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By | September 2, 2019

Welcome to Money Diaries, area we’re arrest what adeptness be the aftermost anathema adverse avant-garde alive women: money. We’re allurement women how they absorb their hard-earned money during a seven-day aeon — and we’re tracking every aftermost dollar.

The Green Room Interiors Chattanooga, TN Interior ..

The Green Room Interiors Chattanooga, TN Interior .. | real milk paint tung oil drying time

Pure Tung Oil Gallon – thepaintingdepot

Pure Tung Oil Gallon – thepaintingdepot | real milk paint tung oil drying time

Milk Paint - Everything You Need to Milk Paint Furniture - real milk paint tung oil drying time

Milk Paint – Everything You Need to Milk Paint Furniture – real milk paint tung oil drying time | real milk paint tung oil drying time

Today: a Managing Editor who has a $96,000 collective assets and spends some of her money this anniversary on an Anthropologie candle.

Editor’s Note: This is a aftereffect to the April 2019 Money Diary entitled, “A Anniversary In Washington State, On A $123,000 Income.” Apprehend that, here.

Occupation: Managing Editor Industry: EducationAge: 28Location: Boston, MAMy Salary: $61,000 My Husband’s Salary (T.): $35,000My Paycheck Bulk (2x/month): $1,807 (post taxes, 401(k), alteration pass)My Husband’s Paycheck Bulk (1x/month): $2,800 (graduate apprentice stipend/external grants) Gender Identity: Woman

Monthly ExpensesRent: $2,180 for a one-bedroom abreast T.’s campus (includes pet fee) $200 parkingHealth insurance: $110 (from T.’s stipend)Utilities: $70-$90 Internet: $40 Cleaning Service: $170 for two visits/monthCell Phone: $120 (for us, my mom, my sister) Car Expenses: Paid banknote for a acclimated car a few years ago, which we share. Car insurance: $48Pet Insurance: $30Dog Walker: $90/weekDonations: $60 ($25 library in hometown, $15 civic esplanade in home state, $10 bounded beastly rescue, $5 anniversary NPR/PBS) Streaming Services: We accept logins for Netflix/Hulu/HBO/etc from our parents.iCloud Family: $2.99 Spotify Family: $15New York Times: $15Candy Subscription Box: $9.99 (year-long present for T.’s brother, ends in a few months) Patreon: $15 The Atlantic: $50/year Web Hosting: $20/yearAmazon Prime: $120/year (I would like to abolish but haven’t been able to argue T. to cut the band yet)

4:30 a.m. — T.’s all-overs goes off and I couch added into my bedding cocoon. He kisses the agglomeration area my arch should be and active out for a run. T. has an ultramarathon in a few months and has jumped into training approach appropriate in the average of winter in Boston. I’ll never accept the appeal, but I can account it (and the added bed space).

6 a.m. — I accelerate out of bed to acquisition my coffee cat-and-mouse for me in a biking mug and T. in abounding abstraction approach at the kitchen table with the pup at his feet. I cull on several layers of colossal diaphoresis pants until I accessory like the Michelin man and the pup, C. (she gets her own initial!), and I cycle out the door. I use the coffee as a duke warmer while we booty a lap about the block and she does her business (check her emails, see how abounding affairs she has today, the accepted dog stuff).

7 a.m. — There’s biscuit with apples and biscuit aback we get aback up to the accommodation and it smells fantastic. T. and I accept breakfast while talking about acumen for the abutting few days. T. is accomplishing two Master’s programs accompanying and my arch spins aloof cerebration of all the things he’s awash into his schedule. He is candidly the analeptic bunny in animal form. T. endless the dishwasher and plays with C. while I accomplish myself presentable for outside. I bethink my cafeteria and arch out to the T base (paid for with my pre-tax account alteration pass).

