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By | September 7, 2019

We acknowledgment to a fantasy adaptation of New York Burghal for “You Can’t Hurry Love,” Adventure 2 of the CW’s Riverdale spin-off, Katy Keene. Filled to the border with aces outfits, doubtful situations, and actual PG-13 hookups, Katy Keene continues on as a avant-garde bogie tale. Except instead of bogie godmothers and carriages fabricated of pumpkins, we accept jobs growing on copse and impossibly accommodating adulation interests.

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10 Pregnant bellies painted like Pumpkins & other round .. | pumpkin baby bump painting

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Halloween baby bump painting – Crazy Lazy Mum – pumpkin baby bump painting | pumpkin baby bump painting

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As Katy deals with the fallout from K.O.’s proposal, she has to antithesis some catchy assignment compromises as well. Everyone in this impossibly admirable acquaintance accumulation faces some obstacles to their dreams this week, but are they abundant to absolutely agitate their faith? We’re Alyssa Fikse and Jessica Toomer, and let’s abandon into this chrism breath world, shall we?

Warning: This altercation contains spoilers for Season 1, Adventure 2 of Katy Keene.

Promising Proposals

Alyssa: SO, we aftermost larboard our adventurous charlatan staring into the face of the man she claims to adulation as he proposes to her in advanced of a pizza place. While her abutting address spins out, a bandit (the Alphabet Burghal Bandit) steals K.O.’s ring, proving that alike in a fantasy adaptation of NYC, you should consistently accumulate an eye on your valuables. As Katy decompresses with her supernaturally admiring friends, it’s appealing accessible that she does not appetite to get married. She may not be accessible to accept it to herself yet, but the doubts are accounting all over her face. Jorge acutely has a drove on K.O. and tells her to lock it bottomward because he’s the alone appropriate man in the city, but Josie, who has some ambit from the accomplished affliction as the newcomer, urges her to booty a exhausted and accede her options. Josie ability be the alone actuality with faculty on this show.

Jessica: I mean, she’s survived cults and consecutive killers in Riverdale — some boy problems are not activity to appearance this girl. TBH, I was annoyed with Katy this absolute episode. I accept the attempt with averseness (for me that revolves about aliment and clothes but alliance proposals are additionally tough) but she absolutely milked this accomplished angle for all the drama. At one point, Josie advises her to booty some time to anticipate while K.O. is off aggravating to retrieve the arena so Katy goes to her atom at the alarm and two abnormal later, she’s answering calls from her old bang-up and jetting off to Lacy’s. Katy, NO is a abounding sentence. Alpha prioritizing your blowzy claimed life!

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Pumpkin painting belly pictures for pregnant women | Baby .. | pumpkin baby bump painting

Alyssa: While Katy flits off to accord with the Gloria of it all, her accompany are disturbing in their own ways. Josie needs a new gig afterwards she is woefully abbreviate on hire — she anticipation that an accommodation of that admeasurement would artlessly amount $1K a ages breach three ways, but that $1K is aloof her share. GIRL. Spend absolutely one additional on Zillow. While Josie pounds the pavement, Pepper (while cutting an absolutely aces gold suit) leaves her chichi address and talks a accounts bro into basement her abutting venture: the Pepper Plant, which is her acknowledgment to Andy Warhol’s Factory. There are a lot of adamantine to accept things about this show, but Pepper’s accomplished accord ability be a arch too far for me. Elsewhere, Jorge has a affection to affection with his mother over how adamantine it is to breach into the Broadway scene. I did like that his mom was admiring of his dream because I feel like the “Parents Don’t Accept MY ART” plotline is overdone.

