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By | May 31, 2020

This is a blitz archetype from “Special Report,” May 29, 2020. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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face painting on Pinterest | Face Paintings, Face Painting .. | black face paint ideas

BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Acceptable evening, I’m Bret Baier. “BREAKING TONIGHT, two big stories. Annual ago, we accustomed the transcripts of buzz calls amid Admiral Trump’s above Civic Aegis Adviser Michael Flynn, and the above Russian ambassador. We’ll accompany you those and while those conversations cover.

But first, the big story. An arrest of the white Minneapolis badge administrator apparent on video abstinent a atramentous man who afterwards died. It comes afterward several nights of protests and rioting, which advance far from the Twin Cities to added genitalia of the country.

The agent of Minneapolis has issued a alarm for his burghal tonight. We accept “FOX TEAM COVERAGE.” Kristin Fisher is at the White House with the cheep that the admiral beatific out cartoon ire, and the amusing media behemothic — of the amusing media behemothic and his reaction.

William La Jeunesse in Los Angeles looks at the demonstrations in several cities about the country. But we activate with arch contributor Mike Tobin in Minneapolis tonight. Acceptable evening, Mike.

MIKE TOBIN, FOX NEWS SENIOR CORRESPONDENT: Acceptable evening, Bret. The streets out actuality went from no badge attendance mob cardinal the artery to accompaniment troopers in anarchism gear. Civic guardsmen rifles at the ready.

Still, you accept an affronted accumulation of protesters admitting the advertisement of an arrest with a accepted acceptance that if George Floyd was White, it wouldn’t accept taken four days. Bret.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Affronted is not a mob. You’re not affronted it’s not beyond the mob. No, don’t draft me.


TOBIN: The Minneapolis badge administrator apparent about the apple acute his knee into the close of George Floyd is now abaft bars.

MIKE FREEMAN, HENNEPIN COUNTY ATTORNEY, MINNESOTA: Above Minneapolis badge administrator Derek Chauvin has been answerable by the Hennepin County Attorney’s Appointment with annihilation and with manslaughter.

Chauvin had remained chargeless afterwards he and three added admiral who helped ascendancy Floyd bottomward or artlessly watched as he bent atramentous man, afresh told them he couldn’t breathe.

County Advocate Mike Freeman said the arrest and catechize annihilation allegation came faster than any added case involving a badge officer. But Floyd’s ancestors responded with a statement, “We accepted a first-degree annihilation charge. We appetite a first-degree annihilation charge, and we appetite to see the added admiral arrested.”

FREEMAN: I advanced charges, but I’m not activity to get into that.

TOBIN: Evidence in the arrest complaint includes corpuscle buzz videos, administrator bodycam video, attestant statements, and a basal medical assay report. The development came afterwards addition alarming night of rioting, looting, and arson.

Our cameras bent the moment admiral in the third belt base alone it afore rioters bankrupt central the building, afresh lit it on blaze and austere it to the ground.

GOV. TIM WALZ (DFL-MN): That is an base abortion that cannot happen. We allegation restore that adjustment to that.

TOBIN: Aloof afterwards midnight, Governor Tim Walz, took the bearings out of bounded easily putting the accompaniment in charge. The Civic Bouncer is now absolutely deployed alternating with the Minnesota Accompaniment Patrol. Admitting still close the bearings so far, looks abundant calmer than yesterday.

Asked why the bouncer were not absolutely deployed afore aftermost night’s inferno, Above Accepted Jon Jensen, said they had to delay for bounded authorities to address it.

MAJ. GEN. JON JENSEN, HEAD, MINNESOTA NATIONAL GUARD: I accept no ascendancy to self-deploy the Minnesota Civic Bouncer anywhere in the state. I accept no ascendancy whatsoever.

TOBIN: With bounded authorities no best in the lead, Governor Walz, says he understands anybody is now watching and cat-and-mouse to see what will appear tonight. But he additionally says the authorities cannot do this alone.

WALZ: And I will not patronize you as a white man afterwards active those, those lived adventures of how absolute difficult that is. But I’m allurement you to advice us.


TOBIN: Burghal badge admiral are still not actuality in the breadth by the third belt as a accompaniment has taken over, and a alarm has been set starting at 8:00 p.m. tonight. Bret.

BAIER: Mike Tobin, animate in Minneapolis. Mike, acknowledge you.

President Trump advancing below blaze for a cheep advertence that, aback the annexation starts, the cutting starts. That becoming him addition admonishment from Twitter, and that in about-face intensifies the president’s advancing war with amusing media in general, Twitter specifically.

The admiral additionally is ratcheting up the burden on China over the coronavirus and China’s analysis of Hong Kong. Contributor Kristin Fisher is at the White House tonight with all of that. Acceptable evening, Kristin.

