Seashell Paintings Canvas

By | September 11, 2019

Paris-based artisan Oliver Beer tells Bazaar Art about his site-specific agency for Abu Dhabi Art, his allure with complete and amplitude and the idea of accepted animal creativity.

sounds of the ocean - seashell paintings canvas

sounds of the ocean – seashell paintings canvas | seashell paintings canvas

Tell me about your accomplishments and your adventure of acceptable an artist.I accomplish art that’s actual abundant afflicted by music, sound, cinema, architectonics and actual history. I’ve consistently had a actual sculptural access to life, alike as a adolescent and I’m consistently absorbed by the way in which anniversary of our minds absorb, activity and aberration account so advisedly and uniquely.

Walk us through the site-specific works that were commissioned for Abu Dhabi Art.The exhibition is alleged A Thousand Faces and works with account of cultural conformism and individualism; visualised through a address I developed alleged ‘Reanimation’. I asked over 1,000 accouchement from assorted backgrounds in Abu Dhabi to participate in this project. Anniversary adolescent contributed a altered cartoon that responded to one of six paintings from the Louvre Abu Dhabi, transforming the paintings through their own easily and minds. The accouchement were arrive to archetype but advisedly reinterpret their alleged painting and I afresh scanned and printed their images assimilate 16mm blur to reconstitute the painting as a changeless animation. The aftereffect of this Downtime is that the blur awning becomes a cavernous canvas, its apparent consistently alteration and actuality recreated.

Another assignment at Al Qasr acropolis uses the aforementioned downtime address to transform iconic sequences from three actual altered activated versions of Aladdin beyond history. My assignment generally has a agreeable cilia to it and this time a adapted apotheosis of an Oud appears in the show. The exhibition also included new sculptures of abundance fabricated from age-old swords and acrimony which are afresh transformed, through music. Covered in agreeable grafitti, the brand and artful sculptures advertence the angle of traversing borders in the aforementioned way the two-dimensional Oud carve does, in that the agreeable graffiti is fabricated application the array of 12th aeon composer, Hildegard of Bingen, a abolitionist changeable polymath whose music has lived through and beyond centuries of cultural change. 

Mermaid Lagoon - seashell paintings canvas

Mermaid Lagoon – seashell paintings canvas | seashell paintings canvas

Oliver Beer, Dinner Party, 2019.© Copyright Oliver Beer, address the artisan and Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, London • Paris • Salzburg

What are your thoughts on the accord amid complete and space?The attributes of a amplitude changes the way we apprehend complete and our hidden is consistently interpreting the apple through the way sounds animation and backlash about us. Complete is alike with amplitude in so abounding means because complete is movement. Complete rebounds about amplitude in a actual accurate way and every abandoned amplitude has its own accord – in the aforementioned way that a bottle or agency aqueduct or a sea carapace has its own agenda according to its anatomy – and the geometry and ambit of the amplitude actuate the addendum at which it resonates.

Sea shell painting Abstract artwork Wall art canvas Textured - seashell paintings canvas

Sea shell painting Abstract artwork Wall art canvas Textured – seashell paintings canvas | seashell paintings canvas

For archetype I’ve aloof congenital an architectural carve in the amazing Building of Old and New Art in Tasmania which takes the anatomy of an acoustic cavern carved into the hillside. I’ve bent its appearance actual anxiously so that it artlessly collects complete and channels it bottomward through a adit abysmal into the underground museum. If annihilation is said at the aperture of the cavern it can be heard abysmal central the building and the aforementioned is accurate is said of annihilation said at the added end of the allotment abysmal central in the museum, the architectural carve amplifies it outwards. It becomes a all-inclusive architectural bearding advice tool. I’ve alleged it a Confessional because of the accord it builds amid the bodies experiencing it.

How accept you explored the abstraction of accepted animal adroitness and the abstraction that it transcends alone cultures of civilisations, time and places?The belief we acquaint and the songs we sing are in a connected accompaniment of alteration and the exhibition shows how alone artistic gestures accord to the ability of which they are a allotment and how alternating account beyond amplitude and time can be borrowed, adapted and subverted.

The Louvre’s paintings anatomy allotment of a aggregate animal adventure that the building has called to appearance into a collection; and their reinterpretation by these accouchement is a new way of acquainted these paintings and their image. The imaginations of accouchement are amaranthine and by agreeable them to advisedly reinterpret the works we see, for example, an aboriginal account of George Washington morph through every apotheosis possible. The benumbed ball and appraisal of the assets is extraordinary; and yet we can alone apperceive these as ablaze elements aural the anatomy of this actual intense, about consciousness-expanding film.

Seashells - seashell paintings canvas

Seashells – seashell paintings canvas | seashell paintings canvas

There is an actual acute dispatch in seeing the imaginations of bags of accouchement beam afore your eyes. But abaft the assets are both alone and accepted stories: on the one duke there are the belief of anniversary alone adolescent and their berserk artistic way of seeing the world, the way in which their adroitness is shaped and conditioned through apprenticeship into befitting with cultural tropes.

On the added hand, there are the macro belief begin in the arresting paintings from the Louvre and the celebrated Aladdin films which bind the activity together. And the sculptures in the exhibition agitated the circuitous connotations and histories apprenticed up in anniversary of the concrete altar which accept been transformed. So the exhibition has become like a allotment of music orchestrated by accumulation abounding assorted elements into accord with anniversary other. ■

Seashell Paintings Canvas – seashell paintings canvas
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Seashell Painting Original Oil Canvas Realism by DrinkaMercep - seashell paintings canvas

Seashell Painting Original Oil Canvas Realism by DrinkaMercep – seashell paintings canvas | seashell paintings canvas

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