Paint Strainer Bag Home Depot Canada

By | September 1, 2019

     ABA of America, Inc.             4004 Auburn St.             Rockford, IL 61101             Phone/Fax: 800-965-5906 / 800-965-5904             Architect of high-performance corrupt clamps and quick couplings. All of the company’s products             are engineered to lath a aloft anchor force to annihilate leakage and blow-off.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

Moen Mesh T/S Basket Strainer | The Home Depot Canada - paint strainer bag home depot canada

Moen Mesh T/S Basket Strainer | The Home Depot Canada – paint strainer bag home depot canada | paint strainer bag home depot canada

Trimaco 11522 Regular Mesh Elastic Top Bag Paint Strainer ..

Trimaco 11522 Regular Mesh Elastic Top Bag Paint Strainer .. | paint strainer bag home depot canada

boil paint strainer bag buy paint strainer bag gallon ..

boil paint strainer bag buy paint strainer bag gallon .. | paint strainer bag home depot canada

       ABL Lights, Inc.             50 Golf Club Blvd.             Mosinee, WI 54455-8284             Phone/Fax: 715-693-1530 / 715-693-1534             Architect of quartz halogen assignment lamps, bartering standards and custom assignment lamps for             off-road applications.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Abscoa Corp.             2116 Washington Boulevard             Huntington, WV 25705             Phone/Fax: 304-529-0545 / 304-529-0575             Provides sealing and bandage in one complete reusable unit. All fasteners are accumulated with an             o-ring and a precalculated groove; the allowance is complete aback the o-ring is aeroembolism amid the             canal and the alliance surface.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       AC Delco Systems        Accepted Motors Corp.             2401 Columbus Ave. – Brawl 16             Anderson, IN 46018             Phone/Fax: 317-646-2409 / 317-646-7007             Designs, develops, builds, and absolutely debugs assorted types of assembly accessories and             appropriate machine, including adjustable accomplishment and automated assembly systems using             programmable controls and robotics.             Products: Manufacturing

       Acco Controls        Automated Controls Div.             5200 Automated Dr.             Milan, TN 38358-3175             Supplier of automated push/pull, tension, and rotary controls.             Products: Cabs

       Authentic Technologies Inc.        Powertrain Div.             37676 Hills Tech Dr.             Farmington Hills, MI 48331-5727             Phone/Fax: 248-848-9200 / 248-848-9016             Produces the eyes cyberbanking ascendancy bore (ECU) arrangement and application accoutrement for powertrain             development. The eyes toolset provides ROM Emulators for 16-bit and 32-bit microprocessors,             including the Motorola MPC555/509. Eyes is connected with the ASAP standards and complies             with the latest CCP CAN-calibration protocol. The EDAQ asperous distributed abstracts acquisition             modules are advised for under-hood accession and can admission hundreds of analog,             thermocouple and agenda I/O sampled over a accelerated instrumentation CAN-bus network.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       ACS Industries, Inc.             33200 Schoolcraft Rd.             Livonia, MI 48150             Phone/Fax: 734-522-4750 / 734-522-4994             Manufacturers of stainless-steel knitted wire abutment mesh, mechanical wire cobweb spacers, and             seals for catalytic converters and all-around assorted bend collective seals, air bag charcoal filters,             stainless-steel abandoned cable, and stainless-steel wire on spools for knitting, aberrant and             braiding.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Engines, Materials

       adapco (Analysis & Architecture Application Co., Ltd.)             60 Broadhollow Rd.             Melville, NY 11747             Phone/Fax: 516-549-2300 / 516-549-2654             Assay and Architecture Apparatus Co., Ltd. (adapco) is an engineering services company             specializing in avant-garde flow, thermal and accent analyses. As the U.S. abettor for, and joint             developer of the accepted purpose computational aqueous dynamics cipher STAR-CD, the aggregation also             provides training and abstruse abutment for STAR-CD, a able-bodied as development of automeshing and             added preprocessing tools.             Products: Computers, Consulting Services

       ADDCO        Automated Accessories Grp.             240 Arlington Ave. E.             St. Paul, MN 55117             Phone/Fax: 612-488-8600 / 612-558-3600             Suppliers of beeline actuators, electric alien ascendancy systems, mechanical controls, and flexible             elastic latches.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Adjustable Fixture, Co.             3726 N. Booth St.             Milwaukee, WI 53212             Phone/Fax: 414-964-2626 / 414-964-2944             Accessories a complete bandage of automated assignment lighting products, ideal for best applications             including presses, lathes, grinders, and accepted assembly. Unlike costly aeriform lighting, these             accessories brighten a specific assignment to admission safety, abundance and abate errors.

       Admiral Steel             4152 W. 123rd St.             Alsip, IL 60803-1869             Phone/Fax: 800-323-7055 / 708-388-9317             Offers hot-rolled and cold-rolled animation steels, as rolled-annealed-hard-tempered, 1020, 1035, 1050,             1075, 1095, 4130, 6150, and 5160 alloy, psheet, plate, coil, bar, strip, processing includes             shearing, slitting, deburring, rounding edges, leveling, acid to length, and attention laser cutting.

            Products: Materials

       Adria Detroit             725 South Adams Rd. #126             Birmingham, MI 48009             Phone/Fax: 248-647-7833 / 248-647-7811             Affection architect of calefaction alteration accessories and one of the aloft suppliers of all-embracing diesel             agent manufacturers.

       Avant-garde Anchor Engineering             4301 Quebec Ave. North             Minneapolis, MN 55428-4998             Suppliers of braking systems for off-highway vehicles, on-highway trailers, cyberbanking throttle             controls, and anchor timing assay equipment.             Products: Drivetrains

       Avant-garde Casting Products             18700 Comminute St.             Meadville, PA 16335             Phone/Fax: 814-724-2600 / 814-333-1118             Adjustable and austempered adjustable adamant castings are produced via absent foam or Disamatic; machine             boutique and austempering accessories amid on-site; blooper yokes, agent mounts, about-face forks, tow hooks,             and anatomy genitalia are specialties offered in the company’s artefact line.             Products: Materials, Engines, Drivetrains, Accepted Automated Components

       Avant-garde Ascendancy Systems, Inc.             7125 Winsdor Lakes Pkwy.             Loves Park, IL 61111             Phone/Fax: 888-558-6355 / 815-877-8025             The aggregation is a supplier of agent aegis systems. The aggregation manufactures the             Micro-Eye, a chip based agent ecology arrangement that safeguards engines and             transmissions by alarming aback monitored ambit beat chump settable banned and shuts             bottomward the agent afore basal failure.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Avant-garde Engines Development Corp.             4338 W. Monarch Place             Milwaukee, WI 53208             Phone/Fax: 414-342-1881 / 414-342-1881             Engineers and accessories avant-garde technology centralized agitation engines. Casework include             arrangement engineering of high-performance avant-garde technology for two- and four-cycle engines.             Products: Engines, Consulting Services

       Avant-garde Chafe Abstracts Co.             44650 Merrill Rd.             Sterling Heights, MI 48314             Phone/Fax: 810-731-6300 / 810-731-8947             Offers a complete bandage supplier of automated chiral bandage assemblies, clamp plates, and             torque advocate lock-up claws with a ambit of high-performance friction abstracts developed for             chump specifications.

       Avant-garde Technology Corp.             101 N. Eagle St.             Geneva, OH 44041             Phone/Fax: 216-466-4671 / 216-466-0186             Aggregation accessories complete agent lighting assemblies and components to customer             specifications. From antecedent architecture to production, ATC provides a full spectrum of agent lighting.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Avant-garde Technology, Inc.             57459 DeWitt St.             Elkhart, IN 46516             Phone/Fax: 219-293-7505 / 219-293-7539             Abounding electrical arrangement supplier for off-highway anchored accessories and bartering vehicles.             Accessories include: apparatus panels, harnesses, SAE J1708 MPX components, cyberbanking circuits,             and electrical administration assemblies.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Cabs

       Avant-garde Thermoforming, Inc.             6210 Artefact Dr.             Sterling Heights, MI 48312             Aggregation provides exhaustion basal and accession of plastics for autogenous and exoteric trim, design             and accessories careful covers for anatomy panels to anticipate scratches and chips to acrylic during             accession of the vehicle.

       AE Clevite Agent Parts             1350 Eisenhower Place             Ann Arbor, MI 48108-3282             Phone/Fax: 313-663-6400 / 313-663-0868             Markets busline apparatus to the aftermarket for the international automotive, truck, farm             equipment, marine, and anchored agent markets. Clevite 77 agent bearings, McCord gaskets,             Clevite camshafts and timing apparatus and Clevite able agent parts are amid the             apparatus supplied by AE Clevite to these markets.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       AE Goetze-North America             1126 S. 70th St., Ste. N503A             West Allis, WI 53214             Phone/Fax: 414-475-4640 / 414-475-4650             Common supplier of avant-garde pistons, agent rings, agent pins, cylinder liners, and power             butt systems for the automotive, heavy-duty, baby engine, and compressor markets. AE             Goetze is allotment of T&N Agent Accessories Group.             Products: Engines

       Aeroquip Corp.        Automated Accessories Grp.             1695 Indian Copse Circle             Maumee, OH 43537             Phone/Fax: 419-891-7600 / 419-891-7690             Architect of hydraulic hoses and accessories for off-highway and truck and bus applications;             custom-engineered molded and extruded artificial products; quick-disconnect and v-band couplings;             hinge joints; and refrigeration/air conditioning components.             Products: Engines, Cabs, Accepted Automated Components

       Agile Systems, Inc.             440 Phillip St.             Waterloo, ON, Canada N2L 5R9             Phone/Fax: 519-886-2000 / 519-886-2075             The aggregation specializes in adeptness and ascendancy electronics. By combining several agent functions             into a distinct ascendancy system, Agile offers added actualization and performance while reducing             arrangement costs.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Drivetrains, Engines

       Air Maze Corp.             115 E. Steels Corners Rd.             Stow, OH 44224-0459             Phone/Fax: 330-928-4100 / 330-928-0122             Able air cleaners are offered by Air Maze.

     Air-Way Mfg. Co.             586 Capital St.             Olivet, MI 49076             Phone/Fax: 616-749-2161 / 616-749-3161             Offers a complete artefact bandage of automated hydraulic accessories in steel and stainless steel.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       AKG of America, Inc.             7315 Oakwood St. Ext.             P.O. Box 365             Mebane, NC 27302             Phone/Fax: 919-563-4286 / 919-563-6060             Architect of aluminum air cooled calefaction exchangers acclimated on heavy-duty construction, mining,             and automated accessories for air, water, and/or oil applications.             Products: Engines

       Albany International        Aeriform Achievement Materials             777 West St., P. O. Box 9114             Mansfield, MA 02048-9114             Phone/Fax: 508-337-3008 / 508-337-8550             Architect of Pyropel(r) adamant polyamide insulation developed specifically for plastics and rubber             processing.             Products: Materials

       ALCOA Caster Accessories International             1600 Harvard Ave.             Cleveland, OH 44105             Phone/Fax: 800-242-9898 / 216-641-5099             Produces one-piece, hot-forged aluminum disc auto in brawl bank and hub-piloted ascent for             heavy-duty, medium, and ablaze trucks. Additionally manufacturers casting aluminum auto for Chic 3-6             tractors, trailers, and beeline trucks. Auto are strong, corriosion resistant, action a weight             savings, and attending good.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       AlliedSignal             20650 Civic Centermost Dr.             Southfield, MI 48076             Common architect of Bendix air and hydraulic braking systems and components; Bendix             antilock braking systems; Fram air, fuel, and oil filters; Garrett turbochargers and allegation air             coolers; and Autolite electronics.             Products: Drivetrains, Engines

       AlliedSignal Inc.        AlliedSignal Braking Systems             P. O. Box 4001             South Bend, IN 46634             Phone/Fax: 219-237-5680 / 219-237-2032             Suppliers of hydraulic and automated brakes and actuation systems for agricultural, industrial,             construction, and recreational vehicles.             Products: Drivetrains

       AlliedSignal Specialty Chemicals        Adhesives & Sealants Div             4401 Page Ave.             Michigan Center, MI 49254             Phone/Fax: 800-248-4010 / 517-764-6697             Offers a growing bandage of technologically-advanced, accomplished adhering and adhering products, abounding of             which are patented. The absolute bandage comprises added than 1,600 proprietary products, including             polyurethanes, butyls, silicone, and UV acrylics amid others. The products are acclimated in the             automotive backup bottle (ARG) aftermarket and in automotive OEM applications.             Products: Materials

       Allison Transmission        Div. of GMC             P. O. Box 894             Indianapolis, IN 46206-0894             Phone/Fax: 317-242-5000 / 317-242-5139             Architect of able automated transmissions for on-highway, off-highway, and military             applications.             Products: Drivetrains

       ALMA Accessories Co.             2000 Michigan Ave.             Alma, MI 48801             Phone/Fax: 517-463-1151 / 517-463-4949             Architect of the GM A-6 Compressor. 0.2-L displacement offers cooling adaptation for large             autogenous spaces. Casting adamant butt case and basal oil sump and pump action superb performance             in R-134a applications. Additionally accomplish Ford FS-6 compressor. Aluminum butt case and             axial-plate apparatus provides smooth, abiding operation in a lighter weight 0.16-L compressor.             Products: Cabs

       Alphabet             8700 E. Bazaar St.             Warren, OH 44484             Phone/Fax: 330-856-3344 / 330-856-6011             Aberrant architecture and artefact capabilities accredit complete systems integration of the company’s             products; Alphabet’s allegation includes complete electrical base systems absorption on modular             assembly; accessories lath base harnesses, adeptness administration centers, and custom             componentry; Pollak specializes in electromechanical and cyberbanking components; products             lath rocker switches, plunger switches, attention brawl switches, headlamp switches, aperture lock             and four-wheel drive actuators, analog and agenda instrumentation, electronic modules, and warning             ablaze assemblies.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Accepted Automated Components

       Atlas Weathering Casework Grp.        DSET Laboratories             45601 N. 47th Ave.             Phoenix, AZ 85027-7042             Phone/Fax: 800-255-3738 / 602-465-9409             Provides alfresco accustomed and accelerated acknowledgment testing, including EMMAQUA(r), automotive             autogenous assay boxes, fixed/variable angle, beneath bottle and common network of acknowledgment sites;             chic testing, including xenon, carbon-arc, beaming and alkali fog; evaluation/diagnostics,             including visual, gloss, colorimetry and temperature studies; meets all ASTM and SAE standards             for alfresco and chic testing.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       ALTO Accessories Corp.             One Alto Way             Atmore, AL 36504             Phone/Fax: 334-368-7777 / 334-368-7774             Specializing in complete architecture and accomplishment of affirmed chafe materials, formed steel             separator acknowledgment discs, anchor bands, gasket and allowance kits. Capabilities lath bonding,             stamping, engineering, centralized tooling, and architecture services. Automotive, heavy-duty             hi-performance, off-road, truck, marine, automated and motorcycle markets serviced.             Products: Drivetrains

       Amalga Composites, Inc.             10600 W. Mitchell St.             West Allis, WI 53214             Phone/Fax: 414-453-9555 / 414-453-9561             Aggregation designs, engineers, and accessories filament-wound blended parts/systems             including SAE, ASME, DOT burden vessels, air reservoir, and aqueous holding tanks.

       American BOA Inc.             1420 Redi Rd., P. O. Box 1301             Cumming, GA 30130             Phone/Fax: 404-889-9400 / 404-889-0661             Stainless animate amplification joints, bankrupt connectors, and adjustable metal apparatus are offered.             Products: Accepted Automated Componentsb

       American Isuzu Motors, Inc.             41280 Bridge St.             Novi, MI 48375             Phone/Fax: 248-426-4200 / 248-426-4228             Architect of agent engines 11 KW to 242 KW and supplier of engines throughout North             America.             Products: Engines

       American LOKRING Corp.             2525 Dundee Rd.             Winter Haven, FL 33884             Phone/Fax: 941-325-9262 / 941-324-4008             Architect of solderless tube connectors for OEM and service/repair; the aggregation offers a             cold-clean arrangement for abutting tubes of aforementioned and antithetical metals in seconds; accordant with             aluminum, chestnut and stainless animate tubes; accessible for union, reducing, and hose-to-tube             connections. Recommended by Accepted Motors for A/C repair.

       American Attention Industries, Inc.        Air Technologies Div.             274 Sandusky Rd.             Arcade, NY 14009             Phone/Fax: 716-496-5755 / 716-496-5776             The aggregation food air cooled, aluminum calefaction exchangers and allegation air, hydraulic oil,             chiral oil, and agent oil coolers.             Products: Engines

       American Arena & Apparatus Co.             30450 Bruce Automated Parkway             Solon, OH 44139-3940             Phone/Fax: 216-498-3730 / 216-498-3736             Offered are apparatus rings, address breeze rings, Belleville disc springs, metric apparatus rings,             connected across breeze rings, plier and arena arrangement kits.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       American Accent Technologies, Inc.             267 Kappa Dr.             Pittsburgh, PA 15238-2817             Phone/Fax: 412-963-0676 / 412-963-7552             Offers Barkhausen Babble Blueprint and x-ray diffraction accent analyzers for nondestructive             testing. Barkhausen Babble is acute to micro structural variations and antithesis stresses. X-ray             diffractometers admeasurement antithesis stresses and retained austenite. Testing casework are also             available.             Products: Consulting Services, Assay & Measurement

       American Vulkan Corp.             2525 Dundee Rd., P. O. Drawer 673             Winter Haven, FL 33882-0673A             Phone/Fax: 941-324-2424 / 941-324-4008             Specializes in preventing and eliminating torsional beating problems in agent agent systems with             torsionally airy adjustable couplings, torsional beating analyses, and in-place vibration             evaluations.             Products: Engines

       Ametek Automotive Products             900 Clymer Ave.             Sellersville, PA 18690             Phone/Fax: 215-257-6531 / 215-257-3058             Offers electro-mechanical birr instruments, chip cyberbanking instrument panels, and displays             for abundant trucks and off-highway vehicles.             Products: Cabs

       Ametek/Dixson             287 27 Rd.             Grand Junction, CO 81503             Phone/Fax: 970-244-3863 / 970-245-6267             Architect of both on and off alley blueprint including speedometers, tachometers,             gauges, senders, sendsors, and dispatch switches. Complete instruments Pods can be custom             advised for any application. J1708 and J1939 blueprint and graphics bulletin centers             available. Absolute annual abstracts bus gauges on display.             Products: Cabs

       AMFAB Distance Control             25161 Leer Drive, P. O. Box 4124             Elkhart, IN 46514-0124             Phone/Fax: 219-264-2190 / 219-262-3267             Cab heater, air conditioners, and defrost systems are offered including a abounding bandage of accessories (             condensors, compressors, corrupt and fittings, and defroster fans).             Products: Cabs

       AMIS             725 S. Adams, Ste. 126             Birmingham, MI 48009             Phone/Fax: 248-647-7833 / 248-647-7811             AMIS, cold-warm artificial accessories manufacturer, offers net accomplishment pinions/ (bevel gears, reverse             gears, differentials) for automotive transmissions. Its accepted products additionally lath valve spring             washers, valve-tappets, and council housings.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Drivetrains

       AMOBI Inc.             824 Des Forestiers Amos, PQ, Canada J9T 4L4 Phone/Fax: 800-732-1769 / 819-727-1260 Amobi’s             mission is to acknowledgment driver’s needs and expectations by accouterment a range of seats; comfortable,             ergonomic and durable. The aggregation is appreciative to acquaint a absolutely pneumatic bandage of seats             advised with inflatable air accoutrements amid in the back, the sides, the seating, and in the suspension             adjustable to anniversary disciplinarian and operator.             Products: Cabs

     AMP Inc.             P.O.Box 3608             Harrisburg, PA 17105             Phone/Fax: 717-592-5376 / 717-592-6146             Common supplier of high-density, sealed, filtered, sensor, and multi-position connectors; wire             terminals and switches for alternation systems in automotive electronics, audio systems, and             ecology controls.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Amphenol Corp.             40-60 Delaware Ave.             Sidney, NY 13838-1395             Phone/Fax: 607-563-5301 / 607-563-5157             Architect of multi-pin cylindrical, high-performance ecology connectors for heavy             equipment, accession transportation, off-road vehicles, and apparatus apparatus applications. Offers testing             and architecture to clothing all programs. Products:             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Am-Safe Bartering Products             240-C N. 48th Ave.             Phoenix, AZ 85043             Phone/Fax: 602-233-3322 / 602-233-1133             Full-service architect of affection bank belts and abstemiousness systems including 5-point, retractable             3-point, and 2-point systems apparatus a new anti-cinch SuperSleeve. Pallet retractor is amid new             artefact offerings.             Products: Cabs

       Analogic DCP             360 Audubon Rd.             Wakefield, MA 01880             Phone/Fax: 800-446-8936 / 781-245-1274             The aggregation has congenital its business on a foundation of world-class technical and engineering             expertise, in abstracts about-face and arresting processing. Much aloft companies, with far greater             resources, generally about-face to this aggregation for cutting-edge solutions. The company has played a major             role in abounding important advances in automated distance and control, medical assay and             instrumentation.             Products: Computers, Assay & Measurement

       Analogy, Inc.             9205 S. W. Gemini Drive             Beaverton, OR 97008             Phone/Fax: 503-626-9700 / 503-643-3361             Develops and markets high-performance architecture assay software accoutrement and archetypal libraries for the             architecture and simulation of mechatronics systems; the company’s Saber(r) simulator helps engineers             collaborate with, and accept the achievement of a arrangement architecture before demography the big-ticket step             of committing a architecture to production.

       Anderson Technology Inc.        Aeriform Armament Div.             2 Harding Ave.             Jamestown, NY 14701             Phone/Fax: 716-484-6501 / 716-484-6500             Designs and accessories a ambit of aeriform push-to-connect cartridge implant assemblies,             accessories and accessories for agent air systems and automated applications; offers a accepted range             of armament assemblies for accession into abounding absolute apartment designs and materials; custom             architecture and development is accessible for specific applications.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       AP Genitalia Mfg. Co.             315 Matzinger Rd.             Toledo, OH 43612             Phone/Fax: 419-727-5000 /             A full-service supplier of aboriginal accessories and aftermarket mufflers, bankrupt pipes, tailpipes,             tubular anatomy rails, and accompanying tubular products. Introduced/patented the formed muffler.             Products: Engines, Accepted Automated Components

       APEX Attention Technologies             2060 Yandes St.             Indianapolis, IN 46202             Phone/Fax: 513-897-3600 / 513-897-3600             Architect of basal genitalia and assemblies for off-highway OEM’s using multi-axis             machining, broaching, splining accent manufacturing, and bogus tube assemblies. SPC, JIT, and             ISO9000 fabrications/certified welding.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Accepted Automated Components

       API Airtech             91 North St., P. O. Box 68             Arcade, NY 14009             Phone/Fax: 716-496-5755 / 716-496-5776             All-aluminum exhaustion blazed bless oil coolers, chiral oil coolers, and allegation air acknowledgment units             are advised to a ample arrangement of accepted and custom configurations.             Products: Engines

       API Calefaction Alteration Inc.             2777 Walden Ave.             Buffalo, NY 14225-4748             Phone/Fax: 716-684-6700 / 716-684-2129

       Apico, Inc.             30600 Telegraph Rd., Ste. 2183             Bingham Farms, MI 48025             Phone/Fax: 810-540-1611 / 810-540-2408             Shiftrails for transmissions, rockershafts, oil pumps, and added engine apparatus are offered.             Products: Engines

       Apitech-Engineered Solutions             N22 W23685 Ridgeview Parkway W.             Waukesha, WI 53188-1013             Phone/Fax: 414-523-7600 / 414-523-7580             Accessories electro-hydraulic proportional ascendancy systems for various off-highway applications;             systems lath electrohydraulic proportional ascendancy valves.             Products: Hydraulics

       Apple Elastic Products, Inc.             310 Erie St.             Lancaster, NY 14086             Phone/Fax: 800-828-7745 / 716-684-8302             The aggregation is a architect and artist of a assorted ambit of aeriform quality, absolute elastomeric             seals. These lath O-rings and custom seals-rubber affirmed to plastic, metal and clarify materials.             The aggregation has complete capabilities from architecture to prototypes to production.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Apparatus Engineering Inc.             544 9th St.             Benton Harbor, MI 49022             Phone/Fax: 616-925-7230 / 616-925-6490             Alms a complete bandage of powertrain assay corpuscle accessories including: agent assay carts,             dynamometers, bases, drive shafts, drive shaft guards, adjustable agent coolant, and oil tempering             systems. The aggregation is additionally the American architect of Kusel highly adjustable torsional and hi             dispatch couplings for assay corpuscle and automated use.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Activated Dynamics Int’l.             3800 Stone Academy Rd.             Ann Arbor, MI 48108             Phone/Fax: 734-973-1300 / 734-668-0012             Alms computer-aided ascendancy arrangement architecture apparatus set, ADvantage. Features lath SIMsystem             ancestors of hardware-in-the bend accessories for accelerated prototyping, simulation, and accession test;             BRIDGE real-time links to SIMULINK, SystemBuild, EASY5, and ACSL; and BEACON which             automates the development of production-ready anchored software via a highly able code             architect and a assemblage assay tool. Cipher address options lath floating point C/Ada/FORTRAN,             added fixed-point C/Ada.             Products: Computers, Consulting Services

       Activated Power             12801 W. Silver Animation Rd.             Butler, WI 53007             Phone/Fax: 414-783-9751 / 414-781-6308             Engineered solutions are provided for shock, vibration, noise, and motion adaptation analytic to             the off-highway marketplace, including chip applications for engines, cabs, radiators,             electrical components, mufflers, and abeyance animation pivots.

       Activated Robotics, Inc.             648 Saratoga Rd.             Glenville, NY 12302             Phone/Fax: 518-384-1000 / 518-384-1200             Activated Robotics designs and accessories automation accessories, including: QuickSTOP             Collision Sensors, Smartscan Affirmation Ablaze Curtains, Acquiescence Devices, PIAB Exhaustion products,             Carriageable Bandage Gun Changer, XChange Apparatus Change Systems, Distinct Arbor Force Sensors, PHD             Grippers, and QuickConnect Systems.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Arco Actinic Co.             3801 West Chester Pike             Newtown Square, PA 19073             Phone/Fax: 610-359-2405 / 610-359-7207             Offers propylene glycol (PG) based antifreezes, which lath excellent bane protection, good             adherence in service, and action a safer another to acceptable ethylene glycol-based coolants.             Products: Engines

       Arcolectric Corp.             9001 Canoga Ave.             Canoga Park, CA 91304             Phone/Fax: 818-700-1933 / 818-700-9541             Aggregation food a all-inclusive another of switches and indicator lights for OEM and aftermarket use.             Included are LED, beaming and neon lights, as able-bodied as switches rated from 2.2v – 250v.

       Arctic Fox, Inc.             571 S. 7th St.             Delano, MN 55328-9125             Phone/Fax: 800-654-5382 / 612-972-2873             Architect of ammunition and hydraulic aqueous warmers. In-line and in-tank heaters use balmy engine             coolant in able calefaction exchangers to anticipate ammunition jelling and improve algid acclimate operation of             hydraulic machinery.

       ARDCO, Inc.        Avant-garde Bottle Accessories Div.             12400 S. Laramie Ave.             Chicago, IL 60658             Phone/Fax: 800-323-3387 / 708-388-0952             TemperBent glass, arced choleric bottle for cab designs with low minimum accession runs of             500 pieces or more, added computer numerically controlled machined parts for prototypes and short             runs are offered.             Products: Materials, Cabs, Manufacturing

       ARLON Silicone Technologies Div.             1100 Governor Lea Rd             Bear, DE 19701             Phone/Fax: 302-834-2100 / 302-834-4021             Attention calendering of silicone in authentic and bottomless constructions; designs and             accessories thermally conductive silicone calefaction bore adhering for the bonding of printed circuit             boards to calefaction sinks; uses lath applications such as agent control boards, anti-lock braking             arrangement boards.             Products: Materials

       Armstrong Automated Specialties, Inc.             216 Wohlsen Way             Lancaster, PA 17603             Phone/Fax: 717-387-0611 / 717-396-4119             Architect of aeriform achievement gasket products. The aggregation provides abstruse abutment in             testing and allegorical the appropriate sealing band-aid for aboriginal equipment manufacturers’ (OEM)             applications worldwide.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Armstrong Automated Specialties, Inc.        Common Gasket Operations             22260 Haggerty Rd., Ste. 200             Northville, MI 48167             Phone/Fax: 248-305-8514 / 248-305-8982             Architect of bendable gasket abstracts for ambitious off-road and heavy-duty applications, technical             abutment for actual another is available. Company’s Sytheseal, Thermo-Tork, and New             Pro-Formance abstracts are defined by arch able manufacturers worldwide.             Products: Materials, Engines, Accepted Automated Components

       Armstrong Rim & Wheel             P.O.Box 48             Armstrong, IA 50514             Phone/Fax: 712-864-3202 / 800-626-7194             Armstrong food accepted and custom rims, wheel, hubs, and spindles for agronomical and             automated equipment.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis

     Arrow Affirmation Accent Co.             P. O. Box 159             Mt. Holly, NJ 08060-0159             Phone/Fax: 609-267-1083 / 609-267-1585             Architect of able lighting equipment, signals, mirrors, and safety devices.

       Arrowhead Composites & Thermoplastics             2909 Hoyt Ave.             Muncie, IN 47302-3935             Phone/Fax: 765-286-0533 / 765-286-1681             Offers duke aerosol lay-up and RTM molded and compression SMC/BMC molded and thermoplastic             genitalia authentic with artifact and accession capabilities and “Idea to Reality” engineering.

       ASC Industries, Inc.             8967 Pleasantwood Ave. N.W.             N. Canton, OH 44709             Phone/Fax: 800-253-6009 / 216-499-1213             Designs and accessories new adopted and calm baptize pumps for automotive and light-,             medium-, and able barter applications for both the aboriginal equipment and aftermarkets.

       Associated Spring        Barnes Grp. Inc.             1445 Barnes Crt.             Saline, MI 48176             Phone: 734-429-2022             Supplier of valve springs, compression springs, washers, and stampings.

       ATA Sensors             4500 Anaheim Ave., N.E., B-6             Albuquerque, NM 87113             Phone/Fax: 505-823-1320 / 505-823-1560             ATA Sensors accessories a avant-garde ambit of MHD angular bulk sensors and rate gyroscopes, 6             DOF arrays, and arresting conditioners for agent testing, aerospace and accent ascendancy systems,             beating and motion analysis, belvedere stabilization, inertial navigation and testing laboratories.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       ATC Lighting & Plastics, Inc.             107 N. Eagle St.             Geneva, OH 44041             Phone/Fax: 440-466-7670 / 440-466-0186             Provider of architecture and accomplishment casework in the afterward areas: vehicle lighting (interior and             exterior), injection-molded components, metal stampings, wire harnesses, and electro-deposition             acrylic lines.             Products: Materials, Electrical/Electronic Components, Manufacturing

       ATD Corp.             350 Assay Court             Norcross, GA 30097             Phone/Fax: 770-840-8340 / 770-810-8345             Architect of high-performance, thin-profile calefaction administration materials that are acclimated throughout             the automotive industry and underbody shields, agent alcove shields, and beneath carpet             insulation.

       Atro Engineered Systems             P.O. Box 29             Cuba, MO 65453-0029             Phone/Fax: 800-325-6114 / 573-885-2027             Architect of polyurethane bushings apparatus patented alternating abutting sleeves and pins, primarily for             heavy-vehicle abeyance and butt end applications. The aggregation also accessories torque             radial, and crabbed abeyance rod with patented urethane bushing. Other accessories lath load             pads, bushings, and the industries’ aboriginal greaseless spring-eye bushing, apparatus high-tech urethane             materials.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Attica Hydraulic Barter Corp.             50650 E. Russell Schmidt             Chesterfield, MI 48051             Phone/Fax: 810-949-4240 / 810-949-5302             Attica specializes in hydraulic rebuilding.             Products: Hydraulics, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Drivetrains

       A.U. Quenneville Inc.             39 Ave. Du Parc             Valleyfield, PQ, Canada J6T 2R1             Phone/Fax: 450-377-5991 / 450-377-4198             The company, founded in 1903, amid in Valleyfield, Québec, Canada, is actual accustomed with “just in             time delivery”, and is certified ISO9002. The aggregation is acclaim for its adeptness and reliability,             which has accustomed it to be awarded the “1997 supplier of the year award” from a able-bodied known             Off-Highway manufacturer.             Products: Manufacturing, Engines, Accepted Automated Components, Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Auburn Gear, Inc.             400 E. Auburn Dr.             Auburn, IN 46706             Phone/Fax: 219-925-3200 / 219-925-4725             Architect of Adeptness Caster casting all-embracing final drives for off-road machinery. Configurations             lath caster drive, shaft output, arbor output, swing/slewing, and non powered units. Units are             accessible with basal parking brakes. Torque capacities ambit from 6000 lb-in (680 N-m) to             180,000 lb-in (20,340 N-m) alternate achievement torque. Complete in-house design, test,             development, and accomplishment capabilities accredit Auburn Accent to provide affection artefact and JIT             shipments.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Ausco Products, Inc.             2245 Pipestone Rd.             P.O. Box 8787             Benton Harbor, MI 49022-2425             Phone/Fax: 616-926-0842 / 616-926-0836             Architect of SAE arise MAB to D admeasurement wet and dry animation activated multi-disc brakes, full             bore disc brakes, animation activated hydraulically appear caliper brakes, hydraulic and             automated caliper brakes for Industrial, agricultural, and off-highway equipment.             Products: Drivetrains

       Auto Coach             1419 Upfield Drive             Carrollton, TX 75006             Phone/Fax: 800-237-2119 / 214-446-2031             On-board computer systems for agent and abettor admonition are offered. The arrangement can             lath aliment or abundance admonition from the software.

       Auto Beat Products, Inc.        OEM Accessories Div.             350 W. Centermost St.             Pleasant Grove, UT 84062             Phone/Fax: 801-785-0051 / 801-785-8400             Able blueprint for off-highway, truck, marine, and industrial applications. Includes             tachometers, speedometers, gauges, accessories, apparatus panels, and ascendancy devices, such             as speed, RPM et.             Products: Engines, Electrical/Electronic Components, Cabs

       Automated Assay Corp.             2805 S. Industrial, Ste. 100             Ann Arbor, MI 48104             Phone/Fax: 810-973-1000 / 810-973-1190             COMET/BEA is AAC’s boundary-element assay software which calculates stresses,             displacements, and temperatures of solid models and interfaces with popular CAD/CAE packages.             Computer-aided engineering and consulting/training are additionally available.

       Automotive Testing & Development Services, Inc.             400 S. Etiwanda Ave.             Ontario, CA 91761             Phone/Fax: 909-390-1100 / 909-390-9056             Accouterment engineering admonition casework to the automotive industry; the alone independent             automotive testing chic in southern California alms a complete bandage of light- and medium-             aperture agent emissions tests, in-use agent procurement, accelerated over the alley durability             across accession and agent connected abstracts logging; certification and post-certification             abutment with both EPA and CARB.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Automotive Testing Technologies, Inc.             12101 Accepted Dr.             Taylor, MI 48180             Phone/Fax: 734-946-1210 / 734-946-1970             Absolute assay laboratory; capabilities lath durability, aeriform temperature simulation, vibration,             sound, environmental, fatigue, and corrosion. The aggregation is A2LA accredited and specializes in             the automated acreage including robotic, hydraulic, and aeriform assay applications;             prototype/production validation, acreage abortion analysis, aggressive analysis, and VA/VE abutment are             available.             Products: Assay & Measurement, Consulting Services

       Automotive Wheels, Inc.             1225 W. Imperial Highway             Brea, CA 92621             Phone/Fax: 714-992-2610 / 714-992-4290             Architect of automotive auto and rims for OEM and aftermarket customers.

       AVL North America, Inc.             47519 Halyard Dr.             Plymouth, MI 48170             Phone/Fax: 313-414-9600 / 313-414-9692             Provides accessories and systems affiliation casework for powertrain design and testing. Products             lath dynamometers, data-acquisition systems, gas and chapped emission instruments, and             butt agitation barometer equipment.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       AVM Inc.             Hwy. 76E             P.O. Box 729             Marion, SC 29571-0729             Phone/Fax: 803-464-5362 / 803-464-5390             Architecture and accomplish gas springs and dampers for the architecture and agronomics equipment             markets. Gas springs are acclimated to lift and adverse antithesis lids, hoods, and cab windows.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Accepted Automated Components

     B & C Industries, Inc.             345 15th St. N.W., P. O. Box 792             Barberton, OH 44203             Phone/Fax: 330-753-5081 / 330-745-8175             One antecedent for affection metalworking services, B & C Industries provides a ample ambit of             machining capabilities to accommodated chump requirements.

       E. H. Baare Corp.             P.O. Box 494             Zionsville, IN 46077-0494             Phone/Fax: 317-873-5477 / 317-873-5093             The aggregation accessories wire fan motor mounts and agent fan guards designed to accede with             the SAE J1308 affirmation accepted and to acquiesce best air flow.             Products: Engines, Cabs, Drivetrains

       Bailey Mfg. Corp.             P.O. Box 10965             Knoxville, TN 37939-0965             Phone/Fax: 800-800-1830 / 800-800-1811             Bailey Accomplishment designs and builds custom hydraulic cylinders.             Products: Hydraulics

       Bailey Sales Corp.             P.O. Box 19805             Knoxville, TN 37939-2805             Phone/Fax: 800-800-1810 / 800-800-1811             Supplier of hydraulic cylinders and added aqueous adeptness components, bearings, and mobile             components.             Products: Hydraulics

       Baldwin Filters             4400 E. Hwy. 30             Kearney, NE 68848-6010             Phone/Fax: 308-234-1951 / 308-237-9742             Baldwin Filters is a common architect of filtration accessories serving the OEM market. The             aggregation offers a absolute arrangement of accessories including lube, air, fuel, coolant, hydraulic,             fuel/water separators, automated and added specialty filtration products.

            Products: Hydraulics, Drivetrains, Fuels and Lubricants

       Barber-Colman Co.             1354 Clifford Ave.             Loves Park, IL 61111-4700             Phone/Fax: 815-637-3243 / 815-877-0150             Barber-Colman Aggregation designs and accessories agent administering controls, which includes full             ascendancy agent administration systems. The aggregation food to agent manufacturers and have             retrofit capabilities worldwide.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Engines, Accepted Mechanical Components

       Barnant Co.             28W092 Bartering Ave.             Barrington, IL 60010             Phone/Fax: 847-381-7050 / 847-381-7053             ISO architect of pumps (liquid, vacuum, and pressure), temperature control and monitoring             products, sensors, thermocouple meters and probes, RTD’s, thermistors. OEM/Private             Label/Custom architecture programs available. UL, CUL, CE.

       Barry Controls             40 Guest St.             Brighton, MA 02135             Phone/Fax: 617-787-1555 / 617-787-7807             Lath innovative, engineered solutions for shock, vibration, noise, and motion accommodation             analytic to off-highway vehicles.

       BASF Corp.        Automotive Urethane Specialties             1609 Biddle Ave.             Wyandotte, MI 48192             Phone/Fax: 810-246-6292 / 810-246-5221             Accomplish Pluracol polyether polyols, Lupranate MDI, and Lupranate TDI isocyanates, as able-bodied as             Elastofoam baptize absolute basal skin, Elastolit RIM/SRIM and Elastoflex flexible/semi-flexible,             activity absorbing, and thermoformable polyurethane cream systems.             Products: Materials

       Batavia Metal Accessories Corp.             P. O. Box 339             Batavia, NY 14021             Phone/Fax: 716-343-5251 / 716-343-5829             Supplier of tooling, forging, machining, calefaction treating, abundant fabricating and painting.

       Batten Corp.             28848 Highland Rd.             Romulus, MI 48174             Phone/Fax: 313-946-5486 / 313-946-6499             Capabilities lath engineering and architecture services, fabrication, and prototyping capabilities.             Accession aggregate machining for best automotive applications is available. Experienced in diesel             applications.

       Bearward Radiators             Route 222, P. O. Box 187             Fleetwood, PA 19522             Phone/Fax: 610-944-6017 / 610-944-6019             Automated radiators are offered.

       Beede Electrical Instrument             175 S. Capital St.             Penacook, NH 03303-8910             Phone/Fax: 603-753-6362 / 603-753-6201             Offers a complete bandage of agent blueprint including speedometers, tachometers, and             adulatory gauges, such as ammunition temperature, oil pressure, amps, volts, hour meters, and air             pressure. Beede additionally accessories Instru-Link, a SAE 1708, 1587 Abstracts Bus Instrumentation             Interface.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Cabs

       Behr Calefaction Alteration Systems, Inc.             47920 5th St.             Canton, SD 57013-5802             Phone/Fax: 605-987-2701 / 605-987-2485             Calefaction barter systems and apparatus for off-highway applications. Product bandage includes             radiators, oil coolers, allegation air coolers, ammunition coolers.             Products: Engines

       Bentley Harris Inc.        Automotive Accessories Div.             167 Bentley Harris Way             Gordonsville, TN 38563             Phone/Fax: 800-926-2486 / 615-683-6677             Designs and accessories fiberglass and monofilament sleeving for thermal and abrasion             aegis for hoses, tubing, and wiring. Applications lath HVAC, braking, ammunition systems, and             agent and basal wire harnesses.

       Bergstrom Accomplishment Co.             2390 Blackhawk Rd.             Rockford, IL 61125             Phone/Fax: 815-874-7821 / 815-874-2114             Supplier of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning for off-highway, over-the-road, and bus vehicles.

       Berne Enterprises, Inc.             7190 Berne Rd.             Pigeon, MI 48755-9709             Phone/Fax: 517-453-3235 / 517-453-3032             Berne Enterprises, Inc. is a full-service foundry. Engineering from print or part, carapace abstraction and             coring, consecration melting, normalizing or allay and atmosphere is offered. Every calefaction is certified.             Specialized in wear-resistant materials, austenitic manganese, balmy and adulterated steels including             stainless steel. Castings up to 80 Kg.

       Beru Corp.             770 Pasquinelli Drive, Ste. 426             Westmont, IL 60559-1200             Phone/Fax: 630-455-9926 / 630-455-9965             Architect of agitation coils, atom plugs, agitation leads, and connectors for gasoline/alternate fuel             engines, agent agent afterglow plugs and blaze alpha systems, electrical noise abolishment networks,             crankshaft/camshaft VR, and Hall Aftereffect position sensors and temperature sensors.             Products: Engines, Electrical/Electronic Components

       Best Ex Inc.             820 Automated Ct.             P.O. Box 454             Baraboo, WI 53913-0454             Phone/Fax: 608-356-4882 / 608-356-4883

       Blackbox Radio Alien Controls             586 Capital St.             Glen Williams, ON, Canada LTG 3T6             Phone/Fax: 905-873-0141 / 905-877-1809             Action radio alien ascendancy and on-board automation of abundant equipment. Custom turnkey             prototyping for OEM’s is a specialty.

       BLB SRL             Via Natta, 1             Brandona (VI), ITA 36040             Phone/Fax: 39-444-401141 / 39-444-401086             The aggregation offers a avant-garde ambit of hydraulic directional ascendancy valves, pumps, motors, and             accent ascendancy valves to lath your needs for adjustable on and off-highway vehicles,             automated adeptness packs and agronomical machinery.

       Blissfield Mfg. Co.             626 Depot St.             Blissfield, MI 49228-1399             Phone/Fax: 517-486-2121 / 517-486-2129             Supplier of asperous all-steel oil coolers for hydraulic, transmission, power steering, and agent oil             cooling requirements. Additionally accessible are animate condensers and belt drive compressors for air             conditioning applications.

       BLS Enterprises, Inc.             1080 Nerge Rd., Ste. 204             Elk Grove Village, IL 60007             Phone/Fax: 800-307-0299 / 847-301-0651             BLS Enterprises, Inc. accessories and markets polyurethane TUFPADS track pads and rubber             HQRPADS clue pads for all track-driven vehicles, including city pavers and milling machines,             ample and baby excavators, backhoes, and saws. Both TUFPADS and HQRPADS action better             absorption on adamantine surfaces than bald animate tracks, assure the apparent the cartage airing over, and             can be customized to alone needs. Polyurethane TUFPADS aftermost two to four times best than             accepted elastic clue pads. BLS Enterprises additionally has polyurethane track bands accessible for             Blaw-Knox PF400 and PF500 clue pavers.

       BNA Bonfiglioli North America Inc.             7941 Jane St. Assemblage 2             Concord, ON, Canada L4K 4L6             Phone/Fax: 800-668-4327 / 905-738-9833             Architect of multipurpose all-embracing accent boxes and gearmotors, transit mixer drives, wheel             drives, clue drives, bulk drives, and winch drives.             Products: Drivetrains, Accepted Automated Components, Electrical/Electronic Components

       Bodycote Taussig, Inc.             7530 Frontage Rd.             Skokie, IL 60077-3213             Phone/Fax: 800-323-3657 / 847-676-2132             Client casework lath metallurgical and abstracts testing, abortion analysis, automated properties             testing, actinic analysis, calefaction assay evaluations, acerbity testing, plastic/polymer             evaluations, and action abutment services. SEM/EDS capabilities; FT-IR.A2LA accredited             laboratory. ISO9002 and NADCAP approved.             Products: Consulting Services, Assay & Measurement

     Boeing Co.             MC 7L-46             P.O. Box 3707             Seattle, WA 98124-2207             Phone/Fax: 425-865-3063 / 425-865-2966

       The Boeing Co.             P.O. Box 3707 mls 7L-46             Seattle, WA 98127-2207             Phone/Fax: 425-865-3063 / 425-865-2966             EASY5 is software acclimated to archetypal and simulate activating systems containing hydraulic,             pneumatic, mechanical, thermal, electrical, and agenda ascendancy elements. Systems can be quickly             modeled with pre-defined blocks apery authentic apparatus (pumps, gears, motors, etc.)             Links to added CAE applications like Matlab, Matrix-x, Adams, etc. allow for complete virtual             arrangement prototyping. Antecedent cipher is automatically generated to abutment real-time simulation.             Products: Computers

       Bokam Engineering, Inc.             3633 W. MacArthur Boulevard, Ste. 412             Sanata Ana, CA 92704             Phone/Fax: 714-513-2200 / 714-513-2204             Begun in 1980 as a architecture and development accumulation to accommodated the needs of customers who require             avant-garde electromechanical technology circuitous in high-tech sensors; aftermath multi-axis             force sensors and can architecture and advance custom sensors for use in the automotive industry.

       Bolder Technologies Corp.             4403 Table Mountain Drive             Golden, CO 80403             Phone/Fax: 303-215-7200 / 303-215-2500             An activity technology aggregation that is developing and commercializing advanced, high-power             rechargeable arrangement systems based on its patented TME technology. The company’s TME             technology uses authentic lead-acid electrochemistry in a proprietary configuration that has             high-power density.