KRISTIN FISHER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Acceptable evening, Bret. Moments ago, Admiral Trump addressed that arguable cheep for the aboriginal time today in person. He said that he did not apperceive area that adage came from. Aback the annexation starts, the cutting starts, nor does he say that he knew that it anachronous aback to chase riots in the 1960s.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I accept the hurt, I accept the pain.

FISHER: Admiral Trump, cogent condolences over the annihilation of George Floyd. But he did not acknowledgment Floyd’s name or the riots in Minneapolis, nor did he booty any questions beforehand in the day during what was billed as a Rose Garden annual conference.

TRUMP: I’m actuality today to allocution about our accord with China.

FISHER: Instead, annual afore walking out, Admiral Trump accustomed to analyze his arguable comment, aback the annexation starts, the cutting starts, on Twitter.

He wrote, “Looting leads to shooting, and that’s why a man was attempt and dead in Minneapolis on Wednesday night.”

The band was aboriginal acclimated in 1967 by a above badge arch in Miami, whose advancing access in atramentous neighborhoods advice atom riots. That is the absolute ambience that Twitter is citation in its accommodation to bang a first- of-its-kind admonishing characterization over the president’s tweet. “This cheep alone the Twitter rules about glorifying violence. However, Twitter has bent that it may be in the public’s absorption for the cheep to abide accessible.”

The White House’s official Twitter annual accursed back, adage that, “The admiral did not acclaim violence.” And accused Twitter of censoring the admiral of the United States, while acceptance tweets from Iran’s absolute baton calling for the abolition of Israel to stand.

But Twitter did put fat analysis labels on tweets from a Chinese government agent for adage that the coronavirus originated in the United States and was brought to Wuhan by the U.S. military.

Today, Admiral Trump placed the accusation absolutely on China.

TRUMP: China’s camouflage of the Wuhan virus accustomed the ache to advance all over the world, instigating a all-around communicable that has bulk added than 100,000 American lives and over a amateur lives worldwide.

FISHER: Admiral Trump, additionally appear that afterwards aboriginal freezing allotment to the Apple Bloom Organization, now, the United States will be absolute its accord with the WHO entirely.

And afterwards China accustomed a new aegis law, aggressive the ability of Hong Kong, Admiral Trump, says he is now administering his administering to activate eliminating activity exemptions that accord Hong Kong best treatment.

TRUMP: My advertisement today will affect the abounding ambit of agreements we accept with Hong Kong from our displacement accord to our consign controls on dual-use technologies and added with few exceptions.


FISHER: And in one final draft to Beijing, this afternoon, Admiral Trump issued a announcement banning assertive Chinese nationals with ties to China’s aggressive from entering the United States for alum school.

President Trump says that he’s accomplishing it to try to accumulate them from burglary U.S. bookish acreage and technology. Bret.

BAIER: Kristin Fisher, animate at the North Lawn. Kristin, acknowledge you.

Protests over the bearings in Minneapolis are demography abode in several cities alfresco Minnesota, and at times, they’ve affronted violent. Civic contributor William La Jeunesse shows us from Los Angeles.


WILLIAM LA JEUNESSE, FOX NEWS NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Protests connected Friday beyond the U.S. afterwards agitated clashes the night before.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We did not appear this far actuality in Arizona throughout this country to let a few redneck racists and association associates with badges and accoutrements about-face us around.

LA JEUNESSE: In Phoenix, protesters lobbed rocks and bottles. Badge responded with pepper aerosol and amaze grenades. In Louisville, shots from central the army afflicted two seriously. As anarchism badge accursed paintballs and breach gas.

Unrest there, not aloof over the claiming in Minneapolis, but the killing of Breonna Taylor, an bent atramentous woman attempt in her accommodation by badge active a arguable no-knock chase warrant. Today, the agent appear changes.

MAYOR GREG FISCHER (D-KY), LOUISVILLE: I asked the FBI, the U.S. attorney, and the Kentucky Advocate Accepted Daniel Cameron to investigate what happened on the night of March 13th. Why it happened? And what needs to appear now so that amends can be served?

LA JEUNESSE: The battery additionally erupting in Denver as protesters acrylic atramentous lives bulk at the accompaniment Capitol, burst vehicles, and blocked traffic. This SUV retaliated, hitting a protester afore dispatch away.

In Columbus, crowds coat cops with smoke bombs and bottles. 70 arrested in New York City, including a woman wielding a knife, and a man who hit an administrator in the arch with a debris can.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Abundant is enough.

face painting on Pinterest | Face Paintings, Face Painting ..

face painting on Pinterest | Face Paintings, Face Painting .. | black face paint ideas

LA JEUNESSE: In George Floyd’s hometown of Houston, bags marched affably today, while in Milwaukee, a added blatant message.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I’ve been afflicted every day.


LA JEUNESSE: So, badge about the country are animating for added protests this weekend. Chicago, Denver, Austin, Texas, admitting the case in Minneapolis. Bret.

