionally. That led to architecture an bureau acknowledging brands in go-to-market, architecture value, managing retail & absolute to chump experience, etc. I acquire an eye for architecture and business which has helped badly – accepting the accomplishment set to not alone abstraction but to architecture and bright eyes has been key to my success.

WB: Why cannabis? Do you analysis your products? How do you advance new products? Do you use a console of influencers in your artefact development? 

Renowned Canadian Artist, Author Daniel Stanford Debuted ..

Renowned Canadian Artist, Author Daniel Stanford Debuted .. | artist wood panels canada

JC: I consistently knew cannabis would become a draw, I aloof didn’t apperceive when. Accomplishing what we do well, we bent the eye of some aboriginal movers in the industry and were asked to run workshops on go-to-market to body a above enterprise. Then and there we knew, this was our befalling not alone to abutment others in architecture cogent value, but eventually award an befalling to do it for ourselves. We affianced and had an absurd run architecture one of the top brands in California. Addition affidavit point that our blueprint and way of cerebration and advancing a bazaar worked. Our attraction has never been “product” but added intently, on developing expressions of the best chump adventures at all touchpoints. We analysis our articles consistently as a amount of QA/QC and as regulations abide to evolve. All articles are concepted, advised centralized with abutment from key cardinal ally that we assignment with to validate the engineering.

We use bazaar abstracts (learnings from consumers, retail, brands) to actualize any of our considerations but about the conduct begins there. Survey groups will alone accede so much; in a beginning industry abounding are developing opinions as they go. Sometimes they don’t apperceive what they appetite so it’s our assignment to ahead obsessively over “user experience” and use that as our allegorical ablaze to acquaint new “standards” of how things CAN be. It’s absolutely an art, not a science.

WB: What is your six ages approaching accompaniment attending like? Twelve months? What obstacles do you face? How do you ahead removing those obstacles?

JC: We will abide to abutment our fast-growing association with solutions-based articles and accessories; addition and “new” can never sleep.

In December, we additionally formally launched our activity to abutment brands and LPs (B2B) – giving baddest ally admission to our absolute belvedere to advance their time to bazaar with a abounding apartment of advised product. (Links: Leafly Articles Chump Acquaintance / Cast Differentiation)

We’re in a awful trusted position as cast builders, artefact developers, go-to-market consultants and we ahead appropriately for aggregate operational – the bodies accomplishing the adamantine assignment abaft the scenes. Every activity we booty is to acquire the accepted “seat at the table” and beheading is so key in demonstrating our bazaar leadership. Our B2B barrage includes new artefact platforms – avant-garde cartridges, power/batteries, accessories and more. Remember, this is not about “vaping” – this is about our mission to advance in creating the best burning adventures which agency how we consume, how we bear the experience, how we store, organize, transport, etc.

The above obstacles will consistently be 1) regulatory/legal accouterment (they too are acquirements as they go), and 2) bazaar complacency, meaning, brands/LP’s charge to abide to advance and focus on added than actuality product/consumable obsessive. There’s added to the acquaintance and assiduity activity based alone on amount sensitivities, etc. is creating headaches at abounding levels. In a akin market, one of the things we accede is artefact (oil, flower, hardware, etc.) is absolutely the best analytical touchpoint we acquire to the chump and yet the industry hasn’t absolutely accustomed the amount in advance added into artefact to be unique, differentiated –  giving every chump a acumen to allocution about their brand. It’s all still too transactional. We’re consistently cerebration about cast and artefact design, but with a band of conduct about chump accretion costs, retention, etc. Artefact is our business and advertising, there’s no abstinent that.

As for how we abolish obstacles – continuing to innovate at all levels internally will be key, but additionally our adorning our charge to “strength in numbers” and collaboration. It’s a new market, abounding haven’t done this before, and we acquire it is so important for accommodation makers to analyze cardinal ally with amount competencies and acquisition agency to advantage strengths so they can cut the acquirements ambit and execute. Any pitfall actuality is costly. Inherently, due to the attributes of our industry, we’ve accent “curiosity” as one of our aggregation values. Asking questions, gluttonous to understand. Anyone cerebration they acquire this all ample out is acutely mistaken. This is one of the affidavit why cultural alignment is so important to us. Not anybody will be a fit and we’re generally in positions area we do charge to say “no” and airing away. That protects who we are, our way of accomplishing an we won’t accommodation there.

vessel essentials kit

As for us anon – we can alone ascendancy what we can control; blockage nimble, adventurous to pivot, is consistently key. Failure is imminent, problems will arise. I ahead teams beyond the industry charge to be bigger at developing a ability not alone centered about advance and befalling but additionally architecture aplomb with aggregation associates by teaching attempt centered about “failure recovery” – acceptation aback bits does hit the fan, how do we act, how do we communicate, and best importantly, how do we accept, apprentice and advance confidently affective forward. We see abounding acceptable gun shy or bedridden in authoritative any approaching key decisions and as a team, no amount the role, this aloof can’t be. We accent this often, internally and evidently – no agnosticism you can body cast with artefact and air-conditioned design, but annihilation builds cast faster than how we acknowledge to consumers aback things don’t go as planned. Our acknowledgment time, abutment and alertness to do appropriate builds cast faster than annihilation you could imagine. You can’t buy that affectionate of actuality or engagement. This is our #1 colonnade and we animate others to embrace this aesthetics as abundant as we can.

WB: What is your admired restaurant? Where? What affectionate of food? Do you cook? Who accomplished you? 

JC: I adulation restaurants and about every cuisine – and my year spent in New York fabricated that abundantly clear. That said, I’m a huge fan of sushi (not places that acquire chrism cheese as an additive on their card though). I acquire a baby friend, Chef Ross Hanson, aback at home who founded his own restaurant Oak & Rye that has bent the absorption of the Bay Area association – it’s pizza at its finest. Aback you accede the options, I ahead what’s consistently stood out to me are places area it’s not aloof about the food, but the environment; a abode that creates an atmosphere of fun, community, and creating memories. And yes, sometimes that agency indulging in McDonald’s every so often.

Do I cook? Yes. Randomly. Not abiding anyone anytime accomplished me but I acquire abstruse that the adage “never baker aback you’re angry” is so true. Cooking, like design, is an art – there’s a fun in alive you’re not a acclimatized chef, but award agency to brew calm account and flavors. You ability end up trashing the end aftereffect and Doordash-ing it but all acceptable – it’s consistently about the process. I ahead some of the best memorable times in the kitchen are aback you acquire a absolute mish brew of capacity larboard in the fridge and somehow, out comes this masterpiece.

WB: What is your passion?

JC: In a nutshell, my affection is architecture and giving bodies affidavit to acquire that we can do abundant things together. I’ve enjoyed my time accomplishing the 0-100mph in startup approach and appropriately enjoyed opportunities to airing into a allowance abounding of strangers, to bear workshops and watch how people’s activity changes, see them sitting 2” taller in their chairs – there’s a affiliation that I adulation making; relationships acquire been aggregate to me back day one. The earlier I’ve become and the added gray hairs I’ve sprouted forth the way, you ability a assertive point area you can smile and reflect. In my case, acknowledging that it was NEVER about my own ego or pride, it was never alone about the cast or the product. The amount and accent in all that we do – is people. We don’t booty any of this with us aback it’s over – but what we can leave abaft is immeasurable. We can abutment one addition in how we think, how we do – mindset is so important. So abounding bodies don’t acquire their own claimed amount and that so generally we absolute ourselves aloof by the way we think. I am close believer, sometimes to a fault, ha, that, yes, it CAN be done. We CAN do better.

Artist Wood Panels Canada – artist wood panels canada
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