       Bondioli & Pavesi, Inc.             10252 Sycamore Dr.             Ashland, VA 23005-8137             Phone/Fax: 804-550-2224 / 804-550-2837             A architect of Adeptness Chiral apparatus offered in a avant-garde range of sizes in products             such as: hydraulic accent and agent pumps/motors, directional ascendancy valves, calefaction exchangers,             gearboxes, automated valves, and hydraulic cylinders.

       Bontaz Center             725 South Adams Rd. #126             Birmingham, MI 48009             Phone/Fax: 248-647-7833 / 248-647-7811             QS-9000 certified common baton in accession of attention circling machined accessories for various             applications. Specialized in architecture and development of complete assemblies.

       Borg-Warner Automotive Turbo Systems             6040 W. 62nd St.             Indianapolis, IN 46278             Phone/Fax: 317-328-3100 / 317-328-3292             BWA Turbo Systems is a architect of agent and vehicular accessories for on-and off-highway,             abyssal accessories and added automated applications. Architect of turbochargers, fans, fan drives,             and beating dampers for agent engines. The aggregation has manufacturing and administration on four             continents to serve aboriginal accessories manufacturers and annual commercial cartage in added than             60 countries aback 1918.             Products: Engines, Assay & Measurement, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Manufacturing

       Bosch Automation Technology             7505 Durand Ave.             Racine, WI 53406             Phone/Fax: 414-554-7100 / 414-554-7117             Provider of automation solutions for the automotive, plastics, electronics, woodworking, and other             industries. The company’s accepted accessories lath automated and mobile hydraulics, pneumatics,             conveyors, assignment stations, framing systems and components, bandage systems, automated drives,             CNC controls, and PLCs.             Products: Manufacturing, Hydraulics

       Bosch Automotive Proving Grounds             32104 Accompaniment Rd. 2             New Carlisle, IN 46552             Phone/Fax: 219-654-2420 / 219-654-8755             The Bosch Automotive Proving Grounds (BAPG) is an absolute agent testing service             acknowledging manufacturers of both off-highway and on-highway heavy-duty vehicles. The facility             includes 675 acres, with a 3-mile egg-shaped track, accelerated backbone and off-road courses, vehicle             dynamics area, and 20% – 60% grades. BAPG provides engineers, technicians, drivers and clerical             cadre to abutment a arrangement of accelerated structural durability, powertrain durability, brake             arrangement development, babble appraisal and added FMVSS, ECE, and SAE test procedures.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Robert Bosch Corp.        Automotive Grp.             38000 Hills Tech Dr.             Farmington Hills, MI 48331             Phone/Fax: 248-553-9000 / 248-553-1116             Supplier of electrical and cyberbanking apparatus to the able industry. Accessories include             braking systems, ammunition arrangement components, baby engine, ammunition bang systems, electronic             controls, cyberbanking agent control, assemblage bang pumps, starters, alternators, and relays and             switches.             Products: Engines, Drivetrains, Cabs, Accepted Automated Components, Electrical/Electronic             Components, Hydraulics

       Boston Agenda Corp.             125 Fortune Blvd.             Granite Park             Milford, MA 01757             Phone/Fax: 508-473-4561 / 508-478-7224             High-precision CNC milling, drilling, and arid machines are offered.             Products: Manufacturing

       Bostrom Basement Inc.             50 Nances Creek Blvd.             Piedmont, AL 36272             Phone/Fax: 205-447-9051 / 205-447-3208             Architect of abeyance seats for trucks and added automated vehicles in North America.             Assay and development focus on disciplinarian abundance and efficiency.             Products: Cabs

       Bostrom, H.O.             818 Progress Ave.             Waukesha, WI 53186             Phone/Fax: 414-542-0222 / 414-542-3784             Design, manufacture, and bazaar changeless and abeyance seats, anchored and adjustable pedestals,             bank belts, and basement accessories for on and off-highway applications. Markets include,             agriculture, construction, forklift, actual handling, backyard care, healthcare and truck/bus             applications.             Products: Cabs

       Bourns, Inc.             1200 Columbia Ave.             Riverside, CA 92507             Phone/Fax: 909-786-6200 / 909-786-6203             Common architect of cyberbanking components; apparatus for automotive applications include             steering, ammunition level, audio controls, ambit aegis devices, board akin components;             non-contacting and burden sensors.

       Bowles Fluidics Corp.             6625 Dobbin Rd.             Columbia, MD 21045             Phone/Fax: 410-381-0400 / 410-381-2718             Offers abounding windshield washer nozzles, arch lamp washer nozzles, defrosters, boiler outlets, air             conditioner outlets, demisters.

       Braden Carco Gearmatic        Paccar Winch Div.             800 E. Dallas Ave.             P.O. Box 547             Broken Arrow, OK 74013             Phone/Fax: 918-251-8511 / 918-258-4822             Designs, manufactures, and markets electrically, mechanically, and hydraulically apprenticed bastard gear             and all-embracing winches, dispatch reducers, beat and caster drives, and tractor-mounted towing             winches, which are acclimated for logging, construction, pipeline, dredging, oil field, offshore, mobile, and             barter cranes throughout the world.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Electrical/Electronic Components

       Anchor Genitalia Inc.        Echlin Bartering Accessories Div.             4400 Prime Parkway             McHenry, IL 60050-7033             Phone/Fax: 219-277-1241 / 219-277-1365             Supplier of anchor genitalia and braking systems.

       Anchor Accumulation Co., Inc.             1300 W. Lloyd Expressway             Evansville, IN 47708             Phone/Fax: 812-429-9407 / 812-429-9493             Offers a bandage of anchor components; drive line, hydraulic and air.

       Casting Hydraulics Co., Inc.             2332 S. 25th St.             Omaha, NE 68105             Phone/Fax: 402-344-4434 / 402-341-5419             Architect of hydraulic-flow control, chiral directional control, electric directional control,             proportional divider, antecedence affiliate valves, and duke operated pumps.

       Branick Industries, Inc.             2600 3rd Ave. N., P. O. Box 1937             Fargo, ND 58107             Phone/Fax: 701-235-4446             Caster annual equipment, caster balancers, MacPherson strut tools, undercar tools, annoy service             accessories are offered by Branick Industries.

       Branston Ultrasonics Corp.             41 Eagle Rd.             Danbury, CT 06813-1961             Phone/Fax: 203-796-0400 / 203-796-9838             Accessories plastics abutting accessories including ultrasonic, vibration (linear and orbital), hot             plate, spin, laser, and focused bittersweet welders. Additionally offered are precision automated and             bartering accelerated charwoman equipment.             Products: Manufacturing

       Brazeway, Inc.             2711 E. Maumee St.             Adrian, MI 49221             Phone/Fax: 517-265-2121 / 517-263-6416             Supplier of aluminum tubing and bogus products.

       Brevini USA Inc.             400 Corporate Hills Pkwy.             Vernon Hills, IL 60061-4117             Phone/Fax: 847-478-1000 / 847-492-1001             Accessories all-embracing accent reducers in alternating shaft, wheel, or track drives. Ideal for low-speed,             high-torque applications. Ratings alignment from 3.5: to 3150:1 and continuous torque ratings up to             550,000 N o m.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Briskin Accomplishment Co.             5852 W. 51st St.             Chicago, IL 60638             Phone/Fax: 708-496-0240 / 708-496-0282             Supplier of arc and attrition anchored metal ammunition tanks for auto and trucks, as able-bodied as large             and/or abundant stampings.

       Britax PMG Ltd.             Bessingby Automated Estate             Bridlington, East Yorkshire, UK, Y016 4SJ             Phone/Fax: 44-1262-670161 / 44-1262-605666             Designers and manufacturers of admonishing beacons, avant-garde and rear combination lamps, auxiliary             lighting, and mirror assemblies.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Bodies/Frames/Chassis

     Dayton T. Brown             Church St.             Bohemia, NY 11716             Phone/Fax: 516-244-6204 / 516-244-6216             Designs and accessories automated assay systems that are acclimated for production/overhaul testing             and appraisal of alternating apparatus (engine-driven pumps/motors and gearboxes, electrically             apprenticed pumps/motors), nonrotating apparatus (linear and nonlinear actuators and automated and             electromechanical valves), and servo components. Chip acumen support and technical             affidavit included.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Brüel & Kjaer        Div. of Spectris Technologies, Inc.             2815 Colannades Crt.             Norcross, GA 30071             Phone/Fax: 800-332-2040 / 770-447-8440             New beating NT analyzer systems, STSF (Spatial Transformation of Complete Field). Passby noise,             microphone accession system, babble antecedent location, handheld complete intensity, complete power,             complete quality, torsional laser, accelerometers, distance microphones.             Products: Assay & Measurement, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Drivetrains, Consulting Services,             Manufacturing, Engines

       Bruin Plastics Co., Inc.             61 Joslin Rd.             P.O. Box 700             Glendale, RI 02826             Phone/Fax: 800-556-7764 / 401-568-0019             Bruin Plastics engineers and accessories a ample another of quality vinyl laminated and coated             fabrics, including avant-garde bolts of fire-retardant, water-repellant and fluorescent fabrics accordant with             vinyl book and administer paints. A arch architect of tonneau top fabric.             Products: Materials

       Brunson Apparatus Co.             8000 E. 23rd St.             Kansas City, MO 64129             Phone/Fax: 816-483-3187 / 816-241-1945             The aggregation provides industry with dimensional distance systems and services. Featuring             Spatial Analyzer, a abounding featured automated metrology amalgamation designed for the Windows(r)             environment. The Spatial Analyzer accompanying acquires and analyzes abstracts from any             aggregate of metrology instruments (Theodolites, Absolute Stations, Laser Trackers, and Coordinate             Distance Machines).

       The Budd Co             3155 W. Big Beaver             P.O. Box 2601             Troy, MI 48007-2601             Phone/Fax: 248-643-3500 / 248-643-3593             Food across metal and SMC anatomy components, avant-garde architecture COWL silencers for reduced             babble levels, castings, prototypes and algid acclimate products.             Products: Materials, Manufacturing, Drivetrains, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Accepted Mechanical             Components

       Bundy Corp.             12345 E. Nine Mile Rd.             Warren, MI 48090-2001             Phone/Fax: 810-755-8343 / 810-755-0527             Common supplier of automotive brake, fuel, and powertrain fluid-carrying systems and vapor             alteration systems. Accessories offered lath steel, aluminum, nylon, and Teflon tubing and             multi-layer corrupt for all aqueous applications, as able-bodied as appropriate corrosion aggressive coatings and quick             connects that accommodated all OEM burden and accession requirements.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Drivetrains, Materials, Cabs, Engines

       Bunting Bearings Corp.             1001 Holland Pk. Blvd.             Holland, OH 43528             Phone/Fax: 419-866-7000 / 419-866-0653             Architect of affection alike bearings of all types, brownish admixture bars and delicate metal and             abiding casting structural parts. Additionally provides an added bandage of non-metallic bearings.             Products: Materials

       Burgess-Norton Mfg. Co.        Div. of Amsted Industries             737 Peyton St.             Geneva, IL 60134             Phone/Fax: 630-232-4150 / 630-232-3634             Specializes in a altered admixture of metalworking capabilities including powder metal, machined             products; such as agent pins and shafts, adjustable and gray adamant castings, apparatus keys, and             assemblies.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Engines

       Burgess Saia Inc.             1335 Barclay Boulevard             Buffalo Grove, IL 60089             Phone/Fax: 708-215-9600 / 708-215-9606             Suppliers of stepper and accessory abiding allurement motors and reduction gears; DC motors             and abridgement gear; and bankrupt attention switches and anterior switches.

       Burr Engineering & Development Co.             730 E. Michigan Ave.             Battle Creek, MI 49017             Phone/Fax: 616-966-3122 / 616-965-2389             Architect of automated beeline actuators in lengths from 2.5 to 180 cm, amaranthine up to 1600 kg,             brawl circling or apogee units. Custom actuators available.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Busak Shamban        Seals Div.             2531 Bremer Dr.             Fort Wayne, IN 46801             Phone/Fax: 800-767-3257 / 219-749-0066             Engineers, manufactures, and distributes seal, bearing, and wiper products. Shamban Seals             Assay is circuitous in the accomplish and business of aeriform performance allowance and bearing             systems.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Cabs

     Cable Mfg. & Accession Co., Inc.             10896 Automated Pkwy. N.W.             P.O. Box 409             Bolivar, OH 44612-0409             Phone/Fax: 800-586-8404 / 800-586-8405             Architect of custom-engineered automated cable assemblies, push-pull and pull-only controls             for applications in the automotive and busline industries; supplier to OEM, tier-one and tier             two; registered to ISO9001/QS9000; complete centralized design, engineering, testing, tooling, and             sample services.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Cabs

       California Analytic Instruments Inc.             1238 W. Grove Ave.             Orange, CA 92865-4134             Phone/Fax: 714-974-5560 / 714-921-2531

       Camax Systems, Inc.             7851 Metro Parkway             Minneapolis, MN 55425-1528             Phone/Fax: 612-854-5300 / 612-854-6644             NC/CNC programming systems (graphically driven) with apparatus apparatus simulation, NC verification,             and accepted postprocessor to drive apparatus accoutrement with up to 5-axis simultaneous motion are             offered by Camax Systems..

       Camloc Gas Springs             2617 Glenview Ave.             Royal Oak, MI 48073             Phone: 248-544-5160             ISO9001 architect of a avant-garde ambit of accepted gas springs, as able-bodied as assorted specially             engineered variations, including locking, force-adjustable, and counterbalance springs.

       Campbell International, Inc.             120 W. Kent Ave.             P.O. Box 875             Wauconda, IL 60084-2441             Phone/Fax: 847-526-7300 / 847-526-7447             Supplier of apparatus panels, bogus metal parts, complete suppression, air conditioning, and             ROP’s actualization cab with abounding blueprint and controls. Additionally action cabs with all components             installed and absolutely tested, ready-to-mount on chassis.             Products: Cabs

       Campbell Scientific, Inc.             815 W. 1800 N.             Logan, UT 84321-1784             Phone/Fax: 435-753-2342 / 435-750-9540             Accessories rugged, reliable abstracts accretion systems for carriageable and alien applications. The             company’s systems affection avant-garde operating temperature ranges, low power usage, powerful             on-board apprenticeship sets, and the adeptness to anon admeasurement a variety of sensors. Supported             applications lath agent testing, accessories performance, HVAC, geotechnical studies, civil             engineering, mining, and apple science research. Distance capabilities lath acceleration,             RPM, displacement, pressure, temperature, and flow.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Camshaft Apparatus Co.             717 Woodworth Rd., P. O. Box 49             Jackson, MI 49204             Phone/Fax: 517-787-2040 / 417-787-7084             Automotive, automated and able camshaft supplier. Centralized capabilities lath product             design, ancestor and high-volume production. Affection certified by OEM’s.

       Canadian Apparatus & Die Ltd.             1331 Chevrier Boulevard             Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3T 1Y4             Phone/Fax: 204-453-6833 / 204-453-3803             Architect of wheels, hubs, spindles, hydraulic cylinders, formed and machined parts.             Castings including ductile, blah and aeriform chrome. Additionally accomplish implement hitches and hitch             brackets, tractor hammerstraps, and electric bassinet jacks.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Carboloy Inc.             11177 E. Eight Mile Rd.             Warren, MI 48089             Phone/Fax: 810-497-5000 / 810-497-5627             Supplier of carbide metalcutting tools, systems and services, as allotment of the all-embracing seco tools             organization, the aggregation is able to draw on assay and adeptness from about the apple to             advance a connected beck of innovative, analytic new products.

       Carbone Loraine N.A.             14 Eastmans Rd.             Parsippany, NJ 07054             Phone/Fax: 201-884-3925 / 201-503-0335             Carbone Loraine offers a ambit of accessories from sintered abstracts to carbon/carbon composites             including accessories for aerospace and railway braking applications and sintered metal linings for             off-highway equipment.

       Carlingswitch Inc.             60 Johnson Ave.             Plainville, CT 06062-1177             Phone/Fax: 860-793-9281 / 860-793-9231             Architect of alluring ambit breakers, electrical switches and assemblies. Don’t absence the             newest accession to the aggregation artefact line, the L-Series abounding admeasurement rocker switches, offering             LED/incandescent illumination, abundant abortion options, “tri-seal” sealing and industry             accepted console cutouts.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Carlisle        Motion Ascendancy Industries             1031 E. Hillside Dr.             Bloomington, IN 47401-6597             Phone/Fax: 812-336-3811 / 812-334-8775             The aggregation has been confined the off-highway, construction, agricultural, mining, and industrial             accessories markets for over 35 years with a complete bandage of hydraulic dry disc brakes, mechanical             esplanade brakes, animation applied/hydraulic absolution esplanade brakes, and hydraulic anchor modulating valves.             Products: Drivetrains

       Carol Cable Corp.             4 Tesseneer Drive             Highland Heights, KY 41076             Phone/Fax: 606-572-8602 / 606-572-9634             Artefact bandage includes automotive wire and cable, atom bung wire sets, arrangement cables, booster             cables, primary wire, amateur cable, bivouac cable, addendum cords, and agitation lights.

       Carpenter Technology Corp.             P.O. Box 14662             Reading, PA 19612-4662             Phone/Fax: 610-208-2369 / 610-208-2790             Specialty animate and admixture ambassador including stainless steels, superalloys, high- backbone alloys,             corrosion-resistant alloys, cyberbanking alloys, and apparatus steels in the forms of bar, billet, wire and             strip. Additionally aftermath titanium alloys and added engineered products.             Products: Materials

       Carraro North America             10516 United Pkwy.             Schiller Park, IL 60176             Phone/Fax: 847-928-9700 / 847-928-9707             Italian architect of automated apparatus for on/off-highway applications. In its ambit of             accessories are axles, transmissions, clutches, auto components, and gears.             Products: Drivetrains

       Carrier-Oehler Co.             16965 Vincennes Ave.             P.O. Box 40             South Holland, IL 60473-0040             Phone/Fax: 708-339-8200 / 708-339-9830             Architecture and anatomy carriageable analytic assay kits for agent and hydraulic arrangement assay of off-road             vehicles. Additionally administer tube and aqueduct supports, burden temperature breeze and akin instruments.             Products: Consulting Services, Assay & Measurement, Accepted Mechanical Components,             Electrical/Electronic Components, Cabs, Manufacturing

       Carter Automotive Co., Inc.             26555 Northwestern Highway             Southfield, MI 48170             Phone: 810-354-8223 Designs and accessories ammunition arrangement apparatus for the automotive and             barter markets. Primary accessories are electric ammunition pumps, in-tank ammunition delivery systems, emission             controls and actuators, and automated ammunition pumps.

       Castrol North America        Specialty Accessories Div.             240 Centennial Ave.             Piscataway, NJ 08854             Phone/Fax: 908-457-0037 / 908-457-8835             Offers “liquid engineering” of specialty lubricants including specialty greases, chiral fluids,             shock cushion fluids, and accent oils.

       Caterpillar Inc.        Agent Accessories Div.             P.O. Box 610             Mossville, IL 61552-1610             Phone/Fax: 309-578-6298 / 309-578-2559             Caterpillar is a apple arch architect of architecture and mining equipment, agent and             accustomed gas engines, and automated gas turbines. Headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, the company             acquaint almanac sales and revenues in 1998 of U.S. $20.98 billion up more than $2 billion from 1997.             Agent sales annual for about 25% of absolute aggregation sales. The company has 65,000 employees,             74 accomplishment accessories worldwide; and is a Fortune 30 automated company with added than $20             billion in assets. The Caterpillar banker arrangement is an basal part of the company’s history.             From over 1,200 locations worldwide, the arrangement provides support, service and genitalia incomparable in             the industry.             Products: Engines

       Caterpillar Automated Products, Inc.             501 S.W. Jefferson Ave.             Peoria, IL 61630-2132             Phone/Fax: 309-494-2756 / 309-494-2686             The aggregation offers Caterpillar components, adeptness modules, undercarriages, contract             accomplishment services, as able-bodied as agent engines and metal face seals. In apple chic facilities,             the aggregation technology and accomplishment adeptness is put to assignment for the OEM. Genitalia and             apparatus bogus to the OEM’s blueprint by the aggregation lath oil coolers, heat             exchangers, and a arrangement of genitalia bogus via crumb metallurgy. Custom oil coolers are bogus for             engines, transmissions, torque converters and brakes, as able-bodied as complete vehicles. Powder             metallurgy is a bulk extenuative accomplishment action acclimated to accomplish a avant-garde range of abiding parts.             Products: Drivetrains, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Accepted Automated Components, Engines

       CellPort Labs             4888 Pearl E.Circle, Ste. 300E             Boulder, CO 80301             Phone/Fax: 303-541-0722 / 303-541-0731             CellPort Labs is a arch developer of technologies for bringing wireless telecommunications to             vehicles, including a server/controller that connects anchored vehicle electronics to IP-based data             networks over a best of wireless airlinks, and a hands-free accent that promotes the safe use of             cellphones while abbreviation RF interference.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Assay & Measurement, Consulting Services

       Centrodyne Corp. of America             34 B Kellogg Rd.             Essex Junction, VT 05452             Phone/Fax: 802-878-5575 / 802-878-0409             Centrodyne’s Silent 1000 Cyberbanking Trip Recorder will abundance and display agent speed, RPM, fuel,             idling, stops, etc., as able-bodied as acquiesce for abstracts entry. Trip abstracts is transferred to appointment PC for analysis.

       Champ Products, Inc.             7615 Matoaka Rd.             Sarasota, FL 34243             Phone/Fax: 813-351-6800 / 813-351-6590             Accessories affection calefaction exchangers and abyssal applications, utilizing carapace and tube design.             Products: Engines

       Chandler Products             1491 Chardon Rd.             Cleveland, OH 44117-1598             Phone/Fax: 216-481-4400 / 216-481-4427             Manufacturers of algid headed fasteners: admeasurement ambit 1/4″-5/8″ bore in abbreviate to medium             accession runs.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Christopher Apparatus & Manufacturing Co.             30500 Carter St.             Solon, OH 44139             Phone/Fax: 216-248-8080 / 216-248-1614             Christopher Apparatus & Accomplishment offers attention machining to customer prints with 47 years             authentic arete in ammunition arrangement and hydraulic arrangement components, parts are machined to tight             tolerances, in adamantine materials, with circuitous geometries. Prototyping available.

     Citco        An Operation of Candis Gardner, A Unova Co.             357 Washington St.             Chardon, OH 44024             Phone/Fax: 440-285-9181 / 440-285-3678             Architect of a ample bandage of superabrasive accessories for the worldwide automotive, off-road             vehicles, bearings, and acid accoutrement industries; the accessories include architecture and CBN grinding             wheels; architecture bathrobe tools; rotary architecture dressers; superabrasive chafe parts; PCD, and             PCBN acid tools.

       CITGO Petroleum Corp.             P. O. Box 3758             Tulsa, OK 74102             Phone/Fax: 918-495-4729 / 918-495-5022             CITGO develops and markets able agent oils and offers testing services to optimize             crankcase cesspool intervals. CITGO additionally offers both mineral and synthetic accent lubricants, heavy-duty             greases, and able chiral fluids. Toll chargeless abstruse assistance at 800-248-4684.

       Clark Brothers Apparatus Co.             56680 Mound Rd.             Shelby Township, MI 48316             Phone/Fax: 810-781-7000 / 810-781-7005             Aggregation accessories adjustable shaft assemblies (speedometer, tachometer cables), mechanical             and electrical console gauges, and speedometer and tachometer correction adapters. Ascendancy head             cables for asphyxiate and throttles are additionally available, as is assay equipment including multi-motors and             agent analyzers.             Products: Assay & Measurement, Engines, Drivetrains, Cabs, Electrical/Electronic Components,             Accepted Automated Components

       Clark Engineering Casework L.L.C.             321 E. Avant-garde St.             Buchanan, MI 49107-2400             Phone/Fax: 616-697-8632 / 616-697-4525             The aggregation offers absolute artefact testing casework in the areas of structural testing,             powertrains, hydraulic apparatus and systems, babble and beating analysis, acreage data             acquisition, and metallurgical engineering.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Clark-Hurth Components             1293 Glenway Drive             Statesville, NC 28677             Phone/Fax: 704-873-2811 / 704-878-5616             Complete drivetrain solutions for off-highway applications are offered including all-embracing axles,             powershift transmissions, brakes, and cyberbanking controls.             Products: Drivetrains

       CLASS 1             607 N.W. 27th Ave.             Ocala, FL 34475             Phone/Fax: 352-629-5020 / 352-629-2902             Designs and accessories 12-volt electrical apparatus and systems along with cyberbanking engine             controls and admonition centers.

       Apple-pie Seal, Inc.             P. O. Box 2919             South Bend, IN 46680-2919             Phone/Fax: 219-256-1556 / 219-258-4595             Extruded elastic gaskets and seals, anchor seals, trims, cream seals, vulcanizing services, algid splice             annual are offered by Apple-pie Seal.             Products: Materials, Accepted Automated Components

       Clevite Elastomers        Div. of The Pullman Co.             33 Lockwood Rd.             Milan, OH 44846             Phone/Fax: 419-499-2541 / 419-668-5463             Architect of elastic abreast accessories to ascendancy noise, vibration, and handling. Accessories include             elastic bushed linkages, agent and cab mounts, couplers, and suspension bushings.

       Cloyes Accent & Products, Inc.             691 N. Squirrel Rd., Ste.165             Auburn Hills, MI 48326             Phone/Fax: 248-340-9700 / 248-340-9499             Cloyes Accent food cam and crank sprockets, benefactor drive gears, antithesis shaft gears-both             cut animate and delicate metal, ABS rings, alternation drives to automotive and off-highway OEM             markets. As a abounding service, QS9000 certified systems supplier, the company manages the             barter affairs from architecture to final artefact and provides advancing engineering support.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Electrical/Electronic Components, Engines,             Drivetrains, Consulting Services

       Algid Banishment Co. of America, Inc.             1920 N. Redmond Rd.             P.O. Box 279             Jacksonville, AR 72076             Phone/Fax: 501-982-9463 / 501-982-9676             Algid forgings including alveolate cupped, splined, or solid genitalia from 0.3 Kg-9.1Kg. Carbon and alloy             steels can be artificial semi-finished machined genitalia to chump specifications. Engineering and             artefact architecture casework available. All raw abstracts certified with complete Q.C. procedures for all             products.             Products: Consulting Services, Drivetrains, Hydraulics, Materials, General Mechanical             Components

       Cole Hersee Co.             20 Old Colony Ave.             Boston, MA 02127-2467             Phone/Fax: 617-268-2100 / 617-268-9490             Designs and accessories low-voltage DC electrical switches, connectors, and accompanying accessories for             all types of able cartage and equipment.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       M. A. Hanna Colonial        Diversified Polymer Products             P. O. Box 930             Dyersburg, TN 38025-0930             Phone/Fax: 901-287-3636 / 901-287-3691             Supplier of molded cellular elastic OE components.             Products: Cabs, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Accepted Automated Components

       Coltec Industries, Inc.        Garlock Bearings, Inc.             700 Mid Atlantic Parkway             Thorofare, NJ 08086             Phone/Fax: 609-848-3200 / 609-848-5115             Accessories a avant-garde arrangement of high-performance self-lubricating sleeve bearings. Included among             these accessories are DU and DX animate backed bearings, and GAR-MAX and GAR-FIL cilia wound             bearings.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Comamoter        Italian Earthmoving-Machinery Manufacturers             Via L. Spallanzani, 22-A             Roma, Italy 00161 Phone/Fax: 39-06-442981 / 39-06-4402722             The alignment is a accumulation of Italian earthmoving accouterment manufacturers aural UNACOMA, the             civic affiliation of tractors and agronomical accouterment manufacturers. Associates in the             Comamoter is accessible to all Italian manufacturers of self-propelled earthmoving machinery, dumpers,             trailed machines, implements, apparatus and added parts. Associates is additionally accessible to             manufacturers common that accept a accession assemblage annex aural the European Abutment and a             administration and annual anatomy in Italy.             Products: Manufacturing, Agent Tools/Attachments/Implements

       Comer Group-Comer Inc.             9333 Forsyth Esplanade Drive             Charlotte, NC 28273             Phone/Fax: 704-588-8400 / 704-588-2222             Architecture and apparatus engineering, artefact development and testing, as able-bodied as abounding technical             abutment are offered

       Bartering Intertech Corp.             1775 Logan             Youngtown, OH 44505             Phone/Fax: 216-746-8011 / 216-746-1148             All-embracing architect of all aloft hydraulic adeptness apparatus for able mobile             equipment. Accessories lath accent pumps/motors; agent pumps/motors; control valves;             telescopic/rod cylinders; powerpacks and motion ascendancy systems and specialized braking             systems; and abundant stampings. Products:             Products: Drivetrains, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Computers, Hydraulics

       Commit Systems Inc.             98 Yorkview Drive             Willowdale, ON, Canada M2R 1J8             Phone/Fax: 416-733-0004 / 416-733-8616             Commit Systems provides able and adjustable arrangement for finite-capacity accession scheduling,             accession admission and synchronization, operations sequencing, machine loading, simulation,             accommodation abutment and complete accomplishment management. Customization, installation, support             are available.

       Bunched Controls, Inc.             3085 N.E. Brookwood Pkwy.             Hillsboro, OR 97124             Phone/Fax: 503-640-8921 / 503-648-8909             Designs, manufactures, assembles, and tests custom chip valve packages.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Assay & Measurement

       Computational Dynamics, Ltd.             200 Shepherd’s Bush Rd.             Hythe House             London, UK, W10 6RA             Phone/Fax: 44-181-969-9639 / 44-181-969-8606             Computational Dynamics, Ltd. is the developer, buyer and European agent of the accepted purpose             computational aqueous dynamics cipher STAR-CD.             Products: Computers, Consulting Services

       Concord International, Inc.             725 S. Adams Rd. #126             Birmingham, MI 48009             Phone: 248-647-7833             A administration consulting abutting specialized in common accumulation of automotive/off-highway             components, bazaar analysis, globalization strategy, and accretion and accoutrement of manufacturing             facilities. Specialty fields are calefaction transfer, agent components, net forges gears, alveolate forged             components, and hydraulic cylinders.             Products: Consulting Services

       Connecticut Fineblanking Corp.             25 Forest Parkway             Shelton, CT, 06484             Phone/Fax: 203-925-0012 / 203-926-9010             Action attention metal apparatus produced by the Fineblanking method. Complete apparatus building             capabilities and abounding ambit of accent operations.

       Contaq Technologies Corp.             P.O. Box 1416             Williston, VT 05495             Phone/Fax: 802-872-0727 / 802-872-0474             OEM of cyberbanking instruments and transducers apparatus ultrasound for distance measurement, size             determination, and position ascendancy applications.             Products: Computers, Assay & Measurement, Manufacturing

       Ascendancy Power-Reliance, LLC        DCT Affiliate             310 Executive Dr.             Troy, MI 48083-4587             Phone/Fax: 248-583-1020 / 248-583-9496             Accessories manufactured: hydraulic adeptness supplies, filtration systems, pick and abode assembly             systems, non-destructive birthmark apprehension equipment, hydraulic assay machines, accession and             validation testing machines.             Testing services: six arbor busline simulation, abuse car appulse simulation, beating and             anatomic testing.             Products: Consulting Services, Manufacturing, Accepted Automated Components, Assay &             Measurement, Hydraulics

       Ascendancy Products, Inc.             280 Ridgedale Ave.             East Hanover, NJ 07936-2394             Phone/Fax: 973-887-9400 / 973-887-5083             Founded in 1946, the aggregation accessories a ample bandage of affection thermal and waterproof             switches advised to accomplish beneath astringent ecology conditions. Thermal bandage includes             ultra-high temp, rod and tube, bimetal, snap-stat, and solid accompaniment electronic switches. Waterproof             bandage includes momentary, maintained, toggle, and absolute switches. Custom about-face assemblies with             appropriate terminations and connectors available.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Con-Vel, Inc.             917 Commerce Circle             Hanahan, SC             Phone/Fax: 843-744-6935 / 843-747-2654             Complete accessories accredit the architecture and accomplish of C.V. joints and driveshafts that feature             reliable, smooth, low-vibration chiral of torque at aeriform or varying operating angles; torque             capacities from 135-135,600 Lb. Ft. ideal for front-end caster drive steering applications or             able absolute suspensions.             Products: Drivetrains, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Accepted Automated Components

     Conwed Fibers             3150 Livernois Rd., Ste. 136             Troy, MI 48083             Phone/Fax: 248-689-7200 / 248-689-3226             Supplier of acoustical and thermal insulators bogus from recycled and recyclable materials.

       Cooper Industries        Abex Chafe Products             3001 W. Big Beaver Rd., Ste. 710             Troy, MI 48084             Phone/Fax: 248-643-4400 / 248-643-8478             Action a abounding bandage of asbestos-free chafe materials             Products: Materials

       Cooper Industries        Bussman Div.             P.O.Box 14460             St. Louis, MO 63178             Phone/Fax: 314-394-2877 / 314-527-1445             Accessories and markets fuses, agglutinate holders, agglutinate blocks, and agglutinate accessories for OEM and             aftermarket customers.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Copar, Inc.             210 Bill Bryan Blvd.             Hopkinsville, KY 42241             Phone/Fax: 502-885-9116 / 502-885-9518             Architect of heat-transfer accessories for the O.E. off-highway industry.

       Copperweld Corp.        Four Gateway Center             Pittsburgh, PA 15222             Phone/Fax: 412-263-3200 / 412-263-3080             Architect of automated and structural animate tubing. Aggregation headquarters are in Pittsburgh,             PA with bristles operational divisions. Copperweld Shelby Division, Shelby, OH, produces specialty             automated seamless and anchored tubing.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Cosworth Intelligent Controls, Inc.             41000 Vincenti Court             Novi, MI 48375             Phone/Fax: 810-471-5000 / 810-471-3680             Action design, development, and testing capabilities for engines, powertrains, components, and             subsystems. Accomplish a bandage of off-the-shelf programmable electronic agent controls for engine             testing and development.

       Cotta Chiral Co.             2210 Harrison Ave.             Rockford, IL 61104             Phone/Fax: 815-394-7400 / 815-394-7428             One antecedent for accepted or distinctively advised transmissions and accent boxes for a avant-garde arrangement of             applications, speeds and apparatus ranges. Abridgement gears, dispatch increasers, aeriform speed             units, alteration cases, pump drives, split-shaft adeptness takeoffs, appropriate angle accent boxes, planetary             abridgement gears, assorted dispatch transmissions, admixture drives and special accent boxes for gas,             diesel, hydraulic and electric motor applications.             Products: Drivetrains, Accepted Automated Components

       Cox Instrument/Schutte & Koerting             2233 Accompaniment Rd.             Bensalem, PA 19020             Phone/Fax: 215-639-0900 / 215-639-1597             Accessories agent breeze meters, sonic nozzles, capricious across breeze meters, and calibrators for flow             distance of gases and liquids; accepting one of the world’s bigger flow laboratories, company             additionally aliment and calibrates best types of breeze distance devices.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Creative Pultrusions, Inc.             Pleasantville Automated Park, P.O. Box 6             Aluminum Bank, PA 15521             Phone/Fax: 814-839-4186 / 814-839-4276             Supplier of fiber-reinforced artificial profiles; serves the transportation industry. Accessories include             roll-up aperture panels, interior/exterior bus panels, alien sections, vertical corners, sideposts, and             structural parts.

       Crenlo, Inc.             1600 4th Ave. N.W.             Rochester, MN 55901             Phone/Fax: 507-289-3371 / 507-287-3405             Across metal architect specializing in the accomplish of cabs and roll-over careful structures.             Offers design, testing, and applique services. Architecture capabilities lath DNC presses, plasma             acid and laser fabricating, welding, paint, and accession services.             Products: Cabs

       Cromweld Steels U.S.             P.O. Box 1500             Cornelius, NC 28031             Phone/Fax: 704-896-8116 / 704-896-8115             Cromweld Steels U.S. is the absolute supplier of the new bargain utility stainless steel, 3CR12,             which is broadly acclimated throughout Europe in bus and drillmaster frames, vehicle cars, borough vehicles,             trailers and dumper bodies. Its bane attrition and aeriform strength allows failing structures             to be designed.             Products: Materials, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Cabs

       Cross Mfg., Inc.             100 Branch St.             P.O. Box 67             Lewis, KS 67552             Phone/Fax: 316-324-5525 / 316-324-5737             Produces an extensive, high-quality hydraulic artefact bandage including welded and tie rod butt to             20.7 MPa; directional breeze and burden ascendancy valves; pumps and motors 8 to 150 cm3, filter,             accumulators and accent boxes.             Products: Hydraulics

       Crossville Elastic Products        Plastivax Inc.             315 Central Ave.             Crossville, TN 38555             Phone/Fax: 615-484-5187 / 615-484-4040             Supplier of elastic and vinyl exhaustion formed attic coverings, compression molded rubber, and             thermoformed artificial to the automotive and abundant barter industries.

       Crowley Co.             15030 Berkshire Automated Pk.             P.O. Box 425             Burton, OH 44021             Phone/Fax: 440-834-9400 / 440-834-0449             Offers fan blades that amalgamate aeriform adeptness with accepted architecture and construction, providing             flexibility, minimum adeptness consumption, and low babble operation.             Products: Engines, Drivetrains

       CSAR Corp.             28035 Dorothy Drive             Agoura Hills, CA 91301             Phone/Fax: 800-779-6161 / 818-707-7722             Supplier of CSA/NASTRAN, absolute FEA software. CSA/GENSA is the companion product             to CSA/NASTRAN for awful nonlinear analysis.

       Cummins Agent Co. Inc.             500 Jackson St.             Columbus, IN 47201-6258             Phone/Fax: 800-343-7357 / 812-377-2730             The company, headquartered in Columbus, IN, is an absolute manufacturer of agent engines.             With ratings from 60-2700 hp, the aggregation makes engines to serve a wide ambit of markets and             applications, including rollers, backhoes, graders, excavators, avant-garde end loaders, and oversize             dump trucks.             Products: Engines

       Curtis Instruments Inc.             200 Kisco Ave.             Mt. Kisco, NY 10549-1400             Phone/Fax: 914-666-2971 / 914-666-2188             The aggregation offers a bandage of gages with 10bar LED/LCD and panels for off-highway cartage and             equipment. Winner of the celebrated OEMie Accolade for engineering innovation. Gages are factory             programmable and arresting audio/visual alarms. Agent abeyance possible, if requested by OEM.             Outputs can about-face amaranthine up to 2-4 amps.             Products: Engines, Electrical/Electronic Components, Assay & Measurement

       Custom Accessories of Litchfield             1715 S. Sibley Ave.             P.O. Box 718             Litchfield, MN 55355             Phone/Fax: 612-693-3221 / 612-693-7252             The aggregation is a full-service antecedent for designing, testing, and manufacturing of OEM Cabs,             ROPS, enclosures, bogus across metal genitalia and angled tubing for the Off-Highway Industry.             Capabilities lath automated design, engineering, testing and manufacturing of abettor protective             structures, across metal genitalia and tube bending.             Products: Cabs

       Cyclo Industries, LLC             10190 Riverside Dr.             Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410             Phone/Fax: 800-843-7813 / 561-622-1055             Supplier of chemicals – Break Away Fast Penetrating Oil. Z.Lube multi-purpose lube, silicone             spray, white grease, air apparatus oil, hydraulic jack oil, anti-seize, chain and cable lube.             Products: Fuels and Lubricants

     Dalco / Britax Pmg Ltd.             216 Durham Court             Naperville, IL 60540             Phone/Fax: 630-961-3366 / 630-355-0990             The aggregation designs, accessories and food lighting, beacons, mirrors, and accompanying products             for tractors, excavators, and added off-highway vehicles. The aggregation commitment to quality,             accustomed by internationally accustomed ISO 9001 / BS5750 accreditation added added affection awards,             is akin alone by the allegation to assay and development.

       Dana Corp.        Spicer Off-Hwy. Accessories Div.             1293 Glenway Dr.             Statesville, NC 28625             Phone/Fax: 704-873-2811 / 704-878-5616             Spicer Off-Highway Accessories Assay is a all-around architect of power chiral components             for cartage in the markets including construction, agricultural, above arena and underground             mining, leisure-utility, actual handling, forestry, alfresco adeptness equipment, specialty chassis, and             added applications. Through alternate engineering assay and application analysis, company             ensures advancing improvements. Artefact testing and prototyping are available forth with             custom-design for altered bounded or all-around requirements.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Drivetrains

       Dana Corp.        Continued Mfg. Div.             5530 Harvester Rd.             Burlington, ON, Canada L7L 5V4             Phone/Fax: 905-333-4332 / 905-333-3959

       Dana Corp.        Boston Weatherhead Div.             P.O. Box 10016             Toledo, OH 43699-0016             Weatherhead is committed to accouterment durable, avant-garde and dependable products, such as hose             assemblies and tube accessories to the automated off-highway and abundant truck markets. The company             food air brake, air conditioning, adeptness plant, hydraulic, pneumatic, and aqueous alteration systems             to these assorted markets. Weatherhead’s off-highway capabilities include apparatus for             agronomical equipment, architecture equipment, forestry machine, leisure vehicles, material             handling, oil acreage equipment, alfresco adeptness equipment, railroad maintenance, specialty chassis,             apparent mining equipment, barter army accessories and underground mining equipment.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Dana Corp.        Gresen Hydraulics Div.             P. O. Box 25000             Greenville, SC 29616             Phone/Fax: 864-234-4681 / 864-234-4612             Aback 1945, Gresen Hydraulics has been designing and accomplishment the industry’s broadest line             of hydraulic and electrohydraulic pumps and valves for applications from architecture to material             handling, account and bits equipment; in low- or high-volume quantities; with accepted or             custom-designed accessories backed with complete testing and abstruse support; at Gresen, you             can get alone apparatus or a arrangement of components.             Products: Hydraulics

       Dana Corp.             P.O. Box 1000             Toledo, OH 43697-1000             Phone/Fax: 419-535-4724 / 419-535-4756             Drivetrain systems, agent parts, anatomy accessories aqueous adeptness systems, and automated power             chiral accessories supplier.             Products: Drivetrains, Engines, Hydraulics

       Dandekar Intl.             17754 Metzler Ln.             Huntington Beach, CA 92647-6245

       Danfoss Aqueous Adeptness Inc.             8635 Washington Ave.             Racine, WI 53406-3773             Phone/Fax: 414-884-7400 / 414-884-7440             Artefact bandage includes hydraulic pumps, motors, council units, proportional and added valves,             hydraulic and motion ascendancy valves, rotary actuators, armament valves, hydraulic chip circuits,             and AC and DC hydraulic adeptness units.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Hydraulics,             Electrical/Electronic Components

       Davco Mfg.             1600 Woodland Dr.             Saline, MI 48176             Phone/Fax: 734-429-5665 / 734-429-0741 Supplier of ammunition heaters, water separators, ammunition filters,             and ammunition processors; accumulation all ammunition conditioning backdrop into a single, bunched installation             that will advance and extend ammunition filtration performance.             Products: Engines

       Dayco Products, Inc.             1 Prestige Place             P.O. Box 1004             Dayton, OH 45401-1004             Phone/Fax: 937-226-7000 / 937-226-8691             All-around supplier of automated hoses, adeptness chiral systems, and related components.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Dayton Walther Corp.             P. O. Box 1022             Dayton, OH 45401             Phone/Fax: 937-296-3017 / 937-296-3030             Caster end and hydraulic and air anchor components; failing hubs and drums; and             opposed-piston medium-duty calipers.

       Deere Adeptness Systems             3801 W. Ridgeway Ave.             Waterloo, IA 50704-5100             Phone/Fax: 319-292-6060 / 319-292-5075             PowerTech engines from the aggregation are the affiance of the Future. They not alone accommodated today’s             emissions regulations, they additionally anatomy on the company’s aeriform akin of fuel efficiency, low noise,             affluence of service, smooth-running operation, and incomparable reliability. Deere Adeptness Systems gives             you added than avant-garde agent technology. We additionally accord you a artefact support system, so when             you accept PowerTech engines, you’ll accretion that promises bogus are promises kept. Agent models             from 21hp to 500hp (15kw to 373kw). In-line 3, 4, and 6 Butt engines. Configurations include             artlessly aspirated, turbocharged and after-cooled.             Products: Engines

       Defiance Testing & Engineering Services, Inc.             1960 Arena Dr.             Troy, MI 48083-4228             Phone/Fax: 810-583-7117 / 810-583-0008             Acknowledging the customers’ specific needs, the aggregation offers absolutely integrated abutment from             apparatus to abounding cartage to abate artefact development timing and costs. Acquaintance in body,             chassis/suspension, automated and electrical systems, utilizing abstracts acquisition, block aeon and             simulation testing, ecology chambers, beating equipment, noise and complete affection tools             and CAD/CAE consulting.

       Dekko Automotive Technologies             Artery 34 W.             P.O. Box 445             Osceola, IA 50213             Phone/Fax: 515-342-6559 / 515-342-3110             Electrical base accouter assemblies are offered by Dekko.             Products: Manufacturing, Engines, Electrical/Electronic Components

       Delco Electronics Corp.             One Corporate Center             Kokomo, IN 46904-9005             Delco offers cyberbanking solutions for the recreational and baby engine marketplace, including             agent administration systems and a arrangement of cyberbanking agent ascendancy modules.             Products: Engines

       Delco Remy America             2902 Enterprise Drive             Anderson, IN 46013-9668             Phone/Fax: 317-646-7854 / 317-646-3077             Able electrical systems for truck, bus, and off-road applications are offered. Products             lath starters, generators, and maintenance-free batteries.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Delco-Remy America, Inc.             Brawl 16             2401 Columbus Ave., P. O. Box 2439             Anderson, IN 46018             Phone/Fax: 317-646-2472 / 317-646-2645             Custom applique and metal architecture boutique alms appropriate machines, feeder systems, material             handling, ascendancy systems, apparatus grinding, dies, molds, gauges, and test equipment.             Products: Manufacturing

       Delphi Autogenous & Lighting Systems             6600 E. Twelve Mile Rd.             Warren, MI 48092-5905             Phone/Fax: 810-578-4456 / 810-578-3999             Accessories offered lath addressee ambiance systems and lighting as well as apparatus panels;             council wheels; air bags, aperture modules; aperture trim, latching, hinges, and window regulators; power             closers; bank systems and adjusters, arresting and HID lighting.             Products: Cabs, Bodies/Frames/Chassis

HDX 1-gal. Elastic Top Strainers (2-Pack)-11572/36WF - The ..

HDX 1-gal. Elastic Top Strainers (2-Pack)-11572/36WF – The .. | paint strainer bag home depot canada

       Delta Adeptness Co.             4484 Boeing Dr.             Rockford, IL 61109             Phone/Fax: 815-397-6628 / 815-397-2526             Delta offers hydraulic armament valves 2-, 3-, and 4-way encapsulated coil-type, mechanical             pressure, and breeze ascendancy valves. Capabilities up through 159L/min. and 35 MPa. Advised for             assorted ascent to annihilate accidental piping, abate cost, and service easily.             Products: Hydraulics

       Delta Systems, Inc.             1734 Frost Rd.             Streetsboro, OH 44241             Phone/Fax: 330-626-2811 / 330-626-5249             Delta Systems, Inc. is a architect of electrical and cyberbanking products for the alfresco power             accessories industry.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Deneb Robotics             5500 New King St.             Troy, MI 48098             Phone/Fax: 248-267-9696 / 248-267-8585             Architect of CAD absolute agenda accomplishment software; includes accessories for discrete             accident simulation for branch blueprint and throughput analysis; workcell tooling architecture and validation;             accession planning and analysis; animal motion and assignment analysis; robotic off-line programming;             CNC affairs validation; CMM affairs verification; and simulation-based training. All accessories can             be beheld in Virtual Reality environment, aggregate about the apple using the company’s Virtual             Collaborative Engineering environments. The company’s software is widely acclimated in the aerospace,             automotive, defense, environmental, medical, nuclear and assay communities. With offices in             Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, India and the United States.             Products: Computers

       Denison Hydraulics             14249 Automated Parkway             Marysville, OH 43040             Phone/Fax: 937-644-3915 / 937-642-3738             Denison Hydraulics is a all-around engineering and accomplishment aggregation with plants in the U.S.,             Germany, and France for accession of hydraulic valves and vane and piston pumps, motors, and             transmissions.             Products: Hydraulics

       DENSO All-embracing America, Inc.             24777 Denso Dr.             Southfield, MI 48086-5133             Phone/Fax: 248-350-7500 / 248-213-2471             DENSO provides common capabilities in design, development, manufacturing and commitment of             affection apparatus and systems. Artefact curve lath air conditioning and heating systems,             electrical and cyberbanking ascendancy products, ammunition administration systems, engine cooling systems,             apparatus console clusters, filters and information, and admonition systems.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Cabs, Accepted Automated Components

       Robert A. Denton, Inc.             2967 Waterview Dr.             Rochester Hills, MI 48309             Phone/Fax: 248-852-5100 / 248-852-6060             Robert A. Denton designs and builds bulk beef and transducer instrumentation for the             distance of multi-channel armament and moments. IDDAS arrangement demonstrates umbilical-cord             chargeless instrumentation. Blueprint arrangement annual for accelerometers and bulk beef is             available.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Assay & Measurement

       Dependable Apparatus Co.             1846 E. 30th St.             Indianapolis, IN 46218             Phone/Fax: 317-924-5378 / 317-926-0841             Architect of basal genitalia and assemblies in abutment of aloft OEM’s in the across of             off-highway accession featuring complete machines and artifact capabilities. SPC, JIT, and             ISO-9002 certified.

     Detroit Gasket             8530 Cliff Cameron Drive             Charlotte, NC 28269-9786             Phone/Fax: 704-547-7411 / 704-547-9367             Offers a abounding bandage of engine, exhaust, and die cut parts. Provides a full accompaniment of R&D             capabilities to abutment chump requirements.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Deutsch IPD             3850 Automated Ave.             Hemlet, CA 92545             Phone/Fax: 909-765-2250 / 909-765-2255             Environmentally sealed, electrical connectors for use in all off-highway applications. Multi-pin,             quick disconnect. Metal, thermo-plastic, 1-70 cavity, 6-24 awg, PCB mounts, inline, bulkhead.             Bogus in the U.S.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Deutsch IPD/Ladd Industries             4849 Hempstead Station Dr.             Kettering, OH 45429-5156             Phone/Fax: 937-438-2646 / 937-438-9755             Environmentally sealed, electrical connectors for use in all off-highway applications. Multi-pin,             quick disconnect. Metal, thermo-plastic, 1-70 cavity, 6-24 awg, PCB mounts, inline, bulkhead.             Bogus in the U.S. by Deutsch Automated Accessories Division.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       DEUTZ Corp.             3883 Steve Reynolds Blvd.             Norcross, GA 30093             Phone/Fax: 770-564-7100 / 770-564-7222             Absolute architect alms common agent and gas engines with a absolute power             ambit from 6 to 10,000 hp.             Products: Engines

       DFS International        DZUS Fasteners             7151 Lake Ellenor Dr.             Orlando, FL 32809             Phone/Fax: 407-858-9848 / 407-858-9601             Designs, develops and accessories specialty quick-access accouterments meeting requirements of             underhood, autogenous and anatomy panels; complete ballast architecture facilities with accelerated prototype             systems gives the capabilities of creating architecture solutions to accommodated fastening challenges.             Products: Cabs, Accepted Automated Components

       Diagnetics, Inc.             5410 S. 94th East Ave.             Tulsa, OK 74145             Phone/Fax: 800-788-9774 / 918-664-7724             Develops, manufactures, and markets action ecology accessories for the acreage ecology of             fluid-related apparatus conditions.

       Digalog Corp.             P.O. Box 3315             Ventura, CA 93006             Phone/Fax: 805-644-5000 / 805-650-0838             CellSystem is a complete modular assay corpuscle ascendancy and abstracts acquisition band-aid with quick             accession and Windows affluence of use, simplified at an adorable price. CellSystem’s integrated             arrangement with modular apparatus are calmly cabled calm to complete an absolute system,             including both abstracts accretion and engine/dynamometer control. This easily installed system             eliminates base headaches and amaranthine accession time – the user simply installs and             interconnects the four aloft components, connects his burden and temperature inputs to the             Corpuscle Connect Box, and is accessible to calibrate the system. The corpuscle system consists of the following             components: Cellmate CM/3i Absolute Time Ascendancy and Blueprint Computer, CellSystem             Windows NT Workstation, Arresting Conditioning Box, Corpuscle Connect Box, Operator Ascendancy Panel,             associated interconnect cabling and pre-configured HyperCell application. Optional actualization are             available. Simplify with CellSystem.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Dickey-John Corp.             P.O. Box 10             Auburn, IL 62615             Phone/Fax: 217-438-3371 / 217-438-6012             Designs, develops, and accessories cyberbanking ecology and ascendancy equipment particularly             across aeriform believability is appropriate in boxy ecology conditions. Transmission controls,             apparatus clusters and added custom electronics are additionally available.

       Agent Radiator Co.             1985 Janice Ave.             Melrose Park, IL 60160-1077             Phone/Fax: 708-345-9244 / 708-345-2194             Custom architect of complete radiator assemblies, charged-air cooled assemblies and radiator             assemblies with oil coolers to accommodated and beat OEM blueprint for power units, generator             sets, elastic annoyed and tracked vehicles, agriculture, marine, construction, industrial, blaze annual and             aggressive applications. Utilization of advance chargeless solder, anchored tubes and air accessory arena reinforcements             are accepted with all radiator cores and assemblies.             Products: Engines

       Dispensit        A Assemblage of Aqueous Ascendancy Corp.             6896 Hillsdale Crt.             Indianapolis, IN 46250             Phone/Fax: 317-577-9992 / 317-577-9994             Offers a complete ambit of dispensing valves and assignment stations, and dispensing robots for             applications such as electrical potting, bonding and gasketing; a fully able applications lab is             accessible for testing and demonstration.             Products: Manufacturing

       Diversified Abstruse Systems, Inc.             909 Electric Ave., Ste. 206B             Allowance Beach, CA 90740-6315             Phone/Fax: 562-493-0158 / 562-493-3158             The TDAS artefact bandage was accurately advised for rugged, stand-alone testing applications and             is currently actuality acclimated in abounding automotive and aerospace applications. The company’s TDAS             accessories are certified to the NHTSA, FAA, and SAE J211 abstracts acquisition practices, and are             accepted for their affluence of use, accuracy, and reliability.             Products: Computers, Consulting Services, Assay & Measurement

       DMK, Inc.             4917 Coye Dr.             Stevens Point, WI 54481-5001             Phone/Fax: 715-344-8600 / 715-344-8624             Artefact bandage includes lighting (stop/tail, accessory position, head, dome, license plate, turn/hazard,             beacons, assignment lamps, instrumentation/warning lamps, and reflex reflectors); windshield wiper             systems (motors, arms, blades, and D.C. motors); switches (column, rocker, ignition, push,             illuminated, and dimmer); added (fuel, brake, and oil akin indicators, seats, agglutinate boxes, steering             wheels, spinner knobs, horns, relays, and flasher units).             Products: Cabs, Accepted Automated Components, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Electrical/Electronic             Components

       Donaldson Co., Inc.             P.O. Box 1299             Minneapolis, MN 55440             Phone/Fax: 612-887-3121 / 612-887-3502             The Donaldson Co., Inc. is a common architect of filtration solutions and backup parts             for engine, automated and aeriform technology markets. The aggregation offers barter a altered ability             to administer filtration technology with aqueous dynamics, structural mechanics and acoustics, to create             assimilation and bankrupt systems that accommodated the barter specific business objectives. Additionally action a             ample bandage of affection backup components.

       Douce-Hydro, Inc.             7225 19 Mile Rd.             Sterling Heights, MI 48314             Phone/Fax: 810-997-5009 / 810-997-5030             A artist and architect of affection able hydraulic cylinders and agent accumulators.             Specializes in the development of custom-built cylinders to accomplish in diverse applications,             including basal presses, bang molding, animate foundries, offshore equipment, tunneling             machines, alley architecture equipment, and more.             Products: Hydraulics, Manufacturing

       Dow Actinic Co.        Essex Specialty Products, Inc.             1333 Ample St.             Clifton, NJ 07015             Phone: 201-773-6300             Provides bottle bonding and structural adhesives, reinforcing composites, and sealer systems to all             of the aloft automotive, off-highway, and able agent manufacturers.             Products: Materials

       DP Winch             5647 S. 122nd E. Ave.             Tulsa, OK 74146             Phone/Fax: 918-250-2450 / 918-250-0690             Accessories over 500 hydraulic all-embracing winch models with bandage pulls up to 453,000 kg, as well             as winch/bumper kits, capstan drives, beat drives, accent boxes, brakes, valves, and added related             products.             Products: Hydraulics

       Dreison International             6501 Barberton Ave.             Cleveland, OH 44102-5429             Phone/Fax: 216-281-7810 / 216-281-1132             Air starters, hydraulic filters, air precleaners, air adeptness steering, air dryers, fans, and heaters             bankrupt silencers (mufflers) are offered in Dreison’s artefact line.

       Dresser Apparatus Div.        Ashcroft Transducer Operations             38 Wellington Rd.             Milford, CT 06460-1641             Aback 1850, Dresser has been accomplishment Ashcroft and Heise pressure and temperature             assay instruments. Alms bristles assay technologies ideal for use in abounding automotive and             hydraulic applications.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       DRS Photronics             138 Bauer Drive             Oakland, NJ 07436-3105             Phone/Fax: 201-337-3800 / 201-337-4775             Designers and manufacturers of the DataOptic artefact line; multi-camera, absolutely integrated, digital             imaging arrangement accouterment fast set-ups for accelerated motion angel acquisition; afire admission to             captured images and real-time preview; offers the accomplished dispatch and resolution in agenda imaging             accessible today.

       DSP Technology Inc.             795 Highland Dr.             Ann Arbor, MI 48108             Phone/Fax: 734-973-1111 / 734-973-1103             DSP Technology, Inc. offers the latest innovations in powertrain testing and agitation analysis             accouterments and software, including actualization in RedLine ADAPT DAC (Data Acquisition and Control)             and CAS (Combustion Assay System). The aggregation additionally offers a complete ambit of assay cell             accessories and bell-ringer services.             Products: Computers, Consulting Services, Drivetrains, Engines, Assay & Measurement, Fuels and             Lubricants

       dSPACE, Inc.             22260 Haggerty Rd., Ste. 120             Northville, MI 48167-8969             Phone/Fax: 248-344-0096 / 248-344-2060             dSPACE develops aeriform achievement accouterments and software accoutrement that are used to ancestor control             systems in absolute time. Accouterments configuration, from a distinct lath controller to ample modular multi             processor systems, are absolutely authentic by software for modeling, automatic cipher generation, data             capture, assay and 3-D visualization.             Products: Computers, Assay & Measurement

       Bifold Dynamics, Inc.             P.O. Box 80436             Lincoln, NE 68501             Phone/Fax: 402-441-4300 / 402-467-5035             Aggregation offers annoy burden equalization valve for beheld affectation of air burden forth with central             bushing of both tires. Oil and grease hub caps for able axles are additionally offered.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Dubuque Backyard & Mfg. Inc.             32nd. & Jackson St.             Dubuque, IA 52004             Phone/Fax: 319-583-5716 / 319-583-8729

       Adjustable Adamant Group             28938 Lorain Rd.             North Olmsted, OH 44070             Phone/Fax: 216-734-8040 / 216-734-8182             Architecture and engineering admonition on adjustable adamant castings is offered.

       Dudek & Bock Mfg. Co.             5100 W. Roosevelt Rd.             Chicago, IL 60644             Phone/Fax: 773-379-4100 / 773-379-4108             Artefact bandage includes torsion, extension, and compression springs; light metal stampings, open             and anchored wire forms, collapsed forms, assemblies, and anchored assemblies; brake acknowledgment springs, seat             belt apparatus and abounding added accessories to the automotive OEM.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis

     The DuPont Co.        Viton Fluoroelastomer             Elkton Site             P.O. Box 306             Elkton, MD 21922-0306             Genuine DuPont VITON fluoroelastomers action an ideal antithesis of performance backdrop in             high-temperature applications up to 204C and acrid actinic environments. DuPont’s newest             family, ADVANTA specialty elastomers, offers architecture engineers a new choice aback temperatures             activate to beat the capabilities of nitrile and added oil aggressive elastomers.             Products: Materials

       Dupont Co. – Vespel(r)             350 Bellevue Rd.             Newark, DE 19713             Phone/Fax: 302-733-8021 / 302-733-8137             The company’s polyimide genitalia and shapes action outstanding chafe and friction backdrop during             high-pressure and dispatch situations. In addition, these polyimide parts and shapes provide             accomplished bend and appulse attrition and will accomplish at connected temperatures of 550 degrees             (F) with excursions to 900 degrees (F). Genitalia may be produced to net shape by compression             abstraction or are calmly machined from banal shapes for low-volume applications.             Products: Materials

       Duracote Corp.             350 N. Architecture St., P. O. Box 1209             Ravenna, OH 44266-1209             Phone/Fax: 800-321-2252 / 330-296-5102             Architect of laminated and coated bolt fabrics for automotive, truck and bus applications;             artefact bandage includes Dura-therm(r) antithesis laminated bibbos and Foylan(r) for calefaction isolation/insulation;             Duramotive(r) laminated bolt for security/cargo shades; Durug(r) coated bolt for barter and bus             flocking.

       Duramatic Products             Artery 23 N.             P.O. Box 747             Glennville, GA 30427             Phone/Fax: 800-365-3436 / 912-654-1062             Food backyard mower blades and edger blades to the OEM’s of the outdoor adeptness equipment             industry. Calefaction amusement blades apparatus an austempering action is additionally offered.             Products: Agent Tools/Attachments/Implements

       Durr, Inc.             40600 Plymouth Rd.             Plymouth, MI 48170             Phone/Fax: 313-459-6800 / 313-459-5837             Durr, Inc. is a all-around supplier of automated acrylic finishing systems to the motor vehicle             accomplishment industry. Durr designs and builds turnkey acrylic finishing, ecology control, and             agent systems. Aggregation offers a abounding ambit of engineering, activity management, and             architecture administration services.

       Durst Div.        Regal-Beloit Corp.             P.O. Box 298             Beloit, WI 53512-0298             Phone/Fax: 608-365-2562 / 608-365-2182             Supplier of adeptness chiral components, including bend and bastard gearboxes, adeptness dividers,             alteration cases, and bead boxes, caster drives, alive transmissions, Terrell and Federal hydraulic             pump drives, and custom accent drives.             Products: Drivetrains, Accepted Automated Components

       DVT Corp.             1670 Oakbrook Drive, #330             Norcorss, GA 30053             Phone/Fax: 770-449-4960 / 770-449-3073             Provides on-line assay and motion and apprentice guidance/position control apparatus a patented vision             technology. Installations lath abounding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd bank suppliers.             Products: Manufacturing

       Dynaflex Products             6466 Gayhart St.             City of Commerce, CA 90040             Phone/Fax: 213-724-1555 / 800-336-3610             Stainless animate bellows, bankrupt elbows, mufflers, and adjustable connectors.             Products: Engines

       Activating Aqueous Components, Inc.             980 W. Abutment Rd.             P.O. Box 100             West Union, SC 29696             Phone/Fax: 864-638-5544 / 864-638-0005             Offers a avant-garde arrangement of exhaustion and burden gages from sizes 1.5″ to 6″ glycerin abounding or dry.             Case styles accessible in stainless steel, animate or ABS plastic. Dynamic additionally offers hydraulic             accessories, including aeriform and low burden brawl valves, aggravate valves, breeze ascendancy valves, check             valves, assay points, breathers and transducers.             Products: Hydraulics

       Dynapower/Stratopower             3250 Adeptness Dr.             N. Charleston, SC 29418             Phone/Fax: 803-760-5700 / 803-760-5705             Supplier of able axial pumps, motors, and transmissions; available in sizes from 3.4 cir to             21.0 cir and rated over 370 KW input.             Products: Drivetrains

       Dyne Systems Co, LLC             N114 W19049 Clinton Dr.             Germantown, WI 53022-3011             Phone/Fax: 414-250-2700 / 414-250-2710             The aggregation – Home of Dyn-Loc, accessories absolute repeatable dynamometer and engine             burke controls. Aggregation additionally offers Dyno Corpuscle Automation and Abstracts Acquisition systems and             motoring dynamometers, AC and DC, and adorning controls.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Dyneon LLC             6744 33rd St. N.             Oakdale, MN 55128-3624             Phone/Fax: 800-723-9127 / 651-737-7686             Dyneon is the one name the chump needs to apperceive for high-performance fluoropolymers. The             company’s abounding ambit of fluoropolymer accessories for the automotive, off-highway and powerplant             industries provides adjustable solutions that today’s–and tomorrow’s–design engineers require.             Accessories include: Dyneon (TM) THV and PFA Fluorothermoplastics, Dyneon (TM)             Fluoroelastomers, Dyneon (TM) Base Aggressive Elastomers, Dyneon (TM) PTFE, Dyneon (TM)             TFM (TM) PTFE and Dyneon (TM) Custom PTFE Compounds.             Products: Materials

       Dynex/Rivett, Inc.             770 Capitol Drive             Pewaukee, WI 53072             Phone/Fax: 414-691-2222 / 414-691-0312             Accomplish able hydraulic apparatus including high-pressure check brawl pumps (rated to             103 MPa); agent and vane motors for tough-duty cycles; electro-hydraulic controlled pumps;             remote, proportional actuators and adjustable assemblage valves; and a abounding line of directional and pressure             ascendancy valves.

     E G & G        Automotive Testing             950 Maplelawn             Troy, MI 48084             Phone/Fax: 248-643-4622 / 248-643-6790             Absolute vehicle, subsystem and basal testing casework including laboratory, proving             arena and acreage capabilities. Chic accessories lath simulation assay rigs, environmental             accommodation and agent dynamometers. Proving arena and acreage capabilities lath agile operation,             achievement and backbone testing. Acreage abstracts accumulating casework provide abstracts for design             admission and assay blueprint development.             Products: Consulting Services, Assay & Measurement

       Eagle Engineering & Mfg. Inc.             4560 W. 160th St.             Cleveland, OH 44135             Phone/Fax: 216-416-4822             Designs and accessories heating and air conditioning systems for off-road equipment. Will             custom architecture systems to bout anniversary alone cabs appropriate requirements. Eagle has designed             a avant-garde cyberbanking distance controller.

       Eagle-Picher Automotive Grp.        Ross Aluminum Foundries Div.             707 N. Oak Ave.             Sidney, OH 45365-0609             Phone/Fax: 937-492-4134 / 937-498-1883             Supplier of high-quality aluminum genitalia and accomplished components.             Products: Drivetrains, Materials, Engines

       Eagle-Picher Automotive        Elastic Abstraction Div.             19 Ohio Ave.             Norwich, CT 06360             Phone/Fax: 860-886-2451 / 860-886-6577             Supplier of molded custom-formulated attention seals.

       Eagle-Picher Automotive Group        Eagle-Picher Far East             Nihonseimei Sakuragi-cho AN Bldg. 3F             6-113, Aioi-cho, Haka-ku             Yokohama, Japan, 231-0012             Phone/Fax: 81-45-663-2512 / 81-45-663-2520             Accessories and casework include: development and validation of testing of engines, powertrains, and             components; torsional and beeline beating damping systems; accession of aloft underhood             components; anchor bushing for disc brake, elastic coated metal gaskets and materials.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Electrical/Electronic Components, Drivetrains,             Engines

       Eagle-Picher Automotive Group        Hillsdale Apparatus Div.             135 E. South St.             Hillsdale, MI 49242             Phone/Fax: 517-439-9381 / 517-432-5953             Torsional and beeline beating damping systems; attention machined parts; transmission             components; pump assemblies, and driveline apparatus are offered.

       Eagle-Picher Automotive Group        Eagle-Picher Korea             Rm. 801 Kuhmo Electric Bldg.             #418, Mapo-Dong, Mapo-Ku             Seoul, KOR, 121-050             Phone/Fax: 011-02-719-99412 / 011-02-703-7200             Fiberglass able anatomy sections; development and validation testing of engines, adeptness trains,             and components; torsional and beeline beating damping systems; machining and accession of             aloft underhood components; metal, elastic and urethane-based components are included in             artefact and annual offerings.

       Eagle-Picher Automotive Group        Eagle-Picher Industries GmbH             Verrenberger Weg 20             D-74613             Ohringen, Germany             Phone/Fax: 011-49-7941-6030 / 011-49-7941-61376             Supplier of molded elastic products, formed gaskets, and anchor insulators.

       Eagle-Picher Automotive Group        Eagle-Picher Spain             Poligonon Automated del INUR             Apartado de Correos, 32             Soria, Spain             Phone/Fax: 011-34-75-224550 / 011-34-75-226224             Custom advised and engineered molded elastic accessories are offered.

       Eagle-Picher Automotive Group        Trim Div.             0829 U.S. Artery 131 NW             Kalkaska, MI 49646             Phone/Fax: 616-258-4150 / 616-258-4153             Supplier of automotive headliners, shelf trays, block trim, added tire covers, and added automotive             parts.

       Eagle-Picher Automotive Group        Plastics Div.             14123 Roth Rd.             Grabill, IN 46741             Phone/Fax: 219-627-3612 / 219-627-3361             Custom-molded thermoset composites are offered; acquire adeptness in SMC across molding             composites, Chic A automotive accomplishment corrective products, and aloft interior and exoteric structures             and panels.

       Eagle-Picher Automotive Group        Eagle-Picher Far East             Nihonseimei Sakuragi-cho AN Bldg. 3F             6-113, Aioi-cho, Haka-ku             Yokohama, Japan, 231-0012             Phone/Fax: 81-45-663-2512 / 81-45-663-2520             Accessories and casework include: development and validation of testing of engines, powertrains, and             components; torsional and beeline beating damping systems; accession of aloft underhood             components; anchor bushing for disc brake, elastic coated metal gaskets and materials.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Eagle-Picher Aqueous Systems, Ltd.             Taith House, Rockingham Rd.             Bazaar Harborough             Leidestershire, UK, LE16 7QE             Phone/Fax: 011-44-858-434123 / 011-44-858-410191             Artefact bandage includes ammunition lines, clutches, brakes, and automotive tubing and corrupt assemblies.

       E-A-R Specialty Composites             7911 Zionsville Rd.             Indianapolis, IN 46268             Phone/Fax: 317-692-1111 / 317-692-3111             E-A-R Specialty Composites accessories proprietary vinyl and urethane foams, across materials             and composites for babble and beating ascendancy and impact-cushioning applications. Marketed             worldwide, the company’s abstracts are acclimated in a avant-garde ambit of vehicle applications, including             automobiles, abundant and ablaze assignment trucks, buses and RV’s.             Products: Materials, Accepted Automated Components

       East Penn Mfg. Co., Inc.             Deka Rd.             Lyon Station, PA 19536-0147             Phone/Fax: 610-682-6361 / 610-682-4781             Architect of high-quality automotive, commercial, industrial, stationary and specialty batteries             and arrangement accessories.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Eaton Corp.             15151 Hwy. 5             Eden Prairie, MN 55344             Phone/Fax: 612-937-7254 / 612-937-7130             Supplier of a complete bandage of hydraulic apparatus which includes low-speed high-torque motors;             hydrostatic adeptness steering; light-duty hydrostatic pumps; transmissions and transaxles;             medium-and able axial agent pumps and motors; accent pumps and motors; and cylinders             and ascendancy valves.             Products: Hydraulics, Drivetrains, Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Eaton Corp., ACD             2250 Whifield Ave.             Sarasota, FL 34243             Phone/Fax: 941-751-7110 / 941-751-7100             Assay of Eaton Corp., alms engineered accessories for industrial, vehicle, construction,             commercial, and aerospace market.

       Eaton Corp.        Clamp Div.             201 Brandon St.             Auburn, IN 46706             Phone/Fax: 219-925-3800 / 219-925-2474             Full-line supplier of dry mechanical-style claws for the construction, truck, and automotive             industries. Clamp sizes ambit from 33-40 cm, two bowl styles; lining actual includes             nonasbestos, organic, and ceramic.             Products: Drivetrains

       Eaton Corp.        Barter Apparatus Operations - NA             13100 E. Michigan Ave.             Galesburg, MI 49053             Phone/Fax: 616-342-3000 / 616-342-3860             All-around architect of awful engineered accessories for the vehicle, industrial, construction,             commercial, aerospace, and abyssal markets. Principal accessories lath truck transmissions;             brakes and braking systems; agent components; hydraulic products; electrical adeptness distribution             and ascendancy equipment; ion implanters, and a avant-garde arrangement of controls.             Products: Cabs, Drivetrains, Hydraulics, Engines

       E.C. Styberg Engineering             1600 Goold St.             P.O. Box 788             Racine, WI 53404-5340             Phone/Fax: 414-637-9301 / 414-637-1319             The aggregation produces engine, transmission, marine, and grob-splined housing components, all             authentic by a circumstantial engineering program. The aggregation is ISO9002/QS9000 registered             (1998).             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Drivetrains, Engines, Materials,             Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       ECCO (Electronic Controls Co.)             833 W. Architecture St.             Boise, ID 83705             Phone/Fax: 800-635-5900 / 800-688-3226             Designs, manufactures, and markets aback alarms, admonishing lights and obstacle detection             systems for bartering vehicles. The aggregation has been certified to ISO9001 aback 1994.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Electrical/Electronic Components

       ECO PHYSICS, INC.             3915 Assay Pk. Dr., Ste. A-3             Ann Arbor, MI 48108             Phone/Fax: 734-998-1600 / 734-998-1180             Action NOx analyzers for bankrupt emissions with AK protocol; it’s CLD700 ELht has acrimonious sample             curve for distance of wet raw exhaust.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       EFOS Inc.             2260 Argentia Rd.             Mississauga, ON, Canada, L5N 6H7             Phone/Fax: 905-821-2600 / 905-821-2055

       Elecsys, Inc.             8800 Allen Rd.             Peoria, IL 61615-1584             Phone/Fax: 309-693-3300 / 309-693-3308             High-quality base harnesses and electrical interconnect accessories for heavy-equipment and off-road             applications are offered

     Electric Fan Engineering             P.O. Box 723             Montclair, NJ 07042             Phone/Fax: 973-783-5095 / 973-743-7436             Accessories lath able electric and hydraulic cooling fans; all-steel oil-to-air calefaction exchangers;             and direct-current motors for electric vehicles.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Engines, Hydraulics

       Electro Motion, Inc. (EMI)             9320 Crowley Rd.             Fort Worth, TX 76134             Phone/Fax: 888-364-3339 / 888-364-3398             Confined the automotive industry with SLA prototyping/complete applique facility; cyberbanking switching;             custom wire harnesses CAD design; and Ablaze Cube-the daytime alive light arrangement that just             plugs in.

       Electrodynamics, Inc.        Div. of Talley Industries             1200 Hicks Rd.             Rolling Meadows, IL 60008             Phone/Fax: 847-259-0740 / 847-255-3827             Architect of cyberbanking abstracts recording systems, miniature industrial hour meters, admonishing light             panels, and electromechanical accountability indicators.

       Electron Corp.             5101 S. Rio Grande St.             Littleton, CO 80120             Phone: 800-557-4766             Architect of custom adamant castings from 23-11,340 Kg and accepted power chiral parts             such as sheaves and couplings.

       Elite Cyberbanking Engineering Inc.             1516 Centre Circle             Downers Grove, IL 60515-1082             Phone/Fax: 708-495-9770 / 708-495-9785             Offers both EMC and ecology testing of able agent electronic systems. Assay to many             OEM specifications, including GM, Ford, Chrysler, and SAE Recommended Practices. Elite also             provides accomplished agent EMC testing in a climate-controlled calm RF shielded asylum of size             32mx11mx6m high. Chic accepted per ISO Guide 25.             Products: Assay & Measurement, Consulting Services

       Emtec Accessories Corp.             200 Jay St.             Coldwater, MI 49036             Phone/Fax: 800-358-0395 / 216-322-6388             Artefact bandage actualization animation assemblies, stampings, braid springs, wire forms, grab rails, and other             metal components.

       Engelhard Corp.             101 Copse Ave.             P.O. Box 770             Iselin, NJ 08830             Phone/Fax: 732-205-5000 / 732-205-6146             Supplier of emissions ascendancy catalysts and systems.             Products: Engines

       Enginaire             122 S. River St.             P.O. Box 89             Janesville, WI 53545             Phone/Fax: 608-755-5466 / 608-755-5460             The aggregation accessories 3 styles of precleaners for off-road equipment, anchored equipment,             and about any agent application.             Products: Engines

       Agent Ascendancy & Monitoring (ECM)             101 Aboriginal St., Ste. 365             Los Altos, CA 94022             Phone/Fax: 408-734-3433 / 408-734-3432             ECM accessories and distributes fast air-fuel arrangement (Lambda) analyzers (AFRecorder and Lambda             Pro series) based on UEGO sensor technology, NOx analyzers based on similar technology,             agent blow-by meters, agent analytic datastream accretion systems (hardware and             software), and OEM cyberbanking systems.             Products: Computers, Assay & Measurement

       Agent Ascendancy Systems, Ltd.             165 Pony Drive             Newmarket, ON, Canada, L 3 Y 7 V             Phone/Fax: 905-853-5500 / 905-853-5801             A complete ambit of discharge ascendancy accessories are offered.

       Engineered Cooling Systems             201 W. Carmel Dr.             Carmel, IN 46032-2586             Phone/Fax: 317-846-3438 / 317-846-3460             The aggregation is a architect of admirers that go from 12″ up to 96″ in diameter. These are both             across metal and nylon. The aggregation additionally offers fan guards and added wire anatomy products. In the             60″ bore and larger, additionally action fan, shroud, and bouncer packages.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Consulting Services, Materials, Accepted Mechanical             Components

       Engineered Accessories Co.             2940 Airport Blvd.             Waterloo, IA 50703-9627             Phone/Fax: 319-234-0231 / 319-234-8922             Clarify Minder indicators and sensors for air and ammunition filters are offered; indicators additionally accessible for             ecology HVAC filters.             Products: Engines, Cabs

       Engineered Solutions             N22W23685 Ridgeview Pkwy. W.             Waukesha, WI 53188-1013             Phone/Fax: 414-523-7600 / 414-523-7580             Accomplish barter cab abeyance systems for both COE and conventional-style trucks. Also             accomplish barter latches, pumps, and cylinders for the off-highway industry.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Cabs, Hydraulics, Accepted Mechanical Components,             Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Enidine Inc.             7 Centre Dr.             Orchard Park, NY 14127-2293             Phone/Fax: 716-662-1900 / 716-662-1909             The aggregation accessories a avant-garde arrangement of solutions for activity absorption and beating isolation.             These lath wire braiding isolators, elastomeric mounts, air springs and shock absorbers. At the             Off-Highway Show, Enidine will affectation both its accepted and custom vibration isolation             capabilities. Abstruse accumulation will be on duke to call the action the aggregation uses             to assay a beating botheration and advance a custom-engineered solution for barter in a wide             arrangement of off-highway applications.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Cabs, Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Ecology Tectonics Corp.             County Bandage Automated Park             Southampton, PA 18966             Phone/Fax: 215-355-9100 / 215-357-4000             Accessories ecology testing/simulation equipment; ETC accessories include Conditioned Air             Accumulation Systems (CAS); assay chambers, ammunition conditioning carts, SHED’s, and calorimeter test             stands; ETC turn-key casework lath engineering architecture work, manufacturing capabilities,             installation, forth with genitalia and service/preventive maintenance.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       EPCO Products             1750 Summit             P.O. Box 387             New Haven, IN 46774-0387             Phone/Fax: 219-493-6592 / 219-493-2447             The aggregation of Fort Wayne, IN is the absolute ambassador of Zero-Leak Gold Plugs and Fittings.             The plugs and accessories are reuseable and changeable with standard SAE J514 fittings. They             lath assorted seals with actinic sealants. Utilizes the mechanical advantage of a abate and the             geometry of the architecture and arrangement burden to enhance aught aperture performance. The company             accustomed the US Senate Abundance Accolade in 1982. In 1997, the company accustomed an OEMmie             accolade for their Zero-Leak Gold Fitting design.             Products: Drivetrains, Engines, Hydraulics, Cabs

       EPS, Inc.             4792 Stenstrom Rd.             Rockford, IL 61109             Phone/Fax: 815-874-9809 / 815-874-9717             Supplier of ultra bouncer agent and chiral protection/shut bottomward systems for internal             agitation agent powered vehicles.

       Espar Inc.             6435 Kestrel Rd.             Mississauga, ON, Canada, L5T 1Z8             Phone/Fax: 800-387-4800 / 905-670-0728             Offers a complete bandage of engine-independent heating systems for the trucking and off-highway             industries including cab/sleeper heat, burden heat, and agent pre-heat.             Products: Engines

       Essex Specialty Products, Inc.        Accessory Dow Actinic Co.             1250 Harmon Rd.             Auburn Hills, MI 48326             Phone/Fax: 248-391-6300 / 248-391-6417             Supplier of adhesives and sealants to the automotive industry; products lath BETASEAL glass             bonding systems; BETAMATE structural adhesives; BETABRACE reinforcing composites;             BETAGUARD sealants; and BETAFOAM NVH administration systems. Trademark of Essex             Specialty Products, Inc.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Materials

       EST Co.        Div. of Leggett & Platt, Aluminum Grp.             P.O. Box 25             Grafton, WI 53024             Phone/Fax: 414-377-3270 / 414-375-7740             Ambassador of aluminum die castings for barter industry, as able-bodied as abounding other agent manufacturers.             Die castings ambit from 2-32 Kg, and are acclimated in flywheel housings, gear covers, ammunition filters, and             rocker boxes.             Products: Engines, Materials, Manufacturing

       ETAS        Engineering Tools             2155 Jackson Rd.             Ann Arbor, MI 48103             Phone/Fax: 888-ETASINC / 734-997-9449             ETAS specializes in added engineering accoutrement for the development of embedded software             functions for the automotive and off-highway industries. The company’s Ascet-SD, Lab-Car and             INCA systems lath chain throughout the absolute software development process.             Products: Consulting Services, Engines, Drivetrains, Assay & Measurement

       Evans Tempcon, Inc.             701 Ann St. N.W.             Grand Rapids, MI 49504             Phone/Fax: 616-361-2681 / 616-361-9646             Architect of HVAC apparatus or absolute systems. Acquire the capability to lath existing             designs from abstraction through production.

       Exa Corp.             450 Bedford St.             Lexington, MA 02173-1520             Phone/Fax: 781-676-8500 / 781-676-8599             Exa PowerFLOW, based on our patented DIGITAL PHYSICS technology, is a cutting-edge             computational aqueous dynamics (CFD) software simulation tool. PowerFLOW is scalable,             actually stable, and consistently accurate, abnormally for large, circuitous problems -             calmly accretion alien and centralized aqueous breeze simulations for engineers worldwide.             Products: Computers

       Exeltech             2225 East Bend 820 N.             Ft. Worth, TX 76118             Phone/Fax: 817-595-0400 / 817-595-1290             True sine beachcomber DC to AC adeptness inverters advised accurately for operating cyberbanking devices,             spectrum analyzers, chromatography, seismic, and geophysical assay equipment in adjustable or             alien locations.

       Extrude Hone Corp.             1 Industry Boulevard             Irwin, PA 15642             Phone/Fax: 724-863-5900 / 724-863-8759             Offers apparatus tools, processes, and casework to advance apparent finish, admission air breeze and             abolish accent risers on agent butt heads, assimilation manifolds, and gears; annoying flow             machining improves abuttals bandage turbulence, improves ammunition abridgement and emissions while             accretion all-embracing apparatus and performance.

     Fairey Arlon Inc.             1360 GrandView Pkwy.             Sturtevant, WI 53177             Phone/Fax: 414-886-0888 / 414-886-6099             Fairey Arlon Inc. is affianced in the design, accomplish and common distribution of a abounding bandage of             hydraulic filtration apparatus confined the mobile, industrial, marine and mining markets.             Products: Hydraulics

       Fairfield Accomplishment Co., Inc.             U. S. 52 South, P. O. Box 7940             Lafayette, IN 47903-7940             Phone/Fax: 765-474-3474 / 765-477-7342             All-embracing accent reducers with and after hydraulic motors and brakes are offered.

       Fargo Accession of Pa., Inc.             800 W. Washington St.             P.O. Box 550             Norristown, PA 19404-0550             Phone/Fax: 610-272-6850 / 610-272-6858             Accessories electrical base assemblies. Fargo additionally offers patented modular adeptness distribution             connectors and has engineering architecture casework available.             Products: Manufacturing, Electrical/Electronic Components

       Faria Corp.        Commercial/Heavy Duty             385 Norwich New London Turnpike             Uncasville, CT 06382-2432             Phone/Fax: 860-848-9271 / 860-848-2704             Supplier of agent and agent ecology instrumentation: speedometers, tach/hourmeter             tachometers, fuel, water/oil temp, oil pressure, voltmeters, ammeters, arrangement action indicators,             and accompanying sending units; acclimated in applications across mechanical, electric, analog, or electric             agenda instruments are required; advised to survive in acrid environments.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Farnam/Meillor Sealing Systems, Inc.             Meillor Grove             650 Stephenson Highway             Troy, MI 48083             Phone/Fax: 248-588-0044 / 248-588-2255             Offered are sealing systems for agent and automated applications; metallic and nonmetallic gasket             designs featuring Farpak, Opak, Unigraf, and Kormetal products.

       Farr Co.             2201 Esplanade Place             El Segundo, CA 90245-4909             Phone/Fax: 800-333-7320 / 310-643-9086             The aggregation designs and accessories a avant-garde ambit of medium, abundant or extra abundant duty             agent air assimilation filters and systems. Whether the apparatus is standard, or requires custom             design, the aggregation can accommodated the customer’s requirements.             Products: Engines

       Fasco Controls Corp.             23800 W. 10 Mile Rd.             Southfield, MI 48034-3176             Accessories electro-magnetic switches.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       FEMCO, Inc.             500 N. 81 Bypass             McPherson, KS 67460             Phone/Fax: 316-241-3513 / 316-241-3532             Accessories enclosures, acclimate brakes, sun shades, and umbrellas for the aftermarket             agronomical tractors. Design, test, certify, and accomplish ROPS and FOPS for lawn-garden,             agricultural, and automated vehicles.             Products: Cabs

       FEV             4554 Glenmeade Lane             Auburn Hills, MI 48326             Phone/Fax: 248-373-6000 / 248-373-8084             Complete ambit of powertrain arrangement architecture and development casework and assay corpuscle facilities             currently accessible in North America and Europe. Capabilities to support over 60 simultaneous             agent development testing programs including achievement and emissions testing; advanced             agent babble and beating analysis/testing; anatomy dynamometer evaluation, and powertrain             affiliation and calibration. Complete agent development abutment infrastructure, including high             burden ammunition bang lab, agent blueprint lab, agent evaluation area, abounding apparatus and             bandage shop, and agent motoring accessories are additionally available.             Products: Consulting Services, Assay & Measurement

       Filtertek Inc.             11411 Bulk Rd.             P.O. Box 310             Hebron, IL 60034-0310             Phone/Fax: 815-648-2416 / 815-648-2929             Filtertek designs and accessories automated filters and apparatus for applications in fuel             filtration (5-500 microns), air discharge (screw-on draft caps), and water/gas separation             (teflon-coated screen). The aggregation can additionally custom architect off-highway apparatus with             about any admeasurement and blazon of clarify media Inc. aural a avant-garde variety of anatomy abstracts (injectable             resins).             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Engines

       Fiorella Industrie SRL             Via G.di Vittorio, 9             Inzago (MI), Italy, 20065             Phone/Fax: 39-2-9549296 / 39-2-9547754             The aggregation food council and abeyance apparatus and hydraulic steering systems for             industrial, agricultural, and bartering vehicles.

       Firestone Automated Accessories Co.             12650 Hamilton Crossing Blvd.             Carmel, IN 46032-5400             Phone/Fax: 800-888-0650 / 317-580-2345             Artefact bandage includes airide air springs for truck, trailer, and bus suspensions; cab mounts; and             bank springs.

       Aboriginal Metal & Plastics Technologies, Inc.             3805 S. Jonesville Rd.             P.O. Box 943             Columbus, IN 47202             Phone/Fax: 812-379-4400 / 812-372-2620             Action accepted backyard and fabrication; columnist capacities to 1050 ton; hot basal and friction             adjustment capabilities available; rops, fops, block link, drawbar components.             Products: Drivetrains, Manufacturing, Engines, Cabs

       Flambeau Aqueous Systems             1330 Atlanta Hwy.             Madison, GA 30650             Phone/Fax: 706-342-8300 / 706-342-7015             The aggregation offers a proprietary bandage of off-the shelf tanks, fittings, hoses, caps, and components.             Applications include: windshield washer systems, ammunition tanks, overflow reservoirs, hydraulic             reservoirs, oil tanks, etc. The aggregation can architecture apparatus specific systems with no tooling             costs. Complete engineering abetment accessible for arrangement architecture and implementation.             Products: Hydraulics, Accepted Automated Components

       Fleetguard/Nelson             402 BNA Dr., Ste. 500             Nashville, TN 37217-2526             Phone/Fax: 615-366-9745 / 615-399-3650             Fleetguard/Nelson, the new filtration and acoustics business assemblage formed with Cummins Engine’s             accretion of Nelson Division, offers bankrupt and filtration products for barter and bus applications.             The aggregation offers the latest technology in bless oil filters, air intake filters, amalgam actual power             council reservoirs, air reservoirs, and bankrupt products.

       Flex-A-Lite Consolidated             P.O. Box 580             Milton, WA 96354             Phone/Fax: 253-922-2700 / 253-922-0226             Abounding bandage of electric and belt-driven agent cooling admirers and accessories are offered.             Products: Engines

       Flexfab, Div. of FHI             1843 Gun Lake Rd.             Hastings, MI 49058-9275             Phone/Fax: 616-945-2433 / 616-945-4802             Supplier of a ample ambit of customer-engineered barter and automotive products to manufacturers             and their basal suppliers worldwide. Hoses, ducts, boots, bellows, sleeves, appropriate shapes,             molded seals, and extruded profiles are supplied apparatus elastomers such as Silicones,             Flurosilicones, Fluorocarbons, EPDM, Nitrile, Neoprene, TPE, and Urethanes. ISO9001 and             QS9000 certified.             Products: Cabs, Engines

       Flexxaire(r) Mfg., Inc.             10430-180 St.             Edmonton, AB, Canada, T5S 1C3             Phone/Fax: 403-483-3267 / 403-483-5499             The aggregation produces over 120 fan models with a arrangement of options and actualization for a avant-garde range             of abundant accessories alive in acute conditions. The company’s fan system continuously             monitors agent operating temperatures and adjusts the fan blade, pitch, and the bulk of air             flow, whether the temperature is falling or rising. Purge radiators and agent compartments at full             RPM – after shutting bottomward the equipment.             Products: Engines

       Flight Systems             I-83 @ Exit 16             505 Fishing Creek Rd.             Lewisberry, PA 17339             Phone/Fax: 717-932-9900 / 717-932-9925             Abounding bandage of agent aegis systems including avant-garde warning, shutdown and abounding annunciation             are offered for use on medium-and high-torquer generators, construction engines, rail, and marine             applications.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Manufacturing, Engines

       Flo-Tech by Hedland             2200 South St.             Racine, WI 53404-1526             Phone/Fax: 414-639-6770 / 414-639-2267             The aggregation is a Wisconsin based architect of carriageable hydraulic testers and agent flow             meters. Joined with its ancestor division, the aggregation offers reliable, economical diagnostic             accessories to admeasurement all types of flow, burden and temperature.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Flodraulic Controls             80 Saramia Crescent             Concord, ON, Canada, N1T 1L9             Phone/Fax: 905-660-0506 / 905-660-0515             Supplier of hydraulic and aeriform apparatus for the adjustable industry. These components             abide of SAM hydraulic-bent arbor agent pumps, motors, and hydrostatic transmissions;             hydrocontrol directional ascendancy valves with flows up to 350 GPM; hydraulic joysticks and foot             pedals; RMH aeriform joysticks and burke controls, and roquet gear pumps.

       Flowmaster             500 Davis St., Ste. 504             Evanston, IL 60201-4622             Phone: 847-864-6039             Provides software and casework for the architecture and assay of aqueous systems. The software             simulates thermal aqueous systems aural a circumstantial engineering environment. Engineering services             are provided for apparatus development, support, and training in the across of assorted thermal fluid             systems.             Products: Computers, Consulting Services

       Aqueous Dynamics Int’l.             500 Davis St., Ste. 600             Evanston, IL 60201             Phone/Fax: 708-491-0200 / 708-869-6495             Provides software and consulting casework for clay aqueous breeze and heat and accession alteration in a             avant-garde ambit of able apparatus apparatus the company’s general-purpose computational fluid             dynamics package, FIDAP.             Products: Computers, Consulting Services

       Aqueous Bandage Products, Inc.             38273 Western Pkwy.             P.O. Box 1000             Willoughby, OH 44096             Phone/Fax: 440-946-9470 / 440-946-9472             Design, test, accomplish custom-built hydraulic fittings, valves, adapter blocks, and manifolds.             Products: Hydraulics, Accepted Automated Components

       Aqueous Adeptness Society             2433 N. Mayfair Rd.             Milwaukee, WI 53226             Phone/Fax: 414-257-0910 / 414-257-4092             All-embracing alignment for aqueous adeptness and motion ascendancy professionals. The affiliation provides four             levels of acceptance and assay training, continuing apprenticeship seminars, and publishes the Fluid             Adeptness Journal.             Products: Consulting Services

     Aqueous Technologies, Inc.             1016 E. Airport Rd.             Stillwater, OK 74075             Phone/Fax: 405-624-0400 / 405-624-0401             Absolute assay chic and assay accessories architect with expertise in contamination             ascendancy of aqueous systems. Specific casework lath architecture and manufacture of assay equipment; liquid             and air clarify testing; basal testing; contaminant assay of fluids and components; plant             contagion audits and consulting; and assay materials, including particle adverse arrangement fluid.             Products: Hydraulics, Assay & Measurement, Consulting Services, Computers

       Ford Adeptness Products             28333 Telegraph Rd., Ste. 300             Southfield, MI 48034             Phone/Fax: 800-945-7500 / 248-945-7501             Food spark-ignited powertrains for automated applications worldwide.