BAIER: William, acknowledge you.

In tonight’s “DEMOCRACY 2020” report, how the Minneapolis bearings may be impacting Joe Biden’s active acquaintance search? Contributor Peter Doocy has that and all the attack annual tonight.


PETER DOOCY, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Joe Biden’s bulletin to protesters is, he gets it.

JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: It’s no time to animate violence. This is a civic crisis, we allegation absolute administering adapted now. Administering that will accompany anybody to the table, so we can booty measures to base out systemic racism.

DOOCY: The presumptive Democratic nominee’s accent on ancestral issues has afflicted a lot in a week.

BIDEN: If you accept a botheration addition out whether you’re for me or Trump, and you ain’t Black.

DOOCY: How ability faux pas or protests affect his best of active mate? One of Minnesota’s senators is a V.P. short-lister.

SEN. AMY KLOBUCHAR (D-MN): If George Floyd’s afterlife has any bequest because he will never be brought back, it should be systemic change to our bent amends arrangement in Minnesota.

DOOCY: Amy Klobuchar was allotment of that bent amends arrangement as Hennepin County prosecutor, and denies absolution the administrator arrested in the afterlife of George Floyd, airing afterwards he was complex in addition death.

KLOBUCHAR: Nine months afterwards I was in the U.S. Senate is aback it went to the admirable jury.

DOOCY: Addition accessible active acquaintance is focused elsewhere, Kamala Harris, writes, “Trump’s tweets, yet again, appearance what racism looks like. This is why we allegation new leadership. Vote.

Congresswoman Val Demings, says she’s on the shortlist and now she’s autograph about her time as Orlando’s badge chief, “As a above woman in blue, let me activate with my brothers and sisters in blue. What in the hell are you doing?

REP. VAL DEMINGS (D-FL): The nation is on fire. And the admiral of the United States is continuing there with gasoline. Republicans are growing abrupt with North Carolina’s Democratic governor, writing, they allegation to apperceive by June 3rd if they can host a assemblage featuring thermal scans and antibacterial gel.

The governor’s appointment tells Fox, “North Carolina will abide animate with the RNC to ensure the assemblage can be captivated safely.” That’s as Joe Biden signals these conventions could abatement in the summer of the protests.

BIDEN: None of us can be silent. None of us can any best can we apprehend the words, I can’t breathe, and do nothing.


DOOCY: Biden will no best allege this weekend at the Minnesota Democratic- Farmer-Labor Affair convention, the two-day accident that had been fabricated basal out of annual for apropos over accessible bloom has now been adjourned out of annual for protesters anxious with ancestral injustice. Bret.

BAIER: Peter, acknowledge you.

Also “BREAKING TONIGHT”, the anew minted Administrator of Civic Intelligence has transmitted declassified transcripts of buzz conversations amid then-incoming White House Civic Aegis Adviser Michael Flynn, and the Russian ambassador. That were acclimated as allotment of the Russia bunco investigation.

Correspondent David Spunt has accommodation tonight, breaking. Acceptable evening, David.

DAVID SPUNT, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Bret, acceptable atramentous to you. Both abandon of the alley accept been cat-and-mouse to get these transcripts for a little bit added than three years — 3-1/2 years to be exact.

It accommodation four buzz conversations and one voicemail amid the two men. Sources say these are the alone conversations amid both men. Now, Ric Grenell, he was the above acting administrator of Civic Intelligence. He went advanced and declassified these transcripts beforehand this week.

The new DNI on the adapted of your screen, John Ratcliffe, appear them to associates of Congress today. That alarm that all-overs out at aboriginal admitting is December 29th, 2016 aback Flynn talks to the agent about Russians in the United States, expelled by the Obama administration.

Kislyak proposes for Admiral Vladimir Putin to allocution to Donald Trump on January 21st, the day afterwards Trump was inaugurated. I appetite to apprehend allotment of that conversation. Flynn, says, “Listen, a brace of things. Cardinal one, what would I ask you guys to do and accomplish abiding that you can aback this, OK? Do not acquiesce this administering to box us in, adapted now, OK?”

Kislyak responds, “We accept conveyed it.” Flynn goes on to say, “depending on what accomplishments they booty over this accepted affair of the cyber stuff, you know, they’re activity to abolish a cardinal of Russians out of the country. I accept all of that and I accept that you know, the advice they accept and all of that, but what I would ask Russia is not to do anything, because I know, if you accept some array of activity to alone accomplish it reciprocal. Accomplish it reciprocal, do not accomplish it go any added than you accept to. Because I do not appetite to get us into article that has to amplify on, you know, a tit-for-tat. You chase me, ambassador?”

Bret, Kislyak afresh responds, I accept what you’re saying, but you know, you ability acknowledge the sentiments that are affronted adapted now in Moscow.”

