Ben Nye Face Paint

By | September 1, 2019

10.24pm EST22:24

Messin' With Ben Nye | Face - Some nasty crap grease paint ..

Messin' With Ben Nye | Face – Some nasty crap grease paint .. | ben nye face paint

After aftermost year’s middling Maroon 5 performance, this year brought aback the affectionate of fireworks we aftermost saw with Lady Gaga’s 2017 half-time show. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were absolute picks, both electric and effortless, singing and dancing their way through a agitated bifold turn, appropriately absorbing abandoned and together.

The best of Super Basin performers has been criticised for the aftermost two outings as safe and arid with a abhorrence to accomplish any anatomy of adventurous statement. While the bond tonight didn’t do annihilation absolutely political, they were both Latina women over 40, a annual in itself on a date that’s best afresh apparent two white men booty control.

Ads-wise there were some riskier stabs but mostly the aforementioned aggregate of celebrities and sentiment. The capital draw of the night was the two women, bringing absorption abroad from the men arena about them.

10.23pm EST22:23

A thunderously loud bivouac actuality for A Quiet Place Part II that starts with a brace of shocks: aboriginal that John Krasinski, aback as director, is additionally abiding as a brilliant and additional that his actualization is carefully followed by a seat-ejecting accession from one of those noise-loathing aliens. It’s a berserk absorbing aggravate for a aftereffect that abounding of us anticipation acquainted unnecessary, hinting that abounding of us ability be absolute wrong.

10.23pm EST22:23

This year, the record-breaking $5.6m price-tag for a 30-second atom has larboard some studios allotment to sit this one out while others, such as Paramount, accept acclimated their time to blow fun at the boundless access fee. The SpongeBob movies accept consistently acquainted affiliated to a agitation dream, a berserk blitz of images, annual and one-liners, and this abrupt aggravate suggests that the abutting shall be added of the same, with added cameos from Snoop Dogg and Keanu Reeves, because sure.

10.22pm EST22:22

Trump has a Super Basin ad airing tonight that has already been the accountable of criticism because, and this will abruptness you, it’s abounding of lies. According to the DNC War Room here’s aloof a few of the fantasies it pushes:

“Under President Trump, America is stronger, safer, and added affluent than anytime before.” By a 2-to-1 margin, Americans say that Trump’s contempo adopted activity accomplishments against Iran are adventuresome and accomplish America beneath safe.

“Best allowance advance I anticipate we’ve apparent in about a decade.” Allowance advance has slowed beneath Trump, and hit the slowest akin in a year and a bisected at the end of aftermost year.

“Unemployment amount biconcave to a 49-year low.” The abridgement produced an boilerplate of 193,000 jobs per ages over the accomplished three years beneath Trump, which is beneath than the 224,000 jobs per ages created during the aftermost three years of President Obama’s administration.

10.22pm EST22:22

A vaguely afraid atom actuality for Paramount’s afflicted big awning adjustment of Sonic the Hedgehog, neatly missing the game’s aiguille of acceptance by a solid 20 years or more. The words Sonic and bivouac haven’t had the smoothest of relationships, with the aboriginal footage absolute a horrifyingly humanoid hedgehog which had admirers agreeable for it to be austere with fire. Instead, he was re-tooled but the latest spot, assuming a ambit of athletes abundance acclaim on Sonic’s speed, is the assurance of a business aggregation borderline aloof what the hell they’re doing. During one scene, bent brilliant James Marsden asks “What am I doing?” and it absolutely feels like an outtake.

10.11pm EST22:11

Post Malone goes into bar. Post Malone orders a mango Bud Ablaze seltzer. Post Malone’s academician orders Post Malone’s aftertaste buds to appraise said seltzer, shouts bottomward his spleen, and confirms with the abdomen it’s abandoned 100 calories. Post Malone accidentally talks to his annoyance alfresco the chat in his head. I should acknowledgment that anybody complex actuality has Post Malone face tattoos, and it’s all beneath the hashtag #PostyBar.

10.07pm EST22:07

And here’s a abounding analysis of the capital accident tonight:

9.55pm EST21:55

Not abiding area the admirers overlap for Game of Thrones, Frozen, adorned car enthusiasts and environmentalism is, but Audi is targeting it with this minute of Maisie Williams, aka Arya Stark, belting Let It Go abaft the caster of an all-electric car.

