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By | September 9, 2019

A aberrant set of characters from some of the accomplished and everyman positions in the American appropriate aggregate one morning in September 2017 at an flush adjacency alfresco of Dallas. 

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One of their capacity was responding to online critics of affluent Texas agent Ed Butowsky, who had afresh been outed as a active force abaft a abandoned Fox News adventure about murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich. 

The accumulation that aggregate at Butowsky’s home included a cabal theorist, a Fox anchorman angry for her career, a above clandestine intelligence architect affiliated to brilliant announcer Lara Logan, and a Democratic PR accessible who absent his business in the face of sexual-assault allegations. The accumulation additionally included Thomas Schoenberger and Manuel “Defango” Chavez, two belled internet provocateurs who had afresh launched a self-proclaimed “elite” aggregation that promised to use bots and sow “targeted chaos” to avert its audience online.

According to some attendees, the solutions discussed at the September accumulation went to extremes. Three bodies who abounding the acquisition said the accumulation alike discussed the achievability of wiretapping and surveilling Rich’s afflicted parents.

In a affidavit degradation aftermost year, Schoenberger claims Butowsky capital to “hear a pin drop” in the Rich’s Omaha, Nebraska, kitchen.

“They capital it to the point area they can accept to every allowance and apprehend discussions,” Schoenberger said in a affidavit degradation aftermost year about the gathering. “They absolutely capital aerial in every room.” 

Butowsky acerb disputes Schoenberger’s wiretapping claims and The Daily Beast could acquisition no affirmation that anyone in the accumulation absolutely agitated out surveillance on Rich’s family. Butowsky credibility to Schoenberger’s bent history—a 2011 abomination stalking accusation and a 2014 abomination DUI—to altercate that his allegations about what occurred at Butowsky’s abode can’t be trusted.

“Nobody wiretapped anybody, cipher attempted to eavesdrop anybody, cipher discussed wiretapping anybody, and absolutely frankly, I don’t apperceive what wiretapping is,” Butowsky said.

In an annual with The Daily Beast, Butowsky accepted the annual of guests at his house, although he acknowledged the assuming of it as a “meeting.” 

“It was aloof like a sit-down and chat,” said Butowsky. “Nothing happened. There wasn’t like some affair area we larboard with plans. It was a agglomeration of bodies answer how acceptability administration formed on Twitter.” 

The assorted group, according to Butowsky, included Schoenberger, Chavez, abrupt Rich cabal theorist Matt Couch and an associate, Logan’s bedmate Joe Burkett, as able-bodied as Fox News anchorman Malia Zimmerman, who was the columnist of the abandoned Fox story. 

“Nobody wiretapped anybody, cipher attempted to eavesdrop anybody, cipher discussed wiretapping anybody, and absolutely frankly, I don’t apperceive what wiretapping is.”

— Ed Butowsky

They were abutting by Trevor FitzGibbon, a above Democratic PR bigwig whose close already formed with groups like MoveOn and NARAL, but burst in 2015 in the face of sexual-harassment and beforehand allegations adjoin him. (FitzGibbon denied those allegations and never faced bent charges.) According to Schoenberger and Chavez, FitzGibbon teamed up with them in August 2017 to barrage “Shadowbox,” their “elite” online acceptability firm. Butowsky was their aboriginal client. 

Zimmerman, FitzGibbon, Fox News, and Rich’s parents didn’t acknowledge to requests for comment. Burkett, a above intelligence contractor, could not be accomplished for comment. Both Couch and attorneys for Aaron Rich, citation the lawsuit, beneath to comment.

But the actuality that bordering internet characters like Schoenberger and Chavez could be alleged to a acquisition with political players like Butowsky—who enjoys access to the White House, Fox News, and at atomic one arch Abode Republican—offers a glimpse into how cabal theories are bleeding into political life. It additionally raises questions about how far Trump allies will go to absolve their agrarian theories about Rich.

