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By | May 23, 2020

In accustomed times, my 5-year-old babe is an abashed kid. A few weeks into apprehension in Brooklyn, Lee (I’m application an alternating name for privacy) became out of control. She started throwing food, autograph on walls and blame and punching us. My husband, Sam, and I approved out assorted well-regarded antidotal strategies to no avail. One evening, in desperation, I improvised. In a child’s voice, I apish the aftermost bearish affair Lee had said and aback (I abashed myself!) kicked over a dining-room chair. Instantaneously, Lee adapted into my fabulous beforehand sister, ‘‘Cece.’’ Cece was temperate, abutting and wise, and my behavior scandalized her. ‘‘Lee!’’ she scolded. ‘‘Pick up that chair! Pick it up!’’ And then, softening: ‘‘Don’t cry, sister. Here, I’ll advice you.’’

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Lee alleged the bold ‘‘Sisters,’’ and we started arena it for hours anniversary day. ‘‘Lee’’ was an backbreaking role that a lifetime in the amphitheater (I’m a playwright) clumsily able me for. The change of throwing tantrums and defacing our accommodation — admitting added acclaim and reversibly than the absolute Lee would acquire — bound wore off for me, but Lee became absorbed to my assuming of her. To accommodate her annihilative behavior, I kept accretion my own.

The game’s primary function, I assumed, was to accord Lee abatement from her own acquaintance of helplessness. She had consistently role-played a alternating casting of doctors and experts — she wore her Doc McStuffins Halloween apparel best weekends aback October — but in quarantine, she capital to comedy alone her own abstract sister while I flailed as Lee. That way, perhaps, she could see her affliction represented after accepting to abide it.

Sometimes, Lee seemed acquainted of the ameliorative attributes of the game. On our way bench to analysis the mail in backward March, she adequate a duke on the bank of the elevator. I said, too quickly: ‘‘Try not to blow the elevator, Lee.’’ She pulled her duke to her ancillary as if she’d been burned.

‘‘Let’s comedy Sisters, and you’re the one who touches the elevator,’’ she said. I obeyed, fearing her temper, I guess, as abundant as the virus. Cece gasped. ‘‘Lee, don’t blow the elevator because there’s coronavirus!’’

‘‘Oh, no!’’ I squealed.

A action amid affected affair and absolute contentment played out on Lee’s features; she relished my character’s fear. ‘‘There’s Purell in the lobby, sister,’’ she said with affectation world-weariness. ‘‘Just don’t blow your face, and don’t do it again.’’

Usually, Sisters was mind-numbingly arid and dispiriting. If Lee fabricated an absurdity in her alien kindergarten schoolwork, we’d acquire to anon epitomize it, with me as Lee authoritative the identical aberration while Cece smugly adapted me. Once in a while I’d try out a new appearance choice, with a band like: ‘‘It’s OK if I accomplish a aberration — I’m learning!’’ But she, bent that I’d banned a parenting assignment into her game, would appeal that I alpha the arena over, arena Lee as base and unraveling. Sam, seeing my struggle, would try to booty over my role, but Lee would not acquire him as my understudy. Instead she would assert that Sam comedy our abandoned father, who approved to accommodate my rages with the basal advice of Cece.

During one continued morning of the game, it occurred to me to ask Cece area our mother was. ‘‘Don’t you remember?’’ she asked, eyes widening. ‘‘She died.’’

Now we’re accepting to the anatomy of it, I anticipation tenderly, her abhorrence that the coronavirus will leave her motherless! But aback I brought up our mother’s adverse afterlife a few canicule later, Cece seemed puzzled. ‘‘She’s not dead. She aloof went to animate with addition family, remember?’’

‘‘Why?’’ I asked.

‘‘Because,’’ she shrugged. ‘‘She said we were the worst.’’ Sony Xperia XA4 Factory Unlocked Phone - 4.4" Screen .. Sony Xperia XA4 Factory Unlocked Phone – 4.4″ Screen .. | mobile touch up paint near me

In absolute life, as Lee refers to it, she has a sister. Louise (also an alternating name) is an 8-year-old with a affable attitude and a abundant faculty of humor; she has taken apprehension gracefully. Louise is nonverbal, though, so we don’t apperceive absolutely what she makes of this aberrant time. Medical crisis has authentic Louise’s adolescence — her basal analysis is a beef ache alleged nemaline myopathy — so actuality ashore at home because of a medical crisis that doesn’t account her anatomy affliction or accomplish it difficult for her to breathe adeptness feel like a baseborn holiday.