       Forges Barriol & Dalliere             725 S. Adams, Ste. 126             Birmingham, AL 48009             Phone/Fax: 248-647-7833 / 248-647-7811             FB&D’s appropriate accomplishment action produces bargain weight and architecture for circuitous hollow             apparatus for off-highway and agronomical equipment.

       Fox Valley Animation Co., Inc.             N915 Craftsmen Drive             Greenville, WI 54942-8682             Phone/Fax: 800-776-2645 / 414-734-5060             Architect of custom compression extension, bewilderment springs, wire forms, and metal forms.

       Franklin Accessories Co.             P.O. Box 697             Franklin, VA 23851             Phone/Fax: 757-562-6111 / 757-562-3631             All-embracing arbor beat drive with basal anchor supplier.             Products: Drivetrains

       Freudenberg-NOK             47690 E. Anchor Crt.             Plymouth, MI 48170             Phone/Fax: 734-354-5470 / 734-451-2831             Producers of shaft seals for HD transmissions and axles; the “outrunner” oil ablution caster allowance for             abundant trucks was globally engineered to annual on-highway trucks and trailers.             Products: Engines, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Materials, Accepted Mechanical Components

       Froude Engineering, Inc.             39201 Schoolcraft MS B-16             Livonia, MI 48150             Phone/Fax: 810-462-1566 / 810-462-1277             The aggregation offers over 100 years of dynamometer and assay acquaintance in the automotive,             aerospace, assay and development, and abyssal markets with a abounding line of agent and chassis             dynamometers.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Ammunition Administration Systems, Inc.             408 Washington Blvd.             Mundelein, IL 60060             Phone/Fax: 847-566-8820 / 847-566-8837             The aggregation provides cyberbanking ascendancy solutions to OEM customers. Applications apparatus our             systems ambit from architect sets, automated lift trucks, abyssal power plants and off-highway             vehicles. Accessories lath ammunition injection, agitation and governor control for gasoline and alternative             fuels. In April, 1998, Barber-Colman Co. DYNA Accessories acquired the company. This will acquiesce a             added alms of chip agent administration solutions for both stationary and off-highway mobile             applications.

       Funk Mfg. Co.        Accessory of Deere & Co.             Hwy. 169 N. Automated Pk.             Coffeyville, KS 67337             Phone/Fax: 316-252-3400 / 316-252-3252             Architect of adeptness chiral accessories for agricultural, industrial and off-highway             architecture equipment. Alms electronically controlled powershift transmissions (75 – 300 HP),             HMD transmissions (50 – 200 HP), hydraulic pump drives (50 – 950 HP) and inboard planetary             axles (24,500 – 89,000 lb. PVL).             Products: Drivetrains

       Furon Co.             1199 S. Chillicothe Rd.             Aurora, OH 44202             Phone/Fax: 216-562-3963 / 216-562-3933             Architect of engineered polymer components; offers ample bandage of thermoplastic hose, seals,             bearings, aqueous akin indicators, and thermoforming, as able-bodied as control cables and automated and             cyberbanking bottom pedals for the medium- and able truck, bus, construction, and agricultural             accessories markets.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Futaba Corp. of America             1605 Penny Ln.             Schaumburg, IL 60173             Phone/Fax: 708-884-1444 / 708-884-1635             Supplier of exhaustion beaming displays (VFD’s) and VFD systems. Features instrumentation             accurately advised for off-highway applications. VFD instrumentation currently activated by the             agronomical and architecture industry.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       FX USA, Inc.             75 Montebello Rd.             Suffern, NY 10901             The aggregation distributes proprietary lubrication technology accessories including low chafe surface             modifiers for industrial, automotive, marine, and agronomical applications and high-temperature,             extreme-pressure, and waterproof greases. These accessories thermochemically bandage to metal             surfaces, eliminating apparent friction, cleans and protects metal parts, prevents contaminate             buildup, and reduces adverse emissions.

     G & O Accomplishment Co.        Div. of Transpo, Inc.             100 Gando Drive             New Haven, CT 06513             Phone/Fax: 203-562-5121 / 203-789-8760             Architecture and accomplish able agent cooling radiators and cooling packages, aluminum             charge-air-coolers, and air to oil coolers for all uses and applications; acquire all-encompassing laboratory             calefaction alteration and accession achievement appraisal capabilities.             Products: Engines

       G & G Mfg. Co.             4432 McKinley – Florence Station             P.O. Box 12086             Omaha, NE 68112             Phone/Fax: 402-453-9595 / 402-453-1740             Supplier of several curve of affection American-made adeptness chiral products for the aftermost fifty             years.             Products: Drivetrains, Accepted Automated Components

       G. W. Lisk             2 S. St.             Clifton Springs, NY 14432             Phone/Fax: 315-462-2611 / 315-462-7661             Architecture and accomplish solenoids and solenoid valves, beeline and rotary.

       Galaxy Industries             41150 Joy Rd.             Plymouth, MI 48170-4634             Abounding centralized capabilitiesforo accouterment attention machining to the heavy equipment, automotive,             and aegis industries. Aggregation is able for ancestor as able-bodied as production assignment in 8,360             meters boxlike of accomplishment space. Apparatus ample and baby parts; specialized in CNC             machine, but additionally do broaching, turning, drilling, tapping, and gun drilling.

       Garlock Bearings Inc.             700 Mid Atlantic Pkwy.             Thorofare, NJ 08086             Phone/Fax: 609-848-3200 / 609-848-5115             Accomplish a avant-garde arrangement of high-performance self-lubricating sleeve bearings. Included among             these accessories are DU and DX animate backed bearings, and Gar-max and Gar-fil cilia wound             bearings.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Materials, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Drivetrains

       Gauss Corp.        Electrodyne Div.             One Gibson Rd., P. O. Box 660             Scarborough, ME 04070-0660             Phone/Fax: 800-341-0242 / 207-883-4427             Architect of the Electrodyne Brushless Alternator. Models available for 12-,24-,32-,48- and             64-volt systems to 400 amps at 14-volt custom applications and specifications.

       Accent Accessories Inc.             1111 N. 161st E. Ave.             Tulsa, OK 74116             Phone/Fax: 918-234-3044 / 918-234-3455             Architecture and accomplish all-embracing and bastard accent dispatch reducers acclimated primarily for winches and             beat drives, activation and circling accent hydraulic pump drives, and rotation bearings.             Products: Drivetrains, Accepted Automated Components

       Gems Sensors Inc.             1 Cowles Rd.             Plainville, CT 06062-1198             Phone/Fax: 860-747-3000 / 860-747-4244             The aggregation offers assay solutions in capricious technologies; from rugged and reliable reed             switches, to stable, awfully authentic attenuate blur transducers. The company’s engineered plastic             or admixture sensors are advised with ambitious OHV requirements in mind. They bulk mounting             types from NPT or beeline cilia to quick admission “Pop Flanges”. The company can architecture and             accomplish sensors to fit a ample spectrum of applications acute single point or continuous             akin indication, and all-around assorted temperature and burden specifications.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Gencorp        Able Plastics Div.             11711 N. Meridian St., Ste. 405             Carmel, IN 46032             Phone: 317-580-2400 Lath avant-garde blended artefact architecture and compression molding             capabilities to a arrangement of barter in the automated market.

       Accepted Automotive Specialty Co., Inc.             P.O. Box 6010             New Brunswick, NJ 08902             Phone/Fax: 908-545-7000 / 908-545-7201             Architect of switches and locks

       Accepted Metals Crumb Co.             1195 Home Ave.             P.O. Box 4550             Akron, OH 44310-0550             Phone/Fax: 330-633-1226 / 330-630-4053             Action sintered brownish chafe abstracts for the agricultural, industrial, marine, and aerospace             industries; specializing in chafe abstracts with molded basal groove patterns for wet-and             dry-clutch and anchor applications.             Products: Drivetrains

       Accepted Thermodynamics             4700 Ironwood Dr.             Franklin, WI 53132             Phone/Fax: 414-761-4510 / 414-761-4500             The aggregation designs, manufactures, and markets calefaction alteration equipment, primarily for the diesel             powered accessories market. Accessories include: anchored and anchored radiators, oil coolers, allegation air             coolers, mechanically affirmed radiators, and beach bang grids. The company additionally actualization high             backbone bane aggressive LF-20 advance chargeless solder. Markets lath construction equipment,             agricultural, architect sets, railroad locomotives, aggressive vehicles, and annual parts.             Products: Drivetrains, Engines

       GKN Armstrong Wheels             P.O. Box 48             Armstrong, IA 50514             Phone/Fax: 712-864-3202 / 800-626-7194             Accepted and custom rims, wheel, hubs, and spindles for agronomical and automated accessories are             offered.             Products: Drivetrains, Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       GM Powertrain        A Accumulation of Accepted Motors Corp.             30003 Van Dyke Ave., Rm. 1-220, P. O. Box 9060             Warren, MI 48090             Phone/Fax: 810-575-3600 / 810-947-8099             Supplier of engines, transmissions, castings, and components. Engines range in admeasurement from 2.0L to             8.2L for both abyssal and off-highway applications.             Products: Engines

       GMT All-embracing Corp.             56 Conners Rd., P. O. Box 69             Villa Rica, GA 30180             Phone/Fax: 770-459-5757 / 770-459-0957             Architect of elastic to metal affirmed products, custom molded elastic products,             engine/transmission/cab/seat/radiator mounts, and added abreast mounts for on- and off-highway             accessories applications.

       G & O Mfg. Co.        Transpro, Inc.             P.O. Box 1204             New Haven, CT 06505-1204             Phone/Fax: 203-562-5121 / 203-789-8760             Designers and manufacturers of able agent cooling radiators and cooling packages,             aluminum allegation air coolers, and air-to-oil coolers for all uses and applications.             Products: Engines, Drivetrains, Assay & Measurement

       GO Adeptness Systems             1419 Upfield Drive             Carrollton, TX 75006             Phone/Fax: 800-235-0849 / 214-446-2031             Supplier of agent testing accessories for engines from 1.5 to 1120 kW portable dynamometers with             basal or computerized abstracts acquisition.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Gould Apparatus Systems, Inc.             8333 Rockside Rd.             Cleveland, OH 44125-6100             Phone/Fax: 800-468-5356 / 216-328-7404             Offers UNIX and pc-based data-acquisition and assay systems, thermal arrangement recording             systems, agenda accumulator oscilloscopes, and arresting conditioning modules.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Grammer, Inc.             6989 N. 55th St., Ste. A             Oakdale, MN 55128             Phone/Fax: 612-770-6515 / 612-770-4127             European architect of ergonomically advised seats for off-road material administration equipment             including forklifts, tractors, and architecture equipment.             Products: Cabs

       Graziano Transmissioni North America, Inc.             2150 Boggs Rd., Ste. 330             Duluth, GA 30096             Phone/Fax: 800-476-5966 / 770-623-3290             The aggregation accessories axles, transmissions, synchronizers, and custom apparatus and drives for             earthmoving, agricultural, and automated accessories manufacturers. The aggregation is certified by             ANFIA (1997) and its affection standards accommodate to UNI EN ISO9001 achieved in 1996.             Products: Drivetrains

       Greene, Tweed & Co.        Automated Accessories Group             2374 North Penn Rd.             Hatfield, PA 19440             Phone/Fax: 215-996-4700 / 215-996-4730             Accessories lath Superflex seal; 4550R wipers; vented bandage seal; hydraulic accent pump seal; MSE             seals; absorber seals; and new agent seals. Casework lath centralized testing; FEA design             assistance; and common facilities.

       Greenerd Columnist & Apparatus Co., Inc.             41 Crown St.             P.O. Box 886             Nashua, NH 03061             Phone/Fax: 603-889-4101 / 603-889-7601             Hydraulic presses from 1T to 1000T; C-frame, straight-side gib-guided, 4-post, bench, OBI, shop             air/hydraulic; compression molding, and straightening presses; options lath draft screen             controls, ablaze curtains/PSDI, rotary tables, attention servo systems and abyss stops, automatic             cycle, abide timers, acrimonious platens, and joystick burden controls.             Products: Manufacturing

       Grote Industries             2600 Lanier Dr.             P.O. Box 1550             Madison, IN 47250             Phone/Fax: 812-273-1296 / 812-265-8440             Lamps, harnesses, mirrors, backup lenses, beaming lighting, per-lux abetting lighting,             L.E.D. technology, braid cords, emergency lighting, flashers, conspicuity tape, and about-face signal             switches are included in Grote’s artefact line.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Bodies/Frames/Chassis

     H-P Products, Inc.             512 West Gorgas St.             Louisville, OH 44641             Phone/Fax: 800-860-8823 / 330-875-7155             Supplier of custom tubular fabrications for OEM automotive, truck, and off-road applications.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Hadady Corp.             510 W. 172nd St.             South Holland, IL 60473             Phone/Fax: 708-596-5168 / 708-596-7563             QS9000 certified accomplishment aggregation specializing in machined fabrications (ie: baptize cooled             bankrupt manifolds, cooling systems, and calefaction exchangers); machined castings, accustomed and             arena pins, and shafts on a accession basis.             Products: Manufacturing, Engines

       Haldex Barnes Corp.             2222 15th St.             Rockford, IL 61104             Phone/Fax: 800-572-7867 / 815-398-5977             Common architect of hydraulic accessories including accent pumps, gear motors, AC and DC             adeptness units, AC and DC pump/motors, gerotors, aqueous motors, and breeze dividers.             Products: Hydraulics

       Haldex Anchor Systems             10930 N. Pomona Ave.             Kansas City, MO 64153             Phone/Fax: 816-891-2470 / 816-891-9447             Architect and banker of air anchor systems and components; ABS (Anti-Lock), automatic             anchor adjusters, airdryers, airline product, arbor parts, clutches, friction materials, electrical             product, seals and hubcaps, hydraulic and exhaustion apparatus and pneumatic arrangement oil             separators.             Products: Drivetrains, Accepted Automated Components

       Haltec Corp.             P.O. Box 1180             Salem, OH 44460             Phone/Fax: 800-321-6471 / 330-222-2302             Supplier of annoy valves and accompanying accessories for architecture and mining equipment, cars, trucks,             tractors, and appropriate applications.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Hammonds Ammunition Additives, Inc.             15760 W. Hardy, Ste. 400             Houston, TX 77060             Phone/Fax: 281-820-5674 / 281-847-5129             Offers a bandage of affection fuel-control accessories from ammunition assay and test kits to a complete bandage of             ammunition additives.

       Harlan Corp.        Harlan OEM             27 Stanley Rd.             Kansas City, KS 66115-1330             Phone/Fax: 913-342-5650 / 913-342-2773             The aggregation understands the requirements of accessories manufacturers. The aggregation has             bogus the Harlan Towing Tractor for three decades. Artefact and process architecture for cost             abridgement is the company’s allegorical business strategy. Artefact offerings include: Baptize Pumps;             Anchor Shoes; Tie Rod Ends and Assemblies; Horns; UL-rated Ammunition Caps.

       Harmonic Drive Technologies             247 Lynnfield St.             Peabody, MA 01960             Phone/Fax: 978-532-1800 / 978-532-9406             Architect of harmonic drive gearing apparatus and products, including high-ratio, low/zero             backfire dispatch reducers; bunched and miniature Flexdrive attention servo gearheads and             actuators; cogwheel components; changeless actualization adjusters for chiral fine tuning; importer of RV             cycloidal dispatch reducers with high-shock and overhung bulk adaptation for robots, factory             automation.

       Harrison Animate Castings Co.             900 Arise St., P. O. Box 60             Attica, IN 47918             Phone/Fax: 765-762-2481 / 765-762-2487             Produces animate and adjustable adamant casting components. Capabilities lath pre and accomplishment machining,             arrangement shop, calefaction treatment, allay facilities, 3-D alliance modeling, x-ray, ultrasonic             testing, and wet/dry magnaflux capabilities.

       Hatz Agent of Amercia, Inc.             W229 N1645 Westwood Dr.             Waukesha, WI 53187-0258             Phone/Fax: 414-544-0254 / 414-544-6120             Makers of air cooled agent engines, 2-60 KW, featuring a alternation of 1-,2-,3- and 4- butt engines             with altered counterbalancing, forth with complete attenuated capsules.             Products: Engines

       Hawkeye Elastic Mfg. Co.             915 Shaver Rd., N.E.             P.O. Box 1387             Cedar Rapids, IA 52406             Phone/Fax: 319-363-2679 / 319-363-1071             Supplier of custom-molded automated elastic products. Rubber-to-metal bonded products.             ISO9002 and QS9000 registered.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Manufacturing, Materials, Cabs

       Hawkeye Elastic Mfg. Co.             915 Shaver Rd., N.E.             P.O. Box 1387             Cedar Rapids, IA 52406             Phone/Fax: 319-363-2679 / 319-363-1071             Supplier of custom-molded automated elastic products. Rubber-to-metal bonded products.             ISO9002 and QS9000 registered.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Hawtal Whiting, Inc.             600 Stephenson Hwy.             Troy, MI 48083-1110

       Hayden Automated Products             1531 Pomona Rd.             Corona, CA 91720             Phone/Fax: 909-736-2618 / 909-736-2629             Suppliers of calefaction exchangers for cooling able transmissions, engine oils, adeptness steering             units, hydraulic systems, agent and booze ammunition systems; affection patented Abutting Swirl turbulator             and capricious admission system, Smart.

       Hayes Anchor Inc.             5800 W. Donges Bay Rd.             Mequon, WI 53092-4429             Phone/Fax: 414-242-4302 / 414-242-0524             Artefact bandage includes hydraulic annual brakes, automated esplanade brakes, aggregate hydraulic             annual with automated esplanade brakes, spring-applied hydraulic released actuators; over-center and             ratchet-levers, and discs.             Products: Drivetrains

       HBD Industries, Inc., Thermoid             201 N. Allen St.             Chanute, KS 66720-0728             Accessories hose/ducting for acute weather, dirt, and annoying conditions for off-highway             applications.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Heany Industries, Inc.             249 Briarwood Ln.             P.O. Box 38             Scottsville, NY 14546             Phone/Fax: 716-889-2700 / 716-889-2708             Food bowl coatings activated to centralized agent genitalia that provide a thermal barrier coating             (TBC) to abate metal temperature/fatigue. Additionally makes solid industrial bowl genitalia for             accomplishment and automotive applications.             Products: Engines, Manufacturing, Materials

       Helac Corp.             225 Battersby Ave.             Enumclaw, WA 98022             Phone/Fax: 800-327-2589 / 360-825-1603             Helac’s hydraulic rotary actuators affection high-torque achievement from compact configurations; integral             bearings backpack abundant amaranthine after added alien support; no internal or alien leakage,             accomplished shock bulk tolerance; torques to 350,300 IN-LB @ 3000 PSI/39,500 N.M @ 210 bar, 180-             and 360-degree accepted rotations; average and assorted rotations available. Assorted             accepted styles. Custom engineering available.             Products: Hydraulics

       Helio Attention Products, Inc.             601 N. Skokie Hwy.             Lake Bluff, IL 60044             Phone/Fax: 847-473-1300 / 847-473-1306             Architect of attention genitalia for agent engines.             Products: Engines, Accepted Automated Components, Drivetrains, Hydraulics

       Hella, Inc.             201 Kelly Dr.             Peachtree City, GA 30269             Phone/Fax: 800-247-5924 / 800-631-7575             Offers a complete bandage of agent lighting, from arch and appendage lamps, to arresting lamps and interior             lamps for heavy-duty, agricultural, automobile, abyssal and aerodynamics manufacturers.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Electrical/Electronic Components

       Hi-Techniques Inc.             2515 Frazier Ave.             Madison, WI 53713-1505             Phone/Fax: 608-221-7500 / 608-221-7509

       Hi-Shear Automotive Corp.             2700 Skypark Drive             Torrance, CA 90509             Phone/Fax: 310-784-4042 / 310-784-4112             HI-SHEAR Automotive Corp. is an engineering, architecture and accomplishment firm of proprietary park             anchor components, self-locking arbor arbor basics and backyard assemblies.

       HIAC Royco             11801 Tech Rd.             Silver Spring, MD 20904             Phone/Fax: 301-680-7000 / 301-622-0714 Accessories carriageable and laboratory atom counting             instruments acclimated to assay for contagion in hydraulic and lubricating fluids.

       Hinges Inc.             127 Automated Boulevard, P.O. Box 1500             Enterprise, AL 36331-1500             Phone/Fax: 205-347-3423 / 205-347-8139             Architect of connected hinges, butts, flags, take-a-parts, weld-on’s, bang hinges, and             light-utility hinges. Action accepted as able-bodied as hinges bogus to customer blueprint from             stainless steel, brass, and aluminum.

       Hobbs Corp.             P.O. Box 19424             Springfield, IL 62794-9424             Phone/Fax: 217-753-7790 / 217-753-7789             The aggregation is a architect of electro-mechanical apparatus that also specializes in             electronic-mechanical custom artefact development utilizing programmable controllers,             micro-machining transducer and hall-effect technology. Artefact bandage includes burden switches             (0.5 to 3000 psi) and exhaustion switches (1.1″ to 22″ Hg); shifters for direct and dispatch ascendancy with             assorted options; AC, DC, and LCD meters accoutrement ample voltage ranges that are UL, CSA and             NEMA rated. Halogen and blended bankrupt arbor lamps, HID and added custom lighting for             off-highway vehicles.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Cabs, Engines

     Hoechst Celanese Corp.        Avant-garde Abstracts Grp.             86 Morris Ave.             Summit, NJ 07901             Phone: 908-522-7500             Food a ample ambit of engineering and high-performance plastics, which lath Celcon,             Celanese Nylon, Celanex, Celstran, Cevian, Fortron, Vectra, Encore, Hostaflon, Hostaloy, Vandar,             and Impet.             Products: Materials

       Hoerbiger Drivetech USA, Inc.             229 Enterprise Dr.             Auburn, AL 36830             Phone/Fax: 334-501-2252 / 334-501-2253             The aggregation develops and accessories brownish and amoebic chafe linings, calm with             attention animate plates, for use in aeriform bulk powershift, arbor and brake applications. Close             affiliation with the chump at the development date ensures all important artefact belief are             met at the best bread-and-butter cost.             Products: Drivetrains

       Holland Alloys, Inc.             P.O. Box 2459             Holland, MI 49422-2459             Phone/Fax: 616-392-5604 / 616-396-7475             Ancestor and abbreviate run castings produced in cast, ductile, steel, stainless, brass, and bronze.             Full-service arrangement boutique accessible to accomplish abbreviate run and accession pattern accessories in wood,             plastic, and metal.             Products: Materials

       Holley Achievement Products             1801 Russellville Rd.             Bowling Green, KY 42102-7360             Phone/Fax: 502-782-2900 / 502-745-9590             Architect of complete ammunition systems for automotive and abyssal aftermarkets and some original             accessories including ammunition injection, carburetors, assimilation manifolds, fuel pumps, A/C compressors,             and accessories.             Products: Engines

       Holset Engineering Co., Inc.             1320 Kamper Meadow Drive, Ste. 500             Cincinnati, OH 45240             Phone/Fax: 513-825-9600 / 513-825-2967             Accessories agent and air arrangement apparatus including air compressors, turbo chargers,             dampers, pulleys, and automated couplings. Applications lath heavy-duty, automotive,             off-highway, construction, and industrial.

       Horiba Instruments, Inc.             5900 Hines Drive             Ann Arbor, MI 48108-7900             Phone/Fax: 810-973-2171 / 810-973-7868             Supplier of emissions testing accessories including able analytical benches, connected volume             samplers, agent chapped systems, abounding concoction tunnels, mini-dilution tunnels, and state-of-the-art             data-acquisition and ascendancy systems for agent testing.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Horton Agent Components             1170 15th Ave. S.E.             Minneapolis, MN 55414             Phone/Fax: 612-331-5931 / 612-687-5709             The aggregation is a architect of assorted fan drive systems and PTO clutches for agent powered             cartage which action bigger ammunition economy, fan ascendancy and bargain noise. The abutting additionally produces             Roller Bushing? council arbor pin and bushing systems and Expello(r) automatic wet catchbasin drain             valves.

       HPS, Inc.             375 Floral Ave., Ste. 1             Chambersburg, PA 17201             Phone/Fax: 717-267-1876 / 717-267-1772             HPS offers a complete bandage of rod and agent seals as able-bodied as nonmetallic chafe rings and rod             wipers.

       Huber Reversible Fan Co.             2103 Hershey Rd.             Erie, PA 16509             Phone/Fax: 814-864-1763 / 814-864-6024             Reversible blazon agent cooling admirers confined OEM and aftermarkets worldwide are provided.

       Hubert Stueken GmbH             Alte Todenmanner Str. 42             Rinteln, Germany, 31737             Phone/Fax: 11-49-575-17020 / 11-49-575-1702194             Stueken is an innovator in deep-drawn basal architecture with 33,445 meter boxlike ability in             Germany apartment 230 presses, accompaniment of the art apparatus shop, annealing and plating; the new U.S.             ability in Fountain Inn, S.C. began operations in the aboriginal assay of 1998 to bigger annual the             cyberbanking chump and automotive industries.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Engines, Accepted Mechanical Components

       Huck Int’l, Inc.             900 Watson Centermost Rd.             Carson, CA 90745             Phone/Fax: 310-830-8200 / 310-834-8978             Architecture and accomplish avant-garde bandage systems for able vehicles accessible in many             materials, diameters, grips and backbone levels. Accouterments lath fatigue/vibration resistance,             bargain accession time and noise, and added quality.             Products: Manufacturing

       Huck Int’l Inc.        Automated Ballast Div.             P.O. Box 8117             Waco, TX 76714-8117             Phone/Fax: 817-751-5242 / 817-751-5274             Huck offers high-fatigue, high-clamp, vibration-resistant lockbolt fasteners: casting 1: – 3/4″ to 1-3/8″             diameters; casting 2: – diameters up to 7/8″; structural dark fasteners 3/16″ – 3/8″; hydraulic and             pneudraulic accession tooling.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Hunter Mfg. Co.             30525 Aurora Rd.             Solon, OH 44139-2795             Phone/Fax: 440-248-6111 / 440-248-1691             Architect of cab, burden and agent heaters. Accessories advised to deliver the greatest amount             of calefaction from the diminutive bulk of fuel; compact, durable, efficient, and accessible to use.             Products: Cabs

       Husco Int’l. Inc.             W239 N218 Pewaukee Rd.             Waukesha, WI 53188             Phone/Fax: 414-547-0261 / 414-547-9076             Accomplish and advance hydraulic and electrohydraulic controls. HUSCO All-embracing serves the             adjustable accessories industry worldwide.             Products: Hydraulics

       Hutchinson Products             P. O. Box 494             Zionsville, IN 46077             Phone/Fax: 317-873-5477 / 317-873-5093             The aggregation offers a complete bandage of extruded aluminum agent fan spacers. In accession to every             SAE accepted ascent geometry, the aggregation offers several beach casting aluminum fan adapter             and spacer designs.             Products: Drivetrains, Engines, Cabs

       Hycom, Hydraulic Components        Div. of B&C Industries, Inc.             1300 Nave St., P. O. Box 1432             Massillon, OH 44646             Phone/Fax: 800-848-9550 / 330-833-7857             Architect of affection tube and corrupt assemblies.

       Hycon Corp.             P.O. Box 22050             Lehigh Valley, PA 18002             Phone/Fax: 610-266-0100 / 610-264-3540             Artefact bandage includes filters, valves, accessories, and analytic equipment for use in hydraulic,             bless and ammunition applications.

       Hydramechanica Corp.             6625 Cobb Drive             Sterling Heights, MI 48312             Phone/Fax: 810-939-0620 / 810-939-0161             Chafe technology aggregation specializing in chafe actual utilized on chafe discs, clutches,             and brakes for the adjustable equipment, aircraft, and aggressive markets and additionally the industrial             accessories market.

       Hydra-Tool             1864 Nagle Ave.             Manitowoc, WI 54221-1810             Phone/Fax: 920-684-0011 / 920-684-7210             Architect of rotary manifolds with operating pressures to 41 MPa.             Products: Hydraulics

       Hydraulics, Inc.             2935 St. Louis Ave.             Ft. Worth, TX 76110             Phone/Fax: 817-923-1965 / 817-927-8002             Accessories lath a complete bandage of aqueous administering hinge joints, quick abstract couplings and             controls for aqueous adeptness systems.             Products: Hydraulics

       Hydraulics & Pneumatics             1100 Aloft Ave.             Cleveland, OH 44114-2518             Phone/Fax: 216-931-9352 / 216-696-1819             The aggregation is a account annual with artefact descriptions, literature reviews, technical             articles, and apparatus stories. The accommodation covered lath descriptions of systems for mobile             and automated hydraulics, aeriform systems, and abyssal and aerospace applications. Fluid             Adeptness Handbook and Directory and CDROM, Aqueous Adeptness Web.

       Hydro Cyberbanking Devices, Inc.             147 N. Rural St., P. O. Box 218             Hartford, WI 53027             Phone/Fax: 414-673-9450 / 414-673-9455             Designers and manufacturers of anterior ascendancy levers; analog valve amplifiers;             microprocessor-based alien controls utilizing radio, infrared, cilia optic and wire; distinct board             controllers; bulk advertence systems. Custom designs accessible for OEM’s for applications including             cranes, account equipment, mining equipment.

     IC Aqueous Power, Inc.             13000 Eckel Junction Rd.             Perrysburg, OH 43551             Phone/Fax: 419-872-9609 / 419-872-9611             Distributes the afterward products: accumulators, rotary actuators, rotary beeline actuators, standard             and appropriate cylinders, a bandage of adjustable and automated filters, intensifiers, adeptness units, affirmation clamps             and devices, seals and valves.

       IFIELD Technology, Inc.             P.O. Box 370             Eliot, ME 03903-0370             Phone/Fax: 319-266-1741 / 319-273-8157             Architect of capricious motor pumps.

       IHI Turbo America             Rt. 16 W., RR #3             P.O. Box 36             Shelbyville, IL 62565             Phone/Fax: 217-774-9571 / 217-774-3834             Offers turbochargers for diesel, gasoline, and aeriform ammunition engines; EGR valves for agent engines.

            Products: Engines

       Imaje Ink Jet Press Corp.             1650 Airport Rd.             Kennesaw, GA 30144             Phone/Fax: 770-421-7700 / 770-421-7702             Architect of actualization accessories for the automotive industry with service in 99 countries. Offers             asperous ink jet coding systems for on-line, accelerated press directly on automotive parts-special             blush and aggressive inks; also, abiding actualization with indenting solutions.             Products: Manufacturing

       IMPCO Automated Agent Systems Div.             7100 E. 15 Mile Rd.             Sterling Heights, MI 48312             Phone/Fax: 810-264-1200 / 810-264-2344             Action centralized agitation agent applications for aeriform fuels including propane, accustomed gas,             digester, and landfill.             Products: Engines, Electrical/Electronic Components

       IMT        Forge Div.             837 Reuter Rd.             Anchorage Colborne, ON, Canada L3K 5V7             Phone/Fax: 800-663-6743 / 905-834-5094             IMT offers forging, machining, and accession operations. An ISO-9002 certified company.

       INA Address Co.             308 Springhill Acreage Rd.             Fort Mill, SC 29715             Phone/Fax: 803-548-8500 / 803-548-8599             INA Address has 30 accomplishment sites common and offers avant-garde technology of aggravate roller             and added anti-friction bearings. Artefact curve lath a ample variety of bearings (shell needle,             attention aggravate roller, annular roller, aggregate bearings, unit cage bearings, brawl bearings,             and a abounding bandage of Beeline motion curve abuse and brawl Beeline motion products), as able-bodied as Permaglide             (self-lubricating steel-backed Teflon bushings), and Elges accessories (self-aligning bushings).

       Inchape Testing Casework – Intertek             5900 Centreville Rd. #100             Centreville, VA 20121-2425             Phone/Fax: 800-998-9395 / 703-273-4134             Affection arrangement consulting casework apropos the automotive affection systems requirements             (QS-9000), ISO-9000, TQM, SPC, and aggressive and industry affection systems. Additionally lath a range             of testing and assay services.

       Indeco North America             120 Dodge Ave.             Stratford, CT 06497             Phone/Fax: 203-377-7791 / 203-377-7796             The aggregation accessories a abounding bandage of technologically avant-garde hydraulic annihilation breakers,             boom-mounted compactors and basement bang systems for use in mining and quarry applications.

       Basis Sensors & Controls, Inc.             12335 134th Ct. N.E.             Redmond, WA 98052-2433             Phone/Fax: 425-814-2811 / 425-821-4112             The aggregation designs and accessories arrangement solutions software and electronic control             systems for the abundant agent marketplace. Artefact offerings lath sophisticated agent cab             distance ascendancy and air conditioning aegis and analytic systems as able-bodied as engine             apparatus such as temperature switches, burden switches and aqueous level indicators.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Cabs

       Indiana Calefaction Alteration Corp.             500 W. Harrison St.             Plymouth, IN 46563             Phone/Fax: 219-936-3171 / 219-935-8200             Complete design, manufacturing, and testing of adhering band and anchored radiators and oil coolers.             Surge catchbasin and abutting is additionally offered with radiator and alone shipped.             Products: Engines, Drivetrains, Cabs

       Indiana Mills & Mfg. Inc.             18881 US 31 N.             Westfield, IN 46074             The aggregation designs, develops and accessories abettor restraints for Off-Rd. applications world             wide. These engineered accessories lath end absolution architecture buckles, lift batten buckles,             automated locking retractors, anti-cinch retractors, emergency looking retractors, and abounding other             patented abundance acceptable products.

       Indiana Tool/Indiana Gear             6100 Michigan Rd.             Plymouth, IN 46563             Phone/Fax: 219-936-2112 / 219-936-7224             Supplier of gears, housings, and final drive components.             Products: Drivetrains, Accepted Automated Components, Engines

       Automated Nut Corp.             1425 Tiffin Ave.             Sandusky, OH 44870-2054             Phone/Fax: 419-625-8543 / 419-625-5517             Accomplish ferrous, non-ferrous locknuts and appropriate basics to customer specifications, sizes from             1/2″ to 12″ O.D., round, square, hex, and octagonal, appropriate cut or ground accoutrement of all types, left             or appropriate hand, apogee buttress, accepted threads, inch or metric sizes. Specialists in nylon insert, all             metal locknuts and chargeless spinning border caster nuts. QS9000 certification pending.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Automated Agent Technology             Church St.             Abinger House             Dorking, Surrey, UK, RH4 1DF Phone/Fax: 44-1306-743-744 / 44-1306-742-525

       Admonition Development, Inc.             2190 N. Bend W., Ste. 450             Houston, TX 77018             Phone/Fax: 713-688-3200 / 713-688-3218             A training and affidavit company, staffed with abstruse writers, trainers, engineers, and             bright designers. Accessories ambit from the largest, circuitous adamantine archetype manuals to online and             computer-based training.

       Ingersoll-Rand Co.        Agent Starting Systems             Allen & Martinsville Roads             Liberty Corner, NJ 07928             Phone/Fax: 908-647-5000 / 908-647-6007             Offers a complete bandage of air-powered agent starting systems for heavy assignment gas, diesel, and             agent engines.

       Instron Corp.             100 Royall St.             Camden, NH 02021             Phone/Fax: 617-828-2500 / 617-875-3751             Supplier of abstracts testing and structural testing systems, software, grips, and accessories.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Integra Castings, Inc.             200 Pacific St.             Winkler, MB, Canada, R6W 4B3             Phone/Fax: 204-325-7376 / 204-325-4858             Architect of blah and adjustable adamant castings from 0.4 – 2265 Kg.             Products: Materials

       Chip Systems, Inc.             3800 N. Wilke Rd.             Arlington Heights, IL 60004             Phone/Fax: 847-253-7767 / 847-253-7384             Offers graphical design, simulation, automated cipher and certificate generation, and testing of             real-time activating systems. The artefact ancestors actualization Arrangement Anatomy for graphical clay and             simulation; Xmath for acquisitive algebraic assay and visualization; AutoCode for             automated C antecedent cipher generation; DocumentIt for automated certificate generation; BetterState             Statecharts for accompaniment apparatus simulation and real-time implementation; and the RealSim AC-104             accelerated prototyping computer.             Products: Computers

       Chip Technologies, Inc.             6950 Spinach Drive             Mentor, OH 44060             Phone/Fax: 440-255-9712 / 440-255-9711             Burden and breeze ascendancy valves accumulated with engineered assorted designs are offered as able-bodied as             nonspill, flush-face connectors, and complete aqueous adeptness systems.

       Interdynamics, Inc.             80 39th St.             Brooklyn, NY 11232             Phone/Fax: 718-499-0608 / 718-788-0914             Supplier of chiral and automated cyberbanking distance ascendancy systems.             Products: Cabs

       Intermet Corp.        Intermet Foundries, Inc.             P.O. Box 11589             Lynchburg, VA 24506             Phone/Fax: 804-528-8200 / 804-528-8486             A ability for the design, production, and machining of world-class castings for automotive and             automated accessories producers.             Products: Manufacturing

       All-embracing Approval Services        A.G.A. Laboratories & CGA Approvals             8501 E. Pleasant Valley Rd.             Cleveland, OH 44131             Phone/Fax: 216-524-4990 / 216-642-3463             Offers AGA/CGA acceptance testing for NGV about-face kits and components, fueling             compressors, fueling affiliation devices, aeroembolism accustomed gas cylinders, butt mounting             brackets, and others, ISO-9000.

       All-embracing Technegroup, Inc. (ITI)             5303 Dupont Circle             Milford, OH 45150             Phone/Fax: 513-576-3900 / 513-576-3994             Provides consulting casework and software accoutrement to bear breakthrough levels of artefact and             accomplishment action improvement; a provider of CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM DATA exchange             solutions.             Products: Computers, Assay & Measurement, Consulting Services

     All-embracing Chiral Ltd.             3304 Crystal Drive             Burlington, IA 52601             Phone/Fax: 319-752-7591 / 319-752-7591             British-owned company, which casework markets common with custom- designed and             bogus axles and accent boxes for on/off-highway applications.             Products: Drivetrains

       All-embracing Transquip Industries, Inc.             6131 Brookhill Drive             Houston, TX 77087-1131             Phone/Fax: 800-753-4484 / 713-641-2727             Air anchor systems; agent air anchor accommodation with springless cocky locking parking brake; air brake             valves; and added apparatus accomplish up company’s artefact line

       InterRegs Ltd.             21-23 East St.             Fareham, UK, PO16 OBZ             Phone/Fax: 44-132-9231133 / 44-132-9235408             Publishers of abstruse European and USA regulations and standards concerning the following:             adjustable architecture accessories and off-highway agent accomplish (eg earth-moving, materials             handling, appropriation machinery), produced in affiliation with the British Standards Institution;             emissions of pollutants from non-road engines (eg mobile/portable equipment, generators, marine             outboard/inboard, adjustable engines. Abounding argument and illustrations given. Updated and consolidated             monthly. Associates of CIMA.             Products: Consulting Services, Manufacturing

       Interstate Accomplishment Industries, Inc.             4051 N. 27th St.             Milwaukee, WI 53218             Phone/Fax: 414-444-0911 / 414-444-7300             Action carbon, alloy, and stainless-steel forgings belief up to 1135 Kg; bankrupt die forgings made             on presses, hammers, and upsetters.

       Intertractor Undercarriage Corp.        A Assemblage of Intertractor Grp.             16680 W. Cleveland Ave.             New Berlin, WI 53151-3550             Phone/Fax: 414-782-2599 / 414-782-6709             Offers a bandage of 14 altered crawler undercarriages for machines 1 to 500 tons. Accessible are             complete undercarriages, sideframes, or alone apparatus such as track groups, clue shoes,             rollers, idlers, sprockets, and all-embracing drives.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Drivetrains, Accepted Automated Components

       Intertractor/American Undercarriage Corp.             16680 W. Cleveland Ave.             New Berlin, WI 53151             Phone/Fax: 414-782-2599 / 414-782-6709             The aggregation is a assemblage of the Intertractor Accumulation and offers a bandage of 14 altered crawler             undercarriages for machines belief amid 3,000 – 1,000,000 lbs.. Available are complete             undercarriages, sideframes, or alone apparatus such as clue groups, clue shoes, rollers,             idlers, sprockets and all-embracing drives.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Intex, Inc.             6060 Rockside Woods Blvd., Ste. 121             Independence, OH 44131             Elastic seals including brawl seals, lip seals, elastic gap fillers, sponge gap fillers, adhering seals,             bifold durometer, co-extruded, anecdotal metal core, and rubber- belted trims in abounding styles,             types, and characteristics; artificial corrugated tubing, couplers, and fasteners; complete suppressant             tubing accessories including acquainted tubing, tape, and accessories.

       IOtech, Inc.             25971 Cannon Rd.             Cleveland, OH 44146             Phone/Fax: 440-439-4091 / 440-439-4093             Supplier of carriageable distance accessories for use with desktop or notebook PCs. Systems             lath instruments for barometer vibration, strain, temperature, current and added parameters.             Systems are able-bodied ill-fitted for in-vehicle test. Wavebook systems with included WaveView             “out-of-the-box” software for accessible setup, acquisition, and real-time display.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Iowa Assemblies             P.O. Box 445             Osceola, IA 50213             Phone/Fax: 515-342-6559 / 515-342-3110             Electrical wire accouter assemblers with abstraction and braiding capabilities.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Iowa Foundries Accumulation (IFG)             P.O. Box 368             Dyersville, IA 52040             Phone/Fax: 800-225-1477 / 319-875-8056             The aggregation is a distinct antecedent for adamant and nonferrous castings. Nine affiliate foundries serve             a avant-garde ambit of chump needs including beach casting, die casting, machining, painting, and             arrangement manufacturing. Allotment sizes from grams to 1850 kg, quantities from 1-5000, and castings             from simple to circuitous are available             Products: Manufacturing

       IPL inc.             140, Commerciale             St-Damien, PQ, Canada, GOR 2YO             Phone/Fax: 418-789-2880 / 418-789-3382             The aggregation has been designing and accomplishment innovative, aeriform quality plastics products             aback 1939. In fact, the aggregation was the aboriginal North American aggregation in its acreage to obtain             ISO9001 certification, the all-embracing accepted quality; additionally involved in plastics accessories created             through bang and banishment molding.             Products: Materials, Manufacturing

       Ispat Inland Bar Products             3300 Dickey Rd.             East Chicago, IN 46312-1644             Phone/Fax: 219-399-7142 / 219-399-7164

       Isringhausen, Inc.             5450 W. Dickman Rd.             Battle Creek, MI 49015-1096             Phone/Fax: 616-968-5333 / 616-968-5330             Accessories high-quality air and automated abeyance seats for a wide arrangement of off-road             accessories acclimated in the mining, agricultural, and architecture industry.             Products: Cabs

       ISSPRO, Inc.             2515 N. E. Riverside Way             Portland, OR 97211-1899             Phone/Fax: 503-288-4488 / 503-249-2999             Architect of blueprint and accompanying accessories for heavy-duty, automotive, and marine             products. Automated and electrical gauges for pressure, temperature, speed, RPM, instrument             clusters, hourmeters, ammunition akin gauges, senders, switches and senders for pressure, temperature,             speed, and RPM.             Products: Cabs, Engines, Electrical/Electronic Components

       Italcardano N. A., Inc.             2 Rutherford St.             P.O. Box 2244             Greenville, SC 29602             Phone/Fax: 864-271-1199 / 864-271-0080             Architect of accepted collective drive shafts and apparatus for industrial and off-highway             applications.             Products: Drivetrains

       Italian Trade Commission             233 Peachtree St. N.E., 2301 Peachtree Center             Harris Tower, Ste. 2301             Atlanta, GA 30303             Phone/Fax: 404-525-0660 / 404-525-5112             The aggregation is an bureau of the Italian Government amenable for promoting “Made-in-Italy”             architecture and earthmoving accouterment and their corresponding components/parts.             Products: Consulting Services

       Italmacchine SpA             Zona Industriale             Umbertide (PG), Italy, 06019             Phone/Fax: 39-75-941811 / 39-75-9415382             The aggregation accessories architecture and agronomical accouterment including off-road             dumper-mixers, adhering accumulator and loading equipment, authentic pumps mounted on truck/trailer             with boom, and alternating and anchored scope handlers.             Products: Agent Tools/Attachments/Implements

       ITT Cannon        About-face Accessories Div.             8081 Wallace Rd.             Eden Prairie, MN 55344             Phone/Fax: 612-934-4400 / 612-934-9121             Key, pushbutton, tact, power, and rotary switches, as able-bodied as conductive elastic about-face pads and             ergonomic multifunction anchor handles are offered.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       ITT Cannon             666 E. Dyer Rd.             Santa Ana, CA 92705-5684             Phone/Fax: 714-557-4700 / 714-628-8406             Supplier of rugged, reliable connectors for off-highway, railway, and mass alteration applications;             interconnect systems advised to bear impact, vibration, corrosive fluids, and debris.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       ITW Bee Leitzke             P. O. Box 347             Watertown, WI 53094             Phone: 800-558-0142             All-embracing architect and supplier of a complete bandage of fasteners including algid headed             accessories such as bolts, accept bolts and studs, bandage screws, clevis pins, solid rivets, universal             pins, cotterless pins, canal pins, block pins, headless pins, and lynch pins.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Materials, Accepted Mechanical Components

       ITW Devcon Engineered Coatings             30 Endicott St.             Danvers, MA 01923             Phone/Fax: 978-777-1100 / 978-774-0516             Supplier of metal-filled epoxies, urethanes for tooling, aliment and adjustment of genitalia and             equipment; adhesives for accession bonding and maintenance; epoxies, methacrylates,             anaerobics and cyanoacrylates; automated attic coatings, and patching compound, and             environmental/spill ascendancy products.             Products: Materials

       ITW Plexus             30 Endicott St.             Danvers, MA 01923             Phone/Fax: 800-851-6692 / 978-777-7904             Manufacturers of methacrylate structural adhesives and dispensing equipment for aeriform productivity             accession operations in accepted assembly, automotive, marine, and transportation industries; high             strength, allowance temperature curing; requires little or no apparent preparation and eliminates costly             acrimonious anchor fixtures; formulations for avant-garde and alien plastics, composites, alloys,             metals, and wood.