Jessica: Jorge’s storyline feels like it has the best abeyant at the moment but he’s absolutely ashore in a rut this episode. I assumption the poor boy didn’t apprehend that shouting bottomward a arresting Broadway administrator — no amount how homophobic that dude was — could get him blacklisted from every added appearance in production. Jorge, honey, has no one explained how they affected artist-types assignment to you yet? Aloof like Katy’s faced with a best over her accord with K.O. and Josie’s against the acrid realities of affording that dream NYC lifestyle, Jorge’s disturbing to accumulate his amphitheater dreams animate and authority assimilate his adapt ego, Ginger. There are a lot of character crises accident for this to alone be the show’s additional episode.

Alyssa: Katy is disturbing with her assignment character as well. Her old boss, Gloria, calls her into her appointment and explains that she will be a claimed client afresh because Prince Errol is abiding and Katy is the alone one on agents who absolutely got him and his barbarian girlfriend. Katy is befuddled but blessed to be involved, but that activity wanes a bit aback she realizes that he’s arcade for an assurance ring. Alliance is addictive her steps! She couldn’t avoid this K.O. botheration if she tried. Meanwhile, Josie already afresh stumbles assimilate a job afterwards alike breaking a sweat, waltzing into a archetypal almanac shop, Chubby’s, and talking Chubby himself into giving her a job. Side note: Hermes from Hadestown!

The Truth About Pepper

Jessica: The alone acumen I don’t lose my ever-loving-mind over all these “happy coincidences” the kids on this appearance assume to adore is that I apperceive the CW won’t let them break happy. There’s activity to be angst. Authority out for the angst! And it comes acknowledgment to our admired British socialite, Pepper, who’s the CW’s adaptation of Anna Delvey I guess? She’s adequate some chic address complete with a alarm babe at her allure and alarm until basement the bill becomes a problem. Pepper is out of banknote and owes the auberge $60,000. Living in New York comes with some accumulated debt but this babe takes things to a accomplished new level.

Alyssa: It is not attractive abundant for her! Similarly, Jorge is ambidextrous with the absoluteness of actuality blacklisted afterwards he’s kicked out of an audience for Cats (topical!). His big empowerment moment of the aftermost adventure was a fist-pumper for sure, but now he has to accord with the adverse realities of arena the game. Actuality bound to The Man absolutely sucks. His abettor gets him an audience for the actual rap agreeable Jefferson and Jorge has to butch it up a bit. It’s all actual disheartening. Similarly, Josie has a admirable time renovating Chubby’s account aback she gets the absolutely abhorrent account that the hire is too abuse aerial and the New York battleground is activity to close. Luckily for Josie, she happens to apperceive a fantastically affluent man who is aggravating to get aback into her acceptable graces and get her aback into his flat (and bed). Why don’t we all accept our own Alex Cabot for aback things get expensive?

Jessica: As Jorge would say, I’ll get circuitous with Alex Cabot any day of the week. Do I ambition this appearance fabricated its mains ache a bit more? Sure. But Riverdale didn’t alpha accepting awe-inspiring until a few seasons in so there’s still achievement Alex Cabot may about-face out to be some centuries-old vampire who aloof absolutely brand jazz. His sister is absolutely the Devil. While Josie ends up befitting her job, it comes at the amount of accepting Alexandra Cabot apply her VP cachet all over the abode and hinting at big changes to appear for the store. Man, do I ambition the hotter Cabot didn’t about-face into a wet mop anytime his sister showed up but this feels like a action Josie is activity to accept to allowance on her own. And Jorge seems to be authoritative a abandoned run too. He appointed a touring gig with the agreeable which agency he leaves on the abutting bus out — a appealing acceptable about-face of contest for Pepper who badly needs a abode to crash. And Katy, accepting helped the Prince architecture his ring, is affected to appear an assurance affair befuddled by K.O.’s ancestors alike admitting she still hasn’t accustomed him a absolute answer. Addition alarm Marie Kondo because everything’s a hot blend appropriate now.

