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By | September 12, 2019

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The Latest: Bloomberg isn’t at debate, but he’s name-dropped

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — The Latest on the 2020 Autonomous presidential agitation and the accessible primary in New Hampshire (all times local):

10:15 p.m.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg didn’t accredit for the Autonomous presidential agitation in New Hampshire — but it didn’t consistently feel that way.

The candidates on date Friday night were asked several times about the above ambassador of New York City.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren responded, “I don’t anticipate anyone care to be able to buy their way into the choice or to be admiral of the United States.” She additionally said candidates shouldn’t “suck up to billionaires to do it.”

That was a bash at above Carnality Admiral Joe Biden and above South Bend, Indiana, Ambassador Pete Buttigieg, who accept relied on ample donors to accounts their campaigns.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders singled out Buttigieg specifically, saying, “I don’t accept 40 billionaires, Pete, accidental to my campaign.”

New agitation rules set by the Autonomous National Committee may see Bloomberg accredit for approaching debates.


9:55 p.m.

Democrat Tom Steyer has alert aboveboard alleged on above Carnality Admiral Joe Biden to about abjure a top surrogate’s comments that Steyer characterized as “openly racist.”

The billionaire altitude activist fabricated the address during Friday night’s agitation in New Hampshire. He was referencing comments beforehand in the week, back a South Carolina accompaniment agent tweeted that the armchair of South Carolina’s Legislative Atramentous Caucus — who has accustomed Steyer and works for him as an adviser — had accustomed “almost $50,000” from Steyer’s campaign.

State Sen. Dick Harpootlian additionally alleged Steyer “Mr. Money Bags,” acutely implying the lawmaker’s abutment had been bought.

Biden replied that he believed Harpootlian was apologetic for the animadversion while acquainted he has “more abutment in South Carolina in the Atramentous Caucus” than others in the field.

The antagonism is angry for South Carolina’s atramentous voters, who comprise best of the Autonomous primary electorate in the state.


9:45 p.m.

Democratic presidential candidates at Friday’s agitation accede that they’d accredit Supreme Cloister justices who’d advocate the Roe v. Wade accommodation that legalized abortion, but there are distinctions on whether to try to aggrandize the admeasurement of the court.

Pete Buttigieg wants to aggrandize the cloister through a built-in alteration while additionally alteration the way justices are selected. The above ambassador of South Bend, Indiana, acknowledged that his abstraction amounts to packing the court.

But above Carnality Admiral Joe Biden said any plan to aggrandize the cloister is a bad idea. Biden acclaimed that Supreme Cloister Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg holds the aforementioned position.

Biden and billionaire agent Tom Steyer said the altercation over the cloister shows how important it is for Democrats to win abundant Senate seats to balance a majority. Biden argued that he’s the alone Autonomous applicant who’d accept a coattail aftereffect for Senate candidates in battlefield states and GOP-leaning states like North Carolina and Georgia.


9:35 p.m.

Democratic presidential applicant Bernie Sanders says he has acquired on gun-related issues as he was apprenticed to explain a decades-old vote adjoin accomplishments checks.

Sanders said at Friday night’s Autonomous presidential agitation that, advancing from his abundantly rural accompaniment of Vermont, “we had around no gun ascendancy legislation at all, and I represented that perspective.”

But afterward accumulation shootings and gun violence, Sanders said, “The apple has changed, and my angle accept changed.” He additionally acquainted his D-minus appraisement from the National Rifle Association.

Asked if Sanders adapted application of the accumulation of his record, above Carnality Admiral Joe Biden acclaimed that Sanders had additionally accurate “a artifice that does not acquiesce them (gun manufacturers) to be sued for the crimes they accept created.”

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During the 2016 presidential campaign, Sanders was criticized by his Autonomous opponents for the 1993 accomplishments analysis vote, as able-bodied as aboriginal 2000s votes apropos gun manufacturers that were referenced by Biden.


9:20 p.m.

Bernie Sanders says he heard the aforementioned arguments from George W. Bush’s administering about Iraq that Joe Biden did but “concluded that they were lying through their teeth.”

The Autonomous presidential hopefuls are afresh clashing over the U.S.-led war in Iraq during a agitation in New Hampshire on Friday.

Biden, a above Delaware agent and carnality president, took criticism from several rivals over his vote to accredit the aggression and said he fabricated the aberration of assertive the Bush administering that Iraq had weapons of accumulation destruction.

Sanders, a Vermont senator, agreed, adage of Bush administering officials, “Like Joe and others, I additionally heard the arguments.” But he added, “I assured that they were lying through their teeth.”

Sanders voted adjoin the aggression of Iraq. Biden voted for it.


9:10 p.m.

Former Carnality Admiral Joe Biden is admonishing adjoin affairs American troops absolutely out of Afghanistan, adage such accomplishments can advance to bounded instability.

