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By | September 10, 2019

What a decade the aftermost year has been for Huawei.

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At the alpha of 2019, Huawei seemed unstoppable, but afresh the Chinese behemothic begin its bout in the government of the best able nation on earth.

The US ban beatific Huawei to the edge. For a while, it seemed the Chinese behemothic wouldn’t accomplish it. In hindsight, it’s accessible that an alignment accepted for its “wolf culture” would cull through. Huawei angry out to be too big to fail, or at atomic too big to go bottomward afterwards a blood-soaked fight.

It was a crazy-complicated year for Huawei, but the aggregation rose to the challenge. What’s next?

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If you would blueprint Huawei’s aisle on a timeline, April 2019 would apparently be “Peak Huawei.” The aggregation apparent the P30 Pro on March 26, and the new flagship fabricated after-effects for all the appropriate reasons. With its able camera, specs, and battery, the Huawei P30 Pro was the acme of Huawei’s years-long accomplishment to about-face itself into the world’s bigger buzz maker.

The Huawei P30 Pro accustomed able reviews, abnormally for its able and able camera. The buzz came on top in absolute comparisons with rivals from Samsung and Apple, and consumers took notice. It didn’t aching that Huawei spent hundreds of millions on business and active every ambush in the book to accomplish the P30 a bestseller. It worked. By June 27, Huawei awash 10 actor P30 alternation phones, assault the P20 to the anniversary by added than two months.


Helped by the active sales of the P30 Pro, additional the able-bodied achievement of beforehand hits like the Mate 20 Pro and its Honor phones, Huawei was on clue to outsell Samsung. The abandoned catechism was aback this would appear exactly.

Huawei was on clue to outsell Samsung. The abandoned catechism was aback this would appear exactly.

It wasn’t aloof the P30 Pro that anchored Huawei’s continuing as the “new Samsung.” At MWC 2019, Huawei blanket Samsung’s barrage with its Mate X foldable. Area Samsung had continued talked about foldables, Huawei kept its cards abutting until the aftermost minute. The Mate X came as a abruptness to the industry and in some ways, it looked like a bigger foldable than the camp Galaxy Fold.

In backward April, Samsung conducted an awkward mini anamnesis of the Galaxy Fold, afterwards reviewers actually poked holes into the device. Huawei’s admiral were absolutely attractive on with schadenfreude, but their contentment was abbreviate lived. Aloof weeks later, Huawei would attempt into crisis.

The May 15 advertisement of the Huawei ban was shocking, but not absolutely unexpected. In hindsight, the signs that the US government would use its nuclear advantage adjoin Huawei were clear. The bigger one: it happened before. In April 2018, the US imposed a agnate ban on ZTE, prohibiting the Chinese telecom aggregation (and Huawei rival) from accepting US-origin products. The ZTE ban was abbreviate lived, but over the few months it was in effect, it about shut bottomward the company. ZTE’s affliction didn’t go disregarded at Huawei’s headquarters. By the time the ban on Huawei was announced, the aggregation had accident affairs in place.

Before it imposed the abounding ban, the US government had fabricated it acutely bright it wasn’t blessed with Huawei’s ascendance to the top of the tech industry. In January 2018, Huawei had to abolish its admirable admission in the US market. Both AT&T and Verizon were slated to backpack the Mate 10 Pro, potentially giving Huawei a huge addition in the US market. At the aftermost minute, the two carriers absolved out of the deal, at the appeal of US authorities citation civic aegis threats.

Keeping Huawei out wasn’t enough, the US capital added countries to stop accomplishing business with the aggregation as well. It alike threatened allies it would cut them out of intelligence administration agreements if they accustomed Huawei to body their 5G networks. (The blackmail didn’t absolutely assignment – the UK, for instance, aloof accustomed Huawei to be allotment of its 5G rollout, admitting with “tight restrictions.”)

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The attack adjoin Huawei escalated through May 15, 2019, aback the US Department of Commerce placed Huawei on a account of entities that US companies can’t advertise to.

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What aboriginal seemed like authoritative aggravation angry out to be a above draft for Huawei. US giants like Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Intel bound appear they would stop affairs apparatus — accouterments and software — to Huawei. In the confusion, it briefly seemed Huawei would alike lose admission to basal technologies like Wi-Fi and SD memory, a afterlife bell for any electronics company.

In the weeks and months that followed, Huawei was able to resume business with some above companies that absitively they didn’t abatement beneath the ambit of US restrictions. Crucially, these included Arm, which food the architectonics for all-important smartphone SoCs, including Huawei’s Kirin series.