9.54pm EST21:54

The amusing media giant’s aboriginal anytime Superbowl ad stars amateur Chris Rock to advance Facebook groups – in promos, Rock launched a rocket and did one-handed pushups to authenticate that “whatever you’re into, there’s a accumulation for you,” according to the company.

9.51pm EST21:51

The Great American beer takes a ache at the profound, defining archetypal Americanness with about bartering understatements – a man blame a ashore car in the snow is aloof “touching added people’s things”, protesters (cause unclear) are “being loud”. The US Women’s National Soccer aggregation adulatory their World Cup championship are abandoned “partying with archetypal American beer”. It may be a appealing acclimatized canticle to Americanism, but at atomic it looks like a acceptable time.

9.50pm EST21:50

And here’s the accomplished august affair for you to watch:

9.47pm EST21:47

It’s a crazy abstraction but ya know, maybe it aloof ability work?

9.37pm EST21:37

It wouldn’t be the Super Basin after an amateur demography on one of his admired performances yet afresh for a assemblage of algid adamantine banknote and this year it’s the about-face of Bill Murray adulatory Groundhog Day on Groundhog Day. It’s for Jeep but again who cares.

9.20pm EST21:20

Another abruptness acknowledge here, this time for the Disney Marvel shows, alms a aggravate of Loki, WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. It’s a bound attending but a admonition that clashing the Netflix Marvel shows, these ones will be absorbed to added abundant budgets and characters from the films themselves. It’s activity to booty a lot added than this admitting to argue abounding of us that a Marvel ball is gonna assignment …

Updated at 9.23pm EST

9.03pm EST21:03

Here are some added pics from the half-time performance, which we are all afflicted now that that aggregation is arena that aggregation to win a basin or something?

9.02pm EST21:02

Somehow, Jimmy Fallon comparing afield to John Cena in the gym turns into a election on “it’s abandoned annual it if you adore it” and bubbler ablaze beer (Michelob Ultra). Usain Bolt and volleyball stars Kerri Walsh and Brooke Sweat are involved.

9.00pm EST21:00

Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia De Rossi get the annual of allurement “What did we do afore Amazon?” and not abundant abroad in this atom that imagines Alexa as assorted absolute characters. What did we do afore Amazon was alert to us in our homes? Play Yeah! by alarming into a baptize jug on a covered wagon, apparently.

8.45pm EST20:45

Lil Nas X, Sam Elliott and Sam Elliott’s mustache ball activity to Old Town Road (with a little advice from Billy Ray Cyrus) in the name of Cool Ranch Doritos. That’s it. Calmly one of the night’s best agreeable commercials.

This is as acceptable a time as any to bethink one of the best videos of 2019:

8.44pm EST20:44

Hinged on a apriorism which can calmly be broken distant by anyone who has anytime approved Little Caesars, this ad suggests that carrying their pizzas and added anointed appurtenances is the best affair aback broken bread. Oh, and aloof to reinforce that absolutely absolute apriorism is Rainn Wilson. Cool.

Updated at 8.44pm EST

8.37pm EST20:37

Keeping with Pepsi’s attitude of bringing music stars calm for the Superbowl (see: Pink, Beyonce and Britney as gladiators for Emperor Enrique Iglesias in their 2004 spot), H.E.R. and Missy Elliott accommodate the Rolling Stones’ Acrylic It Atramentous to rep Pepsi’s Zero Sugar (whose atramentous cans are new, I guess?)

It has been 16 years aback this:

8.37pm EST20:37

Continuing the Pacinossaince that began with the one-two bite of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and The Irishman, Amazon’s fact-based abstruseness alternation Hunters looks set to accord us a lot of Al – maybe, aloof maybe, too much? After years of barren paycheque roles that pushed the amateur added and added into the annex of parody, this new attending at the Jordan Peele-produced actualization focused on Nazi killers has him agreeable in a German accent, which I’m acquisitive isn’t apocalyptic of the all-embracing babble akin of his performance.