During Friday night’s Autonomous presidential agitation in New Hampshire, Biden recalled the U.S. abandonment from Iraq, adage troops were “ashamed” to leave while the Kurds asked Americans to stay.

Biden was responding to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s acknowledgment that “it’s time to accompany our troops home” from Afghanistan, a position she has accurate in antecedent debates.

Warren reaffirmed her contempo comments about what she sees as a abridgement of a bright plan for withdrawal, acquainted she would accept to generals as the nation’s administrator in arch but would seek to “work with our allies in managing terrorism.”

Noting her account on the Senate Armed Services Committee, Warren said she has visited action zones with Republicans, including South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and the backward Arizona Sen. John McCain.


9 p.m.

Former Carnality Admiral Joe Biden encouraged the army at Friday’s Autonomous presidential agitation to accord a continuing acclaim to Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman afterwards Admiral Donald Trump ousted him in avengement for his affidavit during House allegation proceedings.

Biden declared Friday that Trump “should be pinning a badge on Vindman, not Rush Limbaugh,” the far-right radio personality with whom Trump awarded the Badge of Freedom on Tuesday.

The acclaim for Vindman alternate a altercation that started with acknowledgment of Trump’s efforts to accept Biden and his son Hunter advised by Ukraine officials. That move was the body of the allegation case adjoin Trump.

Former South Bend, Indiana, Ambassador Pete Buttigieg dedicated the Bidens. “We are not activity to let them change the subject,” he said. “This is not about Carnality Admiral Biden or Hunter Biden. This is about bribery of ability by the president.”


8:55 p.m.

Tech administrator Andrew Yang says Democrats are authoritative a aberration back they act like Admiral Donald Trump is “the account of all our problems.”

Yang said during the Autonomous presidential agitation in New Hampshire on Friday night that Trump is “a evidence of a ache that has been architecture up in our communities for years and decades.”

Yang says Democrats charge to instead assignment on “treating the disease” by arrest issues such as automation of jobs and corporations like Amazon that accept abhorred advantageous federal assets tax.

He acicular to beat states like Iowa and Ohio that Trump captured in 2016, saying, “These communities are seeing their way of alive get accursed into smithereens.”


8:50 p.m.

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar is auction on above Ambassador Pete Buttigieg at Democrats’ presidential agitation for adage that watching the anarchy in Washington about fabricated him appetite to change the approach to cartoons.

“It’s accessible to go afterwards Washington,” she said Friday, but “it’s abundant harder to lead.”

Klobuchar took Buttigieg to assignment abnormally for his apology of the Senate allegation proceedings. She acclaimed the “courageous” votes of Autonomous Alabama Sen. Doug Jones and Republican Utah Sen. Mitt Romney. Both men voted to captive Trump — Romney on one calculation — and abolish him from office.

In her sharpest blow, Klobuchar around compared Buttigieg’s altercation to the man Democrats achievement to topple in November. “We accept a newcomer in the White House now, and attending area it got us,” she said. “I anticipate accepting some acquaintance is a acceptable thing.”


8:40 p.m.

Pete Buttigieg says that the Obama administering met the moment of their day and “now we accept to accommodated this moment.”

Buttigieg approved to about-face his about abridgement of acquaintance in backroom into an advantage at Friday’s Autonomous agitation in New Hampshire.

He was challenged by Joe Biden, who listed off some of his accomplishments during a continued administering in politics, including the Abandon Adjoin Women Act. Biden said, “I don’t apperceive what about the accomplished of Barack Obama and Joe Biden was so bad” and alleged for “someone who knows how to get things done.”

In his reply, Buttigieg acclaimed the accomplishments of the Obama administering and said that “now, we accept to accommodated this moment.”

Biden and Buttigieg accept advanced clashed over a adverse in their ages and adopted experience.

The candidates brought a renewed acuteness to Friday night’s agitation afterward the anarchic after-effects of the Iowa caucuses.


8:30 p.m.

Neither Elizabeth Warren nor Pete Buttigieg is proving accommodating to criticize Bernie Sanders for all-embracing autonomous socialism in the aperture moments of the Autonomous debate.

Warren, a Massachusetts senator, was asked about adage advanced that she is “a backer to my bones.” But she banned to accomplish a above adverse at Friday’s agitation in New Hampshire, adage only, “Bernie and I accept been accompany for a continued time.”

Warren said the “fundamental question” is “how we accompany our affair together” and talked about angry government corruption, adage it is “an affair we can all accede on.”

Buttigieg, the above ambassador of South Bend, Indiana, said he wasn’t absorbed in labels like socialism. He and Sanders, a agent from Vermont, went on to affray on action rather than on brainy labels.

Sanders says actuality a autonomous left-wing won’t accomplish it harder to defeat Admiral Donald Trump in November because “Donald Trump lies all the time” anyway.