Rich’s baffling July 2016 annihilation in Washington, D.C., which badge accept was a adulterated robbery, has fueled years of bourgeois cabal theories. In best versions, the bottomless affirmation is that Rich was murdered by Hillary Clinton or her allies for aperture Democratic emails to WikiLeaks in the countdown to the presidential election. 

For Trump fans, that adventure has the amount of absolving any access amidst the president’s attack and Russia, back it would beggarly that an insider, not Russian hackers, acquired and leaked the emails. 

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Butowsky, who enjoyed front-row tickets at Trump’s commencement and consistently appeared on Fox News as an contributed apostle for Trump’s agenda, saw that amount as well. In a recording of a chat acquired by NPR in January 2017, he ashen that questions about Russian acclamation arrest would attenuate Trump’s legitimacy—but acclaimed that the approach about Rich’s afterlife “changes all of that.” 

Butowsky offered to armamentarium a clandestine investigator to investigate the annihilation on the Rich family’s behalf, eventually teaming up with above D.C. cop Rod Wheeler. The brace met with White Abode columnist secretary Sean Spicer to altercate the case, and Wheeler claimed in a 2019 degradation that Butowsky additionally affiliated him with a staffer for then-House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA). 

“Where your enemies accept aria to acrylic you as the bad guy, we sow the seeds of agnosticism and present the counter-narrative that they are, in fact, the villains… We do this through adult use of internet technology, meme creation, PR, and cyber-guerrilla tactics.”

— Shadowbox centralized documents

The duo additionally formed carefully with Zimmerman, with Butowsky advancement Wheeler at one point to burrow their affiliation to the Fox anchorman from Rich’s family. But Zimmerman’s Fox News adventure claiming that the FBI had apparent affirmation Rich was in blow with WikiLeaks fell afar rapidly back it was appear in May 2017. Nevertheless, Fox host Sean Hannity became an abrupt backer of the the WikiLeaks claim, accident advertisers as Rich’s afflicted ancestors begged for an end to the politically motivated belief about their son’s murder, and Fox abandoned the story. 

Butowsky fumed afterward. He claims his ancestors accustomed threats amidst the media attention, and was black about an NPR adventure from anchorman David Folkenflik that both accent his role in the Fox adventure and aloft questions about whether Butowsky had abstract his business and educational achievements in an annual with a anchorman for D Annual (Butowsky claimed the errors were fabricated by the magazine, which the anchorman disputed). In March 2018, Rich’s brother Aaron Rich filed a accusation adjoin Butowsky and Couch, alleging that they anointed him by bond him to the Democratic email hack. (It was through depositions and abstracts in that accusation that the September 2017 acquisition in Butowsky’s home aboriginal came to light.)

In June 2018, Butowsky sued NPR over Folkenflik’s reporting. He told The Daily Beast that the NPR adventure and the afterwards absorption prompted him to appoint Chavez and Schoenberger through Shadowbox. A abstract arrangement Chavez provided to Aaron Rich’s attorneys defined that Butowsky would pay the aggregation $40,000 a month, although it’s not bright whether Butowsky eventually active it. In his deposition, Schoenberger said Butowsky paid the aggregation $20,000.

“All these things were accident in this Twitter world, and these guys said they were experts in acceptability management,” Butowsky said. 

While Butowsky describes their assignment as “reputation management,” Shadowbox centralized documents, acquired by The Daily Beast, call its assignment added in added advancing terms. “We abode apply assaults bang by custom-creating adumbration ‘bot’ campaigns as a adverse strategy,” one angle read. “We use targeted anarchy to abash your opponents.”

In its centralized documents, the aggregation describes itself as “your army” and promises to use “cyber-guerrilla tactics.”

“Where your enemies accept aria to acrylic you as the bad guy, we sow the seeds of agnosticism and present the counter-narrative that they are, in fact, the villains, and you accept been unjustly accused,” the certificate reads. “We do this through adult use of internet technology, meme creation, PR, and cyber-guerrilla approach that stop the bleeding and activate to amplitude accessible assessment and the media in your favor.”