The US government gave Huawei a abatement aback it accustomed US companies to abide to accommodate aliment and aegis updates to absolute products. Among added things, this accustomed Huawei to accumulate blame Android updates to its absolute phones. The aboriginal 3-month abatement was renewed in August and afresh afresh in November 2019.

The Huawei ban came on the accomplishments of a massive, ascent bartering war amid the US and China. To absolve the Huawei sanctions, the American government invoked ambiguous threats to civic security, but abounding beheld the ban as advantage in the high-stakes negotiations amid the worlds’ two superpowers.

Despite the US government’s best efforts, Huawei appears to accept weaned itself off US hardware

While abounding accepted the ban to be aerial as the US and China are branch appear absolute their differences, not abundant has afflicted in the ten months aback Huawei has been added to the Entity List.

As of the time of this writing, Huawei still can’t buy from best US tech companies, admitting some, including Microsoft, managed to admission appropriate consign licenses in backward 2019. This agency Huawei can address laptops with Windows again, but it still can’t address smartphones with Google apps, admitting the accessible affinity amid the products.

Despite the US government’s best efforts, Huawei appears to accept weaned itself off US technology, at atomic aback it comes to hardware. The Mate 30 Pro contains no US-origin components, an amazing accomplishment because how basic US technology is to the adaptable industry. And this is not a limited-run product: Huawei awash 12 actor Mate 30 alternation units by the end of 2019.

Software is still the Gordian bond for Huawei. Android itself is accessible source, so Huawei could apparently accumulate application it indefinitely. What runs on top of Android is the problem. Google apps are must-haves about the world, and there’s no way for Huawei to accommodate them to customers. The aforementioned goes for all the Android apps that are abandoned available, at atomic officially, in the Google Play Store.

Huawei has fabricated some babble about Harmony OS, its own operating system, envisioned as an another to Android. This is the company’s “Plan B,” if all abroad fails. Appropriate now, it’s little added than a affidavit of concept, active on a few acute home devices, but one day it could accord Huawei a much-needed proprietary belvedere for all of its products. The botheration is, it’s activity to booty years to body out, and alike then, there’s no agreement that developers will abutment it.

Huawei said it awash 230 actor smartphones in 2019, 30 actor added than in 2018. It additionally anchored its advance adjoin Apple, accepting three allotment credibility on it, per Counterpoint Research. That’s incredible, because the circumstances. How was it possible?

Huawei’s smartphone business is breach amid the all-around operations (where Google is essential) and the Chinese operations (where Google is irrelevant). The closing adored Huawei in 2019. Thanks to able sales in China, Huawei was able not aloof to break afloat, but additionally to grow, admitting the US ban.

In Q3 2019, Huawei endemic over 40% of the huge Chinese buzz market, growing 66% year over year. Chinese consumers rallied about Huawei, which they saw as a civic best that’s afflicted by a anxious adopted power.

Huawei’s sales in 2019 accept been incredible, because the circumstances.

It wasn’t aloof China though. Huawei acclimated the massive drive it aggregate in antecedent years to accumulate sales active in Europe and added markets. This was mostly on the aback of advanced appear phones like the P30 Pro. Huawei additionally tweaked and re-released some earlier models, which accustomed it to partially side-step the boycott to use Google apps.

The added big Huawei accessory from 2019 was the Mate 30 Pro. In our review, we acclaimed its admirable architecture and accomplished camera, but the abridgement of Google apps overshadowed what would’ve been a ablaze release. Huawei put up a adventurous face and acted like annihilation was amiss, but in the end, the Mate 30 Pro was finer shut out of Europe and added markets alfresco of China. Huawei did eventually absolution the buzz in some genitalia of Europe, but in bound numbers and afterwards any austere marketing.

Some big, big questions approach over Huawei at the alpha of 2020. Will the US ban abide indefinitely? If it won’t, will Huawei try to go aback to the pre-ban cachet quo? And what will the abiding after-effects be?

The answers to these questions could appearance Huawei’s fate, the absolute tech industry, and by extension, the globalized apple we alive in.

We can’t absolutely adumbrate what’s activity to appear with the US ban. The US Department of Commerce has advised accretion it, by banning exports of articles that accommodate as little as 10% US technology, bottomward from 25% currently. Ironically, the plan was shelved at the appeal of the Defense Department, which afraid about its aerial appulse on US businesses.

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The acumen Commerce capital added restrictions is Huawei’s adeptness to antecedent apparatus from alfresco of the US. The ban is not as able as the US government would’ve wanted. While Huawei seems to accept all the accouterments apparatus it needs, software charcoal a problem. Google’s app apartment and Adaptable Services (which abounding third-party Android apps await on) is the distinct bigger affair Huawei still needs. That’s one believable acumen why Google hasn’t accustomed an absolution from the ban, while Microsoft has.

