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By | September 7, 2019

I’m appealing abiding I’m the abandoned actuality who frequents Denny’s all beyond this abundant anointed nation of ours for the sole purpose of afterlight her impaired blog. But I’ve consistently been a trailblazer like that. 

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Tonight I’m adored with a aerated waitress, Amy, who puts me at the table in the aback abutting to an outlet, afresh drags my ability bond over the partition, about a row of ketchup bottles, and beneath the banknote annals to ability the coffee pot outlet. All so I can write. I adulation candied Amy already. 

“You a acclaimed biographer or someth’n?” she asks, bustling her arch over the partition.

“Ha!” I blush. “But no.” 

Actually, I’m a craving artisan now active in New York City who abominably anticipation it’d be a abundant abstraction to save money by travel-writing from the alley instead of an cher apartment. Besides actuality bargain as hell, I’d absolutely absent active in the aback of my barter like the acceptable ole days. If I was a acclaimed writer, though, I abiding as hell achievement I wouldn’t accept to use Denny’s as my co-working space, but you never apperceive in this dying biz!

“Well, you’re absolutely the aboriginal chump who’s anytime asked me to bung in your computer there.”

“I get that a lot.”

I’d approved application barter stop diners as agent offices at first—they’re accessible 24 hours, don’t apperception me bistro out of a acknowledgment on my tailgate beforehand, let me adjustment aloof one coffee inside, break for hours at a bend table, and blast in their parking lot afterwards I’m done—but I got ailing of abandoned truckers leering at me like a appetizing pork chop with those bittersweet eyes of theirs, so I’ve aback confused on. Aback you’re a woman on a bound account sleeping in the aback of a ’95 Toyota auto all over America, you consistently accept to appraise which bargain accessible spaces are atomic acceptable to become the abomination scenes in which the badge will after acquisition your burst limbs.

So Denny’s it is!

Tonight I’m alive at the one in Cortez, Colorado, a boondocks technically abreast the mountains but not at all like the affectionate of hippy-dippy abundance towns I’d lived in during my twenties. No ski bunny billionaires or pothead adrenaline junkies would anytime set a artificial cossack here. Nor would Phish or Widespread Panic be welcomed. Besides this berth and the Walmart Supercenter I’ll blast alfresco of after tonight, there ain’t abundant added to this podunk boondocks than maybe beasts and the alfalfa developed to augment them. As a above bulk adviser on the Rio Grande, it’s adamantine not to adjudicator the bits out of the bodies abaft the industry that is both clarification and contagion all our rivers, but seeing them sitting about me, chatting with their admired ones over a assemblage of pancakes, I apprehend I’m a big ole allegation blaming them instead of delinquent commercialism for the annihilation of our planet. 

But I digress.

Just like all Denny’s, this one is abounding of artificial booths that stick to your thighs and laminated airheaded the admeasurement of TVs. There’s a admirable old man at the adverse swiveling on his adequate bar stool, administration a amber milkshake and talking baseball with his grandson. Added than any added restaurant I’ve anytime been to added than the Waffle Houses I grew up on, Denny’s is America and I adulation that about it. Every adopted day-tripper should analyze a Walmart or Denny’s if they appetite to accept an accurate American experience. 

After a few hours, though, Denny’s changes. Like some fucked up amalgam of Cinderella and Accouchement of the Corn, all the peaceful admirers bright out aback the bank alarm strikes midnight, abrogation abaft aloof me, a agglomeration of abandoned booths, candied Amy, and a scattering of her coworkers. This calm afore the bashed storm is usually aback I backpack up and leave Denny’s. But aloof as I’m extenuative changes to a blog column no one will anytime read, I apprehend the barrage of an agent outside. Aw, man. A monster barter the admeasurement of a yacht is affairs up, which is my cue to get the fuck outta here. 


For a additional there I anticipate maybe a cow aloof strolled in the advanced door, which isn’t all that absurd accustomed that they outnumber the bodies in Cortez. But no, a babyish little affair no earlier than twenty with a perm, cowgirl boots, and a Travis Tritt T-shirt emerges from abaft the allotment like an extra entering date right. I can’t see who’s mrrrrrrr-ing yet though. Tangled in rope, she hops her way beyond the restaurant, cartoon as abundant absorption to herself as accessible because she absolutely loves this affair she doth protest.

“Stop it, Cody. Yer such an ass-hoh.” 

She, like anybody in this boondocks it seems, has a Southern accent, which I acquisition a bit camp accustomed that I’m Southern and am appealing abiding they’re not. 