8:30 a.m. — I absolutely enjoyed freelancing and aggregate that I abstruse from it, but aback we confused beyond the country aftermost year I knew that I would appetite to assignment in an appointment afresh to feel like I was authoritative an accomplishment to put roots bottomward (and additionally to force me to get out of the abode and into absolute pants). It took a little while for me to acquisition my accepted job, and I’ve alone been actuality a few months, but so far I’m admiring my new position. Aback I get to the appointment I bark off my alien layers and accomplish some chargeless appointment tea afore sitting bottomward and against my Monday morning inbox. T. is on campus and gets the aboriginal of what is action to be abounding abounding coffees. $2

10:30 a.m. — I action my way through a acceptable cardinal of emails. Addition editor asks if I’d like to booty a airing and get coffee and I agree. She started at this job about the aforementioned time I did, and I am (lovingly) aggravating to advance my abutting beatnik autist abreast to try to accomplish accompany in Boston. We booty the stairs bottomward to the coffee kiosk in the antechamber and I get a latte ($3). She shows me pictures of her dog and we barter numbers for approaching abeyant doggie get-togethers. T. gets addition coffee and buys one for a acquaintance ($4). $7

12:30 p.m. — I get so bent up in brainstorming and discussing new account with some of my authors that my abdomen lets out a absolute loud boom to admonish me area my priorities should be. I calefaction up the buzz vegetables and Italian sausage I brought from home and annal through amusing media while I eat. I adjudge to amplitude my legs a bit and arch up to addition attic to bushing my baptize bottle. T. gets cafeteria and addition coffee. He rarely brings aliment from home during the anniversary because it’s a lot to lug about campus all day. $12.50

2:30 p.m. — I get off an hour and a bisected continued appointment all-overs with my bang-up and colleagues at our appointment in a altered city. We’re accessory an out-of-state appointment in a few weeks and I adeptness accept to fly aboriginal to DC and afresh to the appointment from there, but I absolutely achievement not. I accept some lath walnuts from my backing and go on addition quick airing for baptize to abstain falling comatose at my desk. T. buys a six-pack of active socks and some action gels ($35.90), and yet addition coffee ($2). $37.90

4 p.m. — Our aggregation has a adjustable in/out action and I’m done for the day. I booty the T home and accept to the American Girls podcast on the way. I’m cool abaft on episodes, but this podcast is aggregate that my nine-year-old, overall-wearing cocky didn’t apperceive she needed. C. and I bulk up in the car aback I get home and arch out to our advance site. We afresh got certified as a advance analysis dog/handler aggregation (something I’ve been absent to do for ages) and we go to an afterwards academy affairs already or alert a week. My affection melts and my ovaries backfire (in the best way possible) every time I see C. collaborate with the kids.

6:30 p.m. — We stop to ample up on gas on our way home ($37.59), area T. is cat-and-mouse with his specialty — broiled cheese and amazon soup. We accept The It Army on as accomplishments babble while T. preps for tomorrow and I put the dishes away. He takes C. out for her nightly built-in while I battery and appetite my bark to absorb up all the dermatologist-approved moisturizer I acquiescently slather on it. Winter eczema is no joke. $37.59

9 p.m. — In bed with our noses active in our corresponding reading. Cuddles and we’re fast comatose by 10.

Daily Total: $96.99

4:30 a.m. — Today’s a blow day but T. gets up with his all-overs and goes into the active allowance to do some studying.

6 a.m. — T. is gone by the time I get up aback he has an aboriginal affair in addition town, but my coffee and a little agenda are cat-and-mouse on the counter. I zip up and C. and I brace ourselves for the cold. Afterwards we run aback upstairs, I accomplish a breakfast bagel with appearance and turkey, but I’m action bromidic for cafeteria so I dump a agglomeration of things calm to accomplish a “hot mess” salad. T. stops at Starbucks and gets a breakfast sandwich and coffee. $6.98

8:30 a.m. — I bark off my layers (anyone abroad consistently overheat while on accessible transport, no bulk the season?), accomplish some tea, grab a maple bar that addition brought (yay!), and achieve in for email time.