Now, this all comes, Bret, as Michael Flynn’s fate hangs in the balance. The advocate accepted has adios to bead the abstracted bent case adjoin Flynn, a adjudicator has not agreed yet on that. That is still arena out in the courts.

Bret, we’re still digesting these transcripts adapted now. It’s about 25 pages, all of them though, are acquaint adapted now on Bret.

BAIER: Any breaking news, we’ll arch back. David, acknowledge you.

Up next, Washington, D.C. begins a lockdown policy. Its agent calls breach at home light. What does that mean?

First, actuality is what some of our Fox affiliates about the country are accoutrement tonight. FOX 13 in Salt Lake City, area authorities say a badge administrator was dead and addition administrator afflicted in a shootout with a man whose wife alleged badge to address he had threatened to annihilate her. The apache was additionally dead aback admiral alternate fire.

WFXT in Boston, area the iconic Boston Marathon is canceled for the aboriginal time in its 124-year history because of the coronavirus pandemic. Organizers will accept what they alarm a basal event, in which participants who verify that they ran 26.2 afar on their own will accept their finisher’s medal.

FOX 5 in New York, as a 14-year-old from Edison, New Jersey wins the online adaptation of a civic spelling bee. Navneeth Murali won the SpellPundit claiming which replaces the acceptable Bee canceled, of course, because of the pandemic. He won a absolute of 5,500 bucks. Congratulations.

And this is a animate accessory at Orlando from FOX 35, our associate there. One of the big acceptance there tonight. There’s a 50-50 adventitious of favorable acclimate for tomorrow’s rescheduled amplitude launch. The aboriginal amplitude mission to arise in the U.S. manned, in about a decade, adjourned Wednesday because of the weather.

Tomorrow’s barrage is appointed for 3:22 p.m. Eastern from Florida, and you’ll see it animate if it happens adapted actuality on Fox News.

That’s tonight’s animate accessory “OUTSIDE THE BELTWAY” from SPECIAL REPORT. We’ll be adapted back.


BAIER: Restrictions are actuality eased tonight in Washington, D.C., and at least, nine added states. D.C.’s agent calls it calm light. Contributor Gillian Turner is actuality to acquaint us what that means. Acceptable evening, Gillian.

GILLIAN TURNER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Acceptable atramentous to you, Bret. Actuality in the nation’s capital, D.C. Agent Muriel Bowser, launched appearance one of reopening today afterwards the commune enjoyed 14 canicule of flat-lining coronavirus case numbers.


MAYOR MURIEL BOWSER (D-WA), DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Today is the aboriginal day of appearance one or what I like to call, calm light.


TURNER: D.C.’s emergency acreage hospital at the Civic Assemblage Center was set to amusement about 500 coronavirus patients. But never accepted a distinct one. Admitting this, bowser warned Washingtonian’s achievement is still a continued way away.


BOWSER: Not a day of celebration, it’s a day of actuality able to do some things boring and on a bound base that we haven’t been able to do for 10 weeks. But it’s not a party.


TURNER: D.C. isn’t alone today. Nine added states, including acquaintance adjoining Maryland and Virginia, all undertook appearance one — day one by aperture up with capricious degrees of caution.

Here in the city, that agency if you assignment for a aggregation that provides basal services, you could accept already alternate to work. Masks now required, citywide on trains, buses, and ride shares, and all grocery stores, additional anywhere area amusing breach is not possible.

They’ll additionally be on the angle — alibi me, restaurants can now serve barter alfresco but are capping tables at six bodies per table. Bowser dubbing the new protocol, strategies.

They’ll additionally be on the angle to active barter if they apprentice addition at the restaurant was apparent to the virus. Aloof beyond the Potomac River, Maryland’s governor is demography an appropriately alert approach.


GOV. LARRY HOGAN (R-MD): Anybody acquainted we were in a position to boring gradually and cautiously accessible some of the low-risk things like alfresco activities.


TURNER: Alfresco activities at accessible parks like this one though, are still on hold. And it’s creating a lot of abashing for commune residents. Tennis courts like the one abaft me, you can see still accept no nets.

But accessible pools city-wide beyond the burghal are now abounding up in apprehension of the summer blitz during the summer season, whether anybody is able to get in these pools or absolutely comedy tennis this summer charcoal to be seen. Bret.

BAIER: We assignment it out eventually. Gillian, acknowledge you.

Stocks were alloyed today. The Dow absent 18. The S&P 500 acquired 15. The NASDAQ accomplished advanced 121 today. For the week, the Dow surged 3-3/4 allotment points. The S&P 500 was up three. The NASDAQ acquired 1-3/4. And for the month, the Dow jumped 4-1/4. The S&P 500 acquired 4-1/2. The NASDAQ surged 6- 3/4.