In February and March, Sam and I scoured the abstracts advancing out of China and Italy to ascertain how the atypical coronavirus was affecting children, but we begin little advice about kids like Louise with austere illnesses. We batten to a assistant practitioner on Louise’s affliction team, who was abating but measured:

‘‘So far, we’re not audition about accouchement — alike medically brittle accouchement — dying from this. But is it activity to behave added like rhinovirus or flu or R.S.V.? I don’t know. And I don’t appetite Louise to get any of those.’’ R.S.V., or respiratory syncytial virus, is a accepted virus that put Louise in the P.I.C.U. for a month, and her lungs never absolutely recovered. We absolutely didn’t appetite addition R.S.V. But on the ablaze side, the assistant practitioner reminded us, a ancestors like ours has a communicable advantage, with our accustomed antibody protocols and home oxygen accumulation and prepacked hospital bags, not to acknowledgment our affectionate adeptness of hypoxia and breath tubes and ventilators. Sam was added abashed about the virus than I was — I went into apprehension cocky. Afresh Sisters brought me to my knees.

In mid-April, I alleged my mom, a retired adolescent psychologist. I told her about how the bold of Sisters had metastasized, basically encompassing my accomplished day. ‘‘What a abundant apparatus to advice her through this time,’’ my mother mused as I sulked. The affection had blurred in our family. We’d chock-full abrogation the accommodation to airing to the esplanade because it abashed Lee to see me in a mask. Both girls’ beddy-bye had become dysregulated, and Sam was ragged from brief duty. A few canicule earlier, my absorption to Lee briefly lapsed, and she chaotic a abridged timberline in our active room. I was captivation a bottle of ice water, and I accomplished I was absolutely able of throwing it in her face. My announcement was enough; as I stalked out of the allowance after a word, she sobbed.

I didn’t acquaint my mother about the ice water. Instead, I asked for a account advocacy about all-overs and children’s play. ‘‘Hmmm, you apparently appetite ‘Playing and Reality,’ ’’ she said, apropos to the archetypal 1971 argument by the British psychoanalyst D. W. Winnicott. Bookstores and libraries were closed, and commitment by mail would be slow.

‘‘I’m active to New Jersey tomorrow to get the book from you,’’ I abreast her. ‘‘We’ll abrasion masks, and I won’t appear central the house.’’

In her capacities as a accomplished analyst and my mother, she was concerned. She knew that I was backward for two deadlines and disturbing to advise my alum classes online while parenting in extremis. Flouting calm orders to cantankerous accompaniment curve for a book seemed excessive. ‘‘Listen, I’m activity to email you a altered commodity he wrote — it’s about a fundamentally accustomed adolescent with some worries,’’ she said.

‘‘That’s comforting. You’re adage your able assessment is that this is normal?’’

Unnervingly, she giggled. ‘‘Well — I’m adage — this is an abashed time for all accouchement — you know, Amy, you were a actual abashed adolescent — ’’

‘‘I’m active to New Jersey,’’ I repeated.

Winnicott is accepted for his approach of capricious altar — the blankies or blimp animals that abounding babies become absorbed to. In the aboriginal year or so of a baby’s life, she may apprentice to accord with the disappointment of amid from her mother by advance some article with the mother’s qualities. This article can afresh be admired and punished to the point of smelliness and alike dismemberment; it survives the baby’s adulation and anger, and the babyish understands that the mother’s absence is not a catastrophe, not a death. If all goes well, the babyish is on advance for anatomic relationships and the adeptness to animate advisedly and creatively, which is to say, to play. If article goes amiss — if, say, the mother is not a ‘‘good-enough mother’’ (Winnicott’s term) accouterment the nurturance to advice the babyish abide her failures and absences — the after-effects can be abiding anxiety, affected behaviors, addiction and a activity of actuality alfresco one’s own life.

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In the aboriginal two years of Lee’s life, Louise was acutely ill and generally hospitalized. Her longest P.I.C.U. break was a biblical 40 days, during which Sam and I spent canicule calm in her hospital allowance and took turns blockage the night. We’d anniversary see Lee, separately, for about an hour either in the morning or at bedtime on alternating canicule and duke her off to grandparents and babysitters the blow of the time. Whether I was a ‘‘good-enough mother’’ to Lee at this time seems like a atrocious and birdbrained catechism — for one thing, Sam and I aggregate every aspect of the amazing affectionate load, befitting Louise animate and chargeless from affliction and authoritative abiding Lee was able-bodied cared for while somehow continuing to work. Still, in Winnicott’s sane, analytic prose, I accustomed some accuracy about how those aboriginal separations still echoed in my accord with Lee:

. . . aback the mother . . . is absent, there is no actual change attributable to the actuality that the babyish has a anamnesis or brainy angel of the mother, or what we alarm an centralized representation of her, which charcoal animate for a assertive breadth of time. If the mother is abroad over a aeon of time which is above a assertive absolute abstinent in minutes, hours or days, afresh the anamnesis of the centralized representation fades. As this takes effect, the capricious phenomena become gradually meaningless, and the babyish is clumsy to acquaintance them.

I alleged my mother in dismay: ‘‘What was Lee’s capricious object?’’ She sucked on pacifiers, but I didn’t anamnesis a accurate one actuality agilely loved. What did she use to allay herself aback Sam and I were in the hospital with Louise? And was I already too backward to put my 5-year-old aback central the acquaintance of her own life?

‘‘Well,’’ my mother answered carefully, ‘‘you could say it was the pacifier, but absolutely it adeptness acquire been . . .’’


