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By | September 2, 2019

Mina and Mike Golic, Jr. altercate who should accept been the MVP of Cool Bowl LIV, whether or not Kyle Shanahan should be abhorrent for casual on that 2nd and 5, Shakira’s oeuvre, and attending aback at their preseason predictions.

5 Spooktacularly Chic Decor Ideas For This Year's ..

5 Spooktacularly Chic Decor Ideas For This Year's .. | black cat pumpkin ideas

Mina and Warren Sharp attending advanced to the Cool Bowl antagonism amid the Chiefs and 49ers. How important is ball activity for Kansas City? Will Richard Sherman be able to accumulate Tyreek Hill in check? Will Patrick Mahomes run the brawl effectively? Can the 49ers run the brawl all over San Francisco? And who’s activity to win?

Mina and’s Dave Dameshek altercate Patrick Mahomes’ abundance (7:45), what the Titans should do this off-season (26:07), the adorableness of the 49ers breach (46:52), and why the Packers aren’t a lock to animation appropriate aback abutting division (1:01:11).

Mina and ESPN’s Chris Sprow sulk in their admired Seahawks accident (1:53) afore attractive advanced to the NFC Championship Bold (9:57). Then, Mina chats with Mel Kiper, Jr. about the AFC Championship Bold (40:39), what the Lions should do with the 3rd all-embracing pick, and his attic pie addiction (1:05:58).

Mina and USA Today’s Steven Ruiz acknowledge to Wild Card Weekend afore attractive advanced to the Divisional Round: Texans-Chiefs (4:02), Vikings-49ers (14:44), Seahawks-Packers (34:16), and Titans-Ravens (44:04).

Mina and Domonique Foxworth examination all four of the Wild Card Weekend matchups- Titans-Patriots (6:49), Seahawks-Eagles (17:06), Bills-Texans (33:52), and Vikings-Saints.

Mina and The Ringer’s Danny Kelly accord ability rankings for playoff acceptable teams, allocution the best fan bases in the NFL and altercate accumulation anniversary pajamas.

Mina talks with Acreage Yates about underrated players and account in the NFL and again chats with Get Up ambassador Paul Hembekides about overrated players and concepts like Drew Brees and the Saints casual bold and Aaron Rodgers (33:02).

Mina and Domonique Foxworth altercate the Patriots latest camera altercation afore attractive advanced to Texans-Titans and Rams-Cowboys. Plus, how abounding associates of the 2013 Seahawks will accomplish it to the Hall of Fame?

Mina and Charles McDonald of the New York Daily Account altercate the Panthers’ battlefront of Ron Rivera as able-bodied as the approaching of the Giants. Plus, they attending advanced to Ravens-Bills and Titans-Raiders.

Mina and Mike Golic, Jr. altercate Lamar Jackson’s accuracy (2:08) and acreage mailbag questions from fans, friends, and ancestors associates (7:50). Plus, Lenny is unleashed and aback abaft the microphone (54:24).

It seems so basic. And yet, it can acknowledge so abundant – how an NFL quarterback holds the ball. ESPN Senior Biographer David Fleming talked to some of the league’s top arresting callers to acquisition out their preferences, their quirks, and the different belief abaft their grips.

Mina and Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders altercate whether or not a alternation of statements are absolute like: The Ravens are the best aggregation in the NFL (3:59), We were amiss about Kliff Kingsbury (17:28), and Russell Wilson is the MVP (36:33).

Mina and Jacson Bevens of altercate the Seahawks’ win over the 49ers on Monday (3:23) afore evaluating how teams like the Panthers (18:41), Bears (26:52), Broncos, Bengals, Dolphins, Jaguars, and Chargers (1:04:15) should handle their QB situations.

Pucks to the mouth. Teeth aerial to the ice. Hockey players aren’t accepted for their absolute smiles. But accept you anytime wondered who absolutely comes to the accomplishment mid-game, afterwards a amateur takes a slapshot to the teeth, and gets them aback on the ice? Enter the apple of NHL dentists – the adventurous heroes who put hockey players’ belled cool aback together. ESPN biographer Dave Fleming takes Mina Kimes on a gory, arduous adventure of aperture molds, chiclets, emergency surgery, and added tales of dental hockey horror.

Mina and ESPN’s Booger McFarland altercate the atramentous cat that disconnected MNF and again examination Seahawks-49ers (2:56), Lions-Bears (24:23), and Vikings-Cowboys (36:39).

Mina and ESPNs Domonique Foxworth attending at the top ten teams in the NFL per ESPNs Football Ability Index and altercate their weaknesses.

Mina and ESPN’s Acreage Yates acknowledge to a flurry of NFL trades and attending advanced to Panthers-49ers (9:30), Eagles-Bills (32:59), and Bucs-Titans (49:46).

Mina and Adam Lefkoe from Bleacher Address rank the NFL quarterbacks in tiers: 1. God akin 2. Pretty, appealing acceptable 3. I mean, abiding 4. Thinking emoji 5. Scooby Doo.

Mina and Steven Ruiz of USA Today altercate whether or not the 49ers are for real, who deserves the best accusation for the Browns 2-3 alpha (35:22), Texans-Chiefs (51:18), and the moment in their lives they’d like to relive.

Pet Subjects: Telegraph vet Pete Wedderburn answers your ..

Pet Subjects: Telegraph vet Pete Wedderburn answers your .. | black cat pumpkin ideas

Mina and ESPN’s Cam Wolfe altercate how Teddy Bridgewater’s name adds to his likeability, the Packers-Cowboys game, Minshew Mania (22:28), the Dolphins catchbasin (39:32), and the Mina Bowl (1:01:26).

Mina and Mike Golic Jr. bethink the acumen for the delayed advertisement of this podcast. Plus, they altercate Daniel Jones’ acceptance as the Giants amateur (4:46), why the Redskins should about-face to Dwayne Haskins (15:09), and attending advanced to Vikings-Bears (31:07) and Patriots-Bills (43:10).

Mina and ESPN Rams anchorman Lindsey Thiry altercate the injuries to Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers trading for Minkah Fitzpatrick, Jalen Ramsey ambitious a trade, the best three teams in the NFC, Mina’s allure with a third cord quarterback, and “normies.”

Mina and Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Arrangement altercate the Week 1 success of Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson, the action for supremacy in the NFC North, whether or not the Jets-Browns bold is a charge win, and the fast aliment restaurant they’d eat at for the blow of their lives if they could alone eat at one.

Mina and Kevin Clark of The Ringer altercate the Texans trading abroad Jadeveon Clowney and for Laremy Tunsil (2:11), the sliding doors moment of 2019 (3:53), the affirmation of French onion soup (41:20), and attending advanced to two of the best matchups in Week 1 (45:21)

Mina and Bill Barnwell altercate Russell Wilson responding to Mina on Twitter (0:45), the appulse of Andrew Luck’s retirement (3:33), an adapted appraisal of Daniel Jones (42:49), and which archetypal novels best call NFL teams (30:38).

Mina and Gregg Rosenthal of the NFL Arrangement altercate bodies of absorption like Jadeveon Clowney (10:16), Derwin James (18:04), Josh Gordon (24:03), Lamar Jackson (43:48), and Deshaun Watson (57:45). Plus, Mina’s anamnesis of arrangement television procedurals (4:01), the NFL amateur she had a dream about (44:39), and a above appearance advertisement (1:04:33).

Mina and Domonique Foxworth ball a adapted adaptation of Buy or Sell based on preseason headlines. Plus, the moment Mina outsmarted her 4th cast abecedary (10:31), Lenny’s agent adventure (39:55), and which NFL QB would win The Bachelorette?

Mina and Mike Golic, Jr. abstract every NFL aggregation in a bold Mina created on a whim (3:04) including a astute adjudicator booty and the aggregation best acceptable to abstract Tua. Plus, Hall of Fame bold takes, an abstraction for a TV appearance about a dog (47:26), and the Disney duo that they are best like (1:09:51).

Mina and Warren Sharp appraise the AFC East and altercate how the Jets (7:01), Bills (19:41), Patriots (43:31), and Dolphins (53:10) will book this season. Plus, aphotic horse picks to win anniversary appointment and Mina makes a amazing acceptance about a cine (1:08:28).

Mina and The Ringer’s Danny Kelly analysis the offseason in the NFC West and altercate how the Cardinals, Rams, 49ers, and Seahawks will do this season. Plus, Seahawks LB K.J. Wright drops by to altercate the Russell Wilson arrangement announcement, a crazy Pete Carroll story, and the moment he knew he’d accomplish it to the NFL.

Mina and Mike Ryan from The Dan Le Batard Appearance with Stugotz booty a afterpiece attending at the AFC North and altercate how the Browns (3:18), Ravens (16:53), Bengals (39:52), and Steelers (49:51) will book this season. Plus, who’s the best Packers QB of all time (29:40), a new DJ name for Mike (58:54), and which appearance from Big Little Lies is Dan Le Batard (1:02:53)?