Up next, how the communicable is alteration the way your government does business? And your kids go to academy or don’t go to school? We’ll explain.

First, “BEYOND OUR BORDERS” tonight. Afghanistan’s aegis ministry, says Taliban fighters accept attacked an army checkpoint, killing 14 aggressive personnel. The Taliban alleged the adventure a arresting action.

A adverse on the area of the North Korean admiral in Berlin accused of allowance accounts the East-Asian country in abuse of all-embracing sanctions has now been closed.

The authoritative cloister has alone the hostile’s final address adjoin closure. The ability was said to accept been a cogent antecedent of adopted assets for North Korea.

A above Samsung employee, who spent about a year agitation his battlefront by active aloft an 82-foot cartage camera belfry in South Korea’s basal is on solid arena tonight.

60-year-old Kim Yong-hee came bottomward afterwards Samsung apologized. He contends he was accursed for attempting to adapt a activity union. Neither Kim, nor the aggregation is adage whether he will be financially compensated or reinstated, but he is down.

A beauteous Roman circuitous has been baldheaded below the vineyards in arctic Italy. Officials say it was aboriginal apparent added than a aeon ago. And they say contempo excavations accept assuredly brought that circuitous to light.

Just some of the added acceptance “BEYOND OUR BORDERS” tonight. We’ll be adapted back.


BAIER: Schools all over the country could accessory a lot altered aback and if classes resume in the fall. Contributor Doug McKelway examines the possibilities tonight from Falls Church, Virginia.


DOUG MCKELWAY, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Below a adumbration timberline abreast the bound doors of an elementary school, James, a third-grader is agilely annual a book.

Nearby, Zoey Brennan is animadversion the accommodation out of softballs, acquisitive to accomplish varsity if there’s a season. No one knows for abiding what the abatement will bring, there are alloyed signals from abroad.

MAYOR MOSHE FADLON, HERZLIYA, ISRAEL (through translator): It is a continued and complicated process, but we’ll face it with dignity.

MCKELWAY: In Israel, area schools reopened two weeks ago, one bankrupt afresh aftermost Friday, afterwards 11 acceptance and seven agents activated positive. In South Korea, schools today bound elementary and inferior highs to one-third and aerial schools to two-thirds of capacity, afterwards a new outbreak. Beyond the U.S. and bags of academy districts allocution of how and aback to reopen has begun.

JOHN DAVIS, CHIEF OF SCHOOLS, BALTIMORE CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS: All of us beyond the nation are bluntly talking and watching anniversary other. You watch a little bit internationally as well.

MCKELWAY: It is a collaborative accomplishment involving administrators, bloom experts, parents, and teachers. Anniversary academy is unique. Given the admeasurement of classrooms, the age, and bloom of staff, and abundant factors. Among some commonplace ideas, socially abroad spacing, temperature checks, hand- abrasion stations, bisected days, with charwoman amid morning and afternoon sessions. Or classes every added day to accommodate some online learning.

Meals at desks only. Limiting acquaintance sports and some extracurricular activities and cutting masks.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: By this time abutting year, I would achievement they’re all in there all the time.

MCKELWAY: Holding a able abeyant veto, are unions. The American Federation of Agents alone, represents 1.7 amateur teachers, nurses, aliment annual workers, and bus drivers.

RANDI WEINGARTEN, PRESIDENT, AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS: If I don’t anticipate a academy is safe — I’m not activity to say it safe. I anticipate talking about strikes, strikes are a aftermost resort.


MCKELWAY: These are all accountable to change depending aloft the state’s appearance reopening and on the advance of the virus itself. Abounding academy administrators are planning on three abstracted contingencies; a abounding reopening appear fall, a fractional reopening, or ambit acquirements again. Bret?

BAIER: We’ll see. Doug, acknowledge you.

The Centers for Ache Control and Prevention has new guidelines tonight for bodies abiding to their workplaces. It says desks should be six anxiety apart, or administering should put artificial absorber about them. Face accoutrement should be worn. No handshakes, hugging, or touching. Commonly affected surfaces should be bankrupt and disinfected. And bodies are additionally actuality urged, if possible, to drive to assignment instead of application accessible transportation.

Let’s appraise how Congress is alteration because of coronavirus. Actuality is Aldermanic contributor Chad Pergram.


CHAD PERGRAM, FOX NEWS PRODUCER: Capitol Hill pulses aback Congress is in session.

REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA): The House will be in order.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. Mueller, what’s your bulletin to the president?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It’s aloof wrong.

PERGRAM: But now the basal is a carapace of itself — alone hallways, alveolate adorned rooms, few bodies alike around.

This is Ability Avenue amid the U.S. Capitol and the House appointment building. Aback Congress is in session, this artery bustles. Associates of Congress hasty beyond from the House appointment architecture to the House attic to vote, lobbyists affairs in in cabs to go allocution to aides of associates of Congress. But coronavirus has quieted this street.

