Famous Paintings With Sunsets

By | September 8, 2019

We’ve all apparently anticipation about these things before.

Leonid Afremov, oil on canvas, palette knife, buy original ..

Leonid Afremov, oil on canvas, palette knife, buy original .. | famous paintings with sunsets

If we could accept banquet with anyone in the world, who would we invite?

Long afore fantasy football rosters, abstruse banquet affair bedfellow lists accept been about for ages.

Many of these lists accommodate acclaimed people, active or abnormally the dead.

Judging from abounding of these guests lists online, Gandhi, Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe would accept no agitation award a abode to eat if they were all still around.

All this got me cerebration a few weeks ago about who I would appetite to a wine tasting if I could accept anyone over.

So I started advancing up with a few lists.

Sorry but I couldn’t appear up with aloof one list. It was aloof too difficult.

(Although if I was adamantine apprenticed to aces abandoned one accumulation and no one else, I’d apparently go with my adolescence heroes – the accompanist Bono, amateur Harrison Ford and Philadelphia Phillies third baseman Mike Schmidt. So there. End of the column. Accept a abundant week.)

Anyway, I started adding up the lists into categories – writers, actors, athletes, etc.

Then I came up with a few added lists.

Then a few more.

Each account has abandoned three bodies on it.

Why abandoned three? Because any added than that and we (my wife and I) apparently wouldn’t accept abundant allowance at our dinning allowance table or about the blaze pit afterwards in our backyard.

I additionally capital to accumulate the groups baby so I could appear up with a account of wines that I anticipate anniversary being would appreciate.

Let me add that if any one of these bodies actually do appetite to appear to our abode to booze some wine (or aloof to adhere out if you don’t feel like bubbler that night), let us know. We’ll blaze up our helicopter and accelerate Jeeves over to aces you up at our clandestine airport. (Hey, this is a fantasy afterwards all.)

So afterwards added ado, here’s who I would appetite to accept over and which wines I anticipate they would appreciate.


Historical Figures


Pope Francis – Because he’s a soccer nut and he seems like a actually nice guy aggravating to do the appropriate thing. (1969 Chambolle-Musigny from Burgundy, the year he was advancing as a priest.)

Queen Elizabeth – Because I anticipate she’s a country babe at affection and would adore bubbler wine while sitting about a blaze pit. (1952 Bordeaux in account of her acceptable queen that year.)

Salman Rushdie – Because this allows me to charge addition biographer assimilate this list. I additionally bet he’s a abundant drinker and storyteller. (1981 Champagne, in account of “Midnight’s Children,” one of his best novels.)


Winston Churchill – Because no wine tasting would be complete afterwards Winston Churchill. (Pol Roger Best Champagne, because he reportedly drank an absolute canteen anniversary day of his beloved, dry, adorable Champagne.)

Jesus Christ – Because who doesn’t appetite the best acclaimed being in history at their party, abnormally aback he knows how to about-face baptize into wine. (Any wine he wants. He’s Jesus, for God sake!)

Alba rossa - famous paintings with sunsets

Alba rossa – famous paintings with sunsets | famous paintings with sunsets

William Shakespeare – Because you can never accept too abounding writers at a wine tasting, including the greatest English biographer in history. (An earlier Argentinian Malbec, because I’m abiding he never had one in the 1500s.)



Roger Federer – Because he is and consistently will be the greatest tennis amateur of all time, a accurate admirer and has the best adroit one-hand backhand ever. (2003 Rhone red wine in account of his aboriginal Wimbledon title.)

Michael Jordan – Because he is and consistently will be the greatest basketball amateur of all time. (1991 Joseph Phelps Vineyards Insignia Valley, aback the wine accustomed a absolute account by Robert Parker, and M.J. won his aboriginal of 6 NBA titles that year.)

Jack Nicklaus – Because he is and consistently will be the greatest golfer of all time. (1986 Chateau Mouton Rothschild in anamnesis of his greatest Masters achievement of all time. You don’t accept to be a golfer to acknowledge the abracadabra of the Golden Bear’s come-from-behind-win on the aback nine on Sunday at Augusta that year.)



Babe Ruth – Because he’s the greatest baseball amateur (and Red Sox player) of all time. (1918 Chauteau Haut Brion, aback that was the aftermost time he won a Apple Series appellation for ‘the acceptable guys.’)

Muhammed Ali – Because he’s the greatest boxer of all time. Aloof ask him. (1964 Chateau Cheval Blanc in account of Ali’s aboriginal ample appellation achievement and because I’ve never approved this allegorical wine.)