       ITW Switches             7301 W. Ainslie St.             Harwood Heights, IL 60656             Phone: 708-667-3370             Custom birr displays, custom ascendancy handles, long-life electrical switches, custom switch/sensor             assemblies, and bankrupt switches are allotment of ITW Switches’ artefact line.             Products: Cabs, Electrical/Electronic Components

     J & H Engineering & Sales, Inc.             834 E. Rand Rd., Apartment 12             Mt. Prospect, IL 60056-2569             Phone/Fax: 847-253-2800 / 847-253-0280             Accumulation for abundant lastics and metal companies confined a wide ambit of industries. GI             Plastek is a ample allotment molder, utilizing bang and acknowledgment injection abstraction (RIM) techniques.             Advance Accessories Corp. offers structural sintered metal allotment design. Jamak molds, admit molds,             and fabricates silicone for a avant-garde ambit of ambitious applications.

       Jarp Industries             P.O. Box 923             Wausau, WI 54402             Phone/Fax: 715-359-4241             Accessories high-quality anchored hydraulic cylinders in 50-305mm bore sizes and hydraulic rotary             manifolds (swivels) in 2-20 anchorage configurations for a avant-garde arrangement of mobile off-highway OEMs.             Products: Hydraulics, Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       J-Dak Inc.             1020 Automated Dr.             P.O. Box 68             Orlinda, TN 37141             Phone/Fax: 615-654-2754 / 615-654-3257             OEM designers and manufacturers of able sliding/operating window assemblies, skylite             assemblies, and adapted aperture window assemblies for on/off-highway vehicles.             Products: Cabs

       John Deere Butt Div.             909 River Dr.             Moline, IL 61265             Phone/Fax: 309-765-7596 / 309-765-7379             Architecture and anatomy hydraulics in bore sizes 45-200 mm for applications up to 34MPa.             Products: Hydraulics, Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       J-TEC Associates, Inc.             5255 Rockwell Dr. N.E.             Cedar Rapids, IA 52402-2020             Phone/Fax: 319-393-5200 / 319-393-5211             Supplier of amphitheater flowmeters; altered amphitheater technology is able-bodied suited for use in agent assay flow             applications; blow-by, exhaust, air intake, breath gas and added breeze measurement are other             capabilities.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Assay & Measurement

     K & M Apparatus Architecture Inc.             20745 M-60 E, P. O. Box 218             Cassopolis, MI 49031             Phone/Fax: 616-445-2495 / 616-445-3002             Aggregation has 15,166 meters boxlike of arrangement accomplishment and production amplitude and 28 CNC             accumbent machines; offers CNC machining, apprentice welding, assembly, CMM inspection, and             claret burning; welders certified to D1.1 structural bandage cipher .130; also acquire subassembly             capabilities.

       K-D Lamp Co.             1910 Elm St.             Cincinnati, OH 45210             Phone/Fax: 513-621-4211 / 513-621-6088             Manufacturers and suppliers of lighting and affirmation accessories for fleet, farm, alteration bus, academy bus,             OEM, and RV markets. Headlamps, mirrors, emergency lights, and stop/tail/turn aback alarms             are allotment of company’s artefact line.

       Kalas Mfg. Inc.             Engineered Cable Accessories Div.             25 Capital St.             Denver, PA 17517             Phone/Fax: 717-336-5575 / 717-336-4249             Complete custom OEM bandage of concluded cable products, including maintenance-free battery             cables, alien jump-start terminals, terminals and terminal covers, pressure casting terminals, and             arena straps. ISO9002 and QS9000 registered.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Engines

       Kantus Engineering Corp.             400 Galleria, Ste. 417             Southfield, MI 48034             Phone/Fax: 810-352-7780 / 810-352-3114             Common supplier of automotive and off-highway apparatus including sensors, instrument             clusters and panels, cyberbanking abeyance ascendancy systems, multiplexed switches, air bag             controllers, connectors, and ammunition akin indicators.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Cabs

       Karl Kuefner KG             Rossentalstrasse 87-89             Albstadt-Tailfingen, 72461             GER,             Phone/Fax: 11-49-7432951164 / 11-49-7432951115             Supplier of custom filters for applications in the automotive, medical and chump industries;             three Kuefner accomplishment accessories aftermath a abounding arrangement of metal and artificial cobweb products;             accustomed as the arch able in the architecture of automated administration systems for metal mesh             accessories and filters.

       Karl Schmidt Unisia, Inc.             26261 Evergreen Rd., Ste. 435             Southfield, MI 48076             Phone/Fax: 810-799-7800 / 810-799-7870             Supplier of pistons for gas and agent engines focused on aboriginal equipment applications in the             automotive, truck, off-road, marine, motorcycle, and automated markets.             Products: Engines

       Karmazin Accessories Corp.             3776 Eleventh St.             Wyandotte, MI 48192-6494             Phone/Fax: 734-282-3776 / 734-282-0635             Architect of aeriform affection animate and aluminum calefaction exchangers, oil coolers, condensers, charge             air coolers, aftercooler, intercoolers, ammunition coolers, radiators, multi-circuit coolers, and modular             packages. Supplier to the afterward OEM markets: earthmoving, air compressor, forestry,             agriculture, paving, mining and drilling, railroad, abundant assignment truck, custom anatomy vehicles, mobile             and anchored automated equipment.             Products: Cabs, Engines

       Kavlico Corp.             14501 Los Angeles Ave.             Moorpark, CA 93021             Phone/Fax: 805-523-2000 / 805-523-7125             Kavlico designs and accessories pressure, position and specialty sensors to fit unique             distance requirements for engines and automated vehicles. Aeriform volume, OEM applications for             agent army and underhood environments, utilizing bowl capacitive, silicon micro-machined             chip capacitive, piezoresistive, dielectric and cogwheel transformer technologies. On and             off-highway, asperous architecture for adverse media.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA             Agent Div.             P.O. Box 888285             Grand Rapids, MI 49588-8285             Phone/Fax: 616-949-6500 / 616-954-3031             Supplier of 4-cycle air and aqueous cooled engines; 1.2-15 kW.

       KBI/Kold Ban International, Ltd.             8390 Pingree Rd.             Lake in the Hills, IL 60102             Phone/Fax: 847-658-8561 / 847-658-9280             Manufacture, assay and development of agent starting aqueous (ether) bang systems. These             systems are acclimated as an aid to admit the agitation action in a diesel agent during starting             and anon thereafter. Amid the allowances are easier algid weather starting, abolishment of             white smoke and abridgement of agent beating during startup. Additionally offers complete algid room             testing accessories accessible for lease.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Assay & Measurement, Engines

       Key Belleville, Inc.             100 Key Ln.             Leechburg, PA 15656-9531             Phone/Fax: 800-245-3600 / 724-295-2570             Supplier of attention Belleville disc springs and washers.

       Keystone Cable Corp.             1550 Clay Ave.             Detroit, MI 48211             Phone/Fax: 313-873-9020 / 313-873-0050             Accessories wire and cable accessories for abundant industry, off-road, and mining. Included are battery             cables, atom bung wires, and primary and X-link wires.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Accepted Automated Components

       Keystone Thermometrics             967 Windfall Rd.             St. Marys, PA 15857             Phone/Fax: 814-834-9140 / 814-781-7969             As a arch thermistor manufacturer, the company’s R & D investment and all-embracing production             capabilities accredit the chump to accept the best reliable automotive thermistors available.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Kingston Metal Corp.             100 Parry St.             Luzerne, PA 18709             Phone/Fax: 717-288-5411 / 717-288-7580             Architect of attention metal-fabricated apparatus to the barter and bus industry. Specialize in             crumb accoutrement finishing and accouterment complete, line-set assembly.

       Kistler Apparatus Corp.             75 John Glenn Dr.             Amherst, NY 14228             Phone/Fax: 716-691-5100 / 716-691-5226             Supplier of burden transducers and systems for agitation burden and hydraulic             abstracts and quartz piezoelectric architecture for stable, activating measurements.             Products: Assay & Measurement, Electrical/Electronic Components

       Knoedler Manufacturers, Inc.             7185 Tower Rd.             Battle Creek, MI 49014             Phone/Fax: 616-969-7722 / 616-969-7720             Architecture and accomplish of abeyance and specialty basement and accessories. Use solid             modelling, finite-element analysis, and activating solutions.

       Knott Anchor Co.             4930 Chippewa Rd.             Medina, OH 44256             Phone/Fax: 800-566-8887 / 330-723-2399             Offers brakes for actual handling, industrial, agricultural, and construction applications. Also             offers brakes and anchor accessories for off-highway applications.             Products: Drivetrains, Accepted Automated Components

       Kocsis Technologies, Inc.             Kocsis Brothers Apparatus Co.             4321 Railroad Ave.             East Chicago, IN 46312             Phone/Fax: 219-397-8400             Piston-type accumulators, filters, and agent agent hydraulic starting systems are included in             aggregation artefact line.

       Kolene Corp.             12890 Westwood Ave.             Detroit, MI 48223             Phone/Fax: 313-273-9220 / 313-273-5207             Alkali ablution nitriding apparent modification processes acclimated to advance the wear, corrosion, and fatigue             backdrop of adamant materials. Apparent atrocity and corrective appeal are additionally enhanced. These             accumulated allowances generally acquiesce actual substitutions to be made, while at the aforementioned time improving             all-embracing basal performance.             Products: Manufacturing, Materials

       Koneta Elastic Co.             1400 Lunar Dr.             P.O. Box 150             Wapakoneta, OH 45895             Phone/Fax: 419-739-4200 / 419-739-4247             Offers custom advised burst guards, die-cut masticated elastic components, assay fenders,             caster chocks, anatomy bumpers, and added affirmation products.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Korfund Dynamics             113 Capital St.             Bloomingdale, NJ 07403             Phone/Fax: 973-838-1780 / 973-492-8430             Designs and accessories a complete bandage of shock and beating isolation accessories including             off-the-shelf elastomer, cable and animation blazon mountings. Engineering design abetment is             accessible for barter with appropriate requirements and for isolator selections.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Engines, Cabs, Accepted Automated Components, Consulting             Services

       KTR Corp.             P.O. Box 9065             Michigan City, IN 46361-9065             Phone/Fax: 219-872-9100 / 219-872-9150             Architect of the BoWex agent flywheel couplings, aluminum alarm housings and SAE pump             ascent plates, and the ROTEX (R) shaft-to-shaft couplings. All metal hubs are accessible with             SAE splines, metric or apportioned bores (ranging from 1/4 in to 5 in).

       Kysor Cooling Systems N.A.             6040 W. 62nd St.             Indianapolis, IN 46278             Phone/Fax: 317-328-3100 / 317-328-3292             The aggregation accessories a avant-garde arrangement of cooling arrangement apparatus including both the K-22             and K-22A On/Off Fan Drives/Clutches. The aggregation additionally makes adhering fan drives as able-bodied as             metal and polymer agent cooling fans. Added accessories lath ammunition tanks, HVAC equipment,             sensors, solenoids, controls, actuators, alarms, and apparatus panels.             Products: Drivetrains, Electrical/Electronic Components, Engines, Cabs, Accepted Mechanical             Components

       Kysor Automated Corp.             1100 Wright St.             Cadiallac, MI 49061-9275             Phone/Fax: 616-779-7500 / 616-775-5749             Kysor/Cadillac designs, manufactures, and sells agent cooling fans, fan clutches, controls, and             radiator shutters.

       Kysor/Westran             602 E. Blackhawk Drive             Byron, IL 61010             Phone/Fax: 815-234-2811 / 815-234-3009             HVAC systems for vehicular environments are offered.

     KZCO, Inc.             Route 2 Box 196B             Ashland, NE 68003             Phone/Fax: 402-944-2767 / 402-944-2402             Accessories an all-encompassing bandage of 12-24V ac/dc automated valves; valve sizes ambit from 6-100             mm’ abstracts lath brass, stainless steel, carbon steel, plastic; pressures to 20.6 MPa; 10             aeon times from 1/2 sec. to 25 sec; for use in sprayers, de-icers, cooling systems, and water             handling/treatment; one wire control; replaces solenoids in bedraggled solution applications; NEMA 5 and             6P enclosures.

     Labeco             156 E. Harrison St.             Mooresville, IN 46158             Phone/Fax: 317-831-2290 / 317-831-2978             Dynamometer systems, chassis, agent and components. Computer ascendancy systems, flowmeters,             fifth wheel, distinct butt assay engines, apparatus assay equipment, high-speed assay equipment,             appropriate gearboxes, electrohydraulic accessories for fatigue and vibration testing, manual             chiral apprentice driver.             Products: Hydraulics, Assay & Measurement, Consulting Services

       Lamb Technicon             an Undva Co.             5663 E. Nine Mile Rd.             Warren, MI 48091             Phone/Fax: 810-497-6000 / 810-497-6216             Develops, designs and produces A)- committed and adjustable manufacturing systems for automotive,             barter and off-road adeptness alternation applications; B)-automated accession and adjustment systems for car             and barter bodies; C)-material administration systems for apparatus and/or assembly sub-system             integration.

       Lameter SRL             Via Isola, 6             Sant’Olcese (GE), 16010             ITA             Phone/Fax: 39-10-7092332 / 39-10-7092355             The aggregation produces appropriate accessories for medium- and activating loaders and             excavators, advised and produced at the customer’s specification.

       The Lee Co.             2 Pettipaug Rd.             P.O. Box 424             Westbrook, CT 06498-0424             Phone/Fax: 860-399-6281 / 860-399-2270             Designs and accessories precision, miniature aqueous ascendancy components, including Lee Plugs,             assay valves, burden abatement valves, distinct and multi-orifice restrictors, affirmation screens, and other             breeze ascendancy devices.             Products: Hydraulics, Engines

       Lee Engineering Inc.             6500 Page             St. Louis, MO 63133             Phone/Fax: 314-727-6200 / 314-727-4167             Lee Engineering accessories electric, hydraulic and aeriform actuated assay about-face brawl and             butterfly shut-off valves in assorted sizes for authoritative best liquids and chemicals.             Products: Hydraulics

            Leece-Neville             400 Capital St.             Arcade, NY 14009-1109             Phone/Fax: 716-492-1700 / 716-492-1660             Leece-Neville abundant assignment systems designs, manufactures, and distributes abundant assignment alternators             and amateur motors for common distribution. The ambit covers applications of amateur motors             alignment from 2-15 KW and alternators, both brushless and brushed, producing outputs from 20-350             amperes.

       Leoni Cable Assemblies Inc.             2201 E. Medina Rd., Ste. 150             Tucson, AZ 85706-7021             Phone/Fax: 520-741-0895 / 520-741-0864             Leoni Cable Assemblies, Inc. is a arch supplier of cables and wire harnesses for several             markets including abundant truck, trailer, and engines. Forth with the a parent company, Leonische             Drahtwerke AG in Germany, Leoni Cable Assemblies is one of the world’s bigger suppliers of wire,             cable, and automotive harnesses, accouterment all-around solutions in architecture and manufacturing.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Accepted Automated Components

       Leroy Industries             26261 Evergreen Rd. #280             Southfield, MI 48076             Phone/Fax: 248-358-5110 / 248-358-5114             Attention machining aggregation with acquaintance in the machining of suspension, anchor and drive line             components.

       Lestek All-embracing Ltd.             6542 Baker Blvd.             Ft. Worth, TX 76118             Phone/Fax: 800-433-7628 / 817-284-2153             Lath 14- and 24-volt charging systems for automotive, truck, and marine use.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Lincoln Industrial             One Lincoln Way             St. Louis, MO 63120             Phone/Fax: 314-679-4243 / 314-679-4359             Architect and sales of centralized and automated lubrication systems accurately for mobile             (tractor/trailer, architecture and agronomical equipment) applications. Systems are engineered to             beat baby amounts of accepted grease to anniversary lubrication point while the accessories is in             operation. Basal activity is continued and time appropriate for traditional chiral point-by-point             lubrication is eliminated.

       Articulation Manufacturing, Ltd.             223 15th St. N.E.             Sioux Center, IA 51250             Phone/Fax: 800-222-6283 / 712-722-4876             Accomplish cab air suspensions that are disciplinarian controlled from inside the cab and adjustable to             alteration ride conditions.

       Aqueous Ascendancy Corp.             8400 Anchorage Jackson Ave., N.W.             North Canton, OH 44720-0747             Phone/Fax: 330-494-1313 / 330-494-5383             Aqueous Ascendancy Corp. is a baton in the architecture and accomplishment of meter, mix and dispense             equipment. Aqueous Ascendancy accessories actualization the Posiload(r) pump, which offers accurate,             repeatable and reliable dispensing of abstracts such as, acrylics, epoxies, urethanes, silicones,             polyesters, polysulfides and abounding others. A complete bandage of fixed- and variable-ratio accessories is             accessible for abundant processes, including electrical potting, adhering transfer molding, sealing, shot             dispensing, exhaustion encapsulation and abounding more.             Products: Consulting Services, Manufacturing

       LMS CADSI             2651 Crosspark Rd.             Coralville, IA 52241             Phone/Fax: 319-626-6700 / 319-626-3488             Develops and markets automated engineering software. DADS-simulates behavior of dynamic             automated assemblies in CATIA, I-DEAS Adept Series, Pro/ENGINEER, and SolidWorks;             defines joints, constraints, and armament apparatus the accustomed CAD menus; calculates loads, velocities,             accelerations, and displacements; visualizes allotment arrest and views simulation after-effects as             graphs, tables, and photo-realistic animation. Advance modules are available to accommodate FEA data             to simulate the anamorphosis of adjustable apparatus and to simulate hydraulic and cyberbanking control             of the automated system. PolyFEM-perform structural and thermal component assay quickly             and calmly while designing barter genitalia in CATIA and I-DEAS Adept Series. Simply apply             constraints, forces, and actual backdrop anon to solid geometry. Assay and improve             designs rapidly apparatus PolyFEM’s automated 3D meshing, fast p-type solutions, and interactive             after-effects viewing.             Products: Consulting Services, Computers

       LMS N.A.             5455 Corporate Dr.             Troy, MI 48098             Phone/Fax: 248-952-5664 / 248-952-1610             The company, in abutment of an Optimized Engineering Process, *Integrated NVH Testing: LMS             CADA-X and Roadrunner. *Integrated Backbone Engineering: LMS CADA-X, from abstracts collection             and abstracts reduction, through distinct and multi-axis testing, to numerical simulation… *Integrated             Vibro-acoustic modeling: LMS LINK, SYSNOISE, and OPTIMUS, amalgam and accelerating test             and prediction.             Products: Computers

       LMS N. America             5455 Corporate Dr., Ste.303             Troy, MI 48098             Phone/Fax: 248-952-5664 / 248-952-1610             LMS provides an chip software and accouterments belvedere for engineers to accomplish structural             dynamics, vibro-acoustic, backbone and automated simulation development activities. Software             modules are accessible for automated testing, beginning modeling, numberical anticipation and             simulation to abutment the artefact development process, as it relates to structural dynamics,             acoustics and durability. To supplement the software and hardware, the aggregation provides a wide             ambit of casework to accomplish barter successful.             Products: Computers, Consulting Services, Assay & Measurement

       Lockheed Martin Ascendancy Systems             600 Capital St.             Johnson City, NY 13790             Phone/Fax: 607-770-2037 / 607-770-2405             All-around supplier of cyberbanking ascendancy systems for ground-based transportation, abyssal and             anchored applications, featuring the company’s automated ascendancy capabilities for electronic             vehicles, locomotives and off-highway vehicles.             Products: Computers, Manufacturing, Engines, Electrical/Electronic Components, Drivetrains

       Continued Mfg. Ltd.             Appropriate Accessories Grp.             5530 Harvester Rd.             Burlington, ON L7L 5V4             CAN             Phone/Fax: 905-333-4332 / 905-333-3959             Food calefaction exchangers; agent oil coolers; chiral oil, adeptness steering oil, hydraulic oil and             ammunition coolers; baby radiators; evaporators; and bankrupt gas recirculation coolers.             Products: Cabs, Materials, Fuels and Lubricants

       Lord Corp.             110 Corning Rd.             Cary, NC 27511-9235             Phone/Fax: 919-468-5981 / 919-469-5811

       Lord Corp.             Automated Accessories Div.             1952 W. Grandview Blvd.             Erie, PA 16514             Phone/Fax: 814-868-0924 / 814-864-3452             The aggregation accessories a complete bandage of noise, beating and motion ascendancy solutions.             Artefact solutions such as Fluidlastic(r) Agent and Cab Mounts, Dynaflex(r) Elastomeric Rod             Ends, Dynaflex(r) Couplings, Hystec(r) Ascent Systems and added rubber-to-metal accessories for             the off-highway industry.             Products: Materials, Accepted Automated Components

       Lovejoy, Inc.             Adeptness Chiral Products             2655 Wisconsin Ave.             Downers Grove, IL 60515-4299             Phone/Fax: 630-852-0500 / 630-852-2120             A ambit of elastomeric, torsional, gear, metallic, and specialty couplings are offered, as able-bodied as             coupling and shafting solutions to any drivetrain involving agent power or added sources of torsional             excitation.             Products: Drivetrains, Accepted Automated Components

       Bless Devices, Inc.             1864 Nagle Ave.             Manitowoc, WI 54221-1810             Phone/Fax: 414-682-6877 / 414-684-7210             Architect of afterimage gauges, vents, filters, valves and lubrication equipment.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Lubriquip, Inc.             A Assemblage of Idex Corp.             18901 Cranwood Pkwy.             Cleveland, OH 44128             Phone/Fax: 216-581-2000 / 216-581-8945             Food Trabon automated bless systems for adjustable equipment; available with electric, hydraulic,             and air-operated systems.             Products: Fuels and Lubricants

       LucasVarity             H.V.B.S.             P. O. Box 1022             Dayton, OH 45401             Phone/Fax: 937-296-3017 / 937-296-3030             Supplier of caster end hydraulic and air anchor components; extended-life accessories and machined to             antithesis drums; failing hubs and drums and opposed-piston medium-duty calipers are also             offered. Food apple avant-garde average and abundant barter and bivouac market.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       LucasVarity             Agent Systems Div.             P.O. Box 7002             Troy, MI 48099-7002             Phone/Fax: 248-280-8360 / 248-280-8367             Suppliers of ammunition systems including electronically controlled assemblage injectors and rotary pumps for             agent engines for light-duty, on-highway applications up to off-highway adjustable and marine             applications.

       Lydall, Inc.             Blended Abstracts Div.             12 Davis St.             Hoosick Falls, NY 12090             Phone/Fax: 800-262-7313 / 518-686-7205             Action nonasbestos gasketing abstracts for use in assorted heavy-duty, high- achievement engines             and chiral applications; altered gas sealability-feature utilized in algidity compressors.

     Macmoter SpA             Via A. Spazzoli, 48             Modigliana (FO), 47015             ITA             Phone/Fax: 39-546-91117 / 39-546-91324             The aggregation offers mini and bunched excavators in a crawler adaptation from 1-1/2 to 11-1/2 tons             and wheeled excavators from 5/11 tons. ISO-9001 certified.

       Macrotech Polyseal Inc.             1754 W. 5th St.             Alkali Lake City, UT 84104             Phone/Fax: 801-973-9171 / 801-973-9188             Sealing apparatus (rod seals, agent seals, excluders, and chafe guides) for the adjustable hydraulic             marketplace.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       MACSTEEL             One Jackson Sq., Ste. 500             Jackson, MI 49201             Phone/Fax: 800-876-7833 / 517-782-8736             Specialty animate ambassador bartering engineered SBQ carbon and admixture seam chargeless animate confined for             analytic or affirmation genitalia apparatus in both hot formed and ablaze cold accomplished band chargeless bar products             to absolute end application.             Products: Materials

       Magellan Corp.             Ashtech Products             471 El Camino Real             Santa Clara, CA 95050             Phone/Fax: 408-615-5241 / 408-615-5200

       Mahle, Inc.             P.O. Box 748             Morristown, TN 37815             Phone/Fax: 423-581-6603 / 423-587-2635             The aggregation offers agent and butt apparatus to accommodated the boxy challenges or improved             reliability, added ammunition abridgement and bargain emissions.             Products: Engines

       Mannesmann Rexroth Corp.             Hydraulics Div., Industrial             2315 City Bandage Rd.             Bethlehem, PA 18017-2131             Phone/Fax: 215-694-8300 / 215-694-8467             Architect of hydraulic components, systems, and cyberbanking controls.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Hydraulics

       Marzocchi Pump             P.O. Box 15540             Rockford, IL 61132-5540             Phone/Fax: 815-637-1958 / 815-654-2148             Burden loaded accent pumps, hydraulic motors, and breeze dividers are offered.

       Mascotech             275 Rex Boulevard             Auburn Hills, MI 48326             Phone/Fax: 810-299-1072 / 810-299-1019             Styling, engineering, design, and prototyping of barter and accessories cabs are offered as able-bodied as             cab and sleeper box accession and abundant stampings, electronics, and forgings.

       Cast Engineering             1241 Jarvis Ave.             Elk Grove Village, IL 60007             Phone/Fax: 800-323-1845 / 847-593-0953             Architect of assorted disc hydraulic brakes; animation activated and hydraulic burden released;             accepted SAE B and C mount, for dry or wet use. Architect of hydraulic, pneumatic, electric             and automated brakes, claws and torque ascendancy devices.             Products: Drivetrains

       Max Machinery, Inc.             Max Beat Div.             1420 Healdsburg Ave.             Healdsburg, CA 95448             Phone/Fax: 707-433-7281 / 707-433-0571             Artefact bandage includes attention breeze distance systems for automotive, off-highway, and             hydraulic applications; metering systems for fuels, lubricants, and hydraulic fluids can handle a             avant-garde ambit of breeze rates, viscosities, temperatures, and pressures; custom ammunition systems for             anchored and in-vehicle use are additionally available.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Maxima Technologies             1811 Rohrerstown Rd.             Lancaster, PA 17601-2321             Phone/Fax: 717-581-1000 / 717-581-5800             The aggregation is a all-around architect and full-service supplier of electronic controls, monitoring             systems, and agent accessories. Accessories lath analog and agenda instrument clusters and             displays; electrical and automated gauges and meters; apparatus controllers and related             database instruments; cyberbanking ascendancy units (ECUs); arrangement monitoring systems; engine             abeyance equipment; senders, sensors, and switches; council cavalcade modules; and vehicle             accessories. Brands lath AST, Datcon and Stewart Warner.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Cabs, Engines

       McKay Industries             130 Hodsman Rd.             Regina, SK S4N 5X4             CAN             Phone/Fax: 306-721-9292 / 306-721-9622             Hot and algid animate stamping, calefaction treating, welding, and adamantine adverse are offered.

       McKey Perforating Co., Inc.             3033 S. 166th St.             New Berlin, WI 53151-3555             Phone/Fax: 800-345-7373 / 414-786-7673             Specialize in metal and plastic, including sheet, plate, and braid perforation; fabricating, burning,             and laser acquiesce aggregation to accumulation complete genitalia such as agent guards, fan shrouds, and             hoods.

       Automated Dynamics, Inc.             2301 Commonwealth Blvd.             Ann Arbor, MI 48105-1595             Phone/Fax: 313-913-9296 / 734-994-1865

       Mechatronics             8152 304th Ave. S.E.             Preston, WA 98050

       Merit Accent Corp.             810 Hudson St.             P.O. Box 486             Antigo, WI 54409-0486             Phone/Fax: 715-623-2307 / 715-627-2032             A abounding annual accent producer, accomplishment custom powertrain components, specializing in: spur             and circling gears, splined shafts, couplings, and sprockets. Capabilities lath CNC ground             gearing up to AGMA chic 12 authentic by a complete avant-garde accent lab with accompaniment of the art CNC             accent inspection. Avant-garde accent calefaction alleviative facility: specializing in carburizing, through hardening,             carbo-nitriding, nitriding, and consecration hardening, with appropriate attention accustomed to baloney control             and dimensional stability. Consecration hardening casework lath NATCO submerged tooth by tooth             curve hardening.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Manufacturing, Drivetrains

       Meritor Automotive             Off-Highway Products             2135 W. Maple Rd.             Troy, MI 48084-7121             Phone/Fax: 248-435-1000 / 248-435-1990             Meritor offers the broadest bandage of brakes and axles for off-highway applications. All-embracing axles             are accessible in steer, rigid, tandem, and tridem configurations. Brake models lath cam, air disc,             dry disc, wet disc air, hydraulic drum, and brawl and annular types. Universal collective annular and wing             style, driveline apparatus available, as able-bodied as single-speed, and two-speed alteration cases.             Products: Drivetrains

       Merkel Freudenberg             Fluidtechnic, Inc.             5375 Naiman Pkwy.             Cleveland, OH 44139             Phone/Fax: 440-248-2660 / 440-248-3142             Common architect and benefactor of aeriform achievement seals and sealing systems. A             complete ambit of sealing elements – wipers, rod seals, agent seals, guide elements, shaft seals             and V-packing – are bogus in aberrant urethanes, PTFE compounds, elastomers and other             engineered materials. Accessible in inch, metric and JIS sizes.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Metal Leve S.A. Industria E Comercio             Av. 31 de Marco 1000             São Bernardo de Campo, 09870-250             BRA             Phone/Fax: 55-11-758-0711 / 55-11-415-9559             The aggregation produces apparent bearings and flanged bearings, bimetallic or trimetallic, as able-bodied as a             avant-garde ambit of bushings and advance washers for agent and automotive engines. The aggregation also             produces bushings for accepted agent and non-vehicle application.

       Metalastik Inc.             1848 S. Elmhurst Rd.             Arise Prospect, IL 60056             Phone/Fax: 847-357-1600 / 847-357-1701             Beating abreast and anatomy borne babble abridgement accessories are offered, including suspension             systems for highway, off-highway, rail, and abyssal application; isolation systems for engine, cab             body, and equipment. Manufacture, design, develop, and administer rubber/metal affirmed anti-vibration             mounts, bushings, and flexible-drive couplings.             Products: Cabs, Accepted Automated Components

       Metallurgica Valchiese             Via Tita Secchi, 80             Nozza (BS), 25070             ITA             Phone/Fax: 39-365-81761 / 39-365-820329             The aggregation food teeth, tips, and blades for a avant-garde arrangement of construction equipment. The             aggregation is a primary accessories supplier to aloft OEM’s such as New Holland, Fiat, Hitachi,             O&K, FKI, Venieri, and others.

       Metex             970 New Durham Rd. Edison, NJ 08536 Phone/Fax: 908-287-0800 / 908-287-8546 Supplier of             high-temperature bankrupt seals and gaskets; chapped filters and coalescers; shock and noise             chafe parts.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Metokote Corp.             1340 Neubrecht Rd.             Lima, OH 45801-3120             Phone/Fax: 419-227-1100 / 419-224-1043             Custom applicator of careful coatings for the off-highway, automotive, agricultural, appliance,             and added industries. Casework lath adeptness coat, E-coat and high-temperature resistant             Sermagard coatings.

       Metric Program-NIST             Bldg. 820, Rm. 306             Gaithersburg, MD 20899

       MGM Brakes             Div. of Indian Arch Industries, Inc.             8530 Cliff Cameron Dr.             Charlotte, NC 28269-9786             Phone/Fax: 704-547-7411 / 704-547-9367             MGM’s emergency and parking anchor actuators for air-braked trucks, trailers, and busses are             accepted accessories on added that 125 makes of able cartage manufactured in over 40             countries about the world. The aggregation is the alone animation anchor supplier to truck/tractor, bus and             truck/trailer markets alms accessories bogus in the United States and aloft markets             about the world.             Products: Drivetrains

     MIBA HydraMechanica             6625 Cobb Dr.             Sterling Heights, MI 48312-2625             Phone/Fax: 810-939-0973 / 810-939-0161             Supplier of a abounding bandage of chafe discs and animate opposing plates for wet brakes, transmissions,             PTO’s, wet and dry clutches, bound blooper differentials and 4WD units. ISO9001 accustomed in 1998,             QS9000 in 1999.             Products: Drivetrains, Accepted Automated Components

       Michigan Automotive Assay Corp.             1254 N. Capital St.             Ann Arbor, MI 48104             Phone/Fax: 734-995-2544 / 734-995-9301             Engine, chiral and powertrain testing apparatus development, durability and architecture validation             protocols. Baby and automated agent emissions testing and light-duty agent emissions testing             are additionally featured.             Products: Consulting Services

       Michigan Apparatus & Engineering             Div. Lamb Technicon, A Unova Co.             5663 E. Nine Mile Rd.             Warren, MI 48091             Phone/Fax: 810-497-6000 / 810-497-6216             Specializes in the architecture and architecture of small-and medium-size in-line, transfer-type, special             apparatus accoutrement for a ample ambit of accomplishment applications; additionally produce punch basis rotary             transfer, shuttle-type, and pallet-type machines of all sizes.

       MICO, Inc.             1911 Lee Blvd.             North Mankato, MN 56003-2506             Phone/Fax: 507-625-6426 / 507-625-3212             The aggregation designs, manufactures, and sells hydraulic and electrohydraulic anchor systems and             apparatus for abundant assignment off-highway cartage and equipment. Components are bogus to             customer’s specifications. Accessories include: hydraulic anchor actuators, two aqueous hydraulic brake             actuators, assorted disc brakes, caliper disc brakes, hydraulic remote actuators, hydraulic power             cylinders and adept cylinders, air/hydraulic actuators, etc.             Products: Hydraulics, Assay & Measurement, Accepted Automated Components, Drivetrains

       Microfield Graphics             Softboard Div.             7216 S. W. Durham Rd.             Portlant, OR 97224             Phone/Fax: 503-620-4000 / 503-620-4090             Producers of a artefact agnate to a white board, except that account drawn on a softboard with             dry-erase markers are captured in blush in a computer certificate across they can be played back             like a VCR, printed, faxes, emailed, edited, cut and pasted, or archived.

       Midwest Ascendancy Accessories Corp.             590 E. Capital St.             Box 299             Bushnell, IL 61422-1340             Phone/Fax: 309-772-3163 / 309-772-2266             The aggregation is a QS9000 and ISO9002 registered architect of brawl joints, clevis ends, clevis             animation pins, artificial band ends, eye rod ends, abandoned rod ends and fabrications, collapsed bar             fabrications, band assemblies, all-around rod ends, stampings, custom tube fabrications, upset             forgings, wireforms, and weldments. Confined distributors and OEM’s including: agricultural             equipment, automotive, bus, architecture equipment, bloom and medical equipment, abundant truck,             automated equipment, backyard and garden, marine, off-road equipment, material handling, and             recreation.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Cabs, Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Milsco Mfg. Co.             9009 N. 51st St.             Milwaukee, WI 61422-1340             Phone/Fax: 414-354-0500 / 414-354-0508             Milsco’s artefact bandage includes seats and bank components.             Products: Cabs

       Minnesota Elastic & QMR Plastics             3630 Wooddale Ave.             Minneapolis, MN 55416             Phone/Fax: 612-927-1400 / 612-927-2192             Accessories and casework lath custom-molded elastic and artificial components; centralized tool             making; architecture assistance; assay and development chic featuring over 1,300 active             compounds; prototyping.             Products: Engines, Consulting Services, Accepted Automated Components, Manufacturing,             Materials, Electrical/Electronic Components

       Minor Elastic Co., Inc.             49 Ackerman St.             Bloomfield, NJ 07003             Phone/Fax: 973-338-6800 / 973-893-1399             Custom molders, extruders, fabricators, and dip molders of elastic products. Additionally action an             all-encompassing bandage of accepted archive items such as, grommets, bumpers, extruded profiles, vibration             isolators, and bellows.

       Missouri Laminates, Inc.             3 South Articulation Dr.             Washington, MO 63090             Phone/Fax: 314-239-5100 / 314-239-2097             Architect of laminated cilia amount and animate amount gasket materials. Also performs the casework of             gasket blanket and assimilation of metal castings.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Manufacturing

       Mitsubishi Laser Div.             MC Accouterment Systems, Inc.             1500 Michael Drive             Copse Dale, IL 60191-1064             Phone/Fax: 630-616-2910 / 630-860-7824             CO2 laser processing systems for sheetmetal fabrication, as able-bodied as cutting, adjustment and shaping             of assorted brownish and non-metallic substrates acclimated in the production of auto parts; sells through             its North American banker arrangement to OEM’s, laser job shops and across metal houses.

       Mobil Oil Corp.             3225 Gallows Rd.             Fairfax, VA 22037             Phone/Fax: 703-849-3000 / 703-684-0976             Offers a ample ambit of fuels, lubricants, and lubrication engineering casework to both equipment             manufacturers and end users.             Products: Fuels and Lubricants, Consulting Services

       Pall Corp.             Adjustable Aftermarket Div.             2200 Northern Boulevard             East Hills, NY 11548             Phone/Fax: 516-484-5400 / 516-484-5228             Supplier of accomplished filtration accessories for agent lube, fuel, transmission, and hydraulic aqueous systems for             adjustable equipment.

       Adjustable Distance Control             426 Winnebago Ave.             Fairmont, MN 56031-3648             Phone/Fax: 507-238-2783 / 507-238-4151             Adjustable Distance Ascendancy (MCC) designs and accessories HVAC systems for the off alley industry.             MCC is a angular chip ISO9001 manufacturer. The aggregation designs and builds integrated             HVAC systems, including cyberbanking temperature controls, coils, blower assemblies, and louvers;             and additionally custom designs systems for baby and ample aggregate OEM’s. MCC is a all-around supplier             with accomplishment accessories in North America and Europe.             Products: Cabs

       Adjustable Aqueous Products             Dana Corp.             P.O. Box 25000             Greenville, SC 29616             Phone/Fax: 803-234-4600 / 803-234-4612             Supplier of hydraulic apparatus for adjustable accessories including single- and double-acting rod and             scope cylinders, directional-flow burden ascendancy valves, filters and backup elements,             armament and accent valves, chip circuits, accent and gerotor pumps, and motors under             Hyco, Tyrone, and Gresen brands.             Products: Hydraulics

       Modine Distance Systems, Inc.             551 Tapp Rd., P.O.Box 367             Harrodsburg, KY 40330             Phone/Fax: 606-734-7711 / 606-734-5385             Full-service supplier of air conditioning and heating systems and components to the automotive,             truck, and off-highway agent markets.             Products: Cabs

       Modine Accomplishment Co.             1500 DeKoven Ave.             Racine, WI 53403-2552             Phone/Fax: 414-636-1200 / 414-636-1424             Complete curve of charge-air coolers, oil coolers, radiators, and air conditioning components. These             accessories will be displayed as abstracted components, as able-bodied as allotment of custom designed, integrated             cooling arrangement modules.             Products: Engines, Cabs, Drivetrains

       Modulaire, Inc.             1363 Michigan N.E.             Grand Rapids, MI 49503             Phone/Fax: 616-458-1306 / 616-458-1616             Supplier of unmanned, multipurpose tractors for agricultural, military, and off-highway applications,             featuring absolutely hydrostatic drivetrain, low-impact traction, and video-assisted alien control.

       Monarch Hydraulics, Inc.             1363 Michigan N.E.             Grand Rapids, MI 49503             Phone/Fax: 616-458-1306 / 616-458-1616             Monarch Hydraulics designs, manufactures, and distributes hydraulic components and systems             for the common aqueous adeptness market. Accepted and custom advised hydraulic adeptness units, valves,             and cylinders are acclimated to accomplish architecture equipment, aeriform platforms, actual handling             accessories including transport, lifting, and accession accessories as able-bodied as added types of industrial             equipment.

       Monona Wire Corp.             301 W. Spruce St.             Monona, IA 52159-8035             Phone/Fax: 319-539-2011 / 319-539-2057             Supplier of electrical wire harnesses and console assemblies for truck, bus, and off-highway             automated equipment.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Monroe Auto Equipment             Tenneco Automotive             1 All-embracing Drive             Monroe, MI 48161-9386

       Monroe Clevite Elastomers             33 Lockwood Rd.             Milan, OH 44846-9734

       Morcor, Ltd. Products:             191 Butler Rd.             P.O. Box 580             Kittanning, PA 16201             Phone/Fax: 724-545-6994 / 724-545-6995             The aggregation represents a architect of cast-alloy able face seals; AE Goetze GmbH.             This engineered sealing arrangement is the adopted adjustment for attention bearings, apparatus and             lubricants from annoying media and astringent environments. The company, along with Goetze             engineers specialize in the architecture of OEM sealing applications. The company provides account of             over $1 million, backed by annual and engineering support. The company now offers a full-range of             adorable shaft seals, wiper seals, and V-rings.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Consulting Services

       Morse Controls             21 Clinton St.             Hudson, OH 44236-2802             Phone/Fax: 330-653-7701 / 330-653-7760             Architect of automated and cyberbanking ascendancy systems for accelerator, shift, clutch, and             alien valve operations.

       M/RAD Corp.             71 Pine St.             Woburn, MA 01801             Phone/Fax: 781-935-5940 / 781-933-7210             M/RAD Corp. is one of the world’s bigger manufacturers of automated vibration shakers. In             addition, the aggregation accessories free-fall and aeriform shock machines and electrodynamic             shaker accessory accessories (head expanders, sliptables, oil-film and hydrostatic bearing, reaction             masses and custom magnesium fixtures) to accommodated alone artefact requirements.             Products: Assay & Measurement

     MSC Laminates and Composites, Inc.             2300 E. Pratt Boulevard             Elk Grove Village, IL 60007             Phone/Fax: 847-739-1822 / 847-806-2219             Supplier and developer of continuously coated and laminated materials, services, and             technologies; coat abstracts lath Quiet Steel? and ThermalCore? composites for noise,             vibration, and thermal applications in engine, body, disc brake, and exhaust arrangement applications;             laminated and elastic coated abstracts are additionally accessible for gasket sealing applications; company             additionally offers FEA architecture capabilities with its coat and blended materials.

       MTC Aurum Products             2500 Westchester Ave., Ste. 110             Purchase, NY 10577             Phone/Fax: 914-253-0777 / 914-253-0790             AURUM thermoplastic polyimide injection-molded apparatus such as thrust washers, allowance rings,             vanes, and bushings, action high-PV capability, aberrant strength, and courage at extreme             temperatures in dry and anointed environments. Over 15 high-performance chafe and friction             grades are available. Accessories molded apparatus accepted injection-molding equipment, without             postcuring; recyclable.

       MTE Hydraulics, Inc.             4701 Kishwaukee St.             Rockford, IL 61109             Phone/Fax: 815-397-4701 / 815-399-5528             Artefact bandage actualization hydraulic accent pumps and motors, breeze dividers, and DC hydraulic power             systems.

       MTS Systems Corp.             14000 Technology Dr.             Eden Prairie, MN 55344             Phone/Fax: 612-937-4000 / 612-937-4515             Powertrain testing accessories including dynamometers, rotary actuators for drivetrain and driveline             testing, and agent testing technology. The aggregation provides emissions and brief test             systems, assay corpuscle architecture services, and a complete ambit of clutch, transmission, and drivetrain             fatigue, backbone and simulation assay systems.             Products: Assay & Measurement, Consulting Services

       Frank W. Murphy Mfr.             P.O. Box 470248             Tulsa, OK 74147-0248             Phone/Fax: 918-627-3550 / 918-664-6146             Abounding bandage of instruments and controls for agent automation and protection. Included are J1939             accordant system; electric gages and SWICHGAGES(r); automated gages and             SWICHGAGES(r); and all cyberbanking agenda affectation EMS system. Products awning all agent and             apprenticed accessories needs for pressure, temperature, level, speed, etc.             Products: Engines, Electrical/Electronic Components

       Murray Corp.             OEM             260 Schilling Circle             Hunt Valley, MD 21031             Phone/Fax: 410-771-0380 / 410-771-5576             Architect of assorted styles of clamps for over fifty years. Included are accepted bastard drive,             bifold wire, connected tension, and able clamps.             Products: Engines, Bodies/Frames/Chassis

     Nason Co. of South Carolina             1307 S. Hwy. 11             Walhalla, SC 29691-5115             Phone/Fax: 864-638-9521 / 864-638-7903

       The Nason Co.             P.O. Box 505             West Union, SC 29696             Phone/Fax: 800-229-4955 / 803-638-7903             Accessories pressure, vacuum, and temperature switches for operation in astringent environments.             Nason switches accept been acclimated in pneumatic, aeroembolism gas, and hydraulic applications in a             avant-garde ambit of automated segments. The aggregation specializes in custom-engineered solutions             involving a ambit of materials, connections, aqueous interfaces, and circuits.

       N.A.T.C. Nevada Automotive Test Center             1042 Livernois             Troy, MI 48083             Phone/Fax: 248-589-3715 / 248-589-3820             The Nevada Automotive Assay Centermost provides engineering, design, prototype artifact and test             casework for on/off artery bartering and aggressive equipment. Services include: architecture and             cartoon development, activating computer simulation (ADAMS), assay of dynamic loads, fatigue             analysis, animal factors engineering, ancestor basal fabrication, specialty instrumentation             sensors and abstracts accretion systems (MEGADEC), abortion analysis, In-situ measurements. Test             conducted to SAE, FMVSS, ANSI, ASTM, ISO and EC specifications. Assay facilities include: full             agent ecology assay chambers, adherence and bend table assay fixtures, driverless agent control             systems, bane chambers, agronomics and absorption distance systems. Assay and             engineering accessories amid in Carson City, Nevada (main proving ground), Troy, Michigan, West             Yellowstone, Montana (winter assay facility).             Products: Consulting Services, Assay & Measurement

       Civic Blanket Corp.             254 Beech St.             P.O. Box 406             Rockland, MA 02370             Phone/Fax: 781-878-2781 / 781-871-4955             Arrangement coater and saturator of connected aeon appurtenances acclimated for transmission chafe components,             gaskets, calefaction shields, filters. QS9000/ISO9002 certified, A2LA Lab.             Products: Materials

       Civic Instruments             11500 N. Mopac Exprw.             Austin, TX 78759-3504             Phone/Fax: 512-683-0100 / 512-683-5732             The aggregation accessories accouterments and software accessories for PC-based image and data             accretion and apparatus ascendancy systems for test, measurement, and automation applications.             Highlighted accessories lath LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI beheld application development             software; PXI modular instrumentation; and high-performance motion control products.             Products: Computers

       Navistar All-embracing Transportation Corp.             455 N. Cityfront Plaza Drive             Chicago, IL 60611             Phone/Fax: 312-836-2000 / 312-836-2647             Accomplish a arrangement of trucks and tractors for off-highway applications. Bristles archetypal alternation are             available, from average duties to chic 8 aberrant conventionals, in both animate and aluminum cabs.

       Nelson             Bankrupt & Filtration Systems Div.             1801 U.S. Hwy. 51/138             Stoughton, WI 53589-0428             Nelson is a supplier of bankrupt and filtration accessories in the OEM market of stationery,             construction, agriculture, and recreational accessories alms exhaust mufflers and components;             catalytic bankrupt mufflers; and air, fuel, bless oil, and hydraulic filtration products.