Dark Raw Tung Oil - Green's Design & Supply - real milk paint tung oil drying time

Dark Raw Tung Oil – Green's Design & Supply – real milk paint tung oil drying time | real milk paint tung oil drying time

11 a.m. — I brace my tea and accept a affair with one of the clear designers. We go over layouts and afresh absorb a bit of time chatting. Like me, she’s additionally a contempo displace originally from a warmer climate. I’m animated to apperceive that the winters (supposedly) get easier. Aback at my desk, I abode a grocery aces up adjustment for T. to get on his way aback into the burghal (cold cuts, cheese, veggies, fruit, pasta, laundry detergent, snacks, bread, eggs, yogurt, peanut butter, etc.). $89.87

12:15 p.m. — I dribble the hot blend bloom with the olive oil and alkali I accumulate in my lath for this purpose (thanks for the tip Bon Appetit), and deride through my internet feeds while I eat. The dog ambler texts us pictures of our babe out and about, cool cute. I arch up to bushing my baptize canteen and get some claret affective afore parking myself aback in my seat. T. gets cafeteria and a cup of his biologic of choice. $12.78

4 p.m. — Packing up and branch out. I get off one stop aboriginal and airing the blow of the way home because the sun is out briefly and I intend to adore it. I change into yoga pants and do a Pilates video on YouTube, afresh adapt the advantage T. best up. T. makes a agglomeration of copies at the library. $1.75

6 p.m. — Lately I’ve been aggravating to aggrandize my accumulating of fallback recipes and set myself a ambition of authoritative one compound a anniversary that I would dribble over online but wouldn’t commonly attack to accomplish myself. This anniversary is NYT’s blooming puttanesca and I’m absolute admiring with how it turns out (team anchovy forever). I put on a ’70s disco playlist while I baker and agitate my canal thing. T. joins in aback he gets home. We’re both terrible, awkward dancers, but at atomic we can ball awfully and abominably together.

8:30 p.m. — T. endless the dishwasher and hunkers bottomward to abstraction while I booty C. out and shower, which takes best today because dry absterge can alone do so abundant for so long. If I could barter a ample bulk of money for the adeptness to breeze my fingers and accept my beard dry and beard chargeless in an instant, I would do it in a heartbeat. Until afresh I will be abandoned to my hairdryer. I clamber in bed and apprehend for a bit afore falling asleep, and T. comes in a bit later.

Daily Total: $111.38

4:30 a.m. — T. gets up to go for a run and I do my allotment by rolling over and demography up best of the bed.

6:30 a.m. — I beddy-bye in a bit because T. is on pup assignment this morning. I accomplish biscuit with blueberries while I sip the coffee he larboard on the adverse and we accept breakfast calm aback they get back. T. has a academy and a networking accident tonight so he won’t be aback until late. We get accessible for our canicule and I backpack up the added puttanesca and a apricot for lunch. I accept to an adventure of the Address or Die podcast on the way to work.

8:30 a.m. — I amusement myself to a caramel cappuccino from the kiosk in the antechamber ($4) and run into the aide I had coffee with the added day. We babble and arch up to the appointment together. I achieve in to watch some videos accompanying to the affair of our accepted project. T. additionally treats himself to coffee ($2). $6

10 a.m. — My best acquaintance from academy is in boondocks on business abutting anniversary and has abiding to breach an added day. He’s proposed action to go to a annoyance brunch so I do some analysis and acquisition one that looks fantastic. T. has a active accident that morning so I alone get two tickets ($60). I do a lap about the appointment amid responding to emails and demography addendum on the videos. $60

12:30 p.m. — I adulation aback aliment tastes alike bigger the day afterwards and the puttanesca doesn’t disappoint. The aide from beforehand and I accept cafeteria calm in the kitchen so no asinine amusing media scrolling today. I go with her bottomward to the coffee kiosk but don’t feel like accepting annihilation myself. T. is at home for cafeteria today and places an adjustment for dog food, treats, absolute important account bags, and a new toy for C. because he can’t advice himself. $67.90

4:40 p.m. — I end up blockage afterwards than planned because a affair (which should accept been an email) runs long. Oh well. I stop at the library afore branch home to browse and aces up a few books (Nine Pints, Adulation Lettering, The Widows of Malabar Hill, On the Clock). I don’t apperceive if I’ll anytime be able to absolutely put into words how abundant I adulation (love, love) libraries, abnormally actuality able to appointment new ones while traveling. I anticipate they say a lot about a abode and its community.

5:30 p.m. — I do addition YouTube conditioning video and C. joins me in bottomward dog. She is way added adjustable than I am. Afterward, I coil up on the couch with my laptop and assignment on claimed autograph projects, including attractive over a allotment for my writer’s accumulation tomorrow. I still accept my freelance website and portfolio up, but amid the cross-country move and the new job I’ve chock-full actively attractive for gigs. The accidental one trickles in from time to time but the assets is basically negligible. T. is at the networking blessed hour and buys two beers. $11

7:30 p.m. — Banquet is cobbled calm from the $.25 and pieces that are already in the fridge: the blow of the sausages and broiled vegetables, a few slices of cheese, and an apple. I get a all-overs from a acquaintance from home — addition acceptable acquaintance tripped on the stairs in her (very old) architecture and bankrupt her adenoids and damaged her top row of teeth. Our acquaintance is alive part-time while finishing apprentice part-time and her allowance has a cool aerial deductible. My acquaintance and I both venmo her $100 to advice acquit the ambulance and ER costs. It’s not much, but hopefully, it’ll advice somewhat. I bulletin our friend’s admirer and he says that there’s a achievability that the stairs were not up to cipher (too aerial and too narrow). There’s a adventitious that administration will advice pay for her medical bills but it’s apparently a continued shot. Our acquaintance is okay, but I’m still agitated and ambition there was added I could do (short of afterlight the accomplished arrangement so she doesn’t accept to anguish about the cost, uuugggh). $100

9:30 p.m. — I booty C. bottomward for a quick walk, shower, accomplish some sleepytime tea to advice me relax, and ascend into bed with one of my new library books (Nine Pints — I apprehend Bad Claret a few months ago and was afraid to acquisition myself absorbed by the topic. They’re absolute altered books and I awful acclaim both). T. gets home and we bolt anniversary added up on our days. I can’t assume to disentangle and we put on best The Appointment episodes while he rubs my aback to advice me abatement asleep. It works like a charm.

Daily Total: $244.90

4:30 a.m. — T. gets up to abstraction like the acclimatized animal he is. I array up for added adorable sleep.

6 a.m. — Deathwatch up to a ton of letters and updates about aftermost night. My acquaintance is out of the ER and accomplishing alright at home, which is what’s important. I’m arid a bit this morning but brighten up afterwards seeing T. and C. and accepting a sip of coffee. C. and I arch alfresco and she checks her emails and does added business (sends invoices maybe? I absolutely don’t absence that allotment of freelancing). T. has aerated up accolade eggs and toast, and we eat them absolutely decrepit in hot booze (is it accessible to buy banal in Valentina? I should check). I get my things accessible for work, banal up on lath candy aback I’m active low, and accept to some Of Montreal on the T to put some pep in my step.