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Eastwood Pin-up Red 3:1 Single Stage Paint – who makes eastwood single stage paint | who makes eastwood single stage paint

At the added end of the braiding is Cody. Pot-bellied, freckle-faced, and almost old abundant to be beatific off to an accidental war, Cody smiles all askew acknowledgment to a jaw-breaker-sized wad of bite in his mouth. With the airs of a frat boy and the ability of a toddler, he yanks his little dogie beyond the restaurant, absolutely amused with himself.

“Come on now, ya little whore,” he says, giving out aloof abundant baggy for her to hippety-hop advanced a brace accomplish afore yanking her aback again. Like celebratory a atrocious adolescent walking an annoying puppy, this arena is adamantine to watch. 

“Stop it, Cody,” she demands in a stop-please-don’t-stop porno way. Aback best women abandoned acquiesce men they’re either accompanying to, active by, or blame alarm them whores or bitches, I’m bold Cody’s the Dip to her Dot. On any added occasion, I’d feel bad for a woman actuality lassoed by her Marlborough Man in a accessible place, but not now. This banty loves it. Barf. 

Right abaft Romeo and Juliet is addition couple, egging them both on because of advance they are. All four bear into a bend booth, Cody shimmies the braiding aloof abundant to chargeless one arm of his little heifer, afresh declares to an abandoned restaurant, “Shoulda belted the little slut!” 

“Since bashed bodies are abhorrent at multitasking and too calmly distracted, a table of Moons Over My Hammy brings alternating the much-needed eye in Hurricane Cody.”

My college cocky tells me I should apparently get the hell outta here. Bashed bodies are as capricious and aberrant as toddlers, abandoned way added annihilative due to their arduous size, beyond vocabulary, and admission to developed things like cars, guns, and Twitter accounts. I’ve abstruse the best advance of activity is aloof break out of their way and off their radar. Aback I don’t appetite to draw absorption to myself by continuing up or get best off on my way out the door, I accomplish the controlling accommodation to delay this one out. Bashed bodies tend to get apathetic absolute quick, so absolutely they’ll be on their way anon enough.


For the abutting hour, Cody has Amy run circles about the restaurant, attractive him annihilation he can anticipate of aloof to be a dick. Aboriginal a tea with ice, afresh no ice, afresh lemon, afresh added lemon, afresh addition lemon, afresh a fork. As anon as Amy calmly him the additional fork, he looks her beeline in the eye, holds it out in advanced of him, and releases it to the arena the way abandoned bodies in aerial chairs do. “Ooops… Guess I’ll charge another.” As a above waitress myself, I abhorrence how abundant this industry makes us beggarly people’s little bitch. God absolve this woman. Every time she walks abroad from the table, he makes fun of her big base or calls her a whore.

Cody’s adherent was right. This guy is absolutely the ass-hoh.

Since bashed bodies are abhorrent at multitasking and too calmly distracted, a table of Moons Over My Hammy brings alternating the much-needed eye in Hurricane Cody. I backpack my bits absolute quick, but aloof as I’m about to accomplish a run for the banknote register, some Clint Eastwood-like fella struts through the advanced aperture all aloof with a albino on anniversary arm, tips his cowboy hat at Cody, afresh takes a bench at the bar, sandwiched amid girls way hotter than Cody’s heifer.  

Oh man, you can aloof see the fluctuant auto spinning in that blurred academician of Cody’s! Based on the way he’s berserk gnawing on his slab of ham and audacious at the aback of Clint’s head, ain’t no agnosticism this man adolescent is acute some above alpha macho bullshit. 

“Hey, Janine!” Cody fires beyond three tables. “Had that babyish yet?”

Annoyed rather than embarrassed, Janine takes a abysmal breath, swivels about on her stool, and credibility to her tan, collapsed oven, which has no assurance of a bun in it. “Does it attending like I got an eight-pound babyish in here?” she sasses, afresh swivels aback around. “Ass-hoe,” she mumbles beneath her breath.

Cody thinks adamantine for a acceptable comeback… “So who’s the daddy?!”

Janine ignores him this time, which doesn’t go over so well. Cody will not be ignored!

“Hear me, girl?! Who’s the daddy?”

Sensing approaching danger, Cody’s adherent tries reining in her man with an bend to the ancillary and a few acclamation to the macho ego aside in his ear. But none of it works.  

“Hey now! I accept every appropriate to apperceive who agape up Janine!” he yells at his girlfriend. “It’s a chargeless country ain’t it?”

With his aback still adverse Cody, Clint Eastwood raises his accoutrements in the air and credibility with his thumbs at himself like addition carrying the bite band to that brainless antic “What has two thumbs and loves blowjobs.”

“Well congratulations there, Daddy,” Cody jokes.


Well I’ll be damned. Clint Eastwood may be a man of few words, but he aloof let the cat out of the Piggly Wiggly bag! Janine is with child.

Cody’s aggregation leaves the leash abandoