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By | September 3, 2019

Sanditon‘s accumulation artisan reveals blink-and-you’ll-miss-them Jane Austen Easter eggs from the alternation and shares his insights on bringing Sanditon to life. Apprehend an account with accumulation artisan Grant Montgomery and see his attractive accumulation sketches, BTS photos and more!

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A smiley crew – pineapple face paint | pineapple face paint

St Mary the Virgin, Worstead, Norfolk - pineapple face paint

St Mary the Virgin, Worstead, Norfolk – pineapple face paint | pineapple face paint

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MASTERPIECE: We accept you blithely included a cardinal of Jane Austen references, or “Easter eggs,” in Sanditon! We are so curious—can you acknowledge them to us, or would you rather allotment some of them, while captivation others as challenges for super-fans?

MONTGOMERY: In an account in with a [UK] newspaper, I listed a assertive cardinal of them, but no more, because that would be cheating! I anticipate that bodies should be able to freeze-frame [to acquisition them]. For example, in Episode 6, Charlotte takes the Sanditon Flyer to London, and as she’s accepting out the coach, on the left-hand of the frame, you’ll see the assurance on the coach, “Chawton.” It’s absolutely quick, but it’s there. There are some that are little bit added there in your face, but you accept to apperceive a bit about Jane Austen to absolutely get what the advertence is.

In Charlotte’s bedroom, there’s an copy of Jane’s The History of England, that [Austen’s sister] Cassandra did an analogy for—we acclimated that, and it’s sitting on the bed. But it’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it. There’s a aboriginal edition, additional volume, of Pride and Prejudice that we were lent, no less! We dressed that into one of the sets that was set in…so blink, you’ll absence that.

We alleged the stationers “Austen’s.” All the shops accept a advertence to an Austen character, so there’s lots of shops. I anticipate “Brandon’s” is the barber’s, which of advance is Colonel Brandon from Faculty and Sensibility. In Trafalgar House, in Tom Parker’s office, there’s a map of what Sanditon will become afterwards they’ve congenital it, and all the streets are called afterwards Jane Austen heroes. You’ve got “Darcy Place.” All those are there, but again, you’d accept to freeze-frame it to absolutely see all the names.

There are endless of jokes on the posters. You’ve got to absolutely apperceive your stuff, it’s a bit obscure. It’s for the absolute Janeites—we had The Jane Austen Society, and some historians, and absolutely the arch of Chawton Abode appear ’round, and they all got the jokes and I thought, “God, I was aggravating to be absolutely obscure. I failed.” There’s one area it says there’s article alone so abounding afar in from the sea. It’s a gag, a joke, and there’s endless of things like that in it. Aren’t I mad? We started with some of it, and afresh we aloof developed it from there. It all became a bit of an in-joke, really, in the Department…I was aloof accepting a ball, adequate it, going, “Can I get that advertence in? Can I bastard it in afterwards anyone acquainted it?” and all that affectionate of thing. Really!

MASTERPIECE: How abounding are there, total?

MONTGOMERY: 35. Gosh, I apperceive it’s terrible, isn’t it?

MASTERPIECE: Not at all! I accept you’ve declared them as adulation belletrist to Jane Austen.

MONTGOMERY: They are, yeah! For me, it was aloof article I absolutely capital to do, to accomplish a point that “actually, it’s serious, but it’s not.” We’re winking, it’s a wink. If you adulation the angel of Jane Austen, there’s addition way of attractive at it. If you watch it again, there’s things to aces up on and enjoy. For example, the big London ballroom, it’s abounding with angel bloom trees, and I thought, “Well, it’s a affectionate of advertence to Emma and the angel bloom timberline scene.” That’s why that’s there, affectionate of a beheld advertence that way.

And alike to the point that the décor may assume extravagant, but actually, for example, with Denham Place, the hardly Gothic allowance is Gothic because it’s a advertence to Northanger Abbey. So you’ve got that, because Jane was demography the mickey out of it, wasn’t she, in Northanger Abbey? Aggregate about was, “Oh, it charge be absolutely dramatic,” and absolutely it was prosaic—that was the affectionate of gag we did. Olly Blackburn, the administrator and I capital to put that Gothic affair in, so we begin this Gothic absurdity for the exterior, and congenital the autogenous in studio. Afresh I acclimated the painter Fuseli, who did endless of Gothic imagery—it was all amazing and affectionate of, not cheap, but it was popularizing that affectionate of Gothic imagery. So we acclimated Fuseli on the walls to advertence an affecting artisan at that time who was acclaimed for his Gothic imagery, and had a affectionate of Byronic accomplishments power. So it’s all there.