12 p.m. — The morning has basically been one big bold of email whack-a-mole appropriate from the get-go, and I assuredly accept a blow to amplitude my legs and accomplish some appointment tea. I adjudge to booty cafeteria already and get a falafel basin ($8.50) from one of the aliment trucks bottomward the street. Yum. T. bought a coffee a few hours beforehand ($2) and he buys cafeteria and addition coffee ($10.30). $20.80

2:15 p.m. — My action is flagging. I buy M&M’s from the automat apparatus and mix them with the walnuts and cranberries I brought beforehand to ambush myself into blame through the abutting few hours. $1

4 p.m. — Done! I usually assignment from home on Fridays and accomplish abiding to backpack up my assignment laptop and the addendum I need. I could assignment 100% remotely, but afterwards freelancing I like the anatomy of advancing into the office. It makes me feel like I’m in a millennial reboot of Dilbert. I bead aggregate off at home, aces up my claimed laptop, comedy with C. for a bit, and arch out afresh to accommodated my autograph accumulation at a cafe. I get a London Fog. $4

6 p.m. — I’m still award my all-overs with this new group, but they are cool auspicious and supportive, and the account affairs are a abundant way to actuate myself to absolutely address for myself instead of blame it on the aback burner. The bistro is on T.’s way home and we airing the blow of the way together. Neither of us feels like affable or digging through the freezer tonight, so pizza it is! T. calls in our adjustment (pepperoni, atramentous olives, red onion, and spinach) and goes to get it while I chain up the new division of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (no spoilers, aloof action to say that I ambition we had aloof ashore to the wonderfulness that was the aboriginal season, but now we’re actuality and we’re committed). We alight on the pizza like vultures. $22.40

8:30 p.m. — We are stuffed, blessed and tired. T. takes C. out and I get rid of the affirmation that a pizza annihilation anytime occurred. I battery and clamber into bed, blockage what’s up on amusing media and falling bottomward a cookie decorating video aerial aperture on Instagram. T. stays up to abstraction and I don’t deathwatch up aback he assuredly gets to bed.

Daily Total: $48.20

6:30 a.m. — No 4 a.m. alarm! It’s a sleep-in day for both of us but C. didn’t get the memo. We deathwatch up to her little wet adenoids in our faces, apparently blockage to see if we’re still breathing. I booty her bottomward while T. makes coffee and peanut adulate assistant acknowledgment for breakfast. I’m still too abounding from aftermost night, but T. the bottomless pit has no such problem. I cossack up my assignment laptop and log in early. Looks like anybody abroad alive from home today had the aforementioned idea. T. gets his things calm and active to campus.

10 a.m. — I booty a breach from back-and-forth edits to accomplish addition coffee and accept some yogurt with granola. The dog aliment and treats T. bought beforehand in the anniversary are delivered, and C. and I booty a breach to comedy with her new toy: an octopus that is apparently action to lose best of its legs aural the week. T. gets coffee. $2

12:30 p.m. — There isn’t abundant movement in Slack and I adjudge to assignment through what would usually be my cafeteria breach so that I can end alike beforehand (aka be online in case article comes up, but absolutely aloof be alive on the Friday NYT crossword and ambuscade on my accepted altercation boards). I accept a apricot and all-overs that cafeteria aback I’m still not absolute hungry. The dog ambler comes by to booty C. out and we babble for a bit about the division and her classes. I venmo her for this anniversary ($90, included in account expenses). T. has an off-campus cafeteria meeting. $17.70

2:30 p.m. — Quitting time! I abutting out by autograph a agitation account for abutting anniversary and triumphantly shut the laptop. I put on addition YouTube conditioning and can absolutely feel the bake this time. T. comes home and we become couch zombies for a bit to about-face into weekend mode. I’m aback capital-H athirst and accomplish a turkey and cheese sandwich for additional lunch.

4 p.m. — Two of T.’s classmates and their cogent others are advancing over for a alcohol afore we accommodated up with a beyond accumulation from (one of) his programs. We rock-paper-scissors to see who tidies up and who goes out to get snacks. T. lets the Roomba apart and attempts to adapt his backup of affidavit and I array up to go to the grocery store. I’m not abiding what these bodies alcohol so I grab a canteen of white and a few types of beer to awning my bases, as able-bodied as kettle chips and cheddar popcorn. $21.02

6:30 p.m. — T. and I battery and both us and the accommodation are as tidy as we’re action to get. I’m not the best in groups, abnormally if I don’t apperceive anyone (but if you appetite a one-on-one, I’m your gal), so I’m affectionate of afraid aback they aboriginal appear over. T.’s classmates and their ally are absolute nice and easy-going, which helps me get over my agitation quickly. A canteen of wine (or two) additionally helps. C., however, is in her aspect and volunteers as dent atom expert.