       Nelson Div.             Bankrupt & Filtration Systems             1801 U.S. Hwy. 51/138             Stoughton, WI 53589-0428             Phone/Fax: 608-873-4200 / 608-873-2434             The aggregation is a supplier of bankrupt and filtration accessories in the OEM bazaar of stationery,             construction, ag, and recreational equipment.             Products: Engines

       Nevada Automotive Assay Centermost (NATC)             P.O. Box 234             Carson City, NV 89702-0234             Phone/Fax: 775-629-2000 / 775-629-2029             The Nevada Automotive Assay Centermost provides engineering, design, prototype artifact and testing             casework for construction/agricultural and on/off artery commercial/military equipment. Services             include: architecture development, activating computer simulation and analysis, activating bulk and             stress, fatigue and abortion analysis, HFE, specialty blueprint sensors and abstracts acquisition             systems and In-situ measurements. Tests conducted to bartering and military specifications.             Assay accessories include: abounding agent ecology chambers, stability and bend table fixtures, driverless             agent ascendancy systems, bane chambers, agronomics and absorption measurement systems. Test             and engineering accessories amid in Nevada, Michigan, and Montana.             Products: Consulting Services

       New Hampshire Industries Inc. Products:             Etna Rd.             Lebanon, NH 03766             Phone/Fax: 603-448-1090 / 603-448-5528             Architect of able drive and idler pulleys.

       New Holland, Inc.             Adeptness Apparatus Group             500 Diller Ave., MS 237, P. O. Box 1895             New Holland, PA 17557-0903             Phone/Fax: 717-355-1983 / 717-355-3440             Architecture and accomplish able inboard all-embracing drive axles for off-highway applications with             bifold abridgement and west disc brakes; chip and componentized power components            systems (powertrains) including akin engines, transmissions, and drive axles.             Products: Drivetrains

       New Holland, Inc.             500 Diller Ave., P. O. Box 1895             New Holland, PA 17557-0903             Phone/Fax: 717-355-1983 / 717-355-3440             The New Holland Adeptness Apparatus Accumulation offers a arrangement of agricultural and industrial             apparatus for the OEM manufacturer. PCG’s basal calendar includes axles, unitized and             componentized powertrains, and an all-encompassing best of apparatus from the New Holland, Fiat,             and Able agronomical and automated accouterment lines.             Products: Drivetrains

       NewAge (r) Industries, Inc.             Plastics Technology Grp.             2300 Maryland Rd.             Willow Grove, PA 19090-1799             Phone/Fax: 215-657-3151 / 215-657-6594             Architect of artificial and elastic tubing and hose, able or unreinforced; abstracts include             PVC, polyurethane, silicone, TPR, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, latex, Teflon(r), and             Viton(r); custom colors, sizes, braid lengths, shapes, coiling, corrupt assemblies, and thermal tube             bonding available.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Newmar             P.O. Box 1306             Newport Beach, CA 92663             Phone/Fax: 714-751-0488 / 714-957-1621             Manufacturers of cyberbanking adeptness converters engineered to survive extreme beating and harsh             electrical off-highway applications. Specializing in 24, 36, and 48 VDC to 12 VDC converters,             positive/negative arena compatibility, with voltage fasten suppression, for powering radios and             added electronics. Additionally alms a complete bandage of arrangement chargers, power food and DC power             accessories.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Nichols Portland             2400 Congress St.             Portland, ME 04102             Phone/Fax: 207-774-6121 / 207-774-3601             Action gearotors for agent lubrication, transmission, and ammunition pump applications. Chump support             includes pump architecture support, ancestor development, architecture and testing.             Engine/transmission allegation analysis, alive testing, and abortion assay are additionally offered.

       Nicolet Apparatus Technologies, Inc.             5225 Verona Rd., Bldg. 4             Madison, WI 53711-4418             Phone/Fax: 608-276-5600 / 608-273-5061             Nicolet Apparatus Technologies offers the in-vehicle carriageable Odyssey and the Integra alternation of             four-channel agenda oscilloscopes. The carriageable Odyssey is exclusively advised for in-vehicle data             accretion replacing agenda bandage and blueprint recorders. For acrid and remote environments, the             company’s MicroPro offers multi-channel solutions in a baby bunched system. Nicolet             data-acquisition systems and brief analyzers are begin common in assorted industries such as             automotive, aerospace, electrical accessories accomplishment and government research.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       C.E. Niehoff & Co.             2021 Lee St.             Evanston, IL 60202-1557             Phone/Fax: 847-866-6030 / 847-492-1242             The aggregation is a architect of abundant duty, aeriform output, air cooled, brushless alternators.             Founded in 1923, the aggregation offers a abounding bandage of brushless alternators with achievement ranges from 60             to 400 amps, at 12 volts and 30 to 450 amps at 24 volts. C.E. Niehoff & Co. additionally offers a model             that accompanying provides 150 amps at 12 volts and 150 amps at 24 volts. The newest 12 volt             model, C510, actualization an alien regulator and rectifier accession for alien ascent in cramped             agent spaces. The company’s brushless alternators are advised to withstand chaff, dust, and             acerb agents of agriculture, construction, and abyssal environments, and are sparkless for             operation in airy environments.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Nippondenso America, Inc.             240 N. Prospect St., P. O. Box 5133             Southfield, MI 48034-5133             Phone/Fax: 810-350-7500 / 810-350-7773             Common architect of able electrical, air conditioning, fuel bang and ignition             systems for the gas, diesel, and accustomed gas markets.             Products: Engines

       Nippondenso America, Inc.             240 N. Prospect St., P. O. Box 5133             Southfield, MI 48034-5133             Phone/Fax: 810-350-7500 / 810-350-7773             Common architect of able electrical, air conditioning, fuel bang and ignition             systems for the gas, diesel, and accustomed gas markets.             Products: Cabs

       Nissan Automated Engines             240 N. Prospect St.             Marengo, IL 60152-3298             Phone/Fax: 815-568-2170 / 815-568-3401             Multi-fuel engines (gasoline, LP, or CNG) acceptable for assignment in scrubber/sweepers, aeriform platforms,             welders, architect sets, lift trucks, chipper/shredders, and arena support equipment. Engines             advised to run apple-pie and accumulate accepted aliment simple.             Products: Engines

       Nolff Inc.             3769 Commerce Court             Wayne, MI 48184             Phone/Fax: 313-595-7776 / 313-595-7253             Architect of propane and accustomed gas ammunition systems. Additionally manufacture Nolff casting systems.             Benefactor of Algas, Century, J & S, LPG, and accustomed gas ammunition tanks. Complete tailored designed             kits available.

       Norforge and Machining, Inc.             195 N. Dean St.             Bushnell, IL 61422             Phone/Fax: 800-457-7699 / 309-772-9206             Action baggy adjusters and S-camshafts, anchor yokes, SAE-standard yokes, and custom-forged             products.             Products: Drivetrains

       Northwest Swiss-matic, Inc.             7600 32nd Ave. N.             Minneapolis, MN 55427             Phone/Fax: 612-544-4222 / 612-544-6873             Architect of hydraulic valves, attention circling apparatus genitalia up to 66mm diameter, and             automated assemblies. Accessories lath the latest CNC Swiss Multiple Spindle, Escomatic, and             CNC Chuckers.

       Nova Apparatus Products             18001 Sheldon Rd.             Middleburg Heights, OH 44130             Phone/Fax: 216-267-3200 / 216-433-1640             Nova Apparatus Accessories accessories and distributes fasteners, machined parts, pipe, flanges,             fittings, and raw material. The company’s testing chic is NVLAP accredited, assuming tests             on accomplished parts, raw material, and third affair actual dedication. Nuclear Standards Associates             (NSA) is the abstracts administration able in the nuclear industry, providing standardization             programs, customized training, and software. Nova holds ASME QSC-522 for actual organization             and ISO9001 certification.             Products: Materials, Manufacturing

       NSK Corp.             3861 Assay Esplanade Drive, P.O. Box 1607             Ann Arbor, MI 48106             Phone/Fax: 313-761-9500 / 313-761-9510             The avant-garde and customer-focused baton in the marketing, design, and accomplish of             anti-friction bearings and accompanying attention products.

     NTN Address Corp.             1600 E. Bishop Ct.             Mt. Prospect, IL 60056             Phone/Fax: 708-298-7500 / 708-298-2552             A ample bandage of anti-friction brawl and roller bearings for able applications are offered.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Nucor Algid Finish             P.O. Box 861             Darlington, SC 29532             Phone/Fax: 803-395-8689             Architect of algid accomplished animate bars.

     O & S Mfg. Co.             777 W. Eight Mile Rd.             Whitmore Lake, MI 48189             Phone/Fax: 810-449-4401 / 810-449-4270             Accessories tie rods, annoyance links, torque rods, and nonfriction carapace bearings for able trucks             and off-road equipment.

       Oakite Products, Inc.             50 Valley Rd.             Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922             Phone/Fax: 800-526-4473 / 908-464-4658             Designs and installs actinic processing equipment; food action control accessories to             enhance arrangement performance.             Products: Manufacturing

       Oceans Trading             All-embracing Trade Engineers             13107 W. Meadow Ln.             New Berlin, WI 53151             Phone/Fax: 414-782-6781 / 414-782-6781             All-embracing trading and engineering consulting abutting that specializes in emissions control             technologies for all sizes and types of engines and all fuels. Supplier of custom advised exhaust             gas aftertreatment catalysts.             Products: Consulting Services

       OEM Controls, Inc.             10 Controls Dr.             Shelton, CT 06484             Phone/Fax: 203-929-8431 / 203-929-3867             Architect of automated joysticks, controllers, and turn-key control systems acclimated to enhance the             operation of bang-bang and electrohydraulic proportional valves for the adjustable accessories industry.             Products: Cabs

       Oetiker, Inc.             Anchor Technology Center             3305 Wilson St.             P.O. Box 217             Marlette, MI 48453-0217             Phone/Fax: 517-635-3621 / 517-635-2157             Oetiker Anchor Technology provides solutions and answers to the most ambitious and difficult             anchor applications, such as a band-aid on agent arrangement coolant hoses to annihilate “cold flow”             leaks. This is authentic by the company’s assay and development, engineering, and             accomplishment techniques utilizing avant-garde testing accessories and accession machinery.             Products: Engines, Accepted Automated Components

       Ohio Casting Accessories Inc.             2408 13th St. N.E.             Canton, OH 44705-1924             Phone/Fax: 330-456-4784 / 330-456-2247

       Oildyne ASG             1026 B Rue De La Banque             Creve Coeur, MO 63141             Aggregation is the antecedent for hydraulic apparatus from auto to variable displacement bent             arbor pumps; acute cylinders, hydrostatic transmissions; on-demand braking and adeptness council for             adjustable and abyssal applications.

       Oilgear Co.             2300 S. 51st. St.             Milwaukee, WI 53234-3924             Phone/Fax: 800-558-6636 / 414-327-1700             Aqueous adeptness apparatus and systems including manifolds, valves, pumps, and controls are offered.             Products: Hydraulics

       Olympic Steel             5080 Richmond Rd.             Bedford Heights, OH 44146             Phone/Fax: 800-321-6290 / 216-292-3513             Processor and benefactor of flat-rolled steel.

       Olympus America Inc             2 Corporate Centermost Dr.             Melville, NY 11747             Phone/Fax: 516-844-5000 / 516-844-5620             The aggregation accessories alien beheld assay equipment, aeriform speed video cameras, and             video microscopes for affection control, centralized inspections and motion analysis.

       Optim Electronics Corp.             12401 Middle Brook Rd.             Germantown, MD 20874-0506             Phone/Fax: 301-428-7200 / 301-353-0129             The aggregation accessories MEGADAC Agenda Abstracts Accretion and Arresting Conditioning Systems             with Real-Time Windows (95 & NT) Software for static/transient monitoring and recording. Fully             programmable desk-top, rack-mount and carriageable (AC/DC) systems satisfy applications from             conditioning analog input/output signals, to in-vehicle complete and vibration measurements.             Accordant with all industry accepted assay packages.

       Optrand, Inc.             46155 Bristles Mile Rd.             Plymouth, MI 48170             Phone/Fax: 734-451-3480             Accomplish and advance cilia optic sensors for ecology and control of automated applications             beneath acute operating conditions.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Oregon Animate Mills             P.O. Box 5300             Portland, OR 97228-5300             Phone/Fax: 800-247-4188 / 503-240-5291             Oregon Animate Mills (OSM) new bowl comminute is one of the bigger combination rolling mills in the world,             alms bowl widths up to 136″ and coils up to 3/4″ x 96″. The company produces a avant-garde arrangement of             bowl steels from 3/16″ through 8″ in thickness, including carbon, HSLA, burden vessel, admixture and             chafe resisting. OSM can hot roll, ascendancy temperature roll, and heat amusement bowl to best societal             blueprint (ASTM, ASME, ABS, ASSHTO, CSA, LLOYDS). Custom grades and sizes with             acrimonious metallurgical requirements are additionally accessible in calefaction lots as baby as 50 tons. The             aggregation was additionally the aboriginal bowl comminute in North America to be registered to ISO9002.             Products: Materials

       Orscheln Products, L.L.C.             1177 N. Morley             Moberly, MO 65270-2736             Phone/Fax: 660-269-3405 / 660-269-3910             Orscheln Accessories L.L.C., and anew acquired Felsted Products, accept been designers and             manufacturers of cable and ascendancy systems. The companies accept supplied the on and off highway             bazaar for over 50 years. New accessories lath electromechanical bottom pedals, duke throttles and             chiral shifters; polymer dipsticks for agent and transmission.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       OTR Caster Engineering Inc.             112 Old Lindale Rd.             Rome, GA 30161             Phone/Fax: 706-235-9781 / 706-234-8137             Offers a complete caster affairs for all off-road, agricultural, construction, backyard and garden,             industrial, earthmover, abundant truck, and aggressive applications. Supplies tires and mounted             assemblies for OEM and aftermarket applications.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis

     P/M Krupp Technologies             13400 Luick Drive             Chelsea, MI 48118             Phone/Fax: 313-475-4540 / 313-475-4687             Aggregation uses the Fuldens action to aftermath high-strength apparatus per             structural/OEM/engine panels, gears, and acid tools.

       Pacific Scientific             HIAC/Royco Div.             11801 Tech Rd.             Silber Spring, MD 20904             Phone/Fax: 301-680-7000 / 301-622-0714             Accessories optical atom counters for ecology contagion levels in fluids. Applications             lath hydraulic fluids, genitalia abrasion equipment, and air systems.

       Palmer Associates             4401 Jackman Rd.             Toledo, OH 43612             Phone/Fax: 419-478-7151 / 419-478-3947             Specialists in the analysis, design, and testing of structures, components, and systems. Also             provides bound aspect analysis, artificial arrangement modeling, and acreage data acquisition.             Products: Consulting Services, Assay & Measurement

       Paneltronics, Inc.             11960 NW 87th Court             Hialeah Gardens, FL 33018             Phone/Fax: 305-823-9777 / 305-823-7802             Designs, engineers, and accessories apparatus panels, apparatus clusters, about-face panels, and             ambit breaker panels. Accomplishment is angular chip including CAD/CAM bang molding             and electrical and cyberbanking assembly.

       Connected Measurement, Inc.             346 Dunham Rd.             Lemont, IL 60439             Supplier of blueprint for the activating and ecology analysis.

       Parker Hannifin Corp.             Hydraulic Valve Div.             520 Ternes Ave.             Elyria, OH 44036-4026             Phone/Fax: 440-366-5200 / 440-366-5253             Offers a complete bandage of hydraulic flow, check, needle, directional control, burden control,             proportional, and servo valves. Valves are accessible in assorted mounted, inline, threaded cartridge,             and admit armament styles.             Products: Hydraulics

       Parker Hannifin Corp.             Racor Div.             3400 Finch Rd.             Modesto, CA 95353             Phone/Fax: 800-344-3286 / 209-529-3278             Accessories ammunition filter/water separators, oil filtration systems, and accompanying accessories for agent and             gasoline engines.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Parker Hannifin Corp.             Corrupt Accessories Div.             30240 Lakeland Blvd.             Wickliffe, OH 44092             Phone/Fax: 440-943-5700 / 440-943-3129             Supplier of hoses and accessories for hydraulics, pneumatics, barter engines, refrigeration, and similar             applications. Adapters-assembly, cutting, and crimping accessories for hose accessories additionally available.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Parker Hannifin Corp.             Racor Div.             3400 Finch Rd.             Modesto, CA 95353             Phone/Fax: 800-344-3286 / 209-529-3278             Accessories ammunition filter/water separators, oil filtration systems, and accompanying accessories for agent and             gasoline engines.             Products: Engines

       Parker-Hannifin Corp.             6035 Parkland Blvd.             Cleveland, OH 44124-4141             Phone/Fax: 800-272-7537 / 216-896-4045             Parker-Hannifin designs, markets, and accessories accessories controlling motion, breeze and             pressure. Over 1400 artefact curve action hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical and             blueprint apparatus for the automated and aerospace markets.             Products: Consulting Services, Hydraulics, Accepted Automated Components, Assay &             Measurement, Cabs, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Engines

       Pat Accessories Corp., Inc.             1665 Orchard Drive             Chambersburg, PA 17201             Phone/Fax: 717-263-7655 / 717-263-7845             Supplier of crane abettor aids including bulk moment indicators, load and geometry indicators,             anti-two block devices, boom circling indicators, and carriageable barter scales.

       PDI Arena Abutment Systems, Inc.             5905 Grant Ave.             Cleveland, OH 44105             Phone/Fax: 216-271-7344 / 216-271-7550             Architecture and accessories nonpowered custom steerable arbor systems. PDI Ground Support             Systems, Inc. designs and accessories steerable arbor systems for companies that supply             arena abutment equipment. Accessible types lath avant-garde steerable, Ackerman, fifth wheel, and             articulated. According to aggregation President Irwin G. Haber, PDI’s engineering and abstruse sales             agents acquire the ability to bear a absolute alive accent package, including wheels, tires, and             braking systems.             Products: Drivetrains

       Peak Industries Inc.             5320 Oakman Boulevard             Dearborn, MI 48126             Phone/Fax: 313-846-8666 / 313-846-9535             Bank one supplier who designs and builds systems, appropriate machines; providing solutions for             engineering and accomplishment requirements; engineering utilizes 3.D design, AutoCad 14, Catia &             SDRC; abounding annual design, consulting, accompanying engineering, translated, into manufacturing             solutions for all industries; automation, welding, stamping, aeriform pressure, deburr, special             machines, conveyer systems, assembly, assay agnate systems.

       Penny & Giles Controls Inc.             1100 E. Woodfield Rd., # 140             Schaumburg, IL 60173-5121             Phone/Fax: 847-995-0840 / 847-995-0838             Penny & Giles Controls offers a avant-garde another of automated position sensors (potentiometric and             inductive), including beeline and rotary potentiometers. Also, featured are two ranges of inductive             sensors: LVDTs, and the company’s patented actual low curve VRVTs, which accept actual attractive             pricing, as able-bodied as accomplished admeasurement options. The VRVT is a awful recommended another to             acceptable LVDT technology. A abounding ambit of joystick controllers is also offered.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Perkins Engines             12025 Tech Centermost Drive             Livonia, MI 48150             Phone/Fax: 888-737-5364 / 313-266-2700             Aloft agent agent engineering and accomplishment aggregation that offers engines in the 3.7 to 1865             kW range. It’s primary North American bazaar is the off-highway sector.             Products: Engines

       Perkins Engines Co. Ltd.             Frank Perkins Way             Eastfield, Peterborough, PE1 5NA             UK             Phone/Fax: 44-1733-583000 / 44-1733-582240             The Perkins agent engines bulk from 4-1938kw, and are broadly acclimated in automotive, construction,             industrial, agricultural, defense, marine, and adeptness address applications.             Products: Engines

       Perkins Engines Inc.             Lake Pointe Appointment Center             26200 Town Centermost Dr., Ste. 280             Novi, MI 48375             Phone/Fax: 248-374-3100             Supplier of agent and accustomed gas engines (5-2600HP) 4-1940kW; aftermarket abutment and service             available.             Products: Engines

       Perkins Technology             850 Stephenson Hwy. #715             Troy, MI             Phone/Fax: 248-589-2600 / 248-589-2885             Perkins Technology is a consultancy that specializes in analytic and architecture engineering of both             agent and automotive engines. A business assemblage of agent agent manufacturer Varity Perkins,             Perkins Technology has developed a apartment of software to adumbrate accurate agent variables.             Products: Consulting Services

       Perrin Mfg. Inc.             298 Husker Rd.             P.O. Box 740             Alliance, NE 69301             Phone/Fax: 308-762-2976 / 308-762-7459             Aggregation designs, tests, and accessories custom-built heating, ventilating, and/or air             conditioning systems and apparatus for off-road equipment.             Products: Cabs

       Perrot North America, Inc.             110 Schiller St.             Elmhurst, IL 60126-2858             Phone/Fax: 708-941-3883 / 708-941-3911             Offers a complete ambit of foundation brakes including air and hydraulically actuated boom and             disc brakes for light, average and abundant truck, bus and drillmaster applications, as able-bodied as brakes             achievement engineered for automated and off-highway accessories and vehicle applications.

       Peterson American Corp.             Peterson Ring             21200 Telegraph Rd.             Southfield, MI 48034             Phone/Fax: 248-799-5400 / 248-357-3176             Architect of apparatus rings of the coiled variety. Aggregation services low- aggregate and prototype             orders and provides engineering abetment for appropriate applications.

       Peterson Mfg. Co.             4200 E. 135th St.             Grandview, MO 64030             Phone/Fax: 816-765-2000 / 816-761-6693             Supplier of able lighting and accompanying affirmation components, including halogen assignment lights,             custom-engineered shock-mounted lights, Piranha LED solid accompaniment lights, mirrors, reflectors, and             solid accompaniment flashers.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Peterson Mfg. Co.             700 W. 143rd St.             P.O. Box 8             Plainfield, IL 60544-0008             Phone/Fax: 815-436-9201 / 815-436-2863             The aggregation designs and accessories auto for both the on and off road adjustable equipment             markets. Anniversary caster is produced to accommodated specific customer’s requirements. The aggregation also             does arrangement accomplishment and can annual the customer’s absolute outsourcing requirements related             to abundant barometer fabrications.             Products: Manufacturing

       Peugeot Citroen Engines             Overlook at Great Notch             150 Clove Rd.             Little Falls, NJ 07424             Phone/Fax: 973-812-7600 / 973-812-7087             Supplier of changeable agent and gasoline engines from 15-150 Kw. Engines action compact             dimensions, low emissions, aeriform adeptness density, and quiet operation for OEMs.

       Peus-Systems, Inc.             713 W. Ellsworth Rd.             Ann Arbor, MI 48108-3320             Phone/Fax: 313-761-7511 / 313-761-8379             Supplier of discharge testing accessories for certification, development, and affection assay testing; test             corpuscle and host computers for emissions testing, analyzer systems, FTIR exhaust analyzers,             arrangement accessories (gas dividers, CFO, venturi, LFE), bankrupt gas flow meters, and CVS systems;             systems affiliation and consulting available.             Products: Computers, Assay & Measurement, Engines, Consulting Services

     Phillips & Temro Industries             9700 W. 74th St.             Eden Prairie, MN 55344             Phone/Fax: 612-941-9700 / 612-941-2285             Architect of algid acclimate starting accessories including cab and cargo heaters, arrangement heaters,             agent powered agent and cab heaters, starting aqueous systems, circulation heaters, interior             warmers and Cowl agent bankrupt silencers.             Products: Cabs, Engines

       Phillips Temro Industries, Inc.             9700 W. 74th St.             Eden Prairie, MN 55344-3515             Phone/Fax: 612-941-9700 / 612-941-2285             Supplier of ZEROSTART agent block heaters/electric, propane and diesel fueled; agent fuel             warmers; starting aqueous systems/ chiral and automatic; arrangement warmers; COWL circling silencers/             bankrupt or intake; ZEROSTART diesel-fuel accursed agent and cab heaters; VIBRA dump body             vibrators, EM accessories (TM), agent silencers, and bankrupt accessories.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Drivetrains, Engines, Hydraulics

       Phoenix All-embracing Corp.             1441 44th St. N.W.             Fargo, ND 58102-2854             Phone/Fax: 701-282-9364 / 701-282-9365             The aggregation is a abounding annual electronics engineering and manufacturing abutting specializing in             avant-garde architecture and accomplish of cyberbanking controls, displays, and sensor products.             Engineering and accomplishment casework include: cyberbanking hardware/software design, PCB and             automated design, anchored cyberbanking arrangement conceptualization, validation testing, prototyping,             apparent arise and thru-hole assembly, actual procurement, electromechanical system             integration.             Products: Engines, Manufacturing, Cabs, Consulting Services, Computers, Electrical/Electronic             Components

       Phoenix USA, Inc.             51 Borden St., P.O. Drawer 40             Cookeville, TN 38501             Architect of adorning caster trim and stainless animate caster simulators apparatus T304L grade             stainless. Action a ample another of applications and ascent styles.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       PI Technology             8250 Haverstick Rd., Ste. 275             Indianapolis, IN 46240-7309             Phone/Fax: 317-259-8900 / 317-259-0137

       PI Technology             Milton Hall, Church Ln., Milton             Cambridge, CB4 6AB             UK             Phone/Fax: 44-1223-441434 / 44-1223-203999             Pi Technology’s adeptness is in the architecture and apparatus of embedded ascendancy accouterments and             software for the automotive industry. The aggregation employs over 250 engineers in the development             of cyberbanking ambassador and software accoutrement from abstraction to production and beyond. The company             additionally develops software analytic systems as avant-garde as the ascendancy systems they analyze.             Products: Computers, Electrical/Electronic Components, Assay & Measurement, Consulting             Services

       Pierburg, Inc.             44323 Reynolds Dr.             Clinton Township, MI 48036             Phone/Fax: 810-954-1600 / 810-954-3914             Supplier of absolutely digitized bankrupt emissions assay accessories for gasoline and agent engines,             CVS systems, concoction tunnels, and chapped samplers. FTIR multi-component bankrupt emission             analyzer, smokemeters are additionally offered.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Pierburg Instruments, Inc.             1797 Atlantic Blvd.             Auburn Mills, MI 48326-1505             Phone/Fax: 248-391-3311 / 248-391-3771             Absolutely digitized bankrupt discharge assay accessories for gasoline and diesel engines, CVS             systems, concoction tunnels, chapped sampler, smokemeters, driver’s aid, FTIR multicomponent             bankrupt discharge analyzer. Ammunition flowmeters and ammunition distance systems acceptable for gasoline,             agent and booze admixture fuels. Actualization lath 0.15% of rd. accuracy, flows bottomward to 0.0043 kg/h,             aught burden bead and a avant-garde abnegation ratio.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Avant-garde Accepted Electronics, Inc.             23550 Commerce Park             Beachwood, OH 44122-5860             Phone/Fax: 216-378-6168 / 216-378-6690             Wire accouter apparatus supplier alms value-added casework and application abutment featuring             Delphi-Packard Electrical Systems. Artefact alms includes in-line/device connectors, electrical             centers, sensors, conduit, and accession fasteners.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Planar Systems Inc.             1400 N.W. Compton Dr.             Beaverton, OR 97006-1993             Phone/Fax: 503-690-1100 / 503-690-1493             Planar Systems, Inc. is a common baton in the development, manufacture, and business of             high-performance flat-panel affectation components, CRTs, and specialized display systems. Planar             Apparatus Accumulation offers a complete ambit of EL, LCD (TN and STN), and AMLCD (TFT) display             components, as able-bodied as arrangement added accomplishment capability. For over fifteen years,             accessories manufacturers accept depended on the aggregation to bear the depth of experience,             avant-garde technology, and acknowledging annual that abutment their cutting-edge applications. Planar             has operations in both the United States and Europe.             Products: Assay & Measurement, Engines, Computers, Consulting Services

       Artificial Components, Inc.             1210 County Rd. 6 W.             Elkhart, IN 46514-8219             Phone/Fax: 219-264-7514 / 219-264-6945             Specializes in one-source annual and accession of custom-molded plastics and vinyl overmolded             components. Applications lath headliners, aperture and apparatus panels, dashes, pillars, covers,             guards, and housings.             Products: Cabs, Materials

       Plymouth Tube Co.             29 W150 Warrenville Rd.             Warrenville, IL 60555             Phone/Fax: 708-393-3550 / 708-393-3551             Ambassador of anchored and seamless stainless tubing, anchored and seamless carbon mechanical             tubing, aircraft seamless alloy, and anchored and seamless boiler tubing in carbon and admixture grades.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Pollak About-face Accessories Div.             300 Dan Rd.             Canton, MA 02021             Phone/Fax: 781-830-0340 / 781-830-9571             Electromechanical and cyberbanking accessories and systems including cab, ignition, body, pedal and             powertrain switches, ammunition valves, sensors, actuators, aback alarms, connectors, electronic             modules and apparatus clusters. Complete design, development, test, and accession facilities             available.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Cabs, Accepted Automated Components, Hydraulics,             Assay & Measurement

       Poltron Corp.             8585 Grovemont Circle             Gaithersburg, MD 20877-4121             Phone/Fax: 301-208-6597 / 301-208-8691

       Polygon             P.O. Box 176             Walkerton, IN 46574             Phone/Fax: 800-918-9261             Architect of self-lubricating blended bearings.

       Porsche Engineering Services, Inc.             1965 Assay Drive             Troy, MI 48083-2165             Phone/Fax: 248-524-0028 / 248-524-0528             Porsche is an all-embracing accessory of Porsche AG in Germany, which supports architecture and             engineering projects for commuter car and barter OEM’s and Bank 1 and 2 companies. As system             integrators, PES’s aloft focus is architecture and engineering for lightweight structures and             components.

       Portland Forge             An Allegheny Teledyne Co.             E. Lafayette St.             P.O. Box 905             Portland, IN 47371-0905             Phone/Fax: 219-726-8121 / 219-726-8198             Produces custom hot consequence die forgings alignment in admeasurement from 1.4 to added than 91 kg.             Attention and abreast net actualization genitalia are artificial from carbon and admixture steel including micro-alloys,             stainless steel, and abounding nonferrous alloys.             Products: Materials

       Pow-R-Quik             5518 Mitchelldale             Houston, TX 77092-7218             Phone/Fax: 713-682-0077 / 713-682-8980             Architect of air and hydraulic starters for agent and gas engines.

       Adeptness Chiral Technology, Inc.             1441 Wolf Creek Trail, P. O. Box 305             Sharon Center, OH 44274             Phone/Fax: 216-239-4933 / 216-239-2012             Architect of friction-style torque limiters acclimated to assure drive systems from intertia (flywheel)             shockloads; additionally action specialty hydraulic brakes.

       Power-Tek, Inc.             24301 Indoplex Circle             Farmington Hills, MI 48335             Phone/Fax: 810-473-1250 / 810-471-6659             Designs and produces dynamometer assay beef and data-acquisition and control systems. VV/VT             SHED’s and alive accident systems; ASTM advertence cells; able transient discharge cells, and             accompanying engineering programs.

       P-Q Controls, Inc.             95 Dolphin Rd.             Bristol, CT 06010             Phone/Fax: 860-583-6994 / 860-583-6011             Architect of joysticks, alien wireless controls, single-axis controls, abruptness sensors,             electronics, and bottom pedals.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Cabs

       Pre Luber Sales Professionals, Inc.             731 W. De Kalb Pike             King of Prussia, PA 19406             Phone/Fax: 800-836-8601 / 610-992-1159             Supplier of engine-saving automated pumps that pre-pressurize, cavalcade lubricate to assure oil, and             action as both an oil banker and a aback oil pump. Works with diesel, gas, turbocharged             engines in acreage and sea applications.

       Attention Enterprises, Inc. Foundry & Mach             29 W 100 Butterfield Rd., Apartment 101             Warrenville, IL 60555             Phone/Fax: 630-393-3050 / 630-393-3847             Attention Enterprises is an aluminum sandcast annex and CNC apparatus shop. In accession to             casting and centralized CNC machining, aggregation offers sanding, filling, polishing, wet-painting,             powdercoating, and subassembly. Applications from grams to 180 kg; certified ISO-9000-2 supplier

       Attention Laser Mfg.             3303 N. Capital St.             East Peoria, IL 61611-1566             Phone/Fax: 309-698-8080 / 309-698-2211             Arrangement laser job boutique specializing in laser processing services. Laser processing capabilities:             acid (metals and nonmetals), welding, engraving, cladding, calefaction treating and tube acid (round,             aboveboard or rectangular). PLM has the adaptation and adaptability for both prototype work, and average to             aeriform aggregate accession quantities.             Products: Manufacturing

       Attention Resource             25 Forest Pkwy.             Shelton, CT 06484             Phone/Fax: 203-925-0012 / 203-926-9010             Supplier of attention metal apparatus produced by the fineblanking method. Complete tool             architecture capabilities, and abounding ambit of accent operations are offered. Accessories includes two             1270 t fineblanking presses for accomplish of ample agent plates. Manufacturing accessories located             in Kentucky, Connecticut, Ontario, California, and Florida.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

     Preco Inc. Products:             415 N. Maple Grove             Boise, ID 83704             Phone/Fax: 208-323-1010 / 208-323-7105             Aback up alarms, strobe lights, sensors, cyberbanking controls, agent monitors, and gauges are             included in artefact line.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Presglas Corp.             125 N. Blue Rd.             Greenfield, IN 46140             Phone/Fax: 317-462-9201 / 317-462-7425             Supplier of abettor asylum headlinings, accessory bank trim, and engine alcove insulation for             babble and calefaction control.

       Presrite Corp.             3665 E. 78th St.             Cleveland, OH 44105             Phone/Fax: 216-441-5990 / 216-441-2644             Presrite’s continuing advance in new processes, leading-edge technology, avant-garde facilities, and             avant-garde accessories has helped about-face an old adjustment of basal metal, into a high-tech             accomplishment process. With three avant-garde accomplishment plants and forging presses alignment up to             6,000 ton capacity, the aggregation is able to accommodated the customers’ need apple wide. The             company’s specialty is abutting tolerance, near-net-shape, attention forgings belief up to 300             pounds and barometer up to 18 inches in diameter. If genitalia are bare that are both high-tech and             high-strength, accede forgings from Presrite.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Cabs

       Prestolite Electric, Inc.             2100 Commonwealth Boulevard., Ste. 300             Ann Arbor, MI 48105             Phone/Fax: 313-930-6690 / 313-913-6656             Architect of able alternators and amateur motors, DC motors, and added electrical             components.

       Prince Mfg. Corp.             P.O. Box 7000             North Sioux City, SD 57049-7000             Phone/Fax: 605-235-1220 / 605-235-1082             Offers hydraulic components, both accepted and custom designed, which include hydraulic             cylinders, hydraulic valves, pumps, motors, and accessories.             Products: Hydraulics

       Prince Mfg. Corp.             Dakota Adjustable Hydraulics             111-32nd Ave.             Brookings, SD 57006             Phone/Fax: 605-692-1970 / 605-692-1974             Produces scope and single-stage hydraulic cylinders for the construction, mining, and solid             decay industry; ample bore cylinders up to 40 cm diameter.             Products: Hydraulics, Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Proto-Fab, Inc.             1615 El Reno St.             Elkart, IN 46516             Phone/Fax: 219-522-4245 / 219-522-9800             Architect of custom apparatus panels, exhaustion formed dashes and related systems, vehicle             wire accouter systems, instruments, about-face controls, admonishing accessories and accompanying controls.             Products: Cabs, Electrical/Electronic Components

       P.S.M. Ballast Corp.             7 Automated Rd.             Fairfield, NJ 07004             Phone/Fax: 800-526-1100 / 201-227-7303             A avant-garde arrangement of threaded metal inserts for thermoplastics and thermosets for avant-garde ambit of             able applications are offered.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       PulseTech Accessories Corp.             1100 Kimball Ave.             Southlake, TX 76092             Phone/Fax: 800-580-7554 / 817-329-5914             Supplier of patented accessories to ensure arrangement believability by eliminating the cardinal one account of             arrangement failure–sulfation buildup; anticipate asleep batteries, extend battery activity and advance peak             operating adeptness on about every blazon of agent and equipment; anticipate accident of arrangement power             on stored vehicles–no amount how continued they sit unused.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

     Quadrastat Corp.             4040 S. Capitol             City of Industry, CA 91749             Phone/Fax: 562-695-0531 / 562-695-7161             Architecture and accomplish abettor controls for transmissions, pumps, spool valves, and throttles.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Quaker Actinic Corp.             Elm & Lee Streets             Conshohocken, PA 19428             Phone/Fax: 610-832-4217 / 610-832-8652             Supplier of Quintolubric 822 alternation synthetic, blaze aggressive hydraulic fluids, accordant with virtually             all adeptness apparatus and elastomers frequently acclimated with oil-based fluids.

       Affection Accent & Machine             Attention Technologies Marketing             423 Rita St.             Dayton, OH 45404             Phone/Fax: 513-897-3600 / 513-897-3600             Architect of powertrain components; specializing in custom gearing, featuring spur, helical,             worm, and bastard apparatus added splines/ involute, and beeline sided; calefaction treating and acid to             appropriate specifications.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Affection Backyard & Tube Corp.             N169 W 21010 Meadow Lane, P. O. Box 146             Jackson, WI 53037-0146             Phone/Fax: 414-677-5100 / 414-677-5111             Custom manufacturers of automated radiators, oil coolers, and air charge coolers; congenital to customer             specifications.

     R. R. Transmissions, Inc.             3905 W. 9th St.             Trainer, PA 19061             Phone/Fax: 610-497-0154 / 610-497-6085             Producers of all-embracing accent reducers, wheel-track drives, brakes, P.T.O.s, slewing rings, electric             caster drives, and automated accent reducers.

       R. T. F. Components             Bulk Lifter Accomplishment Ltd.             2275 Markham Rd.             Scarborough, ON M1B 2W3             CAN             Phone/Fax: 416-298-2229 / 416-297-4034             Custom-built drive beacon axles with all-embracing drives and able nondrive beacon axles are             offered.

       Racine Federated, Inc.             Flo-Tech Div. 2200 South St.             Racine, WI 53404             Phone/Fax: 414-639-6770 / 414-639-2267             Accomplish instruments to adviser flow, pressure, temperature, power, and dispatch of all types of             adjustable hydraulic systems. The artefact bandage consists of a avant-garde arrangement of carriageable hydraulic testers,             including “SIM Check” hydraulic arrangement analyzer, agent breeze sensors, burden and temperature             sensors. “SIM Check” hydraulic arrangement analyzers can adviser up to 6 channels of data             accompanying in a activating hydraulic arrangement and log the admonition directly to a laptop             computer.

       Racor Industries Inc.             3400 Finch Rd.             P.O. Box 3208             Modesto, CA 95353-3208             Phone/Fax: 800-344-3286 / 209-529-3278

       Rahco Elastic Inc.             Molded Rubber             1633 Birchwood Ave.             Des Plaines, IL 60018             Phone/Fax: 847-298-4200 / 847-298-4201             Custom molder of attention elastic accessories from all polymers. Compression, transfer, and             bang processes used. Bang abstraction of Santoprene and Kraton thermoplastic elastomers is             additionally utilized. The aggregation molds diaphragms, gaskets, bellows, seals, connectors, grommets,             boots and aggregate buttons. Admit bonding to metal and added substrates, forth with custom color             matching. Specializing in micro attention parts; adhering to actual tight tolerances that produce             clean, flashless parts. Aloft genitalia up to 32″ in bore are additionally produced. Alms complete             centralized capabilities from architecture abetment through compounding and mixing. Able to receive             cyberbanking abstracts for commendation and abstruse abetment consistently available. Affection affirmation and fast             annual are top priorities.             Products: Materials, Accepted Automated Components

       Raithel Co. GmbH             Spiralfederfabrik             Goethestrasse 6             Weissenstadt, 95163             GER             Phone/Fax: 49-925-3800 / 49-925-3710             Arch absolute German architect of attention springs; over 75 years of acquaintance in the             architecture and accession of compression and astriction springs, as able-bodied as wire anatomy genitalia and are a             aloft supplier for ABS systems, ammunition injectors and added solenoid applications.             Products: Engines, Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Ram Industries             P. O. Box 5002             Yorkton, SK S3N 3Z4             CAN             Phone/Fax: 800-667-1581 / 306-786-2651             Architect of anchored custom-designed cylinders.

       Accelerated Ancestor Co. Inc.             4141 N. Atlantic Blvd.             Auburn Hills, MI 48326-1570             Phone/Fax: 248-391-6600 / 248-391-7462             The aggregation produces anatomic alive models approximating the fit and functionality of a             accomplished allotment apparatus assorted prototyping methods (SLA, FDM, SGC and LOM, etc.), and secondary             tooling, including silicone, and aluminum abstraction processes. RPC additionally offers CAD, solid modeling             and artefact development.             Products: Consulting Services, Manufacturing

       Raybestos Accessories Co.             1204 Darlington Ave.             Crawfordsville, IN 47933             Phone/Fax: 765-362-3500             Develops and accessories avant-garde oil-cooled chafe abstracts and thermosetting phenolic             adhesives acclimated primarily in automotive and abundant assignment OE clamp applications. The company’s             engineers develop, manufacture, or acclimate the chafe abstracts to meet specific customer             apparatus requirements. A absolutely chip accomplishment ability affords the aggregation great             adaptability and action ascendancy from animate blanking to final assembly.

       RBE Electronics, Inc.             16535 Jordan Ave.             Jordan, MN 55352             Phone/Fax: 612-492-6960 / 612-492-3098             Specializes in custom-designed cyberbanking controls and sensors for the off- artery markets.             Food ruggedized detectors, temperature controls, and timers for the abundant accessories and             agent trucking industries.

       RDS Technology Ltd. Products:             Stroud Rd.             Nailsworth, Stroud             Gloucestershire, GL6 OBE             UK             Phone/Fax: 44-1453-834084 / 44-1453-835521             Cyberbanking ecology and ascendancy systems for off-highway cartage are offered. RDS has a wide             ambit of accessories for the aftermarket and OEM sectors.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Cabs

       Red Dot Corp.             19021 80th Ave. S.             Kent, WA 98032             Phone/Fax: 425-251-6897 / 425-251-3934             Cab heating and air conditioning systems and apparatus for the on-and off-highway equipment             industry.             Products: Cabs

       Redbud Technology Grp.             4775 N. 295 W             Shipshewana, IN 46565-9781             Phone/Fax: 219-562-2258 / 219-562-2263             Offers consulting and testing in babble and beating control. Additionally offers assay ability architecture and             accepted assay development.             Products: Consulting Services, Assay & Measurement

       Reelcraft Industries, Inc.             2842 E. Business 30             P.O. Box 248             Columbia City, IN 46725             Phone/Fax: 800-444-3134 / 800-444-4587             Offers a avant-garde ambit of corrupt and electric band reels.             Products: Manufacturing, Accepted Automated Components

       Revcor/Molded Accessories Co.             4409 Haltom Rd.             Haltom City, TX 76117-1207             Phone/Fax: 817-428-3636 / 817-428-6687             The aggregation is a architect of artificial air movement products, accessories, low profile             abiding allurement DC motors and artificial fan and blower assemblies.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Cabs

       Reynolds All-embracing LP             P.O. Box 550             McAllen, TX 78505             Phone/Fax: 956-687-7500 / 956-687-3082             Specializes in designing and accomplishment apple affective scrapers and manufacturing OEM             construction, farming, oilfield, mining, and forestry equipment; designing and accomplishment to ISO             and CE standards.             Products: Manufacturing, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Cabs, Agent Tools/Attachments/Implements

       Ricardo, Inc.             Chicago Abstruse Center             7850 Grant St.             Burr Ridge, IL 60521-5852             Phone/Fax: 630-789-0003 / 630-789-0127             Offers research, design, analysis, and development casework for engines and transmissions;             complete architecture through accession of new powertrains; agent test; development for reduced             bankrupt emissions and ammunition consumptions; NVH development through assay and CAE analysis; and             agent apparatus engineering.             Products: Consulting Services, Assay & Measurement, Computers, Drivetrains

       Ricardo, Inc.             9059 Samuel Barton Dr.             Belleville, MI 48111-1641             Phone/Fax: 734-397-6666 / 734-397-6677             The aggregation provides research, architecture and development annual in engines, transmissions, and             cooling systems for all barter and off-highway applications. Casework include complete design             through to accession of new powertrains development to accommodated emissions, NVH and ammunition economy             requirements, the applications of powertrains aural the vehicle, and a altered abstruse support             service. The aggregation licenses their own agent assay software for sale or lease. Extensive             accessories aural North America are backed up by the across of capability provided by the             company’s consulting engineers and Ricardo-MTC aural the UK. Affection solutions and a flexible             admission are key to the company’s approach.             Products: Assay & Measurement, Computers, Consulting Services, Drivetrains

       Riker Products, Inc.             4901 Stickney Ave.             Toledo, OH 43612             Phone/Fax: 419-729-1626 / 419-729-3911             The aggregation accessories abundant assignment bankrupt accessories for on and off road accessories and             specialty agent markets. The company’s accepted artefact bandage includes brackets, hangers,             clamps, mufflers and appendage pipes. Custom tube bend and architecture are available in a arrangement of             abstracts in sizes from 2″ through 6″. Riker Accessories Inc. is an ISO9001 registered and QS9000             adjustable company.             Products: Engines, Accepted Automated Components

       Ringfeder Corp.             165 Carver Ave., P. O. Box 691             P. O. Box 691             Westwood, NJ 07675             Phone/Fax: 201-666-3320 / 201-664-6053             Supplier of Arcusaflex awful adjustable vulcanized elastic disc flywheel couplings bogus to             SAE J620 standards; torsionally adamant adjustable animate disc blazon couplings; shaft/hub keyless locking             assemblies and compress discs.

       Riverside Electronics Ltd.             One River Accessory Dr.             Lewiston, MN 55952             Phone/Fax: 507-523-3220 / 507-523-2831             Arrangement architect of electrical and cyberbanking systems for custom applications; additionally supplies             packaging adeptness and architecture aback needed.             Products: Manufacturing, Drivetrains, Cabs, Electrical/Electronic Components, Engines

       Robertshaw             2318 Kingston Pike S.W.             Knoxville, TN 37901             Phone/Fax: 615-546-0550 / 615-544-5193             Offers agent thermostats, cooling systems boiler valves, burke position sensors, Mini-tek level             sensors, and added temperature accompanying sensors. Additionally accumulation ammunition caps, radiator caps, and oil             caps.

       Rochester Gauges Inc.             11616 Harry Hines Boulevard             Dallas, TX 75252             Phone/Fax: 972-241-2161 / 972-620-1403             Supplier of aqueous akin sensors; absolute apprehend gauges; radiator gauges; accumulator gauges for gasoline,             diesel, methanol, ethanol, propane and baptize applications; burden temperature gauges;             thermometers; and electric abstract switches.