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Sadly, we got one boutique name, I don’t apperceive how we did that, misspelled—I accursed afterwards it had been done. Sometimes you aloof absence article because you’re accomplishing so abounding things. Because we mostly congenital everything—we didn’t go on area for interiors that abundant over 21 weeks—probably alone about seven canicule of interiors were on location. Aggregate else, interiors, all the accumulation rooms, the ballrooms, were on the set that we had in The Bottle Yard Studios.

MASTERPIECE: You were cutting on a beach, on this amazing set in Bristol at The Bottle Yard Studios, and afresh a brace of august homes. Was there a accurate claiming that stands out amid all of the challenges, or article that you had to break in a new way for Sanditon?

MONTGOMERY: Well, aboriginal of all aback Olly Blackburn and I sat bottomward and thought, How are we activity to acquisition a Regency bank resort? we looked at [the boondocks of] Lyme and a brace of others, but there was no way we could actually—it aloof doesn’t absolutely exist, not an old fishing apple that allows you to accept the admeasurement of Regency barrio that Tom Parker was intending to build. It became readily credible that we’d accept to body it, so that was the bigger challenge, how to body it, really. There’s absolute little CGI acclimated in the absolute capital town. We acclimated blooming screens aloof to extend on absolute bound shots so you could get a faculty that it’s affiliated to the beach. But the big attempt in Episode 1, area you go bottomward the artery and afresh over the roof, that’s a alive attempt and there’s alone CGI on either ancillary of it, aloof to extend some of the roof lines.

And afresh you’ve got a absolute beach, and the two are affiliated together. Brean Bank is one of the longest in Europe, so we attempt that. So the affair was to try and body this village, this town, that didn’t absolutely exist. Already we’d absitively we were activity to do it, we had about 14 weeks, so we concluded up architecture the autogenous and exoteric in 10 weeks.

MASTERPIECE: So you’re basically the Tom Parker of this production!

MONTGOMERY: No one’s anytime said that before! Yeah, I accept I am.

MASTERPIECE: Olly Blackburn told us that already you guys had fabricated this accommodation that you were activity to body it, you were in your element, creating your own fabric, wallpaper, statues, marble. What was that like?

MONTGOMERY: Recently I was arrive bottomward to the Chawton House, Jane Austen’s Chawton, and I wrote a allotment for them about the wallpaper that’s in the dining room, an arsenic blooming wallpaper. Now, you’d never anticipate an arsenic blooming wallpaper would be a Regency wallpaper, yet it’s in Jane Austen’s house, it’s absolutely there. I knew that a lot of Regency interiors were not accepted anemic Wedgwood dejection or that affectionate of blush range, delicate and beige. They were absolutely abundant added vibrant—it was a absolutely active world.

And in accomplishing research, Olly and I went to [architect] John Soane’s building and we talked about how maybe that was Tom Parker’s inspiration, and that led us to architecture Tom Parker’s set in the address of John Soane’s museum, which afresh is addition advertence to that world.

I beyond it with the Duke of Wellington’s place, Stratfield Saye—he had a continued arcade which has gold with endless of engravings that accept been about bashed to the walls. So the afflatus was an admixture of those two images. Then, his abstraction is based on John Soane’s accumulating of age-old artifacts of classical busts, and Egyptian and Greek and Roman artifacts that he had dotted about the house. I aloof had a ball! The ceilings were all done in the address of Napoleon’s Fontainebleau Palace, which is annoying because Napoleon was accounted to be the bogey and the villain of that period.

Sanditon House, Lady Denham’s, was aggressive by James Bond, really—we aloof created this atramentous marble set that has serpents on it and stuff, but we corrective it all, and aggregate was handmade, really, appropriate bottomward to all the curtains. Little finials were molded that akin actual, absolute finials in John Soane’s; the columns were all made, casting distinctively for it, the accomplished thing. All the floors were advised and printed and marble effect. Basically, appealing abundant aggregate was built. We created our own wallpapers and bank coverings. They were all advised and fabricated for all the altered rooms.

We’ve got a set of bodies that we can alarm on that are specialists, but there were key bodies aural the art administration that could do absolute specific things. We had abundant archetypal makers, and bodies who could antecedent accurate types of props. But we got a lot of things sculpted. There’s lots of amphibian adumbration acclimated aural the series, so you get a faculty of it actuality by the sea, consistently there, apparently in the aback of shots. Abnormally with Sanditon House—there was a huge Neptune ascent out of the baptize with horses, and that was built, all fabricated abnormally for the show. I anticipation that was a bit over the top, but they did things like that then. It was a appearance of wealth.

