Scratch And Dent Car Repair Cost

ChipsAway Smart Repair | Car Body & Car Scratch Repairs

An allowance aggregation has teamed up with a blemish and cavity adjustment business to action a new accessory apology service.

ChipsAway Smart Repair | Car Body & Car Scratch Repairs - scratch and dent car repair cost
ChipsAway Smart Repair | Car Body & Car Scratch Repairs – scratch and dent car repair cost | scratch and dent car repair cost
3 Fix It Pro Car Scratch Repair Remover Pen Clear Coat ..
3 Fix It Pro Car Scratch Repair Remover Pen Clear Coat .. | scratch and dent car repair cost
3 Fix It Pro Car Scratch Repair Remover Pen Clear Coat ..
3 Fix It Pro Car Scratch Repair Remover Pen Clear Coat .. | scratch and dent car repair cost

ChipsAway uses baby to average adjustment technology (SMART) to abolish chips, scuffs, scratches and dents from agent bodywork.

The new affiliation allows allowance policyholders to affirmation up to three times a year for accessory repairs. It went alive this week, with prices starting from £15 a month.

Although ChipsAway fees alter according to the damage, the company’s website quotes prices alignment from £70 to about £500 additional VAT.

3 Fix It Pro Car Scratch Repair Remover Pen Clear Coat ..
3 Fix It Pro Car Scratch Repair Remover Pen Clear Coat .. | scratch and dent car repair cost

In one example, a chump was quoted £3,200 for aliment to a Tesla. ChipsAway completed the job for £516 including VAT.

Not every job can completed application the SMART technique, but if the allowance awning costs £180 a year, it could be a advantageous investment, abnormally if you alive in a burghal – or are decumbent to parking mishaps.

There’s additionally the account of the assignment actuality completed at home, rather than the car accepting to appointment a bodyshop for repairs. The account is accessible to barter in England, Wales and Scotland.

The Stubben Edge website claims the alms could save motorists up to £250 anniversary time they claim.

Scratches on car bumper

Stubben Edge agent managing administrator Karen Barretto said: “Policyholders will be able to account from up to three claims during the action year additional admission the SMART rewards club, which will accord them admission to absolute discounts and allowances from civic retailers – alms abundant accumulation on motor-related services, aliment and fashion.”

ChipsAway managing administrator Tim Harris added: “Most aliment can be completed in beneath three hours at the motorists home or office, ensuring best accessibility for customers. ChipsAway additionally has a lifetime of buying guarantee, so barter can be assured they will be accepting the best account possible.”

“ChipsAway is actual admiring to be alive with Stubben Edge and attending advanced to architecture the best SMART allowance action for UK car owners.”


The column Parking problem? New allowance action covers scratches and dents appeared aboriginal on Motoring Research.

Scratch And Dent Car Repair Cost – scratch and dent car repair cost
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Butterfly Painted Rock Images

Butterfly coloring pages | Free Coloring Pages

Press absolution by Kathy Keatley Garvey:

Butterfly coloring pages | Free Coloring Pages - butterfly painted rock images
Butterfly coloring pages | Free Coloring Pages – butterfly painted rock images | butterfly painted rock images
Original Hand Painted Monarch Butterfly Resting on A Rock - butterfly painted rock images
Original Hand Painted Monarch Butterfly Resting on A Rock – butterfly painted rock images | butterfly painted rock images

May 20, 2020

VACAVILLE, CA — All she capital was a puppy, a appropriate puppy.

What she got was a aperture in her affection and a aperture in her coffer account, as able-bodied as a developing antipathy and disbelief of the Internet and the cyberbanking institutions that casualty aloft or accumulation from biting victims.

“It shouldn’t accept happened,” said pet betray victim Lillian Paine Menezes of Vacaville, a retired concrete apprenticeship abecedary who is jumping through hoops, block leads and blame up dust to try to get her $2450 back–and to acquaint others that “what happened to me could actual able-bodied appear to you.”

“All I capital was addition West Highland White Terrier,” Lil said. “A Westie, a Westie girl.”

The Vacaville citizen is one of added than 10,000 victims of pet scams appear to the Better Business Bureau over the aftermost three years.

Lil, who accomplished academy for 33 years and is now clearing into retirement, recalled that her apple already revolved about two Westies: Paisley, who died in 2017 at age 11 of cancer; and Abby, a accomplishment dog who died in 2019 at age 14 of Cushing’s disease.

Abby’s terminal affliction devastated Lil and her accompany who airing circadian in a bounded park. “What did the doctor say about Abby?” a acquaintance asked her Aug. 22 in a accumulation argument message. “Sure achievement she is okay. She is a appropriate little lady.”

“The vet said aback she starts airsickness or stops bistro that will be the alpha of the end,” Lil texted back.

Added addition friend: “The best you can do is accomplish her adequate so she can adore her final days.”

“She is beat and complete asleep,” Lil reported. “Thank you. My affection is aching.”

Abby died in her accoutrements on Aug 22 in a veterinary clinic. “I cannot accept how bound her anatomy shut down,” a bawling Lil told her friends. “But there is abundance alive she is at accord and no best suffering.”

She misses the love, the warmth, and the arbitrary little “What’s-up?” attending and “Let’s-go-to-the-park” stare. Her home, which already housed alone Lil and Abby, now houses alone her and her admired memories.

HOVNEE Face Paint Kit Party Black Light Body Paint for Body and ..
HOVNEE Face Paint Kit Party Black Light Body Paint for Body and .. | butterfly painted rock images

“We ample she’d get addition accomplishment dog appropriate away,” said Vacaville acquaintance Ann Schmidt-Fogarty. “Lil is a dog whisperer. All the dogs at the esplanade aloof approach against her.”

Lil accustomed word-of-mouth, the pound, shelters, pet acceptance centers, and California breeders to get addition accomplishment dog. Zilch, nada, nothing.

Her applications drew annihilation but rejections. “I was told that my contour did not accommodated their criteria; they basically told me I am too old and geographically undesirable,” said Lil, who is a adolescent 69.

Feeling afar from accomplishment adoptions, Lil afresh set out in ardent to acquisition addition “special little lady,” but this time a Westie puppy. “I had the time during the COVID-19 shelter-in-place to alternation her.”

Finally, on March 8, she amid a agriculturalist in Tulsa, Okla., on a professional-looking website, (now suspended), and activated for what appeared to be a fun-loving, short-eared puppy called Cailey. In her application, Lil assured them that she was not a breeder, that she would adulation and affliction for her–with affluence of walks in the park–and that Cailey would be in a “fur-ever” home.

“I was captivated aback they accustomed my application. On March 10, I told them I would acquirement Cailey.”

The contact, responding alone through email, requested acquittal through the Zelle app. “I never heard of Zelle so I went to Coffer of America on March 10 and asked if they were legitimate,” Lil recalled. “The broker assured me, that, yes, they are legit. He downloaded the app on my corpuscle phone, and guided me in appointment the funds.”

Lil after abstruse that Coffer of America co-founded and co-owns Zelle, which allows cyberbanking affairs amid American coffer accounts.

Was all able-bodied and acceptable and the puppy called Cailey, “a appropriate little lady,” on her way to her home in Vacaville? No.

“When I alternate home, the pet commitment service, requested added money, $1299 for coronavirus shots for the pup and a appropriate air-vented carrier —once afresh due to the coronavirus pandemic— to carriage the puppy,” Lil said. “I afresh knew I was scammed.”

Lil anon telephoned the agent to appeal her money back. “No answer, so I emailed her,” she related. “She replied, tersely, that she would send. She didn’t, and afresh she abdicate responding to my emails.”

“What a scam!” Lil said. “I acquainted she was smirking and bedlam at me. She was the predator; I was the prey. Now they are scamming others into affairs their non-existent puppies.”

When Lil alternate to the Coffer of America, addition broker abreast her that Zelle should be acclimated alone to accelerate money to friends, ancestors or others you trust. It should not be acclimated to accelerate money to bodies you do not know.

“I after abstruse that Zelle has no artifice protection,” Lil said. “None. Who knew?”

All banking-related websites and apps are accessible to scammers, but abnormally Zelle, which is anchored aural cyberbanking apps and automatically affiliated to user accounts, according to an NBC News adventure of June 11, 2019.

Author Bob Sullivan, who advance online coffer scams, told NBC News: “When it (Zelle) launched, there were ads agreeable on TV over and over saying, ‘You can assurance Zelle. It’s backed by the banks. It’s safe.’ I beggarly they absolutely traded on the assurance of actuality associated with ample banks.”

“The burning funds transfer, and the abridgement of absence two-factor authentication, and use of identification through calmly co-opted buzz numbers or e-mail addresses, leave users accessible to ambiguous misdirection of funds, or money instantly absent in a counterfeit or erroneous transaction, with about no applied or acknowledged recourse for the victim,” according to Wikipedia. “In some cases, coffer barter accept had their coffer accounts wiped out after alike alive that there was a Zelle annual associated with the account. While some Zelle artifice is compensated by the banks involved, some is not, depending aloft the coffer and its policies, and the specifics of the incident.”

“Neither Coffer of America nor Zelle will acquittance my $2450,” Lil said, “because according to their words, I gave the scammers the money ‘willingly.'”

“No,” she told them. “This was not a donation.”

Today, Lil’s analysis shows that the aforementioned scammers (same web design, aforementioned text, aforementioned baseborn Internet photos and aforementioned buzz number) abide to barrage pet betray websites, tugging on people’s emotions. “They are apparently a multi-million dollar Asian across ring,” Lil said. “No one is accommodating to stop their operation. There is no administration by our laws, no FBI, no BBB, no FTC, no badge and no advice from the banks or Zelle.”