Mina and Cynthia Frelund of the NFL Arrangement aught in on the NFC East and altercate the Eagles (5:15), Redskins (21:16), Giants (43:02), and Cowboys (51:35). Plus, whether or not John Elway can drudge it as a GM (37:19), the adversity of watching bold chief bliss (1:01:25), and a appeal to amend Wikipedia pages.

Mina and Domonique Foxworth appraise the offseason in the AFC South and altercate how the Colts (4:34), Jaguars (17:22), Titans (41:40), and Texans (50:36) will do this season. Plus, Mina’s proudest Twitter moment (29:59) and which NFL drillmaster is the best wedgieable (1:04:46)?

Mina and Adam Schefter booty a afterpiece attending at the NFC North and altercate the offseason changes fabricated by the Packers (4:44), Lions (17:01), Bears (41:47), and Vikings (49:14). Plus, Mina asks Adam who would ball him in a cine and why his account breaking tweets don’t accept a name like Adrian Wojnarowski’s do?

Mina and Acreage Yates appraise the offseason in the AFC West and altercate how the Raiders (8:20), Chargers (20:09), Broncos (38:13), and Chiefs (46:52) will book this season. Plus, who at ESPN has the best beard (55:23)?

Mina and SB Nation’s Charles McDonald altercate whether the Falcons (6:35), Saints (19:55), Bucs (38:57), and Panthers (48:09) will be bigger or worse abutting year. Plus, who from The Dan Le Batard Appearance with Stugotz could Mina exhausted in a chase (34:47)?

A above appearance advertisement (5:38). Plus, Mina and Mike Golic, Jr. altercate the angle of establishing the run (9:05), acknowledgment a agglomeration of questions in a mega mailbag (23:04), and put a new aberration on Dinks and Dunks (59:36).

Mina talks to Dan Orlovsky about how abundant the Cowboys should pay Dak Prescott (6:31), why Derek Carr should accept a animation aback year (20:35), if Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota is added acceptable to get a continued appellation arrangement (37:17), and which ESPN agent would accomplish the best Bachelor/Bachelorette (52:07).

Mina talks to Deadspin’s Drew Magary about his adulation of the Vikings (8:38), his Why Your Aggregation Sucks affection (25:46), NBA Twitter (29:40), and his accretion from a academician drain that put him in a blackout (43:17).

Mina talks to PFF Steve (Steve Palazzolo) about the Jets battlefront of Mike Maccagnan as able-bodied as the commodity that has been disturbing afar the football analytics association (3:48). Plus, allotment two of the QB roundtable with the aircraft alembic from The Dan Le Batard Appearance with Stugotz (37:57). Plus, a examination of Sports Wars.

Mina and Bomani Jones allocution about why Zion Williamson didn’t ball football (10:03), the complicating factors of how the NFL should handle Tyreek Hill (21:03), Richard Sherman’s comments on Nick Bosa’s tweets (41:15), and how accessible it’d be to bandy Russell Wilson a altogether affair (53:57).

Mina and Mike Golic, Jr. booty a attending at the landing spots for the top four quarterbacks drafted (6:57), action up bristles winners (three teams, a GM, and a player) and six abstract choices (43:48), and altercate the best attractive NBA players (1:08:49), and celebrities that accept inexplicably followed them on amusing media (1:11:45).

Mina and Domonique Foxworth allocution about why the Giants should not booty a quarterback with either of their aboriginal annular picks (14:15), whether or not Dwayne Haskins would be an advancement over Jameis Winston in Tampa Bay (23:14), if they’d rather accept absolute queso or absolute salsa (37:53), and if Domonique would hug Roger Goodell if he were a abstract anticipation this year (1:08:20).

Mina and Louis Riddick altercate accepting bold on amusing media ambidextrous with keyboard boxy guys (2:21), Russell Wilson’s new arrangement and whether or not you can win while advantageous a QB that abundant (7:28), how abounding QBs deserve to go in the aboriginal annular (31:16), why added top QBs don’t cull an Eli Manning (37:49), and how the abstract teaches us about both trends in the NFL and the sliding calibration of positional accent (43:50).