A additional angle promised to use “deep recon on your competitors (sic) abutting move.”

Chavez and Schoenberger are belled abstracts in the baby but acute apple of YouTube and Twitter cabal theorists, area Pizzagate and QAnon believers allotment amplitude with others who are aloof out to annual trouble. Chavez consistently broadcasts the capacity of baleful internet vendettas to a few hundred admirers on his YouTube channel, while Schoenberger is mired in busy feuds that accomplish little faculty to anyone alfresco of them. 

They affirmation to be complex with “Cicada 3301,” a abstruse accumulation abaft a set of acclaimed internet puzzles that’s been profiled in Rolling Stone. Chavez has acclimated that affiliation to suggest, inconclusively, that he’s one of the founders of the QAnon cabal theory.  

Despite the odd aisle they larboard on the internet, Schoenberger and Chavez managed to advertise themselves as able henchmen for allowance Butowksy’s name. 

“When I aboriginal batten to this guy, he said, ‘I can do this, I can do this, I accept these bots,’” Butowsky said of Schoenberger. “I don’t alike apperceive what a bot is, by the way.” 

But while Butowsky insists he alone assassin Chavez and Schoenberger to admonition his online image, a recorded video appointment acquired by The Daily Beast suggests that their accord had added adverse goals, at atomic in some instances. 

In the gathering, Butowsky appeared to appetite Schoenberger and Chavez to about-face their internet aggravation abilities on Stuart Blaugrund, a Dallas advocate and ancient Butowsky associate who had become analytical of Butowsky’s role in the Rich cabal theory. 

Fuming over an email from Blaugrund in the video conference, Butowsky appeared to appetite Chavez and Schoenberger to beforehand Blaugrund’s claimed admonition online.  

“I could go, like, on Facebook and let everybody apperceive his buzz number,” Butowsky said, annual out Blaugrund’s buzz cardinal and email address. “Or his email, that would be affectionate of weird, and appearance his annual and again acquaint everybody, ‘Hey, attending at all of his activities, attending at his relationships,’ and again maybe accurate your animosity appear him anon of any kind, and do it for the blow of your life. I could do that, and I aloof don’t apperceive if that’s proper.”

Then Butowsky shrugged at the camera, advancement Schoenberger and Chavez to “please let me know” what they anticipation he should do. 

Asked about the video and what he meant for Schoenberger and Chavez to do afterwards it, Butowsky said he couldn’t “recall” it. 

For his part, Blaugrund was baffled by the acquaintance of actuality a ambition of the accord amidst Butowsky, Schoenberger, and Chavez. 

“I don’t apperceive if Ed’s a accurate believer, if he’s aloof aggravating to mix it up and get publicity and ballyhoo for himself, I accept no idea,” Blaugrund told The Daily Beast.

Schoenberger and Chavez weren’t the alone bodies at Butowsky’s abode that day in September 2017. Butowsky claims that Burkett, who reportedly formed to bulb absolute belief about American soldiers in Iraqi media during the activity of that country, was there to see him about “the antecedent of a beggarly tweet” about Butowsky. 

Couch has been one of the best articulate proponents of Seth Rich conspiracies, declaring afterwards affirmation that Aaron Rich had accustomed money from WikiLeaks and had beforehand ability of his brother’s murder. In social-media posts arch up to the gathering, Couch declared that it was “one of those affairs that absolutely you accept to go to,” afterwards advertence who he was seeing. 

“It’s dangerous,” Couch said in a livestreamed video. “It scares the hell out of us, but we apperceive we accept to be there.”

In a cloister filing, Couch accepted that he abounding the accumulation with Joshua Flippo, who works for Couch’s America Aboriginal Media Group, to get admonition on Seth Rich, and saw Zimmerman there. 

“It’s time to stop arena about with these guys and comedy some hardball with your haters.”

— Manuel Chavez

“We larboard the affair aghast and acquainted like we were the best accomplished guys in the allowance on the case,” Couch’s filing reads. 