We had bodies that did all the food, which was it was absolutely key, I was absolutely all over it, because there are endless of [Austen] references. For example, there’s a bake-apple mountain—that’s addition advertence to Pride and Prejudice, because it’s about your pecking order. All the aliment that you see in that big dining arrangement and alike on the bank (at the candid bout you see all the aliment again)—we were absolute specific about what food. Like, they did a lot of jellies in that period, but they were all fabricated with appropriate molds, so we got the appropriate affectionate of molds to accomplish all of that. It’s all absolute abundant in the background, it’s all there, it’s aloof whether you ambition to see it. But it’s that akin of detail, I think, you charge to do to, to accomplish the angel believable.

MASTERPIECE: It charge accomplish it added believable for the actors, too, active with all the abstracts of that world.

MONTGOMERY: Yeah, the dining room—because it was absolutely a continued shoot and because it was absolutely hot, the aliment was…let’s aloof say, it had an aroma.

MASTERPIECE: It went the way of the pineapple!

MONTGOMERY: The pineapple! We had so abundant fun aggravating to accomplish that pineapple work. We did so abounding prototypes of that, it was aloof hilarious. Injecting acrylic was one of them, to accomplish it black.

MASTERPIECE: You guys were like “More rotten! Get me a pineapple that’s added rotten!”

MONTGOMERY: “More rotten! How rotten can we go?”

MASTERPIECE: I apperceive that there was an actual advisor, Hannah Greig, on the production, but how did you appear to apperceive all of the details, to get the bake-apple molds and aggregate abroad right? Is this how you access every project?

MONTGOMERY: I adulation history anyway. I apprehend a lot, but absolutely widely. I’ve got a affection for history, so that fabricated it easy, because I’d apprehend a lot about Jane—I don’t apperceive how abounding books I’ve got on Jane Austen, but a lot! So I came with that already, and that’s why I capital to do the project, and to do it, finishing off, with Andrew Davies, was great. That was the affair that I wanted, the acumen I did it, because of that.

MASTERPIECE: Did you accept a admired aspect that you created for Sanditon, article you were the best appreciative of or that you took the best joy in?

MONTGOMERY: That’s a toughie. It would accept to be Sanditon Abode because it had a “wow” factor. You absolved in and you went, “Oh, that’s great. That’s big. I didn’t apprehend it to attending like that.” And it was the atramentous marble. I admired it, I was absolutely admiring with that.

MASTERPIECE: Did those snakes on the attic at Sanditon Abode appear from Andrew Davies’ imagination, or yours?

MONTGOMERY: I’ve got to lay affirmation to that, so I’ll booty the hit on that. If anyone doesn’t like it, it’s my fault! But actually, the affair was that I talked to Olly about it. I said, “Look, I’m activity to put a snake on it.” He goes “Go for it.” And really, you don’t anytime see the snake. I anticipate the interiors advice acquaint you article about the characters. They’re not aloof interiors; they absolutely acquaint you about the bearings of the characters.    For example, the artful Henry Denham and Esther—you get the faculty that article isn’t absolutely appropriate from attractive at the walls and their interior. So it’s arena with you. It’s not just, “Oh yeah, it looks pretty,” it’s got article abroad activity on. Aloof like Lady Denham, which runs adverse to what’s described, because it’s meant to be threadbare in the book. But I thought, “Well no, everybody’s hunting for money, so you bigger accomplish it absolute that she lives big.” So if you see that interior, why would you not appetite that? You can faculty the wealth.

MASTERPIECE: Did you assignment any Jane Austen “love letters” or Easter eggs in your accumulation architecture of Death Comes to Pemberley?

MONTGOMERY: No, I didn’t put any in there. But I consistently capital to appointment Pemberley for myself! I know, you’re afraid your head, wondering, “Who is this guy? Area does he live? Which planet is he on?” My acumen for accomplishing it was that I’d consistently capital to appointment Pemberley. Also, I got to accommodated PD James—that was the icing on the cake, alone speaking.

MASTERPIECE: And you did get to appointment Pemberley, for apparently six to nine months!

MONTGOMERY: Yeah, yeah. That was it. I was absolute blessed about accomplishing it. To me, it’s like time traveling, what I do…It’s admirable to be able to do this, and go and appointment these places. Bodies abide these abstract places, and try to accomplish them real, try to accomplish them three dimensional. So yeah, I charge be a bit mad, I think!

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