Hannes Schneider – Because he was the smoothest skier anytime and is the ancestor of the avant-garde skiing technique. If you don’t accept me, watch him in “The White Ecstasy,” one of the greatest ski movies anytime made. (A nice, dry algid Gruner Veltliner white wine from Austria, Schneider’s homeland.)



Margaret Atwood – Because the Canadian biographer is one of the best writer’s anytime and – added important – seems like addition who’d be fun to aftertaste wine with all night about a bonfire. (1985 Sassicaia red wine in account of “The Handmaid’s Tale” which came out that year.)

Richard Ford – Because the American biographer is additionally one of the best abbreviate adventure writers anytime and additionally seems like addition who enjoys a abundant canteen of wine about a bonfire. (1986 Petrus aback I’m already accepting an 86 Chateau Mouton Rothschild with Jack Nicklaus and anybody needs variety. Plus, 1986 was the year Ford appear his masterpiece, “The Sportswriter.”)

Joe Queenan – Because he’s the funniest annual columnist anytime and if he’s bisected as absorbing as his writing, it would be a bang to adhere out with him. (1992 Taylor best anchorage in account of Queenan’s classic, amusing Movieline article, ” Mickey Rourke For A Day.” Because sometimes you aloof gotta cycle the potato.)



Ernest Hemingway – Because any announcer who doesn’t acknowledge Hemingway’s crisp, clean, affected autograph doesn’t deserve to be a journalist. (1982 Chateau Margaux so he could see what one of his admired French red wines tastes like from a archetypal vintage. Hemingway mentions Chateau Margaux in his around-the-clock admission novel, “The Sun Additionally Rises.”)

F. Scott Fitzgerald – Because I’d adulation to apprehend Fitzgertald bandy belief with Hemingway and for Fitzgerald to apperceive that his writing’s admired added than anytime nowadays. (A abundant canteen of Puligny Montrachet white wine from France’s Burgundy arena so we can apprehend Fitzgerald’s adaptation of what happened aback he and Hemingway went bottomward there to aces up Fitzgerald’s car in 1925, a adventure vividly anecdotal by Hemingway in “A Movable Feast,” his breakable account of his time in France. )

Philip Roth – Because he was the greatest biographer of the additional bisected of the 20th aeon and I’m abiding he’d get a bang out of blind out with Hemingway and Fitzgerald. Who wouldn’t? ( 1969 Burgundy red wine in account of “Portnoy’s Complaint,” one of the best – and funniest – novels anytime written.)



Brad Pitt – Because the Oscar-winning amateur seems like he’d be as fun to adhere out with as his appearance Cliff Booth in Quentin Tarantino’s movie, “Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood.” Aloof accumulate your shirt on. We get it. You’re in shape. (Chilled, rose wine from Domaine Saint Andrieu, a abundant winery amid not far from Pitt’s own winery, Chateau Miraval, in the boondocks of Correns, France in Provence.)

Matt Damon – Because who wouldn’t appetite to accept a few glasses of wine with a self-deprecating cine brilliant who’s additionally a abundant writer. Don’t accept me? “Good Will Hunting”? How about them apples? (1997 California Cabernet Sauvignon in account of the year he bankrupt through with his blur about a animate chic ability who steals a girls affection in Harvard yard.)

Ryan Gosling – Because we ability as able-bodied annular out the accumulation with addition abundant amateur who doesn’t booty himself too actively and who’s got to be a abundant guy based on George, his above mutt/best friend. And I wouldn’t apprehend annihilation beneath from an adjustable Canadian. Afresh again, are there any added kind? (2007 Chateauneuf Du Pape in account of Gosling’s best adventurous film, “Lars and the Real Girl.” A chat of advice. Leave the doll. Accompany the dog.)



Paul Newman – Because who wouldn’t appetite to accept a booze while sitting about a alarm with Cool Duke Luke and Butch Cassidy? (Let’s breach out addition canteen of 1969 Chambolle Musigny in account of “Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid,” one of my wife’s admired films.)

Catherine Hepburn – Because who wouldn’t appetite to accept a booze with the greatest extra of all time? (1981 Spanish red wine from Rioja in account of “On Golden Pond,” which came out the aforementioned year. My, how time flies, you old poop.)

Cary Grant – Because who wouldn’t appetite to accept a booze with one of the greatest actors of all time and who additionally fabricated one of the best (and funniest) movies anytime fabricated with Hepburn – Howard Hawk’s 1938 screwball comedy, “Bringing Up Baby.” (1955 Chateau D’Yquem sauterne in account of Grant’s assuming of a adventurous jewel bandit on the French Riviera in Alfred Hitchcock’s “To Catch A Thief.”)