‘‘Well, it adeptness acquire been me.’’

All four grandparents contributed heroically aback Louise was in the P.I.C.U., watching Lee, ferrying my pumped breast milk home to her or sitting with Louise while Sam and I met with doctors or went to assignment for a few hours. But my mother was right; Lee relied on her abnormally during those hospital stays and in the after-effects aback Sam and I came home hypervigilant, depleted and addled — our abashed systems attuned to burning threats, not circadian activity with babyish children. Which, appear to anticipate of it, was absolutely how I’d been activity in quarantine. If I was reminded of the agony of those years, was Lee?

I saw that I’d been missing article accessible in the bold of Sisters. Lee wasn’t aloof attractive for escape from her abhorrence and sadness, admitting that was allotment of it. Accepting those animosity fabricated her affronted at me — affronted that I’d let her feel that way. Maybe she could distantly bethink my beforehand absences and the acrimony and affliction and charge that she’d had no accent for at the time. Sisters, I realized, embodied her adverse animosity and desires. She had excised the mother from the game, accordingly accusing me (‘‘You’re not here!’’) alike as she accepted that I absorb with her utterly, acceptable ‘‘Lee.’’

And that was additionally what I begin acute about those continued hours of the game: both the association that I was not there for Lee alike as I was arena with her and the accurateness and absorption she was ambitious during a time aback I capital to dissociate, daydream, attending at my buzz — acquisition any way out of my own anxiety. Lee could feel me bottomward into a careful fog that she dimly recognized, and as Cece she abject me out of it.

At my mother’s suggestion, I talked to Lee about the time aback she was actual little and Louise was in the hospital. Aback she said she didn’t remember, I told her how adamantine it was to be abroad from her aback she was a baby, how I admired we could acquire been together. She didn’t acknowledge immediately, but in the abutting few canicule she showed a renewed absorption in her babyish dolls and alike played with them on her own, giving me some abatement from Sisters. She dictated an aboriginal book to me about her bearing blue-blooded ‘‘The Bearing of Days.’’ And she assuredly bidding her abhorrence that Louise would get the coronavirus; if Louise got sick, she capital to know, would Lee acquire to abrasion a affectation to hug her? For one abounding day, Lee and I accomplished amusing break from Sam and Louise in our own apartment, so Lee could feel able in case some of our ancestors became infected. This new game, in which I played myself, gave me an aperture to acquaint Lee the truth, which was that I was worried, too, but that I believed that alike if Louise got the virus, she would be OK.

When I collection to New Jersey to borrow my mother’s book aback in April, Sam and the girls came with me. I warned Louise and Lee that they would not get to hug their grandparents, to which Lee, insulted, replied: ‘‘I apperceive that, Mommy!’’

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In the car, Lee insisted that she would act as Louise’s assistant for the cruise and that I wasn’t to do any procedures like airway suctioning or G-tube feeds after her. But aback we accustomed at the abode I grew up in and her grandma and grandpa stepped out the advanced door, she forgot all about her developed plans. My parents had set up an alfresco scavenger hunt, and she scampered off with them (obediently advancement some distance) to acquisition a board giraffe they’d hidden for her and Louise.

Later, we all sat on the lawn, Louise in her ability armchair and the blow of us in folding chairs my parents had placed six anxiety apart. Lee was on my lap, added airy than she had been in weeks.

Looking at my parents, both in their mid-70s, cutting masks my mother had sewn from an old accepted shirt, I accomplished how abundant I’d absent them and how abashed for them I’d been. I’d apprenticed to New Jersey for the book, yes, but additionally to see them in person. I’d devised my own developed bold to comedy with my mother, a bold of Winnicott and adapter theory, to accumulate her abutting during the bareness and alarm of quarantine. My bold had alike centered on my mother’s profession — the assignment that took her abroad from me aback I was a babyish adolescent — aloof as Lee had been speaking to me in my own average of theater.

Instead of adage that, I asked: ‘‘Do you two bethink annihilation like coronavirus accident in your childhood?’’

‘‘Oh, yes,’’ my mother said immediately.

‘‘Polio,’’ my ancestor agreed.

They told Louise and Lee about the summer of 1954, aback accouchement were accepting actual ailing and grown-ups were frightened. My mother recalled lining up to accept a attempt as allotment of a vaccine trial, and how she didn’t apperceive if she accustomed the vaccine or the placebo. ‘‘Soon, it became bright the vaccine was working, so they concluded the trial, and anybody got the shot.’’

‘‘Now we basically don’t acquire polio in this country anymore,’’ my ancestor said.

Lee looked at me, and I nodded, to let her apperceive that was absolutely true, that this time, too, would end, and one day she’d be able to acquaint the story.

Illustration by Brian Rea.

Amy Herzog is a author whose works accommodate “4000 Miles” (2013 Pulitzer Prize finalist) and “Mary Jane” (New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award for Best Comedy in 2017-18). She teaches playwriting at the Yale School of Drama. Brian Rea is an artisan in Los Angeles. His book “Death Wins a Goldfish” was appear aftermost year.

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