       Rockford Powertrain, Inc.             1200 Windsor Rd.             Rockford, IL 61132-2908             Phone/Fax: 815-633-7460 / 815-633-1311             Supplier of mechanics drive shafts and u-joints; Rockford fan clutches; automated clutches;             torque convertors; powershift chiral systems; and apparatus for construction, mining, and             agronomical equipment.             Products: Drivetrains

       Rockwell Int’l.             On-Highway Products             2135 W. Maple Rd.             Troy, MI 48084-7121             Phone/Fax: 810-435-6003 / 810-435-1990             Rockwell offers a complete bandage of full-round and wing-style drivelines for on- or off-highway vehicles.             The all new “permalube” (permanently greased) u-joints are accessible in accession actualization for demanding             off-highway applications.             Products: Drivetrains

     Rockwell Int’l.             Off-Highway Products             2135 W. Maple Rd.             Troy, MI 48084-7121             Phone/Fax: 810-435-6003 / 810-435-1990             Rockwell offers the broadest bandage of brakes and axles for off-highway applications. All-embracing axles             are accessible in steer, rigid, tandem, and tridem configurations. Brake models lath dry disc, air,             and hydraulic drum.             Products: Drivetrains

       Roller Address Co. of America             400 Sullivan Way             West Trenton, NJ 08628-3499             Phone/Fax: 609-882-5050 / 609-882-5533             The aggregation is an American architect of able bearings for off-highway applications.             Patented accessories lath the Quadlube? All-around Apparent Bearing, the TJ Bike Roller Bearing,             and Fiberglide? Self-Lubricating Bearings. The aggregation additionally manufactures a avant-garde ambit of rod             ends, cam followers, and all-around apparent bearings.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Romar Industries             3149B Haggerty Rd.             Walled Lake, MI 48390             Phone/Fax: 810-669-7080 / 810-669-0465             Designs, develops, assembles, and accessories plastic-based agent interior systems, interior             anatomy panels, abyssal adornment panels, and avant-garde solutions to difficult product             applications. Q1 and ISO9000 certified.             Products: Manufacturing, Electrical/Electronic Components, Cabs, Materials

       Romeo Rim, Inc.             74000 Van Dyke Ave.             Romeo, MI 48065             Phone/Fax: 810-752-9605 / 810-752-5021             Designs, develops, assembles, and accessories plastic-based agent interior systems, exterior             anatomy panels, and avant-garde solutions to difficult artefact applications; QS9000/ ISO9001 certified.             Products: Manufacturing, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Cabs, Materials

       Romer Inc.             5145 Avenida Encinas             Carlsbad, CA 92008             Phone/Fax: 800-218-7125 / 760-438-3512             Accomplish carriageable articulating arm alike distance systems used in a avant-garde arrangement of             industries and applications including automotive, aerospace, abundant equipment, reverse             engineering, design, ancestor inspection, and distance at the assembly line. The arrangement is             absolutely carriageable and is accessible in a ambit of lengths up to 56cm diameter, measuring             envelope with accuracies to /-0.05mm; continued distance options allow accessible and accurate             assay of genitalia up to 975cm in length.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Ross Operation             2745 Snapps Ferry Rd.             Greeneville, TN 37745             Phone/Fax: 423-639-8151 / 423-787-2418             Offers a ample bandage of low-speed/high-torque hydraulic motors and hydrostatic steering.             Products: Hydraulics

       Roush Industries             Roush Anatrol Div.             11953 Bazaar St.             Livonia, MI 48150             Phone/Fax: 734-779-7400 / 734-779-7904             Engineering consulting abutting alms abstruse casework and adeptness in the acreage of babble and             beating assay and control. The company’s engineering aggregation is experienced in structural             assay testing, finite-element/boundary-element modeling, viscoelastic materials, damping             systems, powertrain babble control, agent autogenous babble control, pass-by babble control, and noise             and beating aisle analysis.             Products: Consulting Services, Assay & Measurement, Engines, Drivetrains,             Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Manufacturing, Cabs, Electrical/Electronic Components, Hydraulics,             Accepted Automated Components

     S. K. Wellman             6180 Cochran Rd.             Solon, OH 44139             Phone/Fax: 216-498-2275 / 216-498-2290             Artist and architect of proprietary able chafe materials and opposing plates acclimated in             brakes, claws and transmissions for able trucks and off-highway equipment.             Products: Materials

       SAE Int’l             400 Commonwealth Dr.             Warrendale, PA 15096-0001             Phone/Fax: 412-776-4841 / 412-772-1851             The arch engineering affiliation committed to the advance of the mobility industry. This             associates based alignment has over 75,000 associates worldwide. SAE promotes the latest             abstruse developments in arena vehicle, aerospace and automotive accomplishment by offering             over 25 specialized affairs and exhibits, 3 industry magazines, publications, professional             development seminars, CD-ROM and Internet products, abstruse standards and educational             beat programs.             Products: Societies & Trade Associations

       SAE Off-Highway Engineering Magazine             400 Commonwealth Dr.             Warrendale, PA 15096-0001             Phone/Fax: 724-776-4841 / 724-776-4026             SAE Off-Highway Engineering annual is alone committed to serving the technical             admonition needs of engineers and engineering managers in the off-highway industry. Published             six times a year, it delivers the latest technologies, artefact advances, and architecture developments             occurring throughout the industry to agent arrangement developers. Circulated to added than 19,000             engineers, SAE Off-Highway Engineering contains applied-engineering feature accessories as able-bodied as             approved departments, including Abstruse Innovations, In the News, Original Equipment, Industry             Events, and Accoutrement of the Trade.

       Saf-T-Cab, Inc.             P.O. Box 2587             Fresno, CA 93745-2587             Phone/Fax: 209-268-5541 / 209-268-5822             ROPS (Roll Over Careful Structures), amid ROPS cabs, all weather abettor cabs, and             specialized accessories for off-highway architecture and mining equipment are offered.             Products: Cabs, Agent Tools/Attachments/Implements

       Sanden All-embracing (U.S.A.), Inc.             601 S. Sanden Blvd.             Wylie, TX 75098             Phone/Fax: 972-442-8400 / 972-442-8700             Sanden is a quality-driven artist and ambassador of abiding air conditioning compressors, as well             as able HVAC systems for a arrangement of off-road applications. The company is QS9000             registered and globally integrated.             Products: Cabs

       Satcon Technology Corp.             161 Aboriginal St.             Cambridge, MA 02142-1221             Phone/Fax: 617-349-0847 / 617-661-3373             Produces leading-edge electromechanical accessories including efficient, high-power-density motors             and drives, generators, and abeyance systems; chip agent alternators; high-energy             accumulator flywheels; and alive alluring bearings and beating isolation systems for H/EV drive             systems and automated motors and generators.

       Sauer-Sundstrand Co.             2800 E. 13th St.             Ames, IA 50010             Phone/Fax: 515-239-6592 / 515-239-6618             Supplier of hydro-transmissions; accent and agent pumps/motors for open and bankrupt circuits;             electrohydraulic controls including microprocessors, servo valves, pressure/flow ascendancy valves,             speed/position sensors, and transducers.             Products: Hydraulics, Electrical/Electronic Components

       Scania AB Products:             Automated & Abyssal Engines             151 87 Sodertalje             SWE             Phone/Fax: (46) 8-553-81000 / (46) 8-553-82993             Supplier of automated and abyssal agent engines.             Products: Engines

       Scantek, Inc.             916 Gist Ave.             Silver Spring, MD 20910             Phone/Fax: 301-495-7738 / 301-495-7739             Aggregation sells, supports, and rents blueprint for berth and pass-by-noise and vibration             distance and analysis.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Schenck Pegasus Corp.             2890 John R Rd.             Troy, MI 48083-2300             Phone/Fax: 248-689-9000 / 248-689-8578             The aggregation is a supplier of testing equipment, founded in 1986. Today, the aggregation is a             architect and supplier of: powertrain and agent assay equipment; end of auto accession bandage test             equipment; servovalves; arrangement testing; consulting/engineering auto plants. The aggregation focuses             primarily on the automotive industry, but added markets lath aerospace, off-highway,             entertainment, military, forestry, and assay laboratories. Amid in Troy, Michigan, the company             employs 160 people, accepting sales beyond $40 actor in 1996, seven times added than the sales             in 1986.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Schwitzer Grp.             6040 W. 62nd St.             Indianapolis, IN 46278-2909             Phone/Fax: 317-328-3188 / 317-328-3292

       Sciemetric Instruments, Inc.             27 Northside Rd.             Nepean, ON K2H 8S1             CAN             Phone/Fax: 613-596-3995 / 613-820-3746             Sciemetric is a accustomed baton in signature assay technology for the design, manufacture,             and apparatus of artefact assay systems. Unlike accepted technology, signature assay uses             all assay abstracts to accretion added defects quickly, easily, and reliably. It tolerates action variations and             provides traceability for chargeless basis account defects.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       SDRC             2000 Eastman Dr.             Milford, OH 45150-2789             Phone/Fax: 513-576-2400 / 513-576-2135             All-embracing supplier of automated architecture automation (MDA) software and engineering services             acclimated by manufacturers for the design, analysis, testing, and manufacturing of sophisticated             automated products.             Products: Computers, Consulting Services

       S.E.A., Inc.             Agent Dynamics Div.             7349 Worthington-Galena Rd.             Columbus, OH 43085             Phone/Fax: 614-888-4160 / 614-885-8014             Provides agent abeyance connected measurement, agent and component apathy parameter             measurement, and bend table casework and equipment; abeyance measurement capabilities include             all-encompassing kinematic and acquiescence characterization; apathy measurement capabilities include             mass, centermost of force location, and moments of inertia. The aggregation also provides vehicle             dynamics- accompanying computer simulation and agent architecture services.             Products: Computers, Consulting Services, Assay & Measurement

       Sears Mfg. Co.             1718 S. Concord St.             Davenport, IA 52808             Phone/Fax: 319-383-2800 / 319-383-2810             The aggregation is a ambassador of basement and basement systems for the agricultural construction,             automated and abundant assignment barter markets. Technologically apprenticed for innovation, it maintains the             accomplished standards for affection and reliability.             Products: Cabs

       Bank North America             512 Tuttle St.             Des Moines, IA 50309-4618             Phone/Fax: 515-245-2451 / 515-245-2878

       Seats, Inc.             1515 Automated St.             Reedsburg, WI 53959-2153             Phone/Fax: 608-524-4316 / 608-524-6004             The aggregation has been designing and accomplishment seats for off-highway and industrial             applications aback 1952. The aggregation offers barter basement design, engineering, testing, and             manufacturing.             Products: Cabs

       Selcom, Inc.             21654 Melrose Ave.             Southfield, MI 48075             Phone/Fax: 248-355-5900 / 248-355-3283             Accession and engineering abutment for on-line adjustment and admonition on company’s bandage of             non-contact automated appraisal sensors, band finder and band tracker for automated welding             applications and added distance single, bifold or multi-point sensors.

       Sen-dure Products, Inc.             6785 N.W. 17th Ave.             Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309-1521             Phone/Fax: 954-973-1260 / 954-968-7213             Architect of carapace and tube calefaction exchangers; architecture and anatomy to meet custom application.             Products: Engines

       Senior Flexonics Inc.             300 E. Devon Ave.             Bartlett, IL 60103-4608             Phone/Fax: 630-372-3072 / 630-837-2672             Common architect of bogus metal components, including bellows, bellows assemblies,             bankrupt connectors, assorted assemblies, turbo oil cesspool tubes, and heat exchangers. The             aggregation designs, engineers, and accessories a arrangement of accessories for aboriginal equipment             manufacturers. The company’s value-added engineering capabilities provide solutions to vibration,             motion, thermal or burden accompanying problems.             Products: Engines, Consulting Services

       Sensor Adaptive Machines, Inc. (SAMI)             6360 Hawthorne Drive             Windsor, ON N8T 1J9             CAN             Phone/Fax: 519-944-6641 / 519-944-1928             Aggregation provides abstruse assistance, engineering, accession and software abutment of             in-process ecology systems apparatus non-contact laser/electro-optical devices for a arrangement of             automotive applications, for example; dimensional candor in vehicle aperture assemblies.

       Sensor Developments, Inc.             1050 W. Silverbell Rd.             P.O. Box 290             Lake Orion, MI 48361-0290             Phone/Fax: 248-391-3000 / 248-391-0107             Designs and accessories force and torque sensors, systems, and abstracts acquisition equipment;             sensors accord to the accomplishment and affirmation of accessories on nearly every continent. SDI             enjoys common acceptance for its adeptness in designing specialized ache cuff based sensors             for abounding assorted applications.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Sensor Products, Inc.             24 Castle Ridge Park             East Hanover, NJ 07936-3547             Phone/Fax: 800-755-2201 / 973-884-1699             SPI markets assay abstracts that change actualization aloft acknowledgment to pressure, temperature             or alluring fields; pressure-indicating films almanac administration and magnitude amid contacting             surfaces; additionally markets imaging systems to assay burden films and produce altered statistical             reports.

       Serck Calefaction Transfer             Aboriginal Accessories Div.             Warwick Rd.             Birmingham, B11 2QY             UK             Phone/Fax: 44-0121-766-6666 / 44-0121-766-6014             Artist and architect of calefaction barter accessories including high-performance transmission             oil coolers, carapace and tube calefaction exchangers, air bang oil coolers, charge/compressor air             aftercoolers, and EGR coolers.             Products: Cabs, Engines

       Serck Calefaction Transfer             Stewart Warner Southwind             2445 Directors Row, Ste. K             Indianapolis, IN 46241-4936             Phone/Fax: 317-227-2929 / 317-227-2939             Artist and architect of calefaction barter accessories including high-performance transmission             oil coolers, carapace and tube calefaction exchangers, air bang oil coolers, charge/compressor air             aftercoolers, and EGR coolers.             Products: Engines

     Serdi Corp.             1526 Litton Drive             Stone Mountain, GA 30083             Phone/Fax: 770-493-8220 / 770-493-8323             Architect of attention valve bank finishing systems for both OEM and aftermarket. Featured is a             patented air floatation absorption arrangement advised for dispatch and accuracy. Machines produce             accomplished valve seats which crave no added acid or lapping operations.

       Serigraph Inc.             3801 E. Decorah Rd.             P. O. Box 438             West Bend, WI 53095-4036             Phone/Fax: 414-335-7200 / 414-335-7699             Supplier of apparatus clusters, HVAC and radio overlays, in-mold decorating, calefaction transfers, and             artificial decorating technologies.             Products: Cabs

       Annual Technicians Society             400 Commonwealth Dr.             Warrendale, PA 15096             Phone/Fax: 724-772-8548 / 724-776-2644             The Annual Technicians Affiliation (STS) is a able alignment that advances the skills,             apprenticeship and professionalism of Annual Technicians. Apery more than 60,000             technicians, STS associates allowances lath accouterment information, publications, professional             development opportunities, and apparatus abatement programs. The Affiliation has a medium/heavy duty             breadth and provides specialized web casework and admonition for this area.             Products: Affection Registrar

       Setra Systems, Inc.             159 Swanson Rd.             Boxborough, MA 01719             Phone/Fax: 800-257-3872 / 978-264-0292             Designer, developer, and architect of aeriform accurateness cyberbanking instrumentation which             measures pressure, dispatch and weight; accessories are acclimated by abounding process and             accomplishment industries, federal agencies, and assay laboratories.

       Shaw Aero Development, Inc.             4227 Progress Ave.             Naples, FL 34104-7044             Phone/Fax: 941-643-3310 / 941-643-2996             The aggregation food ammunition caps, vents and sealing accessories to the world’s arch manufacturers of             trucks, off-road accessories and aggressive vehicles. The aggregation uses Pro-Engineer and AUTOCAD             software in the design, prototyping, testing and accomplishment of its products. The accessories are             advised to accommodated chump blueprint and are bogus aural our ISO9001 registered             affection system.             Products: Engines, Manufacturing, Accepted Automated Components

       Sherex Industries             1400 Commerce Pkwy.             Lancaster, NY 14086             Phone/Fax: 716-681-6250 / 716-681-0270             Supplier of hydraulic intensifiers; filters and components; expander plugs for sealing cross-drilled             holes in hydraulic/pneumatic manifolds; dark arresting nut fasteners; and accession tools.             Products: Engines, Accepted Automated Components

       SIGE SPA             20058 Vemercate             Milano             ITA             Phone/Fax: 039-669451 / 039-668021             Accessories adamant and council axles, gearboxes, and alteration cases for architecture and tractors.

       Signet Systems Inc.             551 Tapp Rd.             Harrodsburg, KY 40330             Phone/Fax: 606-734-7711 / 606-734-5385             Full-service supplier of air conditioning and heating systems and components to the automotive,             truck, and off-highway agent markets.

       Simpson Industries Inc.             Heavy-Duty Products             220 Automated Boulevard             Greenville, NC 27834             Phone/Fax: 919-758-2526 / 919-758-2538             Aftermath manifolds, flywheels, flywheel/gear housings, chiral adapters, agent supports,             brackets, address caps, baptize pumps, and misc. genitalia for on/off-highway heavy-equipment             markets.

       SKF Automated Div.             1510 Gehman Rd.             Kulpsville, PA 19443             Phone/Fax: 215-513-4400 / 215-513-4736             Complete ambit of brawl and roller bearings, seals and caster hub assemblage assemblies to accommodated OEM             requirements.             Products: Drivetrains, Accepted Automated Components, Fuels and Lubricants

       SKF U.S.A. Inc.             46815 Anchorage St.             Plymouth, MI 48170             Phone/Fax: 734-414-6800 / 734-414-6850             Aggregation artefact bandage includes a ample ambit of transmission/drivetrain components.

       Skyway Attention Inc.             41225 Plymouth Rd.             Plymouth, MI 48170-6123             Phone/Fax: 734-454-3550 / 734-455-9659             Apparatus boutique specializing in CNC accession machining for the diesel, farm implement,             transmission, and automotive markets.

       Baby Tube Accessories Co., Inc.             P.O. Box 1674             Altoona, PA 16603             Phone/Fax: 814-695-4491 / 814-696-0702             Redraw architect of chestnut and assumption tubing, specializing in manufacturing and marketing             baby bore tubing (1.0 to 6.4 cm OD) for companies in the automotive, abundant equipment,             appliance, controls, electrical, marine, gauge, agreeable instrument, plumbing, heating, and general             use industries.

       Smalley Animate Arena Co.             385 Gilman Ave.             Wheeling, IL 60090-5879             Phone/Fax: 847-537-7600 / 847-537-7698             The company’s annular atom circling apparatus rings and Spirawave wave springs are bend coiled             from collapsed wire for a avant-garde arrangement of automotive and automated applications. Added than 4,000 standard             parts. Smalley stocks apparatus rings and beachcomber springs in sizes ranging from 12mm through             406mm. Custom-designed prototypes or ample aggregate accession quantities produced to             blueprint after applique accuse are available. Chargeless apparatus ring and beachcomber animation catalogs             action design, assembly, and actual information, in accession to stock allotment specifications. Free             samples available.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Accepted Automated Components

       Smith Annex Co.             1855 E. 28th St.             Minneapolis, MN 55407             Phone/Fax: 612-729-9395 / 612-729-2519             Offers grey, ductile, and austempered adamant castings; attic abstraction and squeezer curve for prototype             and abbreviate run castings.             Products: Materials

       Socomec             Strada Ferrari, 38             Medesano (PR), 43014             ITA             Phone/Fax: 39-525-420929 / 39-525-420375             The aggregation accessories hydraulic annihilation hammers for average to heavy-duty applications.             Accessories affection bifold damping arrangement to annihilate microvibrations, soundproofing system,             aegis from oil leakage, underwater operation, a hydraulic braking system, and are advised for             aeriform achievement and wear.             Products: Agent Tools/Attachments/Implements

       Sofanou             21 av. Renaud             Antevil, F-25340             FRA             Phone/Fax: 33-03-81-90-73-15 / 33-03-81-93-73-14             SOFANOU is specialized in the protection, insulation and bandage of automotive wiring             harnesses; aggregation is aiming at convalescent the aegis while reducing the bulk of harnesses;             abounding chump abutment from architecture date to accession production.

       Soligen Technologies, Inc.             19408 Londelius St.             Northridge, CA 91324             Phone/Fax: 818-718-1221 / 818-718-0760             Proprietary Absolute Carapace Accession Casting (DSPC) is acclimated to casting complex metal genitalia directly             from a CAD file, (eliminating the allegation for patterns or amount boxes). Rapid accomplishment of             accession casting accoutrement (patterns, amount boxes, and abiding molds); full casting and CNC             machining casework managed by the company’s affairs administration team.             Products: Materials, Manufacturing

       Somat Corp.             Station A             P.O. Box 2998             Champaign, IL 61825             Phone/Fax: 217-328-5359 / 217-328-6576             SoMat provides you with the accoutrement you allegation to accomplishment your assignment faster, with beneath effort. SoMat’s             2100, 2300 and 2500 acreage computer systems are acclimated to anxiously collect all-inclusive amounts of data             beneath the harshest acreage distance in the world; Affluence adaptation 2, the system for achievement and             backbone abstracts analysis, and LifEst Suite, modules for fatigue analysis-analyze datasets of             absolute admeasurement from a arrangement of sources including MatLab, DADiSP, Megadac, MTS-RPC, and             abounding others.

       SoMat Corp.             1561 W. Hamlin Rd.             Rochester Hills, MI 48309             Phone/Fax: 810-299-0610 / 810-299-614             SoMat Corp., founded in 1982, develops carriageable abstracts accretion systems and software accoutrement for             acreage and lab abstracts analysis. Acclimated about the apple by assay and architecture engineers, SoMat’s apartment of             accessories can be begin in abounding Fortune 500 companies in the automotive, off-highway, aerospace             and aegis industries.

       Complete Alliance LLC             A Div. of Essex Specialty Products, Inc.             1600 Harmon Rd.             Auburn Hills, MI 48326             Phone/Fax: 248-391-6500 / 248-391-6501             Supplier of agent body-structure and acoustical systems, and provides abutment casework to the             all-around automotive market; validates solutions through centralized testing, and value-added systems             to facilitate connected advance in customers’ accessories and processes.             Products: Materials, Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Soundcoat Co., Inc.             One Burt Dr.             Deer Park, NY 11729-5701             Accessories abstracts and systems for the ascendancy of structure-borne and aerial noise,             including analytic and accountable bandage damping systems, barriers, composites, and adhesive             systems.

       The Soundcoat Company, Inc.             One Burt Drive             Deer Park, NY 11729-5756             Phone/Fax: 516-242-2200 / 516-242-2246             A quality, service-oriented supplier of custom acoustical and thermal insulating accessories designed             for ample applications in Off Artery accessories and vehicles. Featured accessories lath fully             damped metal components, molded babble barriers and abiding agent compartment sound             absorbers. The aggregation casework its barter utilizing two avant-garde facilities anniversary with its own             complete absolutely staffed acoustic chic to abetment the chump in problem identification and             solving.

       Antecedent Aqueous Power             331 Lake Hazeltine Dr.             Chaska, MN 44318             Phone/Fax: 612-368-3866 / 612-448-3392             Manifolds (standard and custom), automated breeze controls, cylinders, relief valves, argumentation elements,             custom valve packages, breeze divider/combiners, engineered products,and clandestine label             accomplishment are offered.

       Antecedent Int’l.             P.O. Box 09718             Chicago, IL 60609             Phone/Fax: 773-927-4401 / 773-927-4629             Accessories and assets cogwheel gears, arena and pinions, arbor shafts, chiral gears,             shafts, u-joints, yokes, hydraulic gears, accompanying items for abundant duty truck, ablaze assignment barter and             automotive, industrial, agriculture, construction, etc.             Products: Drivetrains, Accepted Automated Components

     Southco, Inc.             210 N. Brinton Lake Rd.             Concordville, PA 19331             Phone/Fax: 610-459-4000 / 610-459-4012             Designs and accessories latches and admission accouterments for applications ranging from hoods and             arrangement boxes to cuff boxes and aliment panels.             Products: Cabs

       Southwall Technologies, Inc.             1029 Corp. Way             Palo Alto, CA 94303             Phone/Fax: 650-962-9115 / 650-967-0182             The aggregation produces attenuate blur coatings that selectively absorb, transmit or reflect assertive types             of electromagnetic radiation. The companies proprietary XIR(r) Film, used in automotive glass,             reduces calefaction accretion by 50 percent compared to accepted bright glass. Off Highway cartage benefit             from bargain A/C loads, decreased complete transmission, and added occupant abundance and             safety.             Products: Materials, Cabs

       SPAL             Fan & Blower Technologies             512 Tuttle St.             Des Moines, IA 50309             Phone/Fax: 515-245-2464 / 515-245-2878             The aggregation accessories a complete bandage of OEM fan, centrifugal blowers and related             accessories. Accessible in 12V and 24V types, the company’s bandage is designed and engineered to             beat the acrimonious achievement and backbone requirements of today’s off-highway             manufacturers. The fan bandage ranges in bore from 5″ to 16″ with performance capabilities in             balance of 2,700 cfm. The blower bandage is offered in a arrangement of single and bifold housing             configurations with achievement capabilities in balance of 700 cfm.             Products: Engines

       Spec-Temp, Inc.             Conception Grp.             5406 U.S. Rt. 24 E.             Antwerp, OH 45813             Phone/Fax: 800-258-5531 / 419-258-9411             Choleric glass; collapsed and curved.             Products: Materials

       Spencer Forge & Manufacturing Co.             225 North Capital St., P.O. Box 68             Spencer, OH 44275             Phone/Fax: 216-648-2461 / 216-648-2380             Accessories and casework offered lath agitated forgings; complete axles and shafts; consecration heat             treating; accent bare forgings; spline rolling; hobbing; fractional forgings; apparatus or complete forging;             and machining of arbor shafts and chiral shafts; upsetters from 7-23 cm; axles artificial up to             38 cm flange

       Spirol All-embracing Corp.             30 Rock Ave.             Danielson, CT 06239             Phone/Fax: 860-774-8571 / 860-774-0487             Manufacturers of coiled and slotted animation pins; solid pins; spacers and added tubular products;             threaded inserts; shims; pin and admit accession equipment; and vibratory genitalia feeding             equipment.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Electrical/Electronic Components

       Sprague Devices, Inc.             107 Eastwood Rd.             Michigan City, IN 46360             Phone/Fax: 219-872-7295 / 219-879-6998             Designs and accessories able aeriform and electric windshield wiper and washer             systems, mirror systems, and HVAC controls. North American supplier of ITT (SWF) rocker and             cavalcade switches.             Products: Cabs

       S. S. White Technologies, Inc.             ATM Genitalia Div.             151 Old New Brunswick Rd.             Piscataway, NJ 08854-3761             Phone/Fax: 908-752-8300 / 908-752-8315             Architect of adjustable shaft, casing, instruments, accessories, and ratio adapters for the             heavy-duty, automotive, and abyssal markets.             Products: Cabs, Electrical/Electronic Components

       Solo Apple Partners             8117 Macomb             Grosse Ile, MI 48138             Phone/Fax: 734-675-3309 / 734-675-3771             The aggregation is a manufacturer’s representative, apery companies in the U.S. and overseas             for the automotive and barter industries, importing accessories such as castings, forgings, (hot and             cold), delicate metal. Companies represented are QS9000 certified.

       Stabilus             927 N. Plum Grove Rd., Ste. G             Schaumburg, IL 60173             Phone/Fax: 847-517-2980 / 847-517-2987             The aggregation is a avant-garde and architect of Gas Springs and Locking Gas Springs; and also             offers Capricious Bulk Dampers, Remotely Activated Gas Springs, Activating Dampened Gas Springs,             Cocky Absorption Dampers, Redundant Allowance Gas Springs and Adjustable Dampers.

       Stabilus             1201 Tulip Dr.             Gastonia, NC 28052             Phone/Fax: 704-865-7444 / 704-865-7781             Architect and developer of gas springs, and damper systems. Applied to lift, lower,             counterbalance, lock or position. Motion ascendancy and beating dampers. Avant-garde arrangement of standards             for all industries, as able-bodied as apparatus engineering for custom specific requirements. QS9000             certified; DIN EN ISO9001 audited.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Accepted Automated Components

       Date 8 Locking Fasteners             15 Chestnut Ave.             San Rafael, CA 94901-1057             Phone/Fax: 415-485-5340 / 415-485-0552             A complete bandage of locking threaded accouterments which advance an alive mechanical lock to anticipate the             ballast from alleviation is offered.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Stahl Specialty Co.             111 E. Pacific St.             P.O. Box 6             Kingsville, MO 64061-0006             Phone/Fax: 816-597-3322 / 816-597-3485             Aluminum annex with two plants aircraft 180,000 lbs of castings per day; offers complete             centralized applique capabilities forth with CAD/CAM engineering, metallurgical lab, calefaction treating,             committed and CNC machining, agile transportation, EDI communications, real-time x-ray all             backed up by chump affection awards from some of the bigger corporations in the United States;             additionally, the aggregation is ISO9002/QS9000 certified.             Products: Drivetrains, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Consulting Services

       Stanadyne Automotive Corp.             Agent Systems Div.             92 Deerfield Rd.             Windsor, CT 06095             Phone/Fax: 860-525-0821 / 860-683-4582             Agent fuel-injection systems, fuel, filtration, ammunition additives, and engine valvetrain apparatus are             offered.             Products: Engines, Fuels and Lubricants

       Accepted Iron             207 Dundas Rd.             Monticello, MN 55362             Phone/Fax: 612-295-8700 / 612-295-8701             Absolute manufacturing. Metal backyard and fabrications, laser and hydefinition claret cutting,             welding, accumbent and vertical machining. Crumb painting: DXF, IGES, and Pro-E Receptive.             Products: Manufacturing, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Cabs, Drivetrains, Computers, Engines

       Accepted Accessories Co.             2401 S. Gulley Rd.             Dearborn, MI 48124             Phone/Fax: 800-333-3265 / 313-562-3305             The Accepted Accessories Aggregation food quickedge trim, trim seals, weatherstripping, corrugated             tubing, and approach accoutrement a avant-garde arrangement of applications in agricultural, automotive, automated and             bartering industries. Also, acrylic cream seals, sealing strips, v-line, and vinyl compression             gaskets.             Products: Materials, Accepted Automated Components

       The Accepted Accessories Co.             2401 S. Gulley Rd. Dearborn, MI 48124 Phone/Fax: 800-333-3265 / 313-562-3305 Supplier of trims             and window approach to auto manufacturers. Quickedge trims, trim seals, self-sealing             weatherstrips, acrylic cream seals, sealing strips, and gaskets for commercial and industrial             applications are available.             Products: Materials, Cabs, Accepted Automated Components

       Stewart Warner Instrument             200 Howard Ave. #250             Des Plaines, IL 60018             Phone/Fax: 847-803-0200             Architect of instruments and assay accessories for the automotive, truck, bus, off-highway,             marine, and appropriate accessories markets. Speedometers, tachometers, gauges, panels, blubbery film             senders, switches and added accessories for agent ecology purposes are additionally offered.             Products: Cabs

       Stoba Praezisionstechnik GmbH & Co. KG             Winnegder Str. 12             Backnang, 71522             GER             Phone/Fax: 11-49-719-180660 / 11-49-719-180686             Supplier of precision-machined apparatus specializing in difficult to aftermath genitalia which require             accent operations such as calefaction assay and cool finishing; facility is about 15,950             meters boxlike and is QS-9000 and ISO-9002 certified.

       Stockbridge Engines, Inc.             P.O. Box 267             Stockbridge, WI 53088             Phone/Fax: 414-439-1980 / 414-439-1984             Suppliers of “Tru-Stop” calipers and air-cooled disc brakes from 28-76 cm and solid discs and             rotors of all sizes from 15-119 cm.

       Stone Bennett Corp.             1419 Upfield Drive             Carrollton, TX 75006             Phone/Fax: 800-527-0883 / 214-446-2031             Aggregation provides about-face controls for Allison, Clark, Twin Disc, and other transmissions. Available             for use on bits vehicles, off-highway vehicles, and added appropriate applications.

       Stromag, Inc.             85 Westpark Rd.             Dayton, OH 45459             Phone/Fax: 513-433-3882 / 513-433-6598             Supplier of electromagnetic-released fail-safe brakes; hydraulic-released fail-safe brakes; internal             agitation agent flexible-element couplings; rotary cam absolute switches; and assorted disc             hydraulic fail-safe brakes.             Products: Drivetrains

       Structural Analysis, Inc.             3355 Bee Caves Rd., Ste. 501             Austin, TX 78746             Phone/Fax: 512-328-8198 / 512-328-2654             Developer of PC/MS-DOS based finite-element assay (FEA) computer software and reseller of             calefaction alteration analysis, breach mechanics, and cyberbanking thermal management software.             Products: Computers

       Structural Dynamics Assay Corp.             2000 Eastman Dr.             Milford, OH 45150             Phone/Fax: 513-576-2400 / 513-576-2135             Complete design, analysis, test, accomplishment and abstracts administration software, engineering             consulting casework are offered.             Products: Computers, Consulting Services

       Suburban Mfg. Inc.             301 Chelsea Rd.             Monticello, MN 55362             Phone/Fax: 612-295-5635 / 612-295-6601             The aggregation is a aspect architect accouterment industry with unique, botheration analytic products.             The aggregation works with OEM barter to design, advance and manufacture accessories for             automated and adjustable applications. Affection custom and accepted products like Bless Minder(r),             Moisture Minder(r), PythonStrap(r), Coolant Eye(r) and Sidewinder(r) come from two Minnesota             based facilities.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Hydraulics, Consulting Services, Manufacturing

     Sun Animate Treating, Inc.             550 Comminute St. South Lyon, MI 48178 Phone/Fax: 877-471-0844 / 248-437-3140 Specializes in             Ionitriding(r) and alkali ablution hardening. Ionitriding is a apparent hardening assay which can be             activated to any adamant metal to advance chafe and bane resistance, fatigue backbone and to             lower the accessory of friction. Extends the activity of applique and machinery apparatus acclimated in the             stamping, forming, plastics, accomplishment and die casting industries. Process is abuse chargeless and             environmentally safe.             Products: Manufacturing

       Sunwest Awning Cartoon Ltd.             277 Cree Crescent             Winnipeg, MB R3J 3X4             CAN             Phone/Fax: 800-665-0271 / 204-632-5538             Awning printed products, adorning graphics, advisory and warning decals, and prototype             annual available.

       Superflow Corp.             3512 N. Tejon             Colorado Springs, CO 80907             Phone/Fax: 719-471-1746 / 719-471-1490             Actualization computerized agent and agent assay systems; engine, chassis and towing             dynamometers; data-acquisition and ascendancy systems; agent aeon analysis systems and other             avant-garde testing applications.

       Aloft Gearbox Co.             P.O. Box 645             Stockton, MO 65785             Phone/Fax: 417-276-5191 / 417-276-3492             Aloft Gearbox Aggregation produces a bandage of aluminum housed alteration cases and hydraulic             pump drives. Best adeptness inputs of the alteration cases ambit from 100 to 650 horsepower.             Best adeptness inputs of the hydraulic pump drives ambit from 150 to 900 horsepower.             Products: Drivetrains

       Aloft Annoy & Elastic Corp.             P.O. Box 308             Warren, PA 16365             Phone/Fax: 800-289-1456 / 814-726-0740             Architect of high-quality, polyurethane and elastic annoy and wheels, clue pads, and             custom-engineered accessories for specialized abundant equipment.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Sure Adeptness Industries, Inc.             10189 S.W. Avery St.             Tualatin, OR 97062             Phone/Fax: 800-845-6269 / 503-692-9091             The aggregation has bogus affection accessories acceptable in the management of DC electrical             systems for over 40 years. From DC-DC converters to low-voltage disconnects, the company’s             abiding artefact curve are advised for operation in the harshest environments. The aggregation also             offers apple chic engineering services, and meets the challenges of some of the world’s most             ambitious corporations.             Products: Engines, Electrical/Electronic Components, Manufacturing, Consulting Services

       Sverdrup Technology, Inc.             41541 Eleven Mile Rd.             Novi, MI 48375             Phone/Fax: 248-305-9800 / 248-305-9801             Absolute casework – from consulting through turnkey commitment – for accretion of assay facilities             and specialized accessory accessories for assay development, and production testing; includes             avant-garde engineering studies; abundant mechanical, action structural, electrical, and             computer-based systems design; turnkey design/build of chip technical assay accessories and             complexes; and computer-based data-acquisition and action ascendancy systems.             Products: Consulting Services, Assay & Measurement

       Sverdrup Technology, Inc.             Technology Group             600 William Northern Blvd.             Tullahoma, TN 37388-4729             Phone/Fax: 615-393-6300 / 615-393-6211             Offers engineering solutions for the architecture and design/build of research and artefact development             testing accessories worldwide. For bristles decades, the aggregation has provided facilities/systems for all             testing from basal acceptance through all-encompassing agent aerodynamics. Provides a arrangement of             engineering casework from baby studies through multi-discipline, multi-year turnkey programs.             Products: Consulting Services, Assay & Measurement

       Swep, Inc.             2069 Ninth Ave.             Ronkonkoma, NY 11779             Phone/Fax: 516-737-8874 / 516-737-9291             Bunched brazed-plate calefaction exchangers for liquid-to-liquid or gast-to-liquid (i.e. oil coolers, fuel             heaters, hydraulic aqueous temperature control).

       SWITEC             Div. of ETA SA             Schild-Rust-Strasse 17             Grenchen, CH-2540             SWI             Phone/Fax: 41-32-655-7113 / 41-32-655-8302             Apparatus array technology; accurately advised for activating parameter affectation applications             such as dashboard instruments. Switec miniature stepper motors and their acknowledging ASIC             accessories action a adjustable band-aid to apparatus active problems; main actualization are simple, baby (9             mm in depth), and reliable. Temperature range: -40°C to 105°C, accession produced; applications             lath movements and cyberbanking drivers for alternation apparatus cluster of any vehicle, also             including the clock.             Products: Consulting Services, Cabs, Electrical/Electronic Components

       Sy-Klone Int’l., Ltd.             P.O. Box 550859             Jacksonville, FL 32255-0859             Phone/Fax: 904-448-6563 / 904-448-6626             Accessories and distributes air precleaning components, aqueous filtration and antibacterial accessories for             abundant equipment, acreage equipment, and automated applications. Sy-Klone offers testing casework on             their Penn-Anderson air assay bend for testing air assimilation systems, restriction, and efficiency. The             aggregation now offers allocation for automated accessories online.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Agent Tools/Attachments/Implements, Assay &             Measurement

       Symmco, Inc.             101 S. Esplanade St.             Sykesville, PA 15865             Phone/Fax: 814-894-2461 / 814-894-5272             Crumb metal genitalia architect with a accepted address bandage of sleeve, flange, advance type             bearings, bar both cored and solid, and ellipsoidal plate.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Synchro-Start Products, Inc.             6250 W. Howard St.             Niles, IL 60714-3433             Phone/Fax: 847-967-7730 / 847-967-7832             Synchro-Start Accessories and Ruf Electronics, the Automotive Apparatus Group of Knowles             Electronics, accomplish electromagnetic actuators, agent administration systems and automotive             sensors. Synchro-Start’s accessories lath start/stop solenoids, dispatch control solenoids, constant             dispatch agent governors, cyberbanking ascendancy modules, proportional linear/rotary actuators, high             attention mini-gen and alluring auto dispatch sensors and dispatch monitoring modules. RUF             electronics designs apparatus specific acquaintance and non-contact sensors for bankrupt gas             recirculation, abundance and convenience, burke position, pedal position, council and ammunition level             sensors, as able-bodied as microphone assemblies.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Consulting Services, General Mechanical             Components

       Systron Donner Inertial Div.             BEI Sensors & Systems Co.             2700 Systron Dr.             Concord, CA 94518             Phone/Fax: 925-671-6601 / 925-671-6647             Micromachined solid accompaniment bulk sensors (gyroscopes) for automotive OEM, commercial, industrial             and aerospace applications; quartz affability bend sensor technology, currently acclimated in agent yaw             ascendancy systems, agile tracking/navigation, accent antenna stabilization and agent dynamics             instrumentation. ISO9001 and QS9000 certified.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Cabs

     Tadiran Cyberbanking Industries, Inc.             Lithium Battery             2 Seaview Blvd., Ste. D2             Anchorage Washington, NY 11050             Phone/Fax: 516-621-4980 / 516-621-4517             Lithium Thionyl chloride batteries featuring aeriform energy, low voltage, safe operation, hermetic             sealing, low self-discharge rate, avant-garde operating temperature, and long operating activity of 5-15 years,             acreage replaceable.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Tae Chul Automated Co., Ltd.             1601 Roder Court             Streamwood, IL 60107             Accessories hydraulic anchor butt assemblies. Artefact advantage includes anchor master             cylinder, clamp adept cylinder, bondservant cylinder, and caster cylinder.

       Taytronics             430 Ritt St.             St. Peter, MN 56082             Phone/Fax: 507-931-1406 / 507-931-1842             Custom architecture engineering for OEM’s, which leads to manufacturing. Contract accomplishment of             wire harnesses, printed ambit lath assemblies (thru-hole or surface mount), atramentous box             assemblies, DC converters, inverters, and arrangement isolators.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Manufacturing, Consulting Services

       Tazewell Apparatus Works, Incorprorated             2015 S. 2nd St.             Pekin, IL 61555-0895             Phone/Fax: 309-347-3181 / 309-347-4857             Action aluminum beach castings, asperous or machined; water-jacketed exhaust and crossover             manifolds; baptize jacketed risers oil pans; air alteration pipes; ammunition manifolds; flywheel housings;             covers and housings.

       TEC             Abstracts Testing Div.             10737 Lexington Dr.             Knoxville, TN 37932             Phone/Fax: 423-966-5856 / 423-675-1241             Non-destructive, x-ray diffraction analyzes the apparent of steel/ceramic apparatus to acknowledge the             antithesis stresses that abide amid the diminutive planes. This precise, quantifiable measurement             allows the chump to adumbrate basal reliability, adapt manufacturing processes to increase             basal life, and helps annihilate basal failure. The analyses are performed in a controlled             action that can be calmly bifold to aid in trend ecology and traceability. Systems are             A2LA/ISO9002. Chic casework are available.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Tech Accessories Corp.             A Fabreeka Co.             2215 Lyons Rd.             Dayton, OH 45342-4465             Phone/Fax: 937-438-1100 / 937-438-2190             The aggregation accessories a complete bandage of vibration/shock isolators using elastomers ranging             from accustomed elastic and neoprene to specialized, awful damped silicones, and offers off-the-shelf to             custom advised isolators. The aggregation can bound assay a arrangement to actuate the most             able agency of isolation.             Products: Cabs, Accepted Automated Components

       Technalysis Inc.             7120 Waldemar Drive             Indianapolis, IN 46268             Phone/Fax: 317-291-1985 / 317-291-7281             Action accountant and customized software and appointment projects in the areas of aqueous dynamics,             calefaction transfer, vibration, stress, electromagnetics, and abstracts processing.

       Abstruse Accessories & Precision Accomplishment Compa             3067 Unionville Pike             Hatfield, PA 19440             Phone/Fax: 215-822-3338 / 215-822-2166             Architect of leakproof high-pressure ascendancy valves and fittings. Full annual engineering             administration offers computer-aided drafting and provides custom designs.

       Teknor Apex Co.             505 Central Ave.             Pawtucket, RI 02861             Phone/Fax: 800-554-9892 / 401-729-0166             Compounders of adjustable and adamant PVC, PVC blends, thermoplastic elastomers, custom rubber,             and blush concentrates for best polymers.             Products: Materials

       Tekonsha Towing Systems             537 N. Church             Tekonsha, MI 49092             Phone/Fax: 800-325-5860 / 517-767-4404             Appendage lights, cast lights, autogenous lights, connectors, break-away switches, account lights, and access             doors are included in the company’s artefact line.

       Teledyne Lighting & Display Products             12525 Daphne Ave.             Hawthorne, CA 90250             Phone/Fax: 213-242-1900 / 213-242-1924             Designs and produces avant-garde lighting apparatus based aloft non-imaging eyes employing             absolute centralized absorption to enhance artefact efficiency; applications include centermost high-mounted             stop lights (CHMSL), brake/tail lights; cast lights; autogenous lighting; specialized headlamps;             alive board/puddle lights, and others.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Teleflex – Electrical Div.             6980 Able Pkwy. E.             Sarasota, FL 34240             Phone/Fax: 941-907-1000 / 941-907-1040             Architect of instruments, clusters and displays for the Off-Highway market.             Products: Cabs, Electrical/Electronic Components

       Teleflex Automated Systems             640 N. Lewis Rd.             Limerick, PA 19468             Phone/Fax: 215-495-7011 / 215-495-7470             Automated ascendancy cables advised for the exact apparatus are offered; no add-on accouterments or             accessories are required.

       Tenneco Heavy-Duty Brake             250 Doney-Crescent             Concord, ON L4K 3A8             CAN             Phone/Fax: 800-567-1122 / 416-213-7164             Architect of asbestos-free anchor blocks, barter sets, disc brake, and automated chafe products;             ISO-9001 certified.

       Tewco, Inc.             9701 S. 58th St.             Franklin, WI 53132-9107             Phone/Fax: 414-423-8080 / 414-423-8086             Able branch administration centermost whose accessories include: abundant duty bankrupt components,             mud flaps, agent oil cesspool valves, rod ends/ball joints, automated push-pull ascendancy cables,             admonishing lights, and agent lighting systems.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Engines, Accepted Automated Components

       Texas Hydraulics             3410 N. Ambit Rd.             Temple, TX 76504             Phone/Fax: 817-778-4701 / 817-774-9940             Action custom-engineered hydraulic cylinders; swivels (rotary manifolds); valve manifolds; and             piston-type accumulators.             Products: Hydraulics

       Textron Specialty Materials             2 Automated Ave.             Lowell, MA 01851             Phone/Fax: 508-452-8961 / 508-454-5619             Specializesin high-temperature composites including carbon products, metal matrix, and ceramic             cast materials.

       Thermal Dynamics Corp.             4850 E. Airport Dr.             Ontario, CA 91761             Phone/Fax: 909-390-3944 / 909-390-3955             Full-line architect of calefaction exchanger accessories acclimated in ammunition and oil cooling applications.             Accessories lath Kool-Mor, annular tube and fin copper, aluminum and steel fabricated; Therm Hx             100% Nocolok brazed aluminum egg-shaped tube design; stainless animate baptize to oil and allegation air             coolers.             Products: Engines, Drivetrains

       Thermotron Industries             291 Kollen Esplanade Dr. Holland, MI 49423-3460 Phone/Fax: 616-393-4580 / 616-392-5643             Architect of ecology test, simulation, stress, and screening equipment; industry’s             broadest ambit of accommodation affection temperature cycling, thermal shock, humidity, altitude, sand,             dust, corrosion, and rain. Thermotron additionally offers a abounding bandage of vibration assay accessories that meets             beating testing requirements for random, sine, and shock.             Products: Assay & Measurement

       Thomas G. Faria Corp.             385 Norwich New London Tpke.             Uncasville, CT 06353-0983             Phone/Fax: 860-848-9271 / 860-848-2704             The aggregation is an ISO Certified, Angular Chip architect of agent and vehicle             ecology blueprint with abounding centralized engineering, design, tooling, eixturing, and assembly             facilities. Accessories lath electric programmable and automated speedometers, tachometers,             tach/hourmeters, oil, volt, pressure, acting and ammunition gauges, etc.. Private labelling accessible for full             bandage of accessories that is congenital to aftermost in the best ambitious environments. Distinct instruments to fully             busy and acclimatized panels.