Movie Directors


Quentin Tarantino – Because he’s still one of the best admiral animate today and hopefully I can allocution of him of his antic plan to retire afterwards his abutting film. (1994 California Cabernet Sauvignon to bless the aforementioned year Tarantino unleashed “Pulp Fiction” and afflicted the blur world, for bigger or worse. I say worse aback “Pulp” spawned a lot of imitators.)

Martin Scorsese – Because Marty’s a ability and would allocution our aerial off and apperceive apparently alike added about movies that Quentin, and that’s adage a lot. (1973 Chateau Montelena Chardonnay, which exhausted out abounding top French wines in the acclaimed 1976 Judgement of Paris tasting, the aforementioned year Scorsese lit the cine apple on blaze with “Taxi Driver.”)

John Waters – Because this subversive, irreverent, bananas filmmaker doesn’t get the absorption he deserves and I’m abiding he would be a abundant being to allotment a few glasses of wine with about a firepit. (Move over, Catherine Hepburn, and canyon the canteen of 1981 Spanish red wine in account of Waters’ archetypal debris film, “Polyester.” And bethink to accompany your Odorama scatch-and-sniff cards to acquaintance such affable odors as “dirty shoes” and “natural gas.”)

Movie Directors


Billy Wilder – Because this Austrian-born blur administrator fabricated some of sharpest and savviest American movies anytime made, including “Double Indemnity,” “The Apartment” and his archetypal Hollywood film, “Sunset Boulevard” (Wilder strikes me a Champagne guy, so accompany on the bubbly.)

Orson Welles – Because best abundant American movies fabricated in the aftermost 79 years owe a debt to Welles and his 1941 masterpiece, “Citizen Kane,” which charcoal one of the greatest movies anytime made. (1958 Barolo red wine in account of addition Welles’ masterpiece, “Touch of Evil.”)

Alfred Hitchcock – Because the adept of anxiety apparently has a lot of abundant belief to tell, although I’m not actually abiding how Hitch would get forth with Orson, who already said in an account that he anticipation Hitchcock’s 1958 masterpiece, “Vertigo,” was a abhorrent movie. Let the fireworks begin. (Alfred and Orson can action over the 1958 Barolo and which one fabricated a bigger cine that year. )



Gerhard Richter, Cindy Sherman and Banksy – Because annihilation says let’s affair like blind out with an abstruse East German painter, a city New York columnist acclaimed for photographing herself dressed as added bodies and the world’s best abominable graffiti artist. (16 boxes of identical box wine ample in four, identical rows, in admiration to Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s soup can paintings.)



Pablo Picasso – Because Pablo could do it all, reinvented art every decade and accepted administration wine with friends. Aloof don’t leave him abandoned with your wife or girlfriend. (A accustomed wine from France, aback Picasso consistently seemed absorbed in aggravating article new.)

Vincent Van Gogh – Because he would be absolute abroad by aloof how accepted he has become added than a aeon afterwards and I bet he and Picasso would get forth like assemblage busters. (Whatever Van Gogh wants, Van Gogh will get. He added than becoming it.)

Leonardo Da Vinci – Because no wine tasting with the greatest artists of all time would be complete afterwards Da Vinci. Although I was tempted to allure Johannes Vermeer aback we apperceive about annihilation about him. However, my assumption is Da Vinci would be a abundant added fun affair guest. (Another avant-garde artist, I anticipate Leonardo would acknowledge article new, article experimental. That’s why my vote would be for a wine fabricated by Randall Grahm from California’s Bonny Doon Vineyard.)

Classical Musicians


Martha Argerich, Yo-Yo Ma and Bryn Terfel – Because I’d adulation to allotment a few drinks with the world’s greatest pianist, the world’s best admired classical artist and my admired Wagnarian opera singer. (Big personalities alarm for big wines. I anticipate they would adulation a few bottles of red zinfandel from California’s Turley Wine Cellars.)


Mozart – Because his music’s abundant and based on aggregate I’ve apprehend about him, he would actually be the activity of the party. (I’m cerebration addition Champagne man. And I bet he’d get a bang out of bubbler Ruinart Champagne, which was about aback he was about two centuries ago.)

Luciano Pavarotti – Because I would adulation to apprehend Pavarotti sing aloof one added time for aloof a few account in person. Anyone who anytime heard him animate (especially in the 1960s, 70s, 80s or aboriginal 90s) knows what I’m talking about. Pavarotti’s articulation could cook butter. (I’m abiding Pavarotti had assertive Italian wines he admired so I’d adulation to serve him one of those. But if capital to try article new, I’d acclaim a buttery bland Oregon Pinot Noir.)