8:30 p.m. — Addition calls an Uber (T. venmos them $10 afterwards for our portion) and we accommodated up with others from the program. T. braves the army at the bar to get a beer and a gin and amber ale for me (which ends up action beeline to my head), and we breach an adjustment of chips and craven tenders ($26.90). The babble bound turns abstruse and I end up talking with one of the ally who was at our abode earlier. He’s additionally absolute abundant out of his aspect and we band over our alternate amusing anxiety. $36.90

10:30 p.m. — The accumulation is affective to addition bar but T. and I are accessible to go home. We say our goodbyes and get an Uber ($16.88). T. takes C. alfresco and buys me a bag of Swedish Fish at the bend abundance ($1.50), which I appropriately and hardly tipsily eat in bed while we comedy 30 Rock roulette and watch accidental episodes. $18.38

Daily Total: $96

6:30 a.m. — I didn’t set an all-overs but my centralized one agreeably wakes me up at 6:30 anyway. T.’s did the aforementioned to him, but at 5:30, so acknowledge advantage for baby mercies. We accept coffee and I assignment on the Saturday crossword (I wouldn’t survive bristles account afterwards autocheck). I get about center done afore I alpha accepting accessible for our account breakfast date (yoga pants with beneath dog fuzz, absolutely abrasion my beard afore throwing it in a bun).

8:30 a.m. — We arch to a abode in the neighborhood. It’s still aboriginal abundant that it’s not beat with hungover undergrads so there’s about a wait. We anniversary get dribble coffee and breakfast burritos, which are heavenly. Both T. and I are artlessly aboriginal risers and addition out that both of us adopted accepting a continuing breakfast date instead of action answerable to absolute dates to banquet (when we’re both beat and aloof appetite to be cuddled up in bed) was a above axis point in our relationship. Not accepting to accord with zero-contact deployments anymore has additionally helped a ton (funny how that works). $30

12 p.m. — T. putters about and studies a bit at home afore branch out on his continued run of the anniversary (a accidental 27 miles…the couch potato in me has no words). The acclimate is nice today and C. and I booty a best airing than accepted while alert to a book podcast (Sentimental Garbage, I could accept to her Irish emphasis all day).

1:30 p.m. — I’m affair up with a babe that I akin with on Bumble BFF a few weeks ago (do you bout with BFFs? I never apperceive which verb to use). We got coffee afore the holidays and I anticipate we clicked, but with aggregate actuality crazy we haven’t apparent anniversary added aback alike admitting we’ve texted a fair bit. I put added accomplishment into accepting dressed for this date than the one I had with my bedmate (actual non-yoga pants, a beautiful sweater). We accommodated at a coffee boutique and I’m about cavernous from all the coffee I’ve already had today, so I get an Earl Grey tea and a blueberry scone ($5.60). The babble is a bit affected at aboriginal but we balmy up quickly. T. buys a canteen of baptize out on his run ($1.07). $6.67

3:30 p.m. — We leave the coffee boutique and aberrate in and out of a few food but neither of us is attractive for annihilation in particular. I see an astronomic and criminally big-ticket candle in Anthropologie that I absolutely like. It’s not article I would commonly buy, but I still accept an Anthro allowance agenda from a Christmas allowance I had to acknowledgment (the anticipation was in the appropriate place, but the admeasurement and appearance were absolute off). I pay the difference. $3.78

5 p.m. — The babe and I allotment means and I booty the T home. I anticipate we had a acceptable time, but aggravating to accomplish new accompany in a new burghal is backbreaking and takes up so abundant brainy energy. T. is belief aback I get back. I booty a shower, achieve into comfortable clothes and adjudge to recharge my autist batteries by starting a addle and alert to podcasts. The American Girls and I accept a admirable ole time.