Mina and ESPN’s Joel Anderson go aback and alternating to actualize a apish abstract of who NFL teams should baddest after this ages in Nashville. Joel tells us which anticipation looks like Meek Mill, the amateur that doesn’t accept a face for greatness, and why a prospect’s aftermost name is giving him a boost. Mina suggests that Mountain Time is inconsiderate, says that a amateur has all-embracing upside, and rotates through a alternation of phrases like “pro ready”, “plug and play”, and “day one starter”, which all beggarly the aforementioned thing. Plus, Mina chats with above Washington assurance Taylor Rapp about his alertness for the draft.

NFL Abstract SZN is aloft us and Mina talks to Spencer Hall about how this year’s QB chic is like Sunday brunch (10:57), the similarities amid Jared Goff and Josh Rosen (36:48), the QB he’d booty a ammo for (37:11), why he thinks Ed Oliver is the best amateur accessible (54:20), the NFL Abstract anticipation that can ball every position except QB (1:02:52), and what Jim Harbaugh would do if he wasn’t a football drillmaster (1:18:30).

Mina talks to above Colts punter Pat McAfee about acting adventuresome on columnist row of an NCAA Tournament bold (4:03), which NFL drillmaster would win a aristocratic boom (13:59), the affectionate of texter Colts GM Chris Ballard is (12:48), her acquaintance assuming The Undertaker (43:01), and which aggregation should be advantaged in the AFC North (48:32). Plus, Mina offers able takes on beer and Pat decides how abundant money he’d pay to accept an hour continued babble with his dog.

Mina talks to above NFL LB Kirk Morrison about the advertising alternation for the Browns (3:15), the angriest attractive drillmaster in the NFL (9:55), why the green slump for QBs is a absolute affair (31:50), what the Packers should do to advice Aaron Rodgers (49:09), the Costco allocation of chargeless agency, and if he’d rather accord up block or pie (1:09:54). Plus, Mina discusses why she’s actuality for the angle catchbasin (11:05) and the time she abominably got in a revolving aperture with a 2-time Cool Bowl champ (1:04:48).

Mina talks to Dianna Russini about Le’Veon Bell’s accord with the Jets and accepting Adam Schefter cheep out a address from her buzz (1:32). Plus, she gets acknowledgment from Browns cool fan Mike Ryan on the Odell Beckham, Jr. barter (29:29) and tries to accomplish apology with the burghal of Pittsburgh by talking to Dave Dameshek (36:17).

Mina chats with Larry Fitzgerald about advancing aback for addition season, his handsome new arch coach, his admired shows to watch on Netflix, and his column retirement plans. Plus, she talks with Warren Sharp about analytic trends to watch for abutting season, how the Rams could accept acclimated analytics to arrangement bigger in the Cool Bowl, and who the best overrated quarterback in the NFL is.

Mina chats with Acreage Yates about Nick Foles’ chargeless agency, the Cardinals’ accommodation with the #1 pick, and the top canyon rushers in the draft. Plus, she talks with the two men who created the cerebral analysis administered to every amateur at the combine.

Mina Kimes chats with Bleacher Report’s Adam Lefkoe about abeyant landing spots for Le’Veon Bell, the top 10 chargeless agents, the abstruse abaft athletes’ assignment out videos, movies that deserve a sequel, and Colin Kaepernick’s adjustment with the NFL.

Mina Kimes reacts to the Joe Flacco trade, chats with Sheil Kapadia about Nick Foles’ future, and plays a QB bold with the aircraft alembic from The Dan Le Batard Show.

Mina Kimes and acquaintance of the podcast The Undefeated’s Domonique Foxworth epitomize Cool Bowl LIII, altercate what the Rams could accept done to win and attending advanced to the 2019 season.

Mina Kimes & Dianna Russini altercate whether the Patriots or Rams accept the advantage on breach & defense, Sean McVay’s in-game action & more. Plus, Andrew Hawkins stops by to accomplish his predictions, counterbalance in on prop bets and abundant more.

Mina Kimes and Dianna Russini abide to examination Cool Bowl LIII and are abutting by Mike Golic Jr. and Bill Barnwell. Also on this Throwback Thursday edition, they aggregation recalls the aftermost time the Patriots and Rams met in the big bold and altercate if the after-effects of this year’s antagonism will be the same.

Mina Kimes welcomes Bill Barnwell to the appearance to altercate Cool Bowl LIII from all angles, accommodate the Rams’ abhorrent plans, the Patriots’ aegis action and more.

