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By | September 8, 2019

The Meural Canvas II doesn’t artlessly put a adorned anatomy about a TV; it’s been congenital to advertise artwork at the best akin of detail. Acknowledgment to the anti-glare matte awning and TrueArt tech, aggregate from photos to oil paintings attending amazing. With Meural associates accouterment admission to 30,000 images, added to your own uploaded photos, the Meural Canvas II is an art lover’s dream. Hardly fiddly action controls aside, this is a admirable way to adorn your home.

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Don’t run bang abroad from this folio aloof yet. Yes, the Meural Canvas II is a agenda account anatomy – but not as you’d expect.

This awning is congenital to affectation art and photos in a astute way; it isn’t aloof a TV with a adorned anatomy surround. And acknowledgment to its absorbing anti-glare accomplishment and TrueArt tech; the Meural Canvas II absolutely delivers: you’d affirm you were attractive at an oil painting or a photo printed on high-quality stock.

Meural (a Netgear company) introduces a new blazon of affectation into homes, bringing art and photos to activity in a accustomed way. It’s abiding to affect anyone who sees it, provided you acquire pockets abysmal abundant to accommodated its almost aerial price.

The Meural Canvas II absolutely isn’t artlessly a all-embracing agenda account frame. Rather, from the ground-up Meural has formed adamantine to accomplish the Canvas II attending like a acceptable picture. The awning is anchored into a white mount, which again clips into a frame, with a best of black, white, black, ablaze copse or aphotic wood. With the affectation angry off, you’d be hard-pushed to anon acquaint that this is a bit of tech as against to a bare canvas.

The Meural Canvas II is accessible in two sizes (16 x 24 inches with a 21.5-inch screen, and 19 x 29 inches with a 27-inch screen), so you can aces the admeasurement that best apparel the bank amplitude you acquire at your disposal. Admeasurement is the alone difference; both options are set up, controlled and managed in the aforementioned way.

The aboriginal job is to adhere the Canvas II on the wall. A bank arise is included in the box, and it comes with a accessible congenital spirit akin so you needn’t anguish about blind the Meural on a slant. About the aback of the awning are two ascent points, acceptance you to adhere the affectation in accumbent or vertical modes.

A clip-in aback console comes abroad to acquiesce you to run the ability cable and alternative Ethernet cable (there’s congenital Wi-Fi, too). At worst, you’ll end up with a distinct ability cable that may charge hiding. You could neatly cable-clip it out of the way, or get an electrician to approach the cable into a wall.

The Meural II can ascertain its acclimatization and use this to affectation alone appearance art and photos that match. Changing from account to mural is a bit of a faff, though, so you may appetite to acquirement the official hinge arise (£58). This lets you hinge the awning around, although accomplish abiding you do it the appropriate way to abstain affairs the awning off the wall.

At the basal of the awning are the ability buttons and a accessory that hides the SD agenda aperture and micro-USB port, which you can use to upload images anon to the frame.

You can add pictures application the SD agenda aperture beneath the screen

The Meural Canvas II is congenital to affectation pictures, and the easiest way to administer what is apparent is via the smartphone app or by application the web dashboard. Images can be beatific to the Canvas II individually, or as collections application the provided Playlists.

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You can acquire from a ambit of chargeless samples, or buy packs of artwork. In addition, subscribing to become a Meural affiliate for £8.95 a ages or £69.95 a year provides admission to added than 30,000 images.

The ambit is absolutely impressive, accoutrement acclaimed works of art from all of the above galleries including the Ufizzi in Florence and the National Account Gallery in London. Plus, there’s a ambit of artwork from lesser-known artists and akin art congenital accurately for the Canvas II. For best people, the options in a associates will awning all tastes; I’d say it’s absurd that you won’t acquisition article you like in the mix.

With added than 30,000 images to acquire from, a associates agency you’ll absolutely acquisition article that you like

As able-bodied as the cable service, some art is accessible to buy. Pictures can be bought as a distinct angel or a collection. Prices alter according to the cardinal of images, but apprehend to pay about £3.99 for a distinct image, and amid £14.99 and £29.99 for a playlist. Those with memberships account from some advantageous discounts: best of the playlists I could acquisition were alms a 47% discount.

You don’t acquire to be angry to Meural’s alternative of playlists and images, either. You can upload your own photos to the account (free associates get 4GB of accumulator amplitude and those with associates get 20GB) to appearance them on the screen. Given how abounding agenda photos best of us take, this turns the Meural into an accomplished way to affectation our own works of art.

I adopted abacus photos from the web browser; application the smartphone app you aloof get a massive account of images to annal through, and I couldn’t admission the albums I’d created on my iPhone. Via the web interface, you aloof upload the images directly.

You can akin appearance off your own photography on the Meural Canvass II

Loading images via an SD agenda is additionally possible, although it seems as quick and far easier to aloof upload images.

You can accomplish your own playlists, too, of a alternative of your own images or those you acquire admission to from Meural’s own collection. Akin better, if you acquire a associates you can actualize alloyed playlists of your own and Meural’s images.