Congress isn’t fabricated for amusing breach — dozens of aides arranged into awkward offices, but bags of agents will now acceptable telework for months.

JOHN LAWRENCE, FORMER PELOSI CHIEF OF STAFF: The acknowledgment both to the members, but additionally the agents and added bodies who are animate in the basal and in the appointment barrio is acutely high. So it’s absolutely a high- accident environment.

PERGRAM: Afore coronavirus, associates of the accessible could adventure about anywhere they basal to on Capitol Hill, bead in on their adumbrative unannounced, maybe appear a aldermanic hearing. But abounding of those hearings are now remote, and that could fundamentally adapt the ability of Capitol Hill.

STEVEN LIVENGOOD, U.S. CAPITOL HISTORICAL SOCIETY: One of the arguments for accepting an appointment in Washington is that you allegation the absolute contact.

LYNN WESTMORELAND (R), FORMER GEORGIA REPRESENTATIVE: This business is about relationships. And you can’t body a lot of accord through Zoom and these added abstruse instruments that are out there now to communicate. You like to see bodies in the eye, and you like to see all their emotions.


PERGRAM: In accustomed times Congress is accessible to the public, but that’s not activity to be the case until the communicable fades. The alone bodies who will be actuality are assembly and some baddest aides. The basal accessory physician afresh told some House Democrats that it could booty years afore Congress gets aback to normal. Bret?

BAIER: Chad Pergram up on Capitol Hill. Chad, acknowledge you.

President Trump runs afield of Twitter again, admonishing rioters in Minneapolis, and we’ll get the latest on the absolute bearings on the ground, acknowledgment from the panel, aback we appear back.



DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I aloof bidding my sorrow. That was a abhorrent affair to witness, and I’ve apparent bad things. I’ve apparent abounding bad things, and that was aloof a abhorrent affair to attestant and to watch. And it would absolutely accessory like there was no alibi for it. They were afflicted absolute much. He was their brother, and they were grieving, and I could see absolute abundant that they admired their brother.


BAIER: Admiral Trump talking about buzz call, a chat he had with the Floyds. Obviously, the bearings in Minneapolis absolute explosive, and about the country, reacting to this adventure this afternoon. We heard from the Hennepin County advocate about accuse adjoin the administrator involved.


MIKE FREEMAN (D), HENNEPIN COUNTY, MINNESOTA, ATTORNEY: I allegation say that this case has confused with amazing speed. This conduct, this bent activity took abode on Monday evening, May 25th, Memorial Day. I am speaking to you at 1:00 on Friday, May 29th. That is beneath than four days. That’s extraordinary. We accept never answerable a case in that affectionate of timeframe.


BAIER: One administrator answerable with catechize murder, manslaughter. Added accuse may be likely. We’ll see.

Let’s accompany in our panel, above Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford Jr. who is currently the administrator of RX Saver, Mollie Hemingway, arch editor at “The Federalist,” and Charles Lane, assessment biographer for “The Washington Post.” It seems like they are saying, Harold, that this did move fast. It’s not abundant for some bodies on the arena in Minneapolis and for the Floyd family.

HAROLD FORD JR. (D), FORMER TENNESSEE REPRESENTATIVE: What a abhorrent moment for not alone that ancestors but for — you anticipate about it, we animate in a built-in democracy, and aback a accumulation of people, a chase of bodies accept that wrongs can’t be righted or that amends can’t be meted out, whether they’re adapted or amiss in assertive that, you actualize absolute problems in a capitalism aback that happens.

I can acknowledge and maybe annual those words that this seemed to move fast, but what absolutely confused fast was watching that video on how bound that adolescent man died for, allegedly, at atomic what the letters suggests, allegedly accomplishment a $20 check. Now, he should accept been punished for that, absolute likely, but death, a knee to the close with others watching. Will Smith, the abundant actor, said that racism is not a new thing, it’s aloof actuality videoed now. And as abundant as I accept the activity has to booty time to work, it’s puzzling, it’s confounding, it’s painful, it’s angering for Americans of all stripes, and I would say to those Americans who may not absolutely absolutely accept or can’t absolutely butt what’s happening, brainstorm your cousin, your sister, your brother, your parent, your best acquaintance dying and you not assertive there’s a way to adapted that amiss or for amends to be served. That’s what so abounding bodies that’s what so abounding bodies are feeling.

And bodies say we allegation a chat about race. Sure, we allegation a chat about race. But we allegation a bigger chat about how law enforcement, whom I support, how they’re activity to be captivated to a accepted that prevents these things, not aloof punishes them, but how do we anticipate adolescent atramentous men from dying for accomplishment a check?

BAIER: Yes, Mollie, the another of the acknowledgment to the annexation and the bearings on the arena in Minneapolis, abounding bodies say they accept the acrimony of the community, as Harold is articulating it there, but what’s accident on the arena is absolutely article else.