8:25 p.m.

Bernie Sanders says he’s assured Democrats can arrange to defeat Admiral Donald Trump, admitting the president’s attempts to acrylic Sanders’ self-avowed “democratic socialist” characterization in a abrogating light.

Sanders opened Friday night’s agitation at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, adage that he beheld animating assembly as basic to a Autonomous achievement in November.

“No amount who wins this accursed thing, we’re all activity to angle calm to defeat Donald Trump,” he added.

Sanders was asked to acknowledge to Trump’s comments beforehand this anniversary to Fox News, back the admiral said, “I anticipate of communism back I anticipate of Bernie.”

Asked if they had apropos about a top-of-the-ticket applicant with a “democratic socialist” moniker, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar and agent Tom Steyer aloft their hands.

This is the final agitation afore abutting week’s first-in-the-nation New Hampshire primary.


8:15 p.m.

Joe Biden is acknowledging he “took a hit” in Iowa and says he’ll “probably booty a hit” in New Hampshire as well.

Biden was asked aboriginal in Friday’s Autonomous agitation in New Hampshire why he thinks his affair would be demography a accident by nominating either Bernie Sanders or Pete Buttigieg. Biden accomplished a abroad fourth in Iowa’s caucuses on Monday, while Sanders and Buttigieg accomplished in a abreast tie for first.

The above carnality admiral acclaimed that Sanders calls himself a “democratic socialist.” Biden said if Sanders is the nominee, Admiral Donald Trump would put that characterization “on every Autonomous running” nationwide.

Biden accepted Buttigieg as a “patriot” but additionally took a dig at the 38-year-old above South Bend, Indiana, as a “the ambassador of a baby town.” Biden additionally appropriate that Buttigieg will accept agitation architecture a racially assorted affiliation as the nominating challenge moves above the cutting white states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Biden acclaimed that Sanders won the New Hampshire primary calmly in 2016 over Hillary Clinton, so he said he’ll “probably booty a hit” in the accompaniment abutting Tuesday.


8 p.m.

A agitation featuring seven Autonomous presidential candidates has started in New Hampshire amidst a growing coercion amid a shrinking acreage annoyed and adapted by this week’s anarchic Iowa caucuses.

Friday night’s agitation at Saint Anselm College in Manchester comes aloof four canicule afore New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary.

Monday’s anarchic Iowa caucuses aloft added questions about several candidates’ political survival. Two candidates, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and above South Bend, Indiana, Ambassador Pete Buttigieg, access Friday’s agitation as the top targets, accepting emerged from Iowa about angry for the lead.

Those abaft afterwards the aboriginal challenge — including above Carnality Admiral Joe Biden, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar — additionally accept an burning charge to authenticate strength.

Billionaire activist Tom Steyer and New York administrator Andrew Yang are angry to prove they accord in the conversation. The abutting set of caucuses is in Nevada on Feb. 22.


11:35 a.m.

President Donald Trump is tweeting reassurances to Iowa and New Hampshire that the two states will be aboriginal in the presidential primary agenda “as continued as I am President.” He alleged it a “Great tradition!”

The Iowa Autonomous Affair has spent the anniversary aggravating to verify after-effects from Monday’s caucuses, abacus ammunition to complaints that the ancient voting states should be added adumbrative of the U.S. demographically.

Trump’s cheep on Friday will address to abounding voters in the two states arch up to the accepted acclamation because they appetite to bottle their states’ appropriate role in the presidential race.

“I accede — acknowledge you, Mr. President!,” tweeted New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, a Republican.

The arch of New Hampshire’s Autonomous Party, Ray Buckley, wouldn’t say Friday if he has aplomb in Tom Perez’s administration at the Autonomous National Committee.

Perez has alleged for a recanvass of the Iowa caucuses and approved to about-face accusation assimilate the Iowa Autonomous Party.

New Hampshire’s primary is abutting Tuesday.


9:30 a.m.

Democratic presidential hopeful Tom Steyer is spending some time with supporters in New Hampshire afore advancing for the final agitation advanced of abutting week’s first-in-the-nation primary.

Steyer attack agent Alberto Lammers says Steyer planned to accept breakfast with supporters in Manchester on Friday morning afore media interviews in the afternoon.

Lammers says Steyer will do some final agitation basic afore accepting in a conditioning and branch to the agitation venue.

Seven of the Democrats allusive for their party’s presidential choice accommodated Friday night for the agitation at Saint Anselm College in Manchester. The date appearance the aforementioned six candidates as the aftermost agitation — Steyer, above Carnality Admiral Joe Biden; Sens. Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren; and above South Bend, Indiana, Ambassador Pete Buttigieg — forth with tech administrator Andrew Yang.


Catch up on the 2020 acclamation attack with AP experts on our account backroom podcast, “Ground Game.”

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