Via the app, you can ascendancy how images are displayed, ambience the absence time that anniversary angel should be on screen. The absence options additionally set the Canvas II to alone affectation images that bout the screen’s accepted aspect ratio, which prevents any pictures bustling up sideways. And if you get apathetic with what’s on display, again you can use the app to about-face amid photos manually.

Choose how you appetite photos to be displayed with the all-embracing options

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If you don’t acquire admission to your phone, again the Meural Canvas II has action sensors built-in. There are two: one at the basal for landscape, and one at the basal aback in account mode. A bash to the larboard or appropriate changes images. A bash up shows you abundant advice about the artisan alongside the name of the account and aback it was painted, axis the Canvas into a affectionate of art building (you can add your own advice for your uploaded images). A bash bottomward brings up the card system.

Gesture controls are a bit choosy and added difficult to master, with the awning generally blank what I did. Above annexation up to see added information, the app accepted a bigger way to use the Canvas II.

Gesture controls acquiesce you to affectation advantageous information, but they’re added difficult to master

There’s additionally an Amazon Alexa accomplishment available, although no Google Assistant abutment as yet. Application Alexa, you can about-face the Canvas II on or off, appearance the abutting or antecedent images, and change the accuracy of the screen. It works able-bodied enough, and provides a quick way to save ability by axis off the affectation aback you’re not in the room.

However, I’d acclaim application the Alexa app to about-face up the name of the artefact to article that’s easier to say; Meural Canvas accepted a bit of a mouthful. It’s a abashment that the awning doesn’t arise as an on/off ascendancy in the app, as you can’t use it with an Alexa Routine at the moment.

Finally, there’s a accurate scheduler that lets you ascendancy what’s apparent when. Application this scheduler you can set aback the Canvas II should deathwatch up, aback it should beddy-bye and which playlist it should appearance at specific times. You can akin use the scheduler to change your art with the time of day and mood.

The agenda lets you automate your day and mood

There’s 8GB of accumulator available, which provides abundant amplitude for autumn assorted playlists, alongside authoritative it quick to about-face amid artworks. Plus, it agency that if your internet goes down, your artwork doesn’t.

Although the Meural Canvas II has an AHVA LCD console with a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution, it’s annihilation but a regular. Rather, the LCD technology is the starting point, and Meural has added to this some able tech to addition the examination experience.

First, there’s the anti-glare technology, authoritative the awning arresting in blithely lit and blurred apartment alike. Then, there’s the ambient ablaze sensor, which can acclimatize accuracy automatically to accord that astute attending beneath any lighting condition, attention the 16.7-million colours that the affectation can show. Finally, there’s the TrueArt tech, which has been congenital to accomplish artwork attending like the absolute thing.

And you’ll be admiring to apprentice that all these appearance absolutely do work. Put a account of a painting on a TV and it will attending like a photo of one. On the Canvas, it’s a altered story, with Meural application layered images distinctively formatted for the display. Acknowledgment to the matte accomplishment and superb examination angles, you’d affirm that you were attractive at the absolute affair – and that you could ability out and blow the besom strokes.

Panoramic Photo Collage - three panel canvas artwork

Load up some archetypal paintings, such as Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and you could be continuing in advanced of the original, with the detail and arrangement of the aboriginal preserved in all of its glory. This moves the Canvas above artlessly a accessory for assuming pictures, axis it into a apparatus for art lovers to acquaintance paintings.

Switch to article added modern, and the Canvas adapts. There are akin works of art with affective elements created for the Canvas, which accord a far added avant-garde feel, although the matte accomplishment of the affectation would accomplish you anticipate that you’re attractive at a book were it not for the movement.

It’s adamantine to see the detail you get in a photo – but, assurance us: the Canvas II looks amazing

By default, the awning is set to ample with the image. While this agency no atramentous areas, it does beggarly that some images can get hardly cropped. Instead, you can acquire from three altered modes: Contain (the angel is fabricated as ample as it can after cropping); As is (the resolution is akin 1:1 after cropping, which can beggarly you get a baby account in the average of the display); or Stretch (the account is pulled to annihilate any atramentous borders, but it can ruin the aspect ratio).

When it comes to photos, the Meural Canvas II’s awning is incredible. It’s one affair to attending at a photo on a ablaze monitor, but on the Canvas II, the matte accomplishment lets you aces out the detail and you get abutting to a actual high-quality photo print. The aftereffect is that you get to adore your photos. If you’re into your photography, the Canvas II is the best and easiest way to appearance them off.

The Canvas draws aloof 20W of ability angry on, so if you had it angry on for 24 hours a day again you’d use aloof 0.48kWh. This agency it will amount you aloof beneath 7p per day to run, or about £24.53 per year.

If the anticipation of agenda photo frames account you to arch for the hills, the Meural Canvas II is the artefact to argue you back. Admittedly, it presents a adequately ample expense, but the amount is absolutely acceptable based on the affection of the TrueArt matte screen. Equally able of bringing old masters and aboriginal agenda photos to life, the Meural Canvas II isn’t a bit of tech, it’s a acute way of announcement art in your home. If you’re into art and photography, the Canvas II is exceptional.

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