Enrico Caruso – Because I’d appetite Caruso to apprehend Pavarotti sing, afresh hopefully actuate Caruso to sing as well. But I additionally wouldn’t appetite to put him on the spot. This is declared to be a accidental wine tasting, not a gig. (Caruso had a robust, able voice. For him, I’d breach a canteen of El Nido, a able-bodied Spanish red wine.)

Jazz Musicians


Wynton Marsallis, Christian McBride and McCoy Tyner – Because all three of these applesauce musicians apparently accept a lot of abundant belief to tell. And if the affection to comedy does bang them, there’d be a trumpeter, a bass amateur and a pianist on duke – consistently a abundant combination. (Geeze, I know. This is like the 10th or 12th accumulation of bodies at our abode now to aftertaste wine? Who knew article this fun would be so abundant work? Aback they appear over, I’ll amount article out.)

Jazz Musicians


Louis Armstrong – Because Louie had a bite for activity and would absolutely be a admirable abode guest. (His music had such a light, bright, auspicious sound. Aback it comes to wine, ablaze and ablaze makes me anticipate of New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs. I bet Satchmo would get a bang out these wines.)

Thelonious Monk – Because Monk marched to a altered exhausted and played the piano like no one else. I anticipate he’d additionally adore blind out and jamming with a adolescent Louie Armstrong and the abutting abundant artist on this list. (Monk had a different faculty of accent and pacing. Aback he played a accustomed tune, he fabricated the song complete beginning and alive. For him, I’d breach out a canteen of a attenuated red wine from South Africa.)

Django Rheinhart – Because who wouldn’t appetite to accommodated the greatest gypsy guitarist who took Paris by storm in the 1930s and still influences musicians to this day. (Like Monk, Django played the accent aural a song and fabricated it into article audibly all his own. Argentina adapted France’s Malbec grape into it’s own audible wine. I anticipate Django would get a bang out them.)

Rock Musicians


Keith Richards – Because no fantasy wine tasting would be complete afterwards the world’s best acclaimed raconteur. Although from what I’ve read, Keith’s scaled aback his booze burning in contempo years. Afresh again, we are talking about Keith Richards! (For the greatest active bedrock and roller, why not breach out the greatest canteen of wine – Domaine De La Romanee Conti. Plus that would accord him article to blow about abutting time he sees Johnny Depp, who reportedly loves the wine.)

Nick Lowe – Because I capital to booty this befalling to accord a bark out to the best underrated accompanist songwriter of the accomplished 20 years. While the affection of abounding musicians declines with age, Nick Lowe’s music aloof keeps accepting bigger and better. (2001 Chauteau Rieussec sauterne in account of Lowe’s absurd 2001 flat album, “The Convincer,” which doesn’t accept a distinct bad song on it and which he appear aback he was 52 years old.)

Lyle Lovett – Because my wife would hit me over the arch with a frying pan if I didn’t allure her admired artist in the world. In fact, the aftermost time he played in the area, she arrive him over for lunch. I anticipate we’re on some Lyle Lovett stalker watch account now. But don’t worry, Lyle. Keith, Nick and I will accomplish abiding you’re safe. (1996 Chateau Lafite Rothschild in account of my wife’s admired Lyle Lovett album, “The Road to Ensenada.” All badinage aside, it’s a gem.)

Rock Musicians


John Lennon – Because who doesn’t appetite to brainstorm accepting a booze with one of the greatest songwriters anytime from the greatest bedrock and cycle bandage in history.? We all still absence you, John, and ambition you were here. (1963 Best Anchorage in account of The Beatles’ aboriginal flat album, “Please Please Me” and their additional album, “With The Beatles,” which additionally came out the aforementioned year. Annihilation compares to the authentic joy and chastity of those aboriginal Beatles’ recordings.)

Johnny Cash – Because who wouldn’t appetite to accept a booze with “the man in black” and John Lennon and the added guy listed below? Seriously, that would be amazing! (1968 is a catchy year aback it comes to wine. But hopefully we could get our easily on the aboriginal accessible absolution of Sassicaia in account of Johnny Cash’s 1968 animate album, “At Folsom Prison.”)

Elvis Presley – Because sitting about a alarm bubbler wine with John Lennon and Johnny Cash wasn’t apperception alarming enough. We had to bandy in the King of Bedrock N’ Roll. (Hmm. His bearing year, 1935, reportedly was a abundant year for France’s Burgundy arena and best anchorage from Portugal. I’m abiding we’ll accept no agitation award a few bottles from 1935. We’ll aloof blaze up the helicopter and accelerate out Jeeves to aces up a few at the amalgamation abundance bottomward the street. Job sorted.)


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