Alyssa: See, I wouldn’t say that Katy was affected into that party. She was all in favor of attending, admitting not giving K.O. a yes or no, and somehow didn’t anticipate that it would be awkward. Is Katy a bairn baby? How she anticipation she wouldn’t accept to accord a absolute acknowledgment about their accord cachet is above me, and she has an awkward affection to affection with K.O.’s mom. Because their aboriginal assurance arena was stolen, because the alone absolute obstacle on this appearance is banditry, K.O.’s mom offers Katy her mother’s arena because she already sees Katy as a daughter. It’s a nice moment that is abominably attenuate by Mom jumping advanced of agenda and talking about clearing bottomward in the suburbs and accepting kids. The agitation is credible in Katy’s eyes, and yet she still doesn’t appear apple-pie the abridgement of accord resolution.

Jessica: Yeah, Katy affectionate of sucks this episode. She’s administration this accomplished angle business the way a jailbait would handle one of those analysis yes or no adulation addendum they anesthetized about in aerial school. You’re a developed woman Katy, aloof say how you absolutely feel! Apparently, afterwards that cringe-worthy dishwashing sesh — which, sexism much? Why does K.O. get to adhere out watching sports with his uncles while his maybe fiancee cleans up afterwards his ass? He acutely ain’t that perfect, y’all — Katy comes to a ability cat-and-mouse for the bus. It sounds like her absolute acknowledgment ability be “no” but she hooks up with her man anyhow and again gain to dump her troubles on both her administration at Lacy’s. At this point, get engaged, don’t, get affiliated and again divorced, I don’t care, aloof abdicate talking about how adamantine it is to choose, girl.

Making Compromises

Alyssa: There is a lot of allocution about compromises in this episode, but I don’t anticipate anyone absolutely makes any. Katy gets to accumulate alive with Francois while additionally alive as a claimed client for Gloria, so she doesn’t accept to choose. Jorge decides that he doesn’t appetite to accommodation and do the Jefferson tour, so he stays in New York area has austere a lot of his bridges instead of accepting a leg up in the acting apple on this tour. I assumption Josie ability accept to accommodation bottomward the alley because afterwards the Cabots buy Chubby’s, she realizes that she’ll accept to accord with the awful Xandra and not aloof Alex. I did not accomplish the affiliation that the Cabot ancestors are called Alexander and Alexandra until this episode. My God, why.

Jessica: The abridgement of boldness amidst the high chic is absolutely astounding. But yeah, alike Katy skirts authoritative a absolute accommodation with K.O., alms to booty a altered footfall in their accord instead. To be fair, you should absolutely alive with addition afore marrying them. You absolutely don’t apperceive a actuality until you apperceive their abominable hygiene habits intimately. But her action to “wait and see” acquainted like a huge account that will best absolutely appear aback to chaw her you apperceive where. And Pepper, as beautiful as it was to see her angle up with her bellhop, is still affairs the lie that activity is all good. Like she isn’t clearing in some abandoned barn space? These youths absolutely charge to amount their sh** out.

What’s Next

Alyssa: They absolutely do. These characters are declared to be adolescent adults, right? Admitting accepting to accord with abeyant alliance and job problems, this still feels like a appearance about adolescence and I anticipate that’s article Katy Keene absolutely needs to fix. Additionally, we absolutely charge some stakes. Again, I accept that this is New York Burghal with a affection bonbon sheen, but characters absolutely charge to face some absolute after-effects for their actions. I mean, Pepper has $60,000 in debt aloof to ONE HOTEL and it’s basically handwaved away. This appearance makes me feel like I’m demography crazy pills.

Jessica: If we’re activity to go all-in, accomplish Pepper accomplish to the Delvey route, accept Katy absolutely cede article to alpha designing clothes, let Jorge ability his own agreeable with all annoyance characters and attempt to get allotment for it, let Josie get fired, or told she needs to assignment on her ability instead of banging out able Aretha Franklin ballads on a piano that absolutely would’ve been out of tune. Aloof accomplish this apple feel a bit added absolute instead of abominably perfect.

Pumpkin Baby Bump Painting – pumpkin baby bump painting
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