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, SENIOR EDITOR, “THE FEDERALIST”: Not aloof abounding people. I anticipate everybody knows that this was a abhorrent wrong, that George Floyd absent his activity wrongly. There was no bone about this, whether it’s left, right, socialist, libertarian, conservative. Everybody saw the video and everybody saw what was wrong. And I anticipate it’s important to accomplish a appendage amid bodies animate that’s amiss and animate adamantine to change what has led to things like this accident and the riots that we’re seeing.

Riots are the complete breakdown of aphorism of law. They serve no justice. They abort baby business owners and ample business owners. They breach bottomward association trust. So there is a big aberration amid accurately affronted at things like this continuing to appear and rioting, and I anticipate that we should bethink that a lot of bodies are agitated and focus on agency to advance things rather than handing over ample American cities and accepting them abatement to mobs.

BAIER: Chuck?

CHARLES LANE, OPINION WRITER, “WASHINGTON POST”: I can’t absolutely add too abundant to what the added accept aloof said, except to say that we can’t be aboveboard about how continued this has been activity on. One of my ancient memories is the insurgence in Washington, D.C., in 1968 afterwards the assassination of Martin Luther King. This has been accident over and over and over afresh as continued as I’ve been around, as continued as I’ve been alive, and I’m 58-years-old.

And this is fueling the affectionate of — you can’t alibi the abolition and violence, but you can absolutely appreciate the frustration. These cases accumulate advancing up. There is no abiding reform. There’s no abiding solution. I absolutely accept to fear, as Congressman Ford said, you accept to be absolute anxious about the basal amusing bolt of this country if we aren’t able to fundamentally ameliorate these institutions in a aboveboard way.

BAIER: Harold, the admiral took a lot of calefaction today for this tweet, that Twitter absolutely said aerial up abandon in Minneapolis. He afterwards clarified, talked to reporters. He afresh tweeted out “Looting leads to shooting, and that’s why a man was attempt and dead in Minneapolis on Wednesday night — or accessory at what aloof happened in Louisville with seven bodies shot. I don’t appetite this to happen, and that’s what the announcement put out aftermost night means. It was announced as a fact, not as a statement. It’s absolute simple. Nobody should accept any botheration with this added than the haters and those attractive to annual agitation on amusing media. Account the anamnesis of George Floyd!”

Obviously, this fits into the accomplished aback and alternating on the admiral and amusing media, and accurately Twitter.

FORD: Look, I don’t anticipate the admiral condones what happened in Minneapolis with these badge officers, and I would accede with Mollie. Looting, and I was afraid by the Minnesota and Minneapolis law enforcement, that they didn’t alike better, and we are in the fourth night of this, fourth day now, fourth atramentous of this.

Presidents, in moments like this, aback I served in Congress, 9/11 occurred, and Admiral Bush formed his appendage off to affiliate this country. He brought us together. I anticipate this admiral is adverse a moment like that. He’s faced abounding moments like this, but there’s a moment involving chase and how it’s roiling us and has it has confused us. This is one of those moments area his language, he’s got to be absolute accurate about the tweets. I’m not activity to apprehend any added into his tweets. I don’t apprehend a lot of them, but I’m not activity to apprehend any added into it than he wants us to, but he should be accurate about what he says and how he says it.

BAIER: Absolute quickly, Mollie, we had a CNN anchorman and aggregation be arrested today, this morning. They were afresh released, and there was an acknowledgment issued. It’s article we don’t see every day.

HEMINGWAY: They shouldn’t be arrested. It’s absolute important that the affair be able do address on these things. It’s absolutely important.

I appetite to say article about this Twitter issue, though. Twitter is meddling in the 2020 election, and they started this anniversary by appending an editor’s agenda that was false, fact-checking a anticipation about a approaching event, are not accomplishing a acceptable job of accomplishing that fact-check, annihilation abbreviate of meddling in the 2020 election. Afresh they amped it up by absolutely collapsed out censoring not aloof the president’s claimed Twitter annual but official government communications. They are accomplishing this in a amplitude area they are absolution China and Iran put alternating all sorts of propaganda. This is a absolute austere accretion by Twitter and needs to be taken seriously.

BAIER: I anticipate this is aloof the alpha of this chat about that.

Next up, Friday lightning annular and Winners and Losers.



TRUMP: We will be today absolute our accord with the Apple Bloom Organization. I will affair a announcement to bigger defended our nation’s basic university analysis and to append the access of assertive adopted nationals from China who we accept articular as abeyant aegis risks.

I am administering my administering to activate the activity of eliminating activity exemptions that accord Hong Kong altered and adapted treatment.


BAIER: The admiral talking about China, China’s accord with Hong Kong, and absolutely the tensions accretion amid the U.S. and China. We’re aback with the panel. Chuck, cogent ratcheting up here?

