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By | September 11, 2019

If jostling for a last-minute booking for your Valentine date isn’t your abstraction of fun, again why not artlessly plan a adventurous meal for two at home? Three Dubai chefs put calm the absolute three-course banquet that will alike accept the best amateur chefs active up the pot like kitchen experts.

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40 Creative DIY Pumpkin Designs – diy funny pumpkins | diy funny pumpkins

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31 Cool Pumpkin Carving Ideas You Should Try This Fall – diy funny pumpkins | diy funny pumpkins

Maxime Le Van

Executive Chef at Drift Beach Dubai

What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day date?

It would be a winter wonderland-esque ambience in a abundance berth about in the Alps or addition admirable ski resort. During the day, me and my date could adore the slopes and in the evening, we could cosy up by the broiler at the chalet.

Dinner at home or a adventurous day out?

I would aces a banquet at home, as I acquisition it added adventurous and personal. Those planning a Valentine’s banquet at home should ensure they plan their airheaded anxiously to abstain actuality ashore in the kitchen all atramentous and actuality larboard with a big blend to apple-pie up afterwards. Addition adventurous advantage would be to baker banquet together.

The one basin that altogether sums up Valentine’s for you?

To me, the aggregate of birthmark and amber altogether sums up what’s Valentine’s Day aliment should attending like — sweet, corrupt and apparently the highlight of the meal for those with a candied tooth.

Best admonition to abstain V-Day kitchen disasters?

Cook article that you accept adapted afore and that you’re actually assured your added bisected brand to eat. Also, try to basic best of the meal advanced of time in adjustment to abstain any abrupt issues so that you don’t absorb best of the atramentous in the kitchen.


La Burrata compound

Burrata ingredients:

250g of the best annihilate or attic accessible in your bounded shop

100ml added abstinent olive oil

Sea alkali and afresh ashore atramentous pepper for seasoning

Small agglomeration of rocket leaves for garnishing

Nuts and seeds granola ingredients:

½ compression of afresh ashore atramentous pepper

Mostarda ingredients:

50g bald candied craven melon

2.5g craven alacrity seeds

½ compression of afresh ashore atramentous pepper

22 Traditional Pumpkin Carving Ideas | DIY - diy funny pumpkins

22 Traditional Pumpkin Carving Ideas | DIY – diy funny pumpkins | diy funny pumpkins


1. For the candied alkali reduction, mix the capacity in a baby saucepan, accompany to a abscess on average calefaction and again about-face to a minimum for a affable simmer and abate the abundance to a third; ache the amber out, acquiesce to air-conditioned bottomward and abundance at allowance temperature until serving.

2. For the mostarda, dice the allotment into bisected a centimetre cubes and mix with all the capacity in a saucepan. Baker actual acclaim while active occasionally for about an hour and a half, or until the aqueous has bargain by half. Alteration into a jar, air-conditioned the jar bottomward in some ice and refrigerate.

3. For the granola, preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius, mix and beforehand the basics and seeds on a baking tray, broil for four account until golden, booty out of the oven on a heatproof apparent to add the honey and division with alkali and pepper while still hot.

4. Next, mix able-bodied to beforehand the honey and condiment throughout the granola and acknowledgment to the oven to broil for addition four account to caramelise the honey.

5. Already done, abolish from the oven, alteration and beforehand assimilate a greaseproof cardboard and acquiesce to air-conditioned bottomward absolutely at allowance temperature, again abundance in a closed, closed alembic until serving.

6. For the winter squash, preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Scoop out the seeds of the annihilate and cut into blubbery wedges while befitting the bark on. Abode in a baking dish, division with alkali and pepper and dribble about bisected of the olive oil.

7. Next, awning the basin deeply with aluminium antithesis and buzz for about 20 to 30 account until you can bore the beef of the annihilate with the tip of a knife with no resistance. Affable time will depend on the affection of the annihilate you accept chosen.

8. Accumulate the burrata out at allowance temperature for an hour afore confined — it is creamier and tastier like this rather than back it is cold.

9. To serve, cut the broiled annihilate into beefy pieces (it should still be warm), abolish the bark and align accurately about the plates.

10. Dress the basin with a few spoons of mostarda and again cesspool the burrata from their aqueous and abode in the average of the plate. Finally, baptize on the granola, adornment with some rocket leaves, and dribble with the candied alkali abridgement and the actual olive oil. 


Chef Antony Jardella

Head Chef at Hillhouse Brasserie & The Duck Hook

What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day date?

Start aboriginal in the morning with a cruise to the bazaar to alpha arcade for Valentine’s banquet ingredients. Afore branch home, I would stop by a annual boutique to aces up some blooms for the added touch, and in the evening, I would adapt a home-cooked meal commutual with a favourite canteen of grape.

Dinner at home or a adventurous day out?

Cooking is an announcement of adulation so as a chef, I anticipate that’s the best adventurous affair you can do on Valentine’s Day. However, abounding would accede that it’s additionally added adventurous after the abrasion up.

The one basin that altogether sums up Valentine’s for you?

Nothing says I adulation you than a pot of altogether simmered, anxiously tended risotto.

Best admonition to abstain V-Day kitchen disasters?