After they beggared ways, Couch accursed NPR’s Folkenflik and Rich family’s then-spokesman Brad Bauman—both of whom are Butowsky’s perceived foes—on amusing media, claiming that they were actuality paid by atramentous forces. Despite Couch’s description of the accumulation as actuality accompanying to Rich, Butowsky claims he didn’t altercate Rich with Couch at the September gathering.

“He has Seth Rich on the brain,” Butowsky said. “I don’t.” 

Butowsky agilely denies any altercation of wiretapping or surveillance at the gathering. But Chavez accepted that bodies at the acquisition did altercate wiretapping or contrarily surveilling the Riches, although he claims that Schoenberger, not Butowsky, brought it up. 

“Thomas was alms me up for bits that I aloof didn’t do,” said Chavez, who denied that any hacking, wiretapping, or added law-breaking absolutely occurred.

Another Shadowbox agent who abounding the September 2017 acquisition and requested not to be called because of apropos about their assurance accepted that the abstraction of wiretapping Rich’s ancestors was discussed, but said it wasn’t bright to them at the time how austere the abstraction was. 

“It wasn’t like some academic proposition,” the above agent said. 

Regardless of the academism of the proposition, Aaron Rich’s attorneys accept begin the accusation of wiretapping aboveboard abundant to use in cloister motions in his acknowledged case adjoin Butowsky and Couch. 

“There was altercation about hacking and surveilling [Aaron Rich] and his family,” Rich’s attorneys wrote in a cloister motion anecdotic the September 2017 gathering.

Butowsky accepted that he had assassin Shadowbox, claiming that he capital its admonition in the face of an aggression of online attacks and threats afterwards his role in Fox’s Rich adventure was revealed. 

Butowsky put both Schoenberger and Chavez up in a Dallas-area hotel, cogent The Daily Beast he spent almost $5,000 renting them apartment for over a month. Chavez aggregate a annual of Butowsky’s “Top Haters,” including Aaron Rich’s attorney, above New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson, HuffPost anchorman Travis Waldron, and then-Newsweek anchorman Michael Hayden. 

“It’s time to stop arena about with these guys and comedy some hardball with your haters,” Chavez wrote in an email to Butowsky.

But Butowsky anon came to accept that Schoenberger and Chavez were beneath absorbed in alive for their aggregation and added absorbed in crafting their online personas.

“They aloof sat in a auberge allowance and played on Twitter and YouTube all day,” Butowsky said. 

Schoenberger concedes that late-night YouTube livestreaming—and the abnormal beddy-bye agenda it led to—became a point of altercation amidst Chavez and Schoenberger and their affluent patron. 

“It was a mess,” Schoenberger told The Daily Beast. 

“They capital it to the point area they can accept to every allowance and apprehend discussions… They absolutely capital aerial in every room.”

— Thomas Schoenberger

It was an abnormal accord for a affluent man who counts Friday Night Lights administrator Peter Berg as a friend, offers banking admonition to top athletes, and shares an attorney, Steven Biss, with Rep. Nunes (Biss is alive for Nunes on suing, amid others, the abettor of a apology annual assuming as cow endemic by Nunes).

Eventually, Butowsky became annoyed with Schoenberger, alleging that Schoenberger bootless to accomplish website assignment for Butowsky’s clergyman that Schoenberger had already been paid for (Schoenberger says he refunded the rabbi). 

Butowsky claims he eventually kicked Schoenberger out of the hotel. Chavez and Schoenberger accept back collapsed out themselves, in a altercation over who controls the rights to a abeyant TV appearance aggressive by their internet addle efforts. It’s not bright how far forth the efforts for their addle appearance were, but Schoenberger had talked to an ball advocate about a abeyant contract.

“Apparently those guys got into the action in the addle world, the ‘very exciting’ online addle world,” Butowsky said sarcastically. “They got into some fight, and now there’s a war activity on in the addle apple amidst them.”

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