       Thomas Industries             1419 Illinois Ave.             Sheboygan, WI 53081             Phone/Fax: 920-451-4394 / 920-451-4276             Oil-less piston, diaphragm, and rotary vane air compressors and vacuum pumps alms various             AC and DC voltages and separate-drive models in sizes alignment from fractional HP to 1 HP.             Engineering adeptness and custom solutions from Thomas Ind. accommodated specific OEM requirements for             automotive and adjustable applications.             Products: Engines

       Thomas Magnete LLC             250 E. Wisconsin Ave., Fl. 18             Milwaukee, WI 53202-4262             Development accomplice and arrangement supplier of high-performance electromagnetic actuators and             systems; develops and produces customized electromagnetic solenoids, actuators, hydraulic             valves, and metering pumps.             Products: Hydraulics, Accepted Automated Components

       3B6 Sistemi Elettronici Srl             Via Sivo, 74             280-53 Castelletto Ticino (NO), 280-53             ITA             Phone/Fax: 39-331-973528 / 39-331-972160             Aback 1980, the aggregation has provided on-board belief systems for mobile accouterment to record             assignment achievement on a arrangement of off-road vehicles.             Products: Cabs

       Thurston Accomplishment Co.             Artery 87A, P. O. Box 218             Thurston, NE 68062             Phone/Fax: 800-658-3127 / 402-385-3043             Accessories aeriform backbone accouterments and bivouac jacks; cool strength-upper anatomy complete of             abundant aboveboard tubing and a able adjustable drive nut and precision-rolled apogee cilia screw             inside; bifold breeze lock plunger into all bead leg models.

       Tighitco, Inc.             2300 Marietta Blvd., N.W.             Atlanta, GA 30318             Phone/Fax: 404-355-1205 / 404-351-4458             Thermal and acoustical insulation accessories for high-temperature applications offered. Fabricated             blankets lath metal calefaction shield, antithesis encapsulated insulation, fabric covered insulation, and             fireproofing.             Products: Materials

     Tilden Corp.             13900 W. 101st. St.             Lenaxa, KS 62215             Phone/Fax: 913-888-2701 / 913-888-0709             Offers aeriform tires and auto from 20cm to 61cm bore with rim diameters from 10cm to             30cm.

       Timbren Industries, Inc.             381 Westney Rd. S.             Ajax, ON L1S 6M6             CAN             Phone/Fax: 905-683-5991 / 905-683-0238             Manufacturers of Aeon alveolate elastic springs and animation abeyance systems giving added stability             and abbreviation animation accident for all trucks.

       Timken Co.             1835 Dueber Ave. S.W.             Canton, OH 44706             Phone/Fax: 330-438-3000 / 330-471-7032             Awful engineered cone-shaped roller bearings and affection admixture animate bars, tubes and genitalia for drivetrain             and caster applications on commuter cars and trucks.

       Titan Caster International, Inc.             2701 Spruce St.             Quincy, IL 62301             Phone/Fax: 217-228-6011 / 217-228-3047             Supplier of earthmoving/construction rims and auto for both the OEM and aftermarket             architecture and mining agent industries.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Tol-O-Matic, Inc.             3800 County Rd. 116             Hamel, MN 55340             Phone/Fax: 800-328-2174 / 612-478-8080             Architect of aeriform cable cylinders, rodless bandage cylinders, linear slides, H-block rod             butt slides, magnetically accompanying actuators, electric beeline motion products, rotary actuators,             clutches, caliper disc brakes, and appropriate bend accent drives.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Electrical/Electronic Components

       Tompkins Industries, Inc.             1912 E. 123rd St.             Olathe, KS 66061             Accessories a abounding bandage of hydraulic adapters from accepted catalogue items to hard-to-find special             products. Aggregation offers fast turn-around time on appropriate artefact orders, and quick delivery,             including aforementioned day aircraft services.             Products: Hydraulics

       Touchstone, Inc.             321 Bellevue St.             P.O. Box 7568             Jackson, TN 38308-7568             Phone/Fax: 901-424-5045 / 901-424-8698             Supplier of heavy-duty, anchored catchbasin calefaction exchangers with automated bond or high-strength,             anchored tube-to-header collective designs. Touchstone advised and manufactured for radiator, charge             air and oil acknowledgment applications.

       Transcom, Inc.             3451 W. Burnsville Pkwy.             Burnsville, MN 55337             Phone/Fax: 612-894-8400 / 612-894-1588             Aback 1978, the aggregation has developed in the oil and grease allowance industry, and provides a broad             ambit of allowance sizes, types, abstracts and styles. With over 4 actor seals in stock, the company             has over 5,000 inch and metric sizes. An ISO 9002 certified firm, has one of the everyman tooling             accuse in the industry and accession orders as baby as 600 pcs. to 1,000,000 . Quality             products, abstruse support, on-time commitment and lower costs are why so abounding await on the             company’s seals.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Busline Assay Center, Inc.             10820 S.R. 347             P.O. Box B-67             East Liberty, OH 43319-0367             Phone/Fax: 937-666-2011 / 937-666-5066             Provides assay and testing casework for agent safety, ammunition economy, durability, acclimation to             standards, babble levels, and blast testing. Accessories lath 12-km test track, 20-ha vehicle             dynamics area, 2,700m X 25m drift pad, and an off-highway across and crash-test facility.             Products: Consulting Services, Assay & Measurement

       Tri/Mark             Automated Pk.             New Hampton, IA 50659             Phone/Fax: 800-447-0343 / 515-394-2392             Tri/Mark is a arch artist and architect of affection agent hardware accessories for the             construction, mining, agricultural, truck, and recreational agent markets. The aggregation provides             barter about the apple with a arrangement of latches, handles, striker bolts, linkages and related             components.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Tri/Mark Corp.             316 Reliance Rd.             New Hampton, IA 50659             Phone/Fax: 515-394-3188 / 515-394-2392             Artist and architect of agent accouterments accessories for the construction, mining, agricultural,             truck, and recreational agent markets. Accessories a arrangement of latches, handles, striker bolts,             linkages, and accompanying components.

       Tribco, Inc.             1700 London Rd.             Cleveland, OH 44112             Phone/Fax: 216-486-2000 / 216-486-2099             The aggregation is the developer and absolute architect of a 100% Kevlar(r) fibered composite             chafe lining that provides best chafe life, but does not blemish or abrade the opposing metal             surface. It is for wet and dry applications.             Products: Drivetrains, Manufacturing

       Trident/ACCO Controls Div.             5200 Automated Dr.             Milan, TN 38358             Phone/Fax: 901-686-1532 / 901-686-3406             The aggregation is a architect of automated cable controls. Accessories include Push-Pull,             Tension, Clutch, Vernier, Throttle, Steering, About-face to Lock, Speedometer and About-face Controls for the             Agricultural, Construction, Marine, Automotive and Aerospace industries.

       Trombetta Corp.             13901 Capital St.             Menomonee Falls, WI 53051             Phone/Fax: 414-251-5454 / 414-251-5757             The aggregation accessories solenoid actuators and specialized ascendancy modules for a avant-garde variety             of applications. These lath agent shut-down, burke control, transmission and brake             engagement, aperture latching and locking, and others. The solenoid actuators can bear armament from             1 batter to over 400 pounds, and can lath acclamation from beneath than 1/4 inch to over 4 inches. The             aggregation offers complete architecture and development casework in adjustment to produce solenoids that meet             specific chump requirements.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Consulting Services, General Mechanical             Components

       Trostel, Ltd.             901 Maxwell St.             Lake Geneva, WI 53147             Phone/Fax: 414-248-4481 / 414-248-6406             Supplier of custom seals and attention moldings, polyurethane products, assemblies, product             design, and engineering services.             Products: Materials, Accepted Automated Components, Consulting Services

       Truck-Lite Co., Inc.             310 E. Elmwood Ave.             Falconer, NY 14733             Phone/Fax: 800-562-5012 / 800-685-6412             Architect of bankrupt and shock-mounted vehicular lighting systems, L.E.D. affirmation lighting             systems, and complete custom-designed, able accouter systems.

       Truckpro Genitalia and Annual Inc.             Capital Industries             818 Assay Street             Evansville, IN 47711             Phone/Fax: 800-777-7929 / 812-422-2428             Lath on-site accession of adjustable equipment, air conditioning systems, and adjustable equipment             automated bless systems.

       Truflo Air Movement             Station St.             Tipton West Midlands, DY4 8UG             UK             Supplier of agent cooling admirers from 250mm to 2750mm diameter; up to 15 blades with a arrangement of             casting widths and angles; acceptable for absolute on-engine or remote- mounted applications.

       Truflo Air Movement             P.O. Box 494             Zionsville, IN 46077             Phone/Fax: 317-873-5477 / 317-873-5093             The aggregation accessories agent cooling admirers for all types of off-highway applications, including             anchored geometry metal fans, adjustable bend molded admirers and reversible fans. Sizes ambit from 10             inch to 96 inch. The aggregation additionally has airflow and babble assay capability.             Products: Drivetrains, Cabs, Engines

       TRW Bartering Council Div.             800 Calefaction St., P.O.Box 60             Lafayette, IN 47902             Phone/Fax: 317-423-5377 / 317-429-1868             Able council systems for trucks, buses, and off-road applications are offered. Products             include: TAS adeptness council gears, tilt/telescope columns, intermediate shafts, pitman arms, and             council linkage.

       TSD             Busline Affirmation Devices, Inc.             TSD Bldg., 2400 Roosevelt Ave.             Indianapolis, IN 45218             Phone/Fax: 317-269-9160 / 317-263-0977             Architecture and accomplish indicator about-face ascendancy panels, adeptness distribution centers and connecting             wire harness.

       TSR Inc.             1800 East Main             Mandan, ND 58554             Phone/Fax: 701-663-2333 / 701-663-2334             Pack wheel, miniquick adapter is offered.

       Tuff Torq Corp.             5943 Commerce Blvd.             Morristown, TN 37814             Phone/Fax: 423-585-2020 / 423-585-2003             Architect of transmissions, transaxles, and drives for a avant-garde range of backyard and garden, turf, and             agronomical products.             Products: Drivetrains

       Tulsa Winch, Inc.             P.O.Box 1130             Jenks, OK 74037-1130             Phone/Fax: 918-298-8300 / 918-298-8301             Tulsa Winch’s artefact bandage includes: bastard accent winches, beat drives, speed reducers, planetary             winches, and wheeldrives.             Products: Hydraulics, Accepted Automated Components

       Turbodyne Systems, Inc.             1090 West Pender, Ste. 510             Van Couver, BC V6E2N7             CAN             Phone/Fax: 604-682-8854 / 604-682-0177             The Turbodyne Arrangement is an electric appeal centrifugal compressor that achieves a boost             burden alike afore agent dispatch rises decidedly aloft idle. This improves low-end             achievement and reduces smoke emissions in turbocharged and nonturbocharged engines.  

     Tuthill Corp.             Aloft Band Div.             2110 Summit St.             P.O. Box 227             New Haven, IN 46774-0227             Phone/Fax: 219-749-5105 / 219-493-2387             Automated band accessories are offered.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Accepted Automated Components

       Tuthill Corp.             Cablecraft Div.             P.O.Box 11372             Tacoma, WA 11372             Phone/Fax: 253-475-1080 / 253-474-1623             Push-pull and pull-only cable controls for automated alien ascendancy are offered; levers for hydraulic             valve and burke control; chiral chiral about-face systems; and accelerator pedals.

       Tuthill Carriage Systems             P.O. Box 600             Brookston, IN 47923             Phone/Fax: 800-348-2474 / 219-279-2390             Architect and accomplish hydraulic-powered steerable drive axles for off-highway equipment, and             air suspensions for trucks and accompanying vehicles.             Products: Manufacturing, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Drivetrains, Hydraulics

       TUV America Inc.             Agent Compliance             132 Ferrell Ave.             Ashland, OH 44805-4025             Phone/Fax: 419-289-1212 / 419-289-7332             European union-notified body-performing tests, certification, and design assay casework to EN             standards (EC, ECE, DIN, VDE); electrical and accouterment tests to EN standards, and ISO9000             and QS9000 affection arrangement requirements are offered. Rd. homlogation to German (StVZO)             standards, ROPS/FOPS/OPS certification, and agent emissions/power certification to EC and             ECE directives.             Products: Drivetrains, Hydraulics, Cabs, Assay & Measurement, Bodies/Frames/Chassis,             Consulting Services, Materials, Accepted Automated Components, Electrical/Electronic             Components

       TUV Artefact Service             TUV Administration Service             5 Cherry Hill Dr.             Danvers, MA 01923             Phone/Fax: 800-888-0123 / 978-762-7637             TÜV Artefact Service/TÜV Administration Annual provides ISO9000, QS9000, TE Supplement, and             VDA 6.1 registration; CE Actualization Assistance, Electromagnetic Compatibility and babble emissions             testing and certification. A Notified Body, the aggregation provides component and agent type             approvals EEC/ECE/StVZO directives and homologation of alive machines to StVZO(German)             alley directives.             Products: Assay & Measurement, Consulting Services

       Twin Disc, Inc.             1328 Racine St.             Racine, WI 53403             Phone/Fax: 414-638-4000 / 414-638-4482             Artist and architect of able adeptness chiral accessories including power-shift and             automated transmissions systems, abyssal transmissions, baptize jets, torque convertors, clutches,             adeptness takeoffs, gas agent starting drives, apparent drives, aqueous couplings, and cyberbanking control             systems.             Products: Drivetrains, Engines

     Ultra Hydraulics, Inc.             P.O. Box 30809             Columbus, OH 43230             Supplier of high-performance accent pumps and motors; hydraulic adeptness steering components;             hydraulic anchor components, low-speed/high-torque agent motors; electro-hydraulic servo valves;             full-power hydraulic braking systems, featuring Ultra’s accumulator charging pumps and valves.             Products: Hydraulics, Drivetrains

       Accelerated Arrays, Inc.             18538 142nd Ave. N.E.             Woodinville, WA 98072             Phone/Fax: 425-481-6611 / 425-481-4455             Proprietary technology in non-contact (ultrasonic), high-accuracy industrial array and distance             distance applications, and centralized birthmark apprehension systems; UAI provides a complete             distance band-aid including non-contact array and bandage gauges, application support,             software and installation.

       Unholtz-Dickie Corp.             6 Brookside Drive             Wallingford, CT 06492             Phone/Fax: 203-265-3929 / 203-265-2690             Architect of high-frequency beating assay accessories including electrodynamic shakers, power             amplifiers, computer-based controls, and abutment instrumentation. Applications lath product             fatigue/durability and architecture assay testing.

       United Accessories Accessories, Inc.             2103 E. Bremer Ave.             P.O. Box 817             Waverly, IA 56077             Phone/Fax: 319-352-3946 / 319-352-2175             Supplier of electrical/electronic chiral controllers for off-highway agent transmissions; slip             arena assemblies for 360 degrees connected electrical rotation.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       United Grp., Inc.             13700 Polo Trail Dr.             Lake Forest, IL 60045             Phone/Fax: 847-816-7100 / 847-816-7111             The aggregation represents apple chic suppliers to the off-highway equipment market. Crossville             Elastic – Architecture and architect of circuitous attic accoutrement systems. KAB Basement – Heavy-duty             air and automated abeyance geared for mining and architecture equipment. Widney UK Ltd. -             Able roller dark and ceramics products. Britax Ltd. – Autogenous mirrors added chiral and remote             controlled mirrors.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Materials, Electrical/Electronic Components, Cabs

       United States Accent Corp.             9420 Stony Island Ave.             Chicago, IL 60617             Phone/Fax: 773-375-4900 / 773-375-4557             Complete adeptness chiral basal ability alms CNC turning, hobbing, shaving, circling or             beeline bend accent acid and lapping, calefaction treating, acid and CNC machining center.             Cogwheel and chiral apparatus are company’s specialities; low-to-medium quantities welcome.             Ford Q-1 rating, ISO9000 certified.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Drivetrains

       Unity Mfg. Co.             1260 N. Clybourn Ave.             Chicago, IL 60610-1792             Phone/Fax: 312-943-5200 / 312-943-5681             Manufacturers of spotlights, foglights, active lights, hand-held spotlights, floodlights, worklights,             alternating beacons, and emergency admonishing lights. Bogus in U.S.A.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Accepted Bearings, Inc.             431 North Birkey Drive, P. O. Box 38             Bremen, IN 46506             Phone/Fax: 219-546-2261 / 219-546-5085             Supplier of aggravate rollers acclimated in transmissions, accepted joints, constant dispatch joints, water             pump bearings, rollerized cam lifters and rocker arms, roller clutches and amateur drives; also             supplys adhere pins and assemblage cages. Barter lath about all major automotive manufacturers             and their key suppliers.ISO-9002 and QS-9000 certified.

       Absolute Services             170 Evergreen Rd.             Oconto, WI 54153-0106             Phone/Fax: 414-834-4418 / 414-834-4828             Architect of custom electrical base accouter accessories for off-highway, abundant truck, and             agronomical machinery. Architect of the bankrupt Splice Pack and Ves Pac accessories that allow             the accouter artist to absolutely assure accouter splices and to add circuit apparatus like             diodes, mini fuses, and mini ambit breakers.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Unverferth Mfg. Co., Inc.             P.O. Box 357             Kalida, OH 45853             Phone/Fax: 419-532-3121 / 419-532-2468             Agronomical and off-road able auto and rims are offered.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       U.S. Axle, Inc.             275 Shoemaker Rd.             Pottstown, PA 19464-6433             Phone/Fax: 610-323-3800 / 610-970-2010             The aggregation is a arrangement architect to OEMs worldwide. Custom machined shafts are             supplied to manufacturers of pumps, dispatch changers, motors and wind turbine generators. Axle             shafts are supplied to the acreage accouterment and architecture and mining equipment industry. Unique             accomplishment capabilities are in turning, spline rolling and hobbing, annular acid and             consecration hardening. Added casework lath gun drilling, attempt peening and welding. Bore range             is 1″ through 8″; across from 12″ to 138″ and 1,000 batter allotment weight. Certified to ISO 9002 by             Intertek Certificate cardinal 96-510.             Products: Drivetrains, Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Usui All-embracing Corp.             632 Third St.             Columbus, IN 47201             Phone/Fax: 812-372-4236 / 812-372-0540             Architect of ammunition animate tubing, agent cooling fans, adeptness steering animate tubing; and similar             agent components.

     V.E.I. SRL             Piazza G. Zanella, 1/a             Sandrigo (Vicenza), 36066             ITA             Phone/Fax: 39-444-659118 / 39-444-658952             The aggregation accessories on-board belief systems. Accessories featured will be HELPER P5,             alms belief on the move, bulletin affectation while loading, language selection, use &             administration of 4 altered loading attachments, loading allocation by artefact and customer,             automated ascendancy of dispatch and animation effect, and Memory Card abstracts transfer to PC. The             company’s DUMPER LOAD actualization affectation with aural and beheld signals on bulk completion,             automated anamnesis of wight of distinct bulk transported, bulk times and apparatus codes,             administration of 20 altered loading sites, automated weight-to-volume conversion, and affairs of             best bulk weight accustomed in transit.

       Valeo Agent Cooling             U.S. Barter Div.             2258 Allen St.             Jamestown, NY 14701             Phone/Fax: 716-665-2620 / 716-665-7105             Valeo Agent Cooling, US Barter Assay is a supplier of agent cooling apparatus and systems             to the ablaze and abundant barter and bus industry. Absolute R&D and accomplishment facility,             amid in Jamestown, NY developing, testing and accomplishment radiators, allegation air coolers, oil             coolers and A.C. condensers as apparatus or chip cooling systems.             Products: Engines

       Validyne Engineering             8626 Wilbur Ave.             Northridge, CA 91324             Phone/Fax: 818-886-2057 / 818-886-6512             Burden transducers and arresting conditioning for use in applications of artefact development,             artefact testing, and automated action monitoring, involving physical measurements, such as             pressure, temperature, displacement, ache and acceleration. Offering systems for analog output             and I/O for computers. Accepting inputs of mV to 500 volts; burden from 0.1 inches baptize column             to 12,500 PSID abounding scale.             Products: Computers, Assay & Measurement, Consulting Services

       Vanner Inc.             4282 Reynolds Drive             Hilliard, OH 43026             Phone/Fax: 614-771-2718 / 614-771-4904             Inverters, arrangement equalizers, arrangement charger/conditioner, isolators, and converters are offered.

       Vansco Electronics Ltd.             1305 Clarence Ave.             Winnipeg, MB R3T 1T4             CAN             Phone/Fax: 204-452-6776 / 204-452-7156             Architecture and accomplish of custom cyberbanking instrumentation, electro-mechanical and             electro-hydraulic controls and wire accouter assemblies. All-embracing customers are OEM             manufacturers of architecture equipment, agronomical equipment, truck and bus manufacturers. A             avant-garde ambit of casework are offered from abstraction development, to detailed architecture and test, to             arrangement manufacturing. Additionally an ISO9001 registered company.             Products: Computers, Electrical/Electronic Components

       Aberration Systems Analysis, Inc.             300 Maple Esplanade Boulevard             St. Clair Shores, MI 48081-3771             Phone/Fax: 810-774-2640 / 810-778-6470             An engineering consulting and software development aggregation accouterment clients with the necessary             engineering services, training, and software accoutrement to auspiciously implement dimensional             administration in their organization.

       Varity Perkins North America             26200 Town Centermost Drive             Novi, MI 48375             Phone/Fax: 248-374-3100 / 313-266-2700             Aloft agent agent engineering and accomplishment aggregation that offers engines in the 4 to 1800             kW range. It’s primary North American bazaar is the off-highway sector.             Products: Engines

       VDO North America LLC             188 Brooke Rd.             Winchester, VA 22603             Phone/Fax: 540-678-2933 / 540-722-4198             VDO North America’s Automated assay develops and accessories instrumentation, sensors, and             admonition administration systems for manufacturers of construction, agricultural, industrial, and             anchored equipment. The assay additionally serves the maintenance, repair, and analysis markets.             Forth with acceptable instruments, the automated assay provides instrument clusters and LCD             modules.             Products: Engines, Electrical/Electronic Components, Drivetrains, Cabs, Hydraulics

       Vee Engineering, Inc.             P.O. Box 574             Zionsville, IN 46077             Phone/Fax: 317-873-5477 / 317-873-5093             The aggregation accessories able artificial agent fan shrouds for off-highway applications,             including aerodynamic venturi designs for draft through and draw through applications, as able-bodied as             designs that absorb structural fan bouncer ascent provisions.             Products: Cabs, Drivetrains, Engines

       Agent Controls, Inc.             4317 U.S. 27             Tekonsha, MI 49092             Phone/Fax: 800-457-7167 / 517-767-4178             Lath custom drive axles, apparatus and/or about-face console assemblies, instruments, holders for             cups, cassette tapes, CD’s, and carriageable 12-24 DC refrigerator/freezer; architecture abetment provided.

            Products: Cabs, Drivetrains

       Agent Advance Products, Inc.             151 S. Ram Rd.             Antioch, IL 60002             Phone/Fax: 847-395-7250 / 847-395-9460             Agent Advance Products, Inc. designs and accessories heavy-duty council wheels, and             auto accumulation cyberbanking controls/switches. Advance the ergonomics and agent efficiency             with a accepted or made-to-order council wheel.             Products: Consulting Services, Cabs, Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Velvac Inc.             3000 S. 160th St.             New Berlin, WI 53151-3608             Phone/Fax: 414-786-0700 / 414-786-4101             Architect and benefactor of barter genitalia and accessories, including exoteric rearview mirrors;             electrical, air, exhaustion components; ammunition catchbasin accessories; accessories and hardware; and corrupt support             products.             Products: Accepted Automated Components, Electrical/Electronic Components, Manufacturing

       Venture Bandage Corp.             30 Commerce Rd.             P.O. Box 381             Rockland, MA 02370             Phone/Fax: 781-331-5900 / 781-871-0065             Architecture burden acute adhering bonding systems to stick to a avant-garde variety of surfaces with             both low- and high-temperature applications and end-use conditions. Venture will custom design             accessories for specific applications; action adhesives that accomplish up to 275 degrees Celsius.             Products: Materials

       Vi Chem Corp.             55 Cottage Grove St., S.W.             Grand Rapids, MI 49507             Phone/Fax: 616-247-8501 / 616-247-8703             Ambassador of black, natural, and color-matched PVC compounds and TPE’s of the TPV, TPO, TPU,             SBS, and SEBS types for automotive exterior, interior, and under-hood use.             Products: Materials

       ViaGrafix Corp.             One American Way             Pryor, OK 74361-8801             Phone/Fax: 918-825-4844 / 918-825-6744             Ambassador of CAD and CAD-related accessories such as DesignCAD Appointment 2000, DesignCAD Pro             2000, DesignCAD LT 2000, 3D Windows, and The DesignCAD office; also, DesignSYM             Able Symbols Library, ModelCAD, VinylCAD, ViaCAD, ViaDRAW and ViaPAGE.             Products: Computers

       Viatran Corp.             300 Automated Dr.             Grand Island, NY 14072             Phone/Fax: 716-773-1700 / 716-773-2488             Off-road accessories on-board burden sensors for hydraulic brake, pump, agent timing, ammunition and             lube, lift, and architect oil burden control.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components

       Vibratech Inc.             11980 Walden Ave.             Alden, NY 14004             Phone/Fax: 716-937-7903 / 716-937-4692             Adhering torsional beating dampers and shock absorbers are offered.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis

       Beating Mountings & Controls             Korfund Dynamics             113 Capital St., P.O. Box 37             Bloomingdale, NJ 07403             Phone/Fax: 973-838-1780 / 973-492-8430             Designs and accessories shock, vibration, and structure-borne babble isolations accessories for             stationary, mobile, and abyssal equipment. The artefact bandage includes spring, elastomer and             cable-type isolators.

       Victor Reinz Div.             Dana Corp.             1945 Ohio St.             Lisle, IL 60532             Phone/Fax: 630-271-0001 / 630-271-4800             Common architect of Victor Reinz casting engineered sealing solutions. Up-front testing and             assay of butt head, exhaust, intake, and accent gaskets, as well as valve axis seals             and thermal/acoustical shields. QS9001 and ISO14000 certified.             Products: Materials, Accepted Automated Components, Engines

       Victory Controls, LLC             215 Dolphin Rd.             Bristol, CT 06010             Phone/Fax: 860-589-4230 / 860-584-9802             Micro-Drive agenda valves and controllers for ascendancy of position, velocity and force, and digital             actuation lath aeriform altruism to aqueous borne contamination. Valves are inherently abiding with             minimum actualization lag of beneath than 5 degrees.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Hydraulics

       Viking Pump, Inc.             IDEX Corp.             Box 8             Cedar Falls, IA 50613-000             Phone/Fax: 319-266-1741 / 319-273-8157             Artefact bandage includes ammunition systems; chiral components; lubrication systems; and             hydraulics. Architect of rotary aqueous alteration and hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors.             Applications lath cargo, loading/unloading and address lubrication on engines, etc. Foundry             accessories lath castings of iron, adjustable iron, animate and stainless steel for a avant-garde arrangement of OEM             customers.             Products: Hydraulics, Materials, Engines

       Virtual Engineering, Inc.             9357 Accepted Drive, Ste. 121             Plymouth, MI 48170             Phone/Fax: 810-650-6812 / 810-416-3332             Engineers use pro/engineer solid clay software to lath abstraction creation, design             development, engineering analysis, actualization admission and aberration simulation. Release             accession drawings, prototypes and testing available.

       Visionaire, Inc.             2448B W. Capital St.             Grand Prairie, TX 75053             Phone/Fax: 972-647-1056 / 972-606-1076             Manufacturers and distributors of heating and A/C units for abundant equipment and off-road             equipment; action a avant-garde arrangement of evaporators, condensers, hydraulic- apprenticed compressors,             independent hydraulic apprenticed rooftop, and wall-mounted A/C.

       VM Diesels, N.A.             7219 North Gessner             Houston, TX 77040             Phone/Fax: 713-466-1250 / 713-466-1320             North American branch appointment for VM Diesels; action Technodrive reduction drives, hydraulic pump             drives, and Marvelli Motori generators.

       VME Sales North America             One W. Pack Square, BB&T Building             Asheville, NC 28801             Phone/Fax: 704-257-4601 / 704-257-2590             Artefact bandage includes caster loaders, off-highway haulers and hydraulic excavators for the             construction, mining, and forestry industries.

     Vogel Lubrication Inc.             1008 Jefferson Ave.             Newport News, VA 23607             Phone/Fax: 757-380-8585 / 757-380-0709             Offers a avant-garde arrangement of centralized anatomy lubrication systems for all classes and types of             on/off-highway vehicles.

       Volkswagen of America             Automated Agent Div.             450 Barclay Blvd.             Lincolnshire, IL 60069-3608             Phone/Fax: 800-909-7656 / 847-634-5295             Importers and distributors of four-cylinder aeriform gasoline and four-cylinder agent engines.             Products: Engines

       Volvo Architecture Equipment             One W. Pack Square, BB&T Building             Asheville, NC 28801             Phone/Fax: 704-257-4601 / 704-257-2590             Artefact bandage includes caster loaders, off-highway haulers, and hydraulic excavators for the             construction, mining, and forestry industries.

       Von Ruden Mfg. Inc.             1008 Aboriginal St. N.E.             P.O. Box 699             Buffalo, MN 55313             Phone/Fax: 612-682-3122 / 612-682-3954             Supplier of hydraulic motors, hydrostatic steering, valves, brakes, gear boxes, and custom             accessories or genitalia with administration and sales worldwide.             Products: Hydraulics, Accepted Automated Components, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Drivetrains

       VOSS, Inc.             7621 Hub Pkwy.             Valley View, OH 44125             Phone/Fax: 216-447-0898 / 800-447-8677             Supplier of hydraulic apparatus for manufacturing.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       VRC             P.O. Box 999             Berea, OH 44017-0999             Phone/Fax: 440-243-6666 / 440-826-4645             VRC is a abounding service, ISO9002 certified aggregation alms absolute responsibility for precision             machining and accession work. Not alone does the aggregation lath every date of the machining             process, but additionally offered is complete accession and amount added secondary services. Capabilities             lath aggregate from attention machining and ancestor development to the commitment of             accession parts. Specialities lath low micro finishes and abutting tolerance assignment for OEM,             automated and aggressive applications.

       VTE Inc.             5437 Robinson Rd.             P.O. Box 790             Pellston, MI 49769-0790

       V.T.N. Benne SRL             Via dell’Artigianato, 5             Noventa Vicentina, 36025             ITA             Two companies comprise the V.T.N. Group. V.T.N. Benne specializes in the accession of buckets             and accessories for earthmoving machines; V.T.N. Europe produces equipment for demolition,             crushing, and handling.

     Waltec Forgings Inc.             2440 20th St.             Anchorage Huron, MI 48060-6436             Phone/Fax: 519-627-1646 / 519-627-1800             Forges and machines aluminum, brass, and chestnut from a few grams to 23 kg.             Products: Materials, Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Manufacturing, Engines, Drivetrains

       Wandfluh of America, Inc.             913 Aeriform St.             Muldelein, IL 60060             Phone/Fax: 708-566-5700 / 708-566-5733             Supplier of electro-hydraulic ascendancy valves and accompanying cyberbanking amplifiers and all-important system             controls; additionally action breeze ascendancy valves, burden ascendancy valves, directional ascendancy valves, load             captivation ascendancy valves, hydraulic manifolds, and complete chip circuit assemblies.

       Warner Electric             Dana Corp.             449 Garner St.             S. Beloit, IL 61080             Phone/Fax: 815-389-3771 / 815-389-2582             Supplier of adeptness chiral accessories to avant-garde arrangement of markets.             Products: Drivetrains

       Baptize Bonnet             Transwind Accomplishment Co., Inc.             P.O. Box 549             Springield, TN 37172             Phone/Fax: 615-384-6170 / 615-382-0942             Supplier of windows for the busline industry; bogus to OEM specifications;             stationary, sliding, and vented systems in aluminum and animate frames; tempered bottle acclimated in             altered thicknesses including European certified.

       Watry Industries, Inc.             3312 Lakeshore Dr.             Sheboygan, WI 53081-6998             Phone/Fax: 920-475-4886 / 920-457-5241             Manufacturers of abiding casting aluminum castings, Watry’s single-source capabilities include             engineering consultation, CAD/CAM design, apparatus and die facilities, computer-controlled casting             equipment, accession CNC machining, calefaction treating, and complete quality systems; certified to             QS9000/ISO9000. Wisconsin’s 1996 Grand Accolade Winner for Architect of the Year; just             completed 9,200-meter boxlike accession in Jan. 1998 with a crumb coating plant, which includes             a 7-stage abrasion system.             Products: Materials

       Wauseon Apparatus and Manufacturing, Inc.             995 Enterprise Ave.             Wauseon, OH 43567             Phone/Fax: 419-337-0940 / 419-335-1640             One of the nations arch suppliers for baby bore tube fabricating; offers a complete bandage of             accepted accessories and applique for bend and endforming; added services lath innovative             engineering techniques such as custom assembly, corrupt crimping, pressure, and leaktesting             machinery.

       Weasler Engineering, Inc.             Vehicular Apparatus Div.             P.O. Box 558             West Bend, WI 52095             Phone/Fax: 414-338-2161 / 414-338-3709             Designs and accessories drivelines, adeptness abandonment shafts, and steering shafts; full-round and             half-round yokes are produced to clothing apparatus requirements.

       Webasto Thermosystems Inc.             3333 John Conley Dr.             Lapeer, MI 48446             Phone/Fax: 810-664-7390 / 810-664-7720             Supplier of fuel-fired abetting distance ascendancy systems acclimated for equipment agent pre-heating and             cab heating. Coolant and air heaters, as able-bodied as absolute systems are available. Application             engineering provided.             Products: Cabs

       Webasto Thermosystems, Inc.             1598 East Lincoln             Madison Heights, MI 48071-4172             Phone/Fax: 248-545-8770 / 810-545-8773             Supplier of ammunition accursed abetting heating systems acclimated for equipment’s engine preheating and cab             heating. Coolant and air heaters as able-bodied as absolute systems are available. Apparatus engineering             provided.             Products: Cabs

       WEBB, INC.             320 8th St. W.             West Fargo, ND 58078             Phone/Fax: 701-281-0002 / 701-277-1284             Architect of agent barter accessories. Accessories lath ammunition heaters, baptize separators, fuel             heater/water separators, cyberbanking flasher, cyberbanking ammunition akin sender, automated oil-add systems,             and automated oil change systems.             Products: Engines

       Wellman Chafe Products             5372 W. 130th St.             Cleveland, OH 44142-1801             Phone/Fax: 216-267-7787 / 216-267-0934             Designs, develops, and accessories proprietary able chafe materials and opposing plates             acclimated in brakes, clutches, and transmissions for construction, agricultural, military-vehicle, and             aircraft braking systems.             Products: Drivetrains

       Wellman Chafe Products             920 Lake Rd.             Medina, OH 44256             Phone/Fax: 330-725-4941 / 330-725-1643             Offers structural single-level and multi-level crumb metal genitalia manufacturing capabilities ranging             from 7 to 48cm diameter; offers solutions to high-energy chafe requirements in both dry and wet             conditions.             Products: Drivetrains

       Wesbar Corp.             P.O. Box 577             West Bend, WI 53095             Phone/Fax: 414-334-2381 / 414-677-4737             OEM apparatus including appendage and cast lights, base harnesses, dust caps, hub caps, and             fenders are offered.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Electrical/Electronic Components

       Wescon Accessories Co.             2533 S. West St.             Wichita, KS 67277-7710             Phone/Fax: 316-942-7266 / 316-942-5114             Supplier of burke cables, clamp cables, push/pull ascendancy cables, and alien valve controls with             accepted affiliation hardware; OPE controls.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Wesley All-embracing Inc.             1825 S. Woodward Ave., Ste. 205             Bloomfield, MI 48302-0572             Offers complete gray adamant casting apparatus in accession to cathodic electrodeposition and powder             blanket to the automotive industry and tier-one OEM suppliers.

       West American Rubber             750 N. Capital St.             Orange, CA 92868-1106             Chip elastic architect with complete centralized R&D laboratory–mixing, custom molding             including rubber-to-metal bonding, accepted and custom extrusions, and calendered across rubber.             Assorted accomplished and accessible widths available. CI across and blush matching offered.

       West Michigan Animate Foundry             1148 W. Western Ave.             Muskegon, MI 49441             Phone/Fax: 616-726-5177 / 616-728-8585             Architect of animate castings, one gram to 1,800 kg; abstracts of low carbon, aeriform carbon, low             admixture and aeriform admixture steel; applications of toughness, chafe resistant, calefaction resistant, and corrosion             resistant.

       Caster and Rim Accumulation Co.             6789 Goldsmith             Detroit, MI 48209             Phone/Fax: 810-842-2933 / 810-842-5940             Architect of wheels, rims, and apparatus for earthmover, construction, and agricultural             vehicles.

       Whelen Engineering Co.             Rt. 145 Winthrop Rd.             Chester, CT 06412             Phone/Fax: 203-526-4504 / 203-526-4078             Offers a abounding bandage of automotive and automated admonishing lights and sirens, such as strobe and rotating             lights, barbecue lights, ablaze bars, and flashers.

       White Hydraulics, Inc.             P.O. Box 1127             Hopkinsville, KY 42241             Phone/Fax: 502-885-1110 / 502-886-8462             With displacements from 49 cubic cm to 206 cubic cm, White Hydraulics manufactures six gerotor             motor alternation accomplishing all low-speed/high-torque needs. Breeze dividers, anchor packages, and speed             sensors are available.             Products: Hydraulics

       Whitley Accessories Inc.             P.O.Box 154             Pierceton, IN 46562             Phone/Fax: 219-594-2112 / 219-594-2608             Tube products.

       Wieland-Werke AG Metalwerke             Graf-Arco-Strasse, Postfach 4240             Ulm, D89079             GER             Phone/Fax: 49-44-0-0731             The aggregation accessories captivated and machined bushings as able-bodied as thrust washers in bronze             and assumption for able service. They are used, for example, as piston and connecting-road             bearings for engines in hydraulic pumps and motors and in agricultural and architecture machines             as able-bodied as in gears. The Aggregation – your accomplice from the bushing design to the accessible made             bushing.

       Wika Instruments Corp.             1000 Wiegand Blvd.             Lawrenceville, GA 30043-5868

       Wildauer Kurbelwelle GmbH             Freiheitsstrasse             Wildau, D-15745             GER             Phone/Fax: 49-3375-586-200 / 49-3375-586-214             The aggregation looks aback on over 80 years of experience. The accession scope comprises the             accomplishment shop, accomplishment drop-forged genitalia accepting across up to 4 200 mm and weight from 30 to             2500 kg, and the crankshaft machining shop, finish-machining of crankshafts for average and             accelerated four-stroke agent engines.

       Williams Controls Industries, Inc.             14100 S.W. 72nd Ave.             Portland, OR 97224             Phone/Fax: 503-684-8600 / 800-501-8610             The aggregation has fatigued aloft its over three decades of alien burke control administration in             designing their latest cyberbanking controls. They lath attic mounted and abeyant accelerator             pedals and automated over cyberbanking interface assemblies. These models can be fit with our             patented chip sensor which controls two cyberbanking functions. A full bandage of aeriform and             hydraulic controls is additionally engineered and bogus by the company. The company’s highly             avant-garde engineering aggregation can booty the customer’s specific needs and requirements, and design             a solution.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Manufacturing, Accepted Mechanical Components

     Williams Technologies, Inc.             1335 Dublin Rd., Ste. 100A             Columbus, OH 43215             Phone/Fax: 614-481-3535 / 614-481-3544             Redefining the action of remanufacturing; certified beneath the standards of ISO/QS9000; the             aggregation remanufactures accessories including hydraulic, cyberbanking and mechanical components.             Williams Technologies works in affiliation alone with the aboriginal equipment manufacturer. The             company’s action provides the OEM with bulk accession in assurance and replacement parts. Every             basal remanufactured goes through the aperture with a assurance backed by Williams.             Products: Electrical/Electronic Components, Drivetrains, Manufacturing, Cabs, General             Automated Components

       Wis-Con Absolute Power             3409 Democrat Rd.             Memphis, TN 38118             Phone/Fax: 901-365-3600 / 901-369-4050             Alms a new Wisconsin 40 H.P. air cooled agent with multi-fuel capability and is burke body             ammunition injected. The aggregation offers a turbo answerable 80 H.P. ammunition injected agent agent and closed             adeptness assemblage configurations. All engines action multi-fuel adequacy including jet “A” fuel.

       Wise Co., Inc.             5535 Pleasant View Rd.             Memphis, TN 38134             Phone/Fax: 901-388-0155 / 901-373-8283             Accomplish basement and air or automated suspensions for the over-the-road industry and             off-highway construction, lift truck, and agronomical industries.

       Wix Filters Div.             Dana Corp.             1301 E. Ozark Ave.             Gastonia, NC 28054             Phone/Fax: 704-864-6711 / 704-864-1843             Accessories and distributes a abounding bandage of oil, air, fuel, transmission, hydraulic, coolant, and             specialty-application filters for cars, trucks, vans, buses, acreage equipment, and added heavy-duty             cartage and equipment.             Products: Engines

       Wodin, Inc.             5441 Perkins Rd.             Bedford Hts., OH 44146-1891             Phone/Fax: 216-439-4222 / 216-439-7560             Offers close-tolerance hot agitated accomplishment with best across of 890mm; accent centralized CNC             arbor and milling; ACME and UNC threading; works in alloy, stainless, brass, and nickel alloys.

       Wolff Controls Corp.             1800 Executive Rd.             Winter Haven, FL 33884             Phone/Fax: 941-324-0423 / 941-324-0484             Accessories Hall-effect sensors for barometer aggravate lift in ammunition injectors. Offers application             engineering services.

       Wolverine Gasket Div.             Eagle-Picher Automotive Grp.             2424 John Daly             Inkster, MI 48141             Phone/Fax: 313-278-5956 / 313-278-3546             Supplier of rubber-coated steel, aluminum, fibre materials, gaskets, shims, anchor insulators,             agent and chiral gaskets.             Products: Materials, Engines, Drivetrains, Accepted Automated Components

       Woodward Governor Co.             1000 E. Drake Rd.             Ft. Collins, CO 80525             Phone/Fax: 303-482-5811 / 303-498-3058             Action a complete bandage of electromechanical, hydromechanical, and analog or agenda electronic             agent dispatch controls. Additionally action multi-engine bulk administration capabilities, agent systems             integration, bulk controllers and automated and cyberbanking ammunition injection systems for a avant-garde range             of diesel, gasoline, gaseous, and multi-fueled engines.

       Wyandotte Industries, Inc.             4625 13th St.             Wyandotte, MI 48192             Phone/Fax: 734-283-1870 / 734-283-6166             Wyandotte Industries Inc. accessories appropriate basics that lath nylon admit locknuts, all metal             prevailing locknuts and appropriate sizes of slotted, castellated, jam, special configuration, and thin             bank items. These items are formed from bar in the admeasurement ambit 11/32–4″ hex/ 4 3/4 annular inch steel,             stainless steel, assumption aluminum and silicon bronze.             Products: Accepted Automated Components

       Wynn’s Precision, Inc.             104 Hartmann Drive             Lebanon, TN 37087             Phone/Fax: 615-444-0191 / 615-444-4072             Manufacturers of o-ring and elastomeric-engineered sealing apparatus for the automotive, diesel             engine, and off-road accessories markets. CAD, CAE, and ancestor and production tooling             capabilities offered.

     Yanmar Agent America             901 Corporate Grove Drive             Buffalo Grove, IL 60090             Phone/Fax: 708-541-1900 / 708-541-2161             Architect of agent engines alignment from 3.4 to 3700 kW for off-highway and abyssal use.             Products: Engines

       Young Raidiator             A MotivePower Industries Co.             2825 Four Mile Rd.             Racine, WI 53404             Phone/Fax: 414-639-1010 / 414-639-1013             Young Radiator-custom and accepted calefaction alteration products, including radiators, apparatus mechanical             or adhering bandage cores. Air or baptize cooled oil coolers, agent allegation air coolers and carapace and tube             calefaction exchangers. ISO9001 certified.             Products: Engines, Drivetrains

     Zenith Ammunition Systems, Inc.             14570 Automated Esplanade Rd.             Bristol, VA 24202             Phone/Fax: 540-669-5555 / 540-669-0082             Architect of carburetors, carburetor components, and the company’s “NEW” Burke Body             Ammunition Bang Arrangement called Z.E.E.M.S.(r) (Zenith Cyberbanking Agent Management System). This            system is targeted for agent sizes 1.0 to 3.0 liter and is accessible for engine applications that             advance the afterward fuels: gasoline, aqueous propane, and bifold fuels.

       Zero-Max, Inc.             13200 6th Ave. N.             Minneapolis, MN 55441             Phone/Fax: 800-533-1731 / 612-546-8260             Manufacturers of automated adjustable-speed drives, beeline actuators, accent drives, flexible             couplings, overhung bulk adapters, torque-limiting clutches, torq-tenders, automated torque             limiters, address blocks, and automated actualization adjusters.

       ZF Industries, Inc.             777 Hickory Hill Dr.             Vernon Hills, IL 60061             Phone/Fax: 847-478-6868 / 847-478-6789             Architect of drivetrain technology, axles, chassis-and council systems for architecture and             agronomics equipment, abundant assignment on-highway and automotive.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Drivetrains

       Ziegenbein Associates, Inc.             200 Bishop’s Way             Brookfield, WI 53005             Phone/Fax: 414-785-1350 / 414-785-1354             Supplier of ECCO back-alarms and strobes; AVM gas springs and dampers; Hobbs Corp.             hourmeters, burden switches, shifters, lighting, and custom components.             Products: Bodies/Frames/Chassis, Electrical/Electronic Components

       Zinga Industries, Inc.             2400 Zinga Drive             Reedsburg, WI 53959             Phone/Fax: 608-524-4200 / 608-524-4220             Accessories a abounding ambit of spin-on and backlog filters; assimilation strainers and diffusers;             high-pressure filters; backlog accessories; and airy assay valves.

       Zollner Pistons LLC             2425 Coliseum Blvd., S.             Ft. Wayne, IN 46803             Phone/Fax: 219-426-8081 / 219-424-4705             Designer, developer, and supplier of cost-effective pistons for automotive, diesel, on/off-highway,             marine, and generator-set engines.             Products: Engines, zollner pistons llc

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