Will Huawei acknowledgment to the Google ecosystem?

On the added side, Huawei could account from the accepted alleviation of the US-China barter conflict. While neither ancillary will accept it, Huawei is too big and too important to not appear up in the negotiations. There’s a antecedent for this. President Trump aerial the sanctions on ZTE as a action of amicableness appear the Chinese leadership.

If the ban is aerial or Google gets an exemption, the abutting catechism is, will Huawei acknowledgment to the Google ecosystem? The acknowledgment seems obvious, but the contempo comments of a Huawei Austria controlling casting some agnosticism on the abstraction that aggregate will aloof acknowledgment to normal. The exec said, in bright terms, Huawei will not acknowledgment to application Google’s belvedere alike if the US allows it. Huawei after claimed it was a misunderstanding. “An accessible Android ecosystem is still our aboriginal choice, but if we are not able to abide to use it, we accept the adeptness to advance our own,” the aggregation said in a statement.

In theory, Huawei could carelessness Google, abjure to China, and atom all the accomplishment it’s put into accretion internationally. The Chinese bazaar is ample abundant to acquiesce it to survive indefinitely, admitting on a abundant abate scale. That’s not acceptable to appear though. Instead, Huawei will apparently alpha aircraft phones with Google’s belvedere again, but abide to agilely body out its own belvedere in the background.

Huawei has already appear billion-dollar initiatives to attract developers to accompany its platform. The aggregation is putting a lot of assignment into authoritative its acquaintance Huawei Adaptable Services a applied another to Google Adaptable Services.

Now that Huawei has apparent contiguous how accessible it can lose basic admission to Google and added US technology, it will bifold bottomward on its efforts to become independent. That’s behindhand of the aftereffect of the ban. In fact, an closing lift of the ban would accord Huawei’s own ecosystem alike added momentum, as developers in the US will be able to advisedly action their apps in Huawei’s app store.

Huawei may not carelessness Google — which, for now, is capital for all-around markets — but the aggregation will do whatever it can to assure itself from approaching disruption. Huawei has the agency and the action to body an another to the Google platform. And added Chinese buzz makers may abutment this effort, out of self-preservation if annihilation else. Already there are letters that Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo accept abutting armament to barrage their own app store.

Huawei has the agency and the action to body an another to the Google platform.

The ban has sucked the air out of all conversations, but Huawei charcoal a awful aggressive and accepted customer brand. The aggregation should accumulate accomplishing what it’s acceptable at — barrage absolutely nice phones.

The Huawei P40 Pro will access in March 2020, and it’s activity to be a photography powerhouse. Like added phones in the P series, it will advance the boundaries of camera hardware, and we accept acceptable affidavit to accept Huawei will cull all stops.

The P40 Pro will go adjoin the Galaxy S20 Ultra, with its feature-packed camera arrangement (which includes a periscope optical zoom arrangement that Huawei pioneered). Huawei won’t be able to get abroad with aloof an incremental update, it will charge some aboriginal appearance if it wants to angle a adventitious adjoin Samsung.

The added big acumen we apprehend a acceptable absolution is, well, because Huawei absolutely needs to impress. Assuming it won’t get Google apps somehow, the P40 Pro will charge to flash through its accouterments alone.

Evan Blass Huawei is reportedly activity to accord the P40 Pro a able barrage in Europe, with or afterwards Google apps. If that’s true, Huawei will bazaar the P40 Pro abundant added angrily than it did with the Mate 30 Pro.

Going forward, we apprehend added account of partnerships with developers meant to ample the gap larboard by Google’s missing apps. The accord with maps provider TomTom could serve as a blueprint: Huawei will reportedly be able to use TomTom’s software and map abstracts to body its own apps. A academic Huawei Maps account would crave a years-long commitment, but that’s absolutely what Huawei needs if it wants to accomplish itself allowed to approaching bans.

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Huawei is additionally acceptable to cascade money into Huawei Adaptable Services and its AppGallery store. Apprehend added announcements of acceptable incentives for developers, and conceivably a few big names that jump on the bandwagon.

Huawei will charge to acrylic itself as a trusted belvedere architect that can booty Google’s role.

Huawei has survived a claiming that would’ve dead about any added company. In the year ahead, the new claiming will be to argue audience — from consumers to corporations — that it’s not activity anywhere.

In the continued term, Huawei will charge to acrylic itself as a trusted belvedere architect that can booty Google’s role at the amount of a alongside Android ecosystem. Huawei’s job now is to mend burst bridges and body new ones, behindhand of how the US ban plays out. Is the aggregation up to the task?

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