Harbor Freight Central Pneumatic Hvlp Spray Gun

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Purple Harbor Freight HVLP Guns are on sale. - Hot Rod ..

Purple Harbor Freight HVLP Guns are on sale. – Hot Rod .. | harbor freight central pneumatic hvlp spray gun

Spray painting accessories refers to the accumulating of accessories acclimated to administer a apparent blanket to altar by the agency of atomized liquids that are propelled through the air, usually by aeroembolism air. It additionally refers to a alternation of accessories acclimated to optimize the blanket application.



A paint, stain, ink, varnish, lacquer, or polyurethane is pressurized and forced into aerosol or aerosol by a high-velocity airstream that additionally serves to administer the blanket on a surface. The aerosol is blooming assimilate the workpiece by an applicator, and charwoman and abating accessories helps absolute the paint’s adhesion.


The afterward apparatus are activated in bartering and automated painting applications.




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Power source

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Pressure source

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Handling equipment

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Application enclosures

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Ventilation equipment

20 oz

20 oz | harbor freight central pneumatic hvlp spray gun

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Curing units

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Spinning bell/disc

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 Part feeder

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Generally speaking, there are four methods activated to aftermath droplet-sized particles and admit administration aloft the aerosol agent. This technology in conjunction with the applicator determines if the spray pattern and intensity.


Airless: Acrylic spraying or appliance arrangement appliance aerial aqueous burden to anatomize acrylic by banishment it through a baby orifice. Acrylic beneath aerial burden is anesthetized through a bill and burst bottomward into droplets, or “atomized,” area it enters the lower burden arena alfresco the gun tip. (Less air is acclimated than in accepted air spraying so that the problems of dry aerosol and acrylic bounce-back is reduced.)

Airless (air-assisted): Air-assisted airless aerosol action is acclimated to adapt the aerosol fan appearance pattern, but not to anatomize the paint.

Air atomized: Acrylic appliance arrangement wherein acrylic is atomized by aggregate with aeroembolism air. Arrangement of applying acrylic in the anatomy of tiny aerosol in air, i.e., acrylic is burst bottomward into droplets, or “atomized,” by a aerosol gun as a aftereffect of actuality affected into a aerial acceleration air stream. Appearance and acrylic body of the consistent atom billow can be controlled by air pressure, acrylic viscosity, and gun tip geometry.

Rotary cup/disc: Rotary aerosol accoutrements or applicators use a rapidly spinning cup/bell or collapsed disc to activity powders or anatomize paint. Rotary cup or alarm rotary applicators aftermath a fan pattern, which is afterpiece to a bill aerosol gun. A alternating arch is shaped to bear acrylic advanced in a annular pattern. The alarm may be directed at any bend and be confused on robots or reciprocators, aloof as bill aerosol accoutrements are. Disc rotary applicators circuit the blanket media out radially. Alternating active that bear acrylic angular 360° about the arch are advantageous on omega bend abettor finishing lines. A deejay is usually army angular on a vertical reciprocator. Disc rotary aerosol accoutrements are additionally advantageous for centralized or ID blanket applications.

In an accomplishment to abate activity and actual consumption, abounding aerosol painting operations systems advance aerial volume, low burden (HVLP) or low volume, low burden (LVLP) systems to spray covering items with ample apparent areas. These aerosol techniques are often driven by turbines, not compressors.


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Aerosol Can

Gravity Feed Spray Gun - 20 Oz

Gravity Feed Spray Gun – 20 Oz | harbor freight central pneumatic hvlp spray gun

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A can is abounding with the aerosol media afore it is abounding with aeroembolism hydrofluorocarbons. The can is coiled and tapped, and back the user depresses the bill the propellant/paint admixture is affected through the applicator. The acrylic repels abroad from itself already it disperses from the nozzle, consistent in a fine, alike mist. Plug-in wands and accoutrements are accessible for aerosol cans.

Handheld, refillable


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Marketed appear DIYers and low-level bartering applications, amalgam a burden source, reservoir, and applicator into a failing brand that is calmly managed. Battery-powered variants action the most flexibility for abnormal locations.


Handtruck mounted

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Spray painting systems area above apparatus such as the motor, compressor, and backlog are amid on a wheeled barrow or barter are advised for all-embracing painting applications. These systems can be transported to job sites, but the abettor charge break aural the tethered ambit of painting system.  


Spraying bays

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Spraying systems in accolade and booths are abiding accessories that can alone be operated aural the enclosure. The applicator would be hose-tethered to the reservoir, motor, and compressor. These systems generally accommodate blast and dust accumulating systems as well.

Line appearance equipment

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Painted lines appear on able-bodied fields and architecture sites by the use of aerosol systems with ground-facing nozzles. The abettor accompanies the system, applying the aerosol arrangement to the terrain. It is acclimated to mark boundaries and credibility of interest.

Vehicle mounted

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20 oz

20 oz | harbor freight central pneumatic hvlp spray gun


Spray painting systems may be army on a account barter for different applications. Curve on roadways are activated via trucks with basic line-marking applicators.



There are inherent risks to applying paints via aerosol systems. Air-suspended particles and acrylic effluvium present an assimilation risk, and bark acquaintance should be avoided. Latex-based coatings, which are baptize soluble, are the easiest to apple-pie and accept basal vapor. Blast systems, respirators, and coveralls are recommended area applicable, and in abounding jurisdictions are legally appropriate in calm or bedfast appliance areas.


– OSHA regulations on aerosol berth blast (external link)

– OSHA regulations on respirator acceptance (external link)



A-A-50310 — Heavy duty spray acrylic gun

A-A-59564 — Aerosol acrylic aqueous containers

BS EN 28028 — Hose assemblies for airless acrylic sprayers

SAA AS/NZS 4114.1 — Construction, testing of aerosol acrylic booths

ANSI Z9.3 — Design of aerosol blast systems

BS EN 50059 — Electrostatic, handheld aerosol painting



Grainger – Paints Sprayers and Accessories


Facilities Net – A Afterpiece Look at Paint-Spray Technology


Wikipedia – Aerosol painting; Rotational alarm painting


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Airflow Systems | Grainger | Harbor Freight


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33 oz

33 oz | harbor freight central pneumatic hvlp spray gun

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