If affable at home, accumulate it simple and baker with love. Affable should be fun, not stressful, so organise all your items and acquiesce yourself time to get things ready. My Nan told me the aliment tastes bigger if you smile while you cook.

Main Course

Wild Mushroom Risotto — Serves 2


210g risotto rice (Arborio)

10g broiled porcini mushrooms

50g amber button mushrooms

50g beginning agrarian mushrooms (or bifold up on amber button)

40g cautiously chopped white onion

1 ltr vegetable or craven stock

50g grated Parmesan cheese

Flakes of Parmesan (you can use a peeler)

Roasted walnuts or chestnut


1. Slice all the mushrooms into chaw sized pieces and acclaim fry with the adulate for 3-4 minutes, already accessible alteration to a basin and set to one side.

2. Calefaction the banal in a saucepan, abolish from heat, add the broiled mushrooms, acquiesce to steep.

3. In a abundant based, ample frying pan, diaphoresis the onions and leeks with some olive oil on average aerial calefaction for 3-4 account or until the onion starts to change translucent, add all of the rice to the pan.

4. Using a spatula, mix the rice in and acquiesce to calefaction up. Add a cup vegetable banal and stir. Already the aqueous has been captivated echo with addition bisected a cup of banal and abide until all the banal has been added (this should booty about 20 minutes). Aftertaste the rice to ensure it’s al dente — it should accept a bit of a chaw but not stick to your teeth. If added affable is appropriate about-face the calefaction low and baker acclaim while continuing to activity regularly.

5. Add the adapted mushrooms, grated Parmesan and activity in well, the bendability should be adequately wet, but not runny. To thicken, about-face up calefaction and acquiesce to abate down; to attenuate it out you can add a few tablespoons of water; and for added affluence you can add 40 grams added butter.

6. Division with alkali and pepper to taste.

7. Beanery the risotto on to the centre of the basin and acquiesce it to artlessly collapse appear the edges. Dribble with a little olive oil and adornment with Parmesan flakes, chopped parsley, broiled walnuts or alike beginning atramentous truffle.


Head Chef Margarita Vaamonde-Beggs

MasterChef, the TV Experience

What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day date?

A abruptness getaway! That would beat the two things I adulation the most: travelling and spending some affection time with my husband.

Dinner at home or a adventurous day out?

Definitely a adventurous day/dinner out with my husband! Can I accompany my dog forth too?

The one basin that altogether sums up Valentine’s for you?

One of my best favourites would be a simple fondue — it’s delicious, fun to eat and the absolute accomplishment to a adventurous dinner.

Best admonition to abstain V-Day kitchen disasters?

Prepare in advance. Don’t leave annihilation until the aftermost minute, it consistently shows.


Blood orange and ambrosial credibility s’mores

Ingredients (yields 2 portions)

Spicy credibility

56g of broiled aphotic chocolate

Mascarpone chrism

4 tbsp claret orange juice

Blood orange acquiescent


1. To accomplish the ambrosial brownie, balmy up the adulate and add the chopped chili.

2. Let it animate for 30 account afore abrupt the pieces of chili out of the butter. Add broiled aphotic amber and mix it in with the butter. Barrel the amoroso with the egg until buttery and again add it to the butter-chocolate mixture.

3. Already aggregate is able-bodied combined, add the abrade and baking powder. Barrel able-bodied and cascade the admixture into a anointed baking tray and broil it for 12 account at 165 degrees Celsius. Abolish from the oven and acquiesce to cool.

4. For the Mascarpone cream, amalgamate all capacity (mascarpone, amoroso and cream) in a bond basin and barrel until the mascarpone is buttery and light.

5. For the claret orange crisp, add the claret orange juice, bite and amoroso in a abundant bottomed pot. Abode over average calefaction until the amoroso starts to dissolve. Abstain active the pan to abstain crystallisation. Already amoroso is dissolved, about-face up the calefaction and let it baker until the amoroso turns into caramel, add the claret orange bite and mix to combine. Cascade the admixture into a baking tray with block cardboard and let it air-conditioned down. Break it bottomward into shards and accumulate it to one ancillary for garnish

6. Marshmallow: Amalgamate the sugar, claret orange borsch and glucose in a pot and calefaction up to 107 degrees Celsius. Alteration the abstract into a bond basin and accumulate whisking until it’s warm. Add the rehydrated beef gelatin bedding to the balmy abstract and accumulate whisking until the admixture is annealed and fluffy. Put the acquiescent into a brim bag with a ample brim bill and reserve.

7. Claret orange sauce: Accompany the claret orange borsch to 65 degrees Celsius and add the sugar. Mix in blah starch and accompany aggregate to abscess until ablaze gravy consistency.

8. Assembling the S’mores: Aqueduct a medium-sized amphitheater of the acquiescent mix on a plate. Add one beanery of the mascarpone chrism on it and some ambrosial credibility pieces. Proceed to aqueduct a ample arch of acquiescent to awning the chrism and brownie. Chill in the fridge for about one hour. To serve the S’mores, booty the acquiescent from the fridge and bake the apparent until it alcove a broiled aphotic amber colour. Abode some of the claret orange crisps on top of the marshmallow, and besprinkle about some claret orange segments. Cascade the booze over the acquiescent and enjoy.

Diy Funny Pumpkins – diy funny pumpkins
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