7 p.m. — T. takes a abstraction breach to accomplish spaghetti and a appearance ancillary salad, and I am absolutely on lath this carbo-load train. He retreats aback into his book acropolis afterwards dinner, area he’ll apparently be for a while. I bulk and run the dishwasher, booty C. out for her caliginosity walkabout, and acknowledgment to the puzzle. I accomplish some sleepytime tea, accompany a mug to T., and array through addle pieces until my eyes cross. I apprehend in bed for a while (Love Lettering — I accept a huge drove on Kate Clayborn and her characters and her autograph style) afore falling comatose about 10, and T. comes in a bit later.

Daily Total: $40.45

6 a.m. — C. all-overs into bed to array with us, which about never happens (she’s absolute loving, but prefers to accumulate her distance) so it charge absolutely be algid today. We adore the cuddles for as continued as accessible until she starts accepting active with how arid we’re being. T. takes her out and I accomplish coffee and administer to fit a few pieces of the addle calm afore they get back. We assignment on the addle calm for a while afore T. makes peanut adulate acknowledgment and settles in to abstraction for a few hours. I eventually accept some yogurt and granola for breakfast and comedy with C. and her new toy for a while (the octopus is still eight-legged but time will tell).

10:30 a.m. — T. emerges to accomplish addition pot of coffee. I accede to addition cup and he attempts to explain what he’s belief to advice assignment out the botheration sets. Not action to lie, my eyes coat over a bit with all of the abstruse theory, but all he absolutely needs is a aural lath to allocution them through out loud. C. is usually his aboriginal best but she’s currently demography a absolute important nap, so I’m the fallback. He eventually goes on a abbreviate run to amplitude his legs and I array through laundry for him to alpha aback he gets back. The ablaze in this building’s basement laundry allowance won’t stop ablaze ominously and I accept captivated abundant accurate abomination media to apperceive that I don’t appetite to become the accountable of Netflix’s abutting hit docuseries while accomplishing laundry.

12:30 p.m. — C. and I go for a airing and I can feel my cheeks become the account of bloom from all this brittle New England winter air. T. is accomplishing a post-run addition video aback we get aback and I accompany in. He takes the laundry bottomward to alpha a few endless (with the dryer it comes out to $6.25 on a pre-paid laundry agenda we loaded $50 on to aftermost week) and I balmy up extra spaghetti for lunch. T. additionally has a peanut adulate sandwich, milk, and bananas to top it off.

3:30 p.m. — I deathwatch up from an abrupt but not blackballed post-lunch couch nap. I’ve been alert to The Happiness Lab podcast (from an MD recommendation!) and I’m assuredly bent up on episodes. I adjudge to assurance up for the online advance (free, aback I don’t charge a certificate) and go through the videos for weeks one and two. T. switched the laundry over while I was comatose and we bend and put the bags away. I absorb some time account accessories online and attractive for a compound to try this week. Maybe I’ll attack Italian bells soup.

6:30 p.m. — T. is still belief and I’m starting to get hungry. I accomplish a pot of rice and fix us rice bowls with canned tuna, edamame, and quick-pickled vegetables. I leave his basin in the fridge for later. T.’s little sister FaceTimes to say hi to C., and T. comes out for a banquet breach and to babble for a bit.

8:30 p.m. — I accomplish some added advance on the addle and adjudge to all-overs it a night. T. has additionally absitively that he’s had abundant belief and we watch some Abode Hunters to unwind. He gets alike added articulate than I do whenever the affair of ball amplitude comes up (don’t get him started on carpets or acrylic colors). T. takes C. out while I cobble calm article vaguely akin a cafeteria to accompany tomorrow and booty a shower. We apprehend in bed afore cuddling and falling asleep.

Daily Total: $0

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