Lil after abstruse that the culprits are not alone affairs Westies they don’t have, but added dogs they don’t have: Newfoundlanders, German Short-Haired Pointers, Doberman Pinschers, balderdash terriers, dachshunds, and pugs, as able-bodied as kittens—Russian Blues, Siamese and Persian Sphinx.

“Most acceptable there are more,” the retired abecedary said. To date, she has activate 17 counterfeit pet betray websites affiliated to Many are now suspended. “I’m shutting them down.”

“The scammers,” she said, “use untraceable phones, affected identifications of asleep bodies or the aged for their email accounts. Their domains are adequate by HostGator, Endurance International Group, and Privacy Protect LLC. They change their websites every brace of months.”

Today, Lil continues her chase for a Westie, but not on Internet sites. Meanwhile, she enjoys painting rocks–depicting such capacity as Westies and butterflies–to adumbrate in bounded parks. A butterfly enthusiast, the retired abecedary enjoyed alive in the butterfly abode at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo, and teaching rock-painting as a advance at a Bohart Museum of Entomology accessible abode at UC Davis.

One of her rocks shows a Westie block a butterfly.

The butterfly is aloof out of reach, aloof as Lil Menezes’ baseborn $2450 is out of reach.


The American Kennel Club offers tips on how to atom a puppy betray on its armpit at, as does the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA), at

Cailey Never Ages; She’s Still 11 Weeks Old

“Cailey,” the 11-week-old puppy that Lillian Paine Menezes of Vacaville approved to acquirement from (now labeled a pet betray armpit and suspended), is still available.

Her image—along with “litter mates” Mally, Jerry, Conny, Nigel and Nelly— currently appears on, a armpit re-launched several weeks ago. The non-existent puppies are accessible for $800 anniversary and are all 11 weeks old. They never age.

An clandestine “sleuth” accustomed to buy Cailey on two websites: (since suspended) in aboriginal March and on May 17. She’s “very acquisitive and active to angular (sic),” the aforementioned argument promises.

The email account, [email protected], affiliated to the site, responded to a concern on May 17. The argument (sic): “Thanks for the mail and your absorption against our puppies. they are 11 weeks old. They are registered, vet check, adapted in all shots. Appear with a 2 year bloom agreement able-bodied beaten and absurd trained, acceptable accessory of kids and added abode authority pets additionally actual acquisitive and active to lean. To activate I will alpha by allurement you some questions, apologetic for all the Questions aloof to be abiding my puppies are activity to a acceptable home.Are you a breeder?Are you use to this breed?Do you accept kids?What is your occupation?Give me a Brief Description about your Environment?Are you abiding that you are activity to booty affliction of our puppies?Were absolutely are you located?With this advice I will be for abiding that you are activity to booty acceptable affliction of the puppies,And I will be Actual Blessed if you can get aback to us with all the Answers to the Questions Any of the puppies will appear with all Registered document,puppyformula, A brace of weeks food, 2 year bloom Agreement and a Nutrition duke chiral attention to their feeding.”

Red flags: —They use the aforementioned design, texts and images on their assorted websites —They use the aforementioned buzz number, (405)-352-7569. It additionally appears on (selling Newfoundlanders) and https://www.specialbullterrier…—Their advice via email shows poor English and grammar, complicit with an across betray operation—A Google about-face chase will aftereffect in the images actualization on the absolute owners’ websites—They don’t acknowledge to questions such as “Are you a affiliate of the American Kennel Club?” or “Can you FaceTime me?”—They use affected names and affected addresses.

—They said had no images of the puppies as newborns (“i dont accept pics as bairn but i beatific you their pics for now, you can accomplish the acquittal application zelle”)—The pet scams involving Cailey and added Westies are accepted by their victims on such sites as…

A quick Google chase shows that the argument on is baseborn from, based in Spring Hope, N.C.:

“We came to own our aboriginal Westie in 1990. It was a admirable adventitious of fate! Although I endemic my own admonishment boutique and was admonishment several Westies, we knew little about the brand except for the brand name and group. We were lovers of larger, intelligent, able-bodied breeds, due to my two daughters adulation of horses, dogs and alfresco activities. In the aboriginal few weeks of buying we were all absorbed because we were afraid at this acute little dog with such a big dog attitude.”

This argument on was baseborn from, based in Punxsutawney, PA

“We brand for temperament, health, quality, and the acquiescence of the breed. We do not appearance our dogs, but break as abutting as accessible to the brand standard. Our puppies are handled and socialized from the day they are built-in until they are accessible to be adopted. Our ambition is to accession happy, healthy, antic puppies.”

This columnist absolution was produced by the Kathy Keatley Garvey. The angle bidding actuality are the author’s own.

Butterfly Painted Rock Images – butterfly painted rock images
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