Mina Kimes and NFL anchorman Dianna Russini accompany you a appropriate amusement from Cool Bowl LIII. In this “live on Twitter” episode, Mina & Dianna acceptable Domonique Foxworth to the appearance to altercate the Patriots’ underdog narrative, the role Rob Gronkowski plays in the big bold and abundant more.

Mina Kimes welcomes analyst and above NFL WR Andrew Hawkins to the appearance to epitomize Championship Sunday and explain how he managed to adumbrate a Rams-Patriots Cool Bowl in the preseason.

Mina Kimes welcomes in ESPN’s Chris Sprow to breakdown the NFL’s final four branch into Championship Sunday.

Mina Kimes is abutting by ESPN NFL analyst Damien Woody who helps breach bottomward the NFL Divisional Weekend matchups. Plus, Lenny makes moves on Damien’s bristling acquaintance Tiffany.

Mina Kimes welcomes aback Mike Golic, Jr. to advice examination NFL Wild Card Weekend. Together, they accomplish champ predictions and Lenny may accept befuddled alkali in Golic Jr.’s wound.

Mina Kimes welcomes acquaintance of the appearance Domonique Foxworth to action New Year’s Resolutions for the 15 teams in playoff altercation (4:11), including but not bound to the Chiefs (8:48), Rams (21:09), Chargers (34:39), Seahawks (36:52) and Steelers (45:23). Plus, they booty some questions from the mailbag (30:37) and abutting out with Dinks & Dunks (54:07).

Mina Kimes talks all things NFC East with Matthew Berry (3:10), and welcomes Dianna Russini to babble about the astronomic Saints-Steelers antagonism this weekend (48:00).

Mina Kimes is abutting by ESPN NFL analyst Matt Hasselbeck to abstract some NFL quarterbacks… all 25 years-old or adolescent (who they baddest aboriginal may or may not abruptness you).

Mina Kimes welcomes in ESPN NFL Insider Acreage Yates to altercate Mike McCarthy’s firing, examination the Rams-Bears and Vikings-Seahawks Week 14 matchups and abundant more.

Mina Kimes is abutting by ESPN NFL analyst Ryan Clark. They altercate Baker Mayfield’s comments, the Redskins’ affirmation of Reuben Foster and more. Plus, Katie Nolan learns how to be Seahawks fan.

Mina Kimes welcomes NFL Network’s Patrick Claybon to the appearance and they try to rank the 5 best teams in the NFL. Plus, they counterbalance in on Lamar Jackson and if aegis is dying in the NFL.

Mina Kimes welcomes ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky to the appearance to breach bottomward three Week 11 matchups. Also, Mina brags on her Titans anticipation and answers admirers questions!

Mina Kimes welcomes aback acceptable acquaintance and The Undefeated’s Domonique Foxworth to allocution about the affliction teams in the NFL and how continued we can apprehend them to stink.

Mina Kimes brings aback her aboriginal echo bedfellow – Mike Golic Jr.! Calm they examination four amateur from Week 9 including if Panthers QB Cam Newton can advance the aggregation to achievement in their NFC South antagonism adjoin the Buccaneers.

Mina Kimes is abutting by SB Nation NFL biographer Charles McDonald to altercate some of Week 8’s acute matchups. Plus, they breakdown the Falcons’ absorbing season.

Mina Kimes welcomes The Ringer’s Danny Kelly advice her breach bottomward a few NFL Week 7 matchups, including Philip Rivers’ MVP-type performances and more. Plus, Danny’s accentuation of the aggregation in Jacksonville is authentic comedy.

The Dan Le Batard Appearance with Stugotz ambassador Mike Ryan joins Mina to allocution NFL Week 6 including whether or not his admired Browns accept a adventitious over the Chargers. Plus, there may or may not be appropriate bedfellow articulation on the show.

Mina Kimes and Aboriginal and Last’s Mike Golic Jr. counterbalance in on if the Jags’ aegis comes additional to the Bears, if the Bengals or Dolphins are playoff contenders, what the antagonism for Texas will acquaint us about the Cowboys and Texans, and examination MNF. Plus, is Mike Golic, Jr. or Domonique Foxworth a bigger guest?

On the acceptance of Bootleg, host Mina Kimes welcomes NFL analyst Domonique Foxworth to the show. They counterbalance in on if Josh Allen is for real, Fitz Magic vs. Jameis, Bakermania and abundant more!

Mina talks all things football with her different cast of amusement and insight. Her accompany accompany anniversary adventure to allocution about the NFL’s latest storylines forth with her football admiring dog, Lenny, authoritative common contributions.

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