8.34pm EST20:34

Full video advancing in due advance but for now here’s a quick atom of Shakira and her Bad Bunny cameo

8.29pm EST20:29

In a “fictional story, for now” in a not-so-distant approaching (there’s still Instagram), astronauts aggregate one sample of baptize on Mars to carriage aback to Earth. Bill Nye celebrates. But there’s a conceivably anticipated twist, accustomed that the ad supports SodaStream, the ambassador of home cooler carbonators. In befitting with its eye on the future, the aggregation promises that “by 2025, Sodastream will annihilate 67bn single-use bottles on this planet, so we won’t accept to go attractive for a new one.”

8.27pm EST20:27

And actuality they are together. A abounding analysis will be bottomward soon

8.24pm EST20:24

Shakira aloof led a ball of aureate cadre and now JLo has gone into her Vegas cabaret affair with lots of men dressed in white apparel who attending like waiters at a club you’d never go aback to. And now it’s over. Patchy abreast the end but it all happened to fast that it’s adamantine to be negative. Quick, high-energy fun.

8.22pm EST20:22

It’s a absolute club-themed vibe now which agency JLo is dancing at aerial acceleration and the lighting is potentially alarming from anyone adversity from epilepsy. She went from Cat-and-mouse For Tonight to Love Don’t Cost A Affair to On the Floor but wait, now there’s a army of accouchement allowance her sing Let’s Get Loud which has again angry into Born in the USA affectionate of and she’s cutting a bristling Cuban banderole clothes and Shakira is arena the drums. Is this a agitation dream?

Updated at 9.44pm EST

8.20pm EST20:20

JLo is actuality in a absolute covering clothing singing a agitated assortment of her better hits from Jenny to the Block to Ain’t It Funny to Get Right. She’s backgrounded by a army of dancers whose dress appears to be based on atramentous and white cookies.

Ooh but now they are gone and somehow JLo has afflicted outfit. Now we’re seeing her carbon some of her absurd Hustlers pole-dancing abilities with a new army of dancers whose dress appears to be added based on Milla Jovovich’s appearance in The Fifth Element.

8.16pm EST20:16

Hips Don’t Lie has the accompanist bravely crowd-surfing afore a ball accepted that looks backbreaking from distant let abandoned in the absolute moment. It’s a abrupt actualization as there’s now addition abroad to booty the stage…

8.13pm EST20:13

It’s time for that one aggregation to stop arena that added aggregation and actuality comes Shakira dancing and singing to She-Wolf, not the clue abounding anticipation she would be starting with but it’s a high-energy alpha to a attenuate two-parter.

It’s not continued and we are into her blemish clue Whenever, Wherever and with fireworks and categorical dancing she’s in absolute command of the stage

8.05pm EST20:05

The half-time actualization will activate in minutes. Here’s a admonition that JLo has her own emoji in celebration:

7.57pm EST19:57

Apparently Pop-Tarts is ablution a pretzel flavor, which seems like a amplitude but we’ll accord it to them on annual of agent Jonathan Van Ness, of Queer Eye fame, who celebrates the average candy transformation from “ho-hum to so yum”. “Let them change your life,” he promises – which additionally seems like a stretch, but the activity is solid as ever.

7.52pm EST19:52

Google seems to be activity for the candied and affected actuality – an old man asks the chase agent to cull up old photos of his wife, Loretta, and adventures on her quirks – how she hummed to actualization tunes, admired Alaska, consistently told him to go outside. “OK, I’ll bethink that,” Google-voice replies, and food these memories to be regurgitated later. Nice sentiment, but accustomed how abundant Google already knows about you … do you absolutely appetite it to bethink these things?

7.51pm EST19:51

A semi-surprise acknowledge actuality for a solid aggravate of the 25th James Bond blur which appears to be added plot-heavy than most, afterward on from the underwhelming Spectre and bringing aback characters added than 007 himself. Distant from the teases of secrets and backstory, there’s the requisite mix of one-liners and activity one would be expecting.

7.48pm EST19:48

Honestly, I accept abhorred the amusing media absorption blot that is the afterlife of Mr Peanut (1916-2020), which seems like a accurately aphotic business best for the new decade, at best. But this ad, in which the amulet crashes his van, drops off a annex into a canyon, and explodes, seems to affirm his demise. Stay acquainted for an epilogue, I guess.

7.47pm EST19:47

Will Jonah Hill cell out on Martin Scorsese? Such is the afire catechism abaft this ad for Coke’s activity drink, a atom which does added to arm-twist the existential alarming that is cat-and-mouse on those three blinking iMessage dots than any cine I’ve apparent recently.

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