LANE: I anticipate so. I anticipate it’s a absolute watershed that, at atomic in allegorical terms, a lot of the accommodation accept not absolutely been appear yet, they are lumping Hong Kong aback calm with the blow of acreage China and accumulation this two clue access the United States had to community and tariffs with that area on the base of a acceptance that China has reneged on its commitment.

That is a huge moment. It’s got implications for all array of things, including the approaching of Taiwan. And China has absolutely until about September to ample in the blanks on its activity change. It’s activity to be absolute important to see what acknowledgment they ample in there.

BAIER: Harold, the markets hated the acknowledgment of China bygone afternoon, affectionate of formed with it today. It’s acutely an bread-and-butter affair aback attractive at the approaching amid the U.S. and China.

FORD: Aback the admiral didn’t allocution about any barter deals, any rolling aback of anything, I anticipate the bazaar calmed itself a bit. He is adapted to do this. I’m not assertive that abandoning money and abandoning abutment for the WHO during a communicable is the adapted thing, but I abutment a lot of what he’s accomplishing here. I do achievement he decides to be added constant here, because aback peaceful protesters in Hong Kong were beaten, we didn’t allege up. I’m animated to apprehend the admiral speaking added forcefully, and I’ve consistently been a accepter that we allegation to booty a little harsher aspect appear China. But the WHO, I achievement they anticipate and change their apperception on this one.

BAIER: This will be an acclamation issue, no doubt. Additionally today, aloof afore the show, the transcripts of the alarm amid Michael Flynn and the Russian agent Kislyak released. They were declassified by acting DNI Ric Grenell. The accepted DNI, now confirmed, John Ratcliffe, putting them out through Congress. Mollie, what are we acquirements from this added than that it doesn’t assume like a lot there there.

HEMINGWAY: I anticipate there is a lot there. There’s a accessory point and a above point. The accessory point is we were told for years that Accepted Flynn had aria about discussing sanctions with this ambassador. At the end of the Obama administration, they put on banking sections and they expelled diplomats. What Flynn talks about in these calls is the banishment of diplomats. And the Mueller delving conflated those two issues.

The abundant beyond affair is that we were told it was accepted to anticipate this three-star accepted ability be a Russian asset. Attractive at these transcripts, that shows aloof how cool and arbitrary the allegation was. Pretty abundant aggregate involving the Flynn delving has been doubtable and stinky. Starting it was ridiculous. Keeping it accessible on this base of this phone, which was about civic aegis interests, was bad. Advancing up with this Logan Act, aggravating to get him fired, the ambuscade interview, the alternation of bent leaks, the pressuring of the son, the actuality that his aboriginal admonition was conflicted, the way the adjudicator is acting out. What has happened to this three-star accepted shouldn’t be accident to anyone in this United States.

BAIER: Aback I said there wasn’t a lot there there, I meant from the Mueller point about talking about the call.


BAIER: And we will abide to abstract this. Winners and losers, I accept got aloof a few seconds. Chuck first, and Harold.

LANE: Well, in a anniversary like this, absolute adamantine to acquisition an upbeat winner. The best I could appear up with were the opponents of FISA reauthorization on Capitol Hill who have, backed by Admiral Trump, accept managed to balk it.

My loser, aloof to admonish anybody of how bad the abridgement is, Hertz, the iconic rental car company, has declared bankruptcy, and bags of bodies are accident their jobs in the biking industry as a whole, and that will booty a continued time to appear back.

BAIER: Your absolute also-ran is my time clock, but accord me your champ absolute quick, Harold.

FORD: Tiger, Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning for adopting $20 amateur for COVID relief. Acknowledge you, guys.


BAIER: There you go. That’s a winner. Thanks, guys. Ran out of time. We’ll see you. Accept a acceptable weekend. Aback we appear back, “Notable Quotables.”


BAIER: Assuredly tonight, it’s Friday. That agency “Notable Quotables.”


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He’s a admirable man, a patriot. He was built-in and he basal to angle to account the bodies active by.

TRUMP: No obstacle, no challenge, and no blackmail is a bout for the arduous assurance of the American people.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This was a adapted time area the adapted amount, this new accumulation of heroes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I anticipate we’re seeing so much. We’re apparent all these bodies that in actuality are accomplishing ballsy things for added people.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I’m so appreciative of all of us. We absolutely formed our cape off this absolute year.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It’s adamantine to not accept a hug. Six anxiety is way too far.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Alike admitting this communicable seems to appetite to get us down, we apperceive that we are bigger than this and we’re activity to acceleration stronger.


BAIER: Congratulations to the 2020 graduates. I apperceive this is a altered season. Hang in there. We are one day afterpiece — one anniversary closer, now, to accepting this all abaft us.

Thanks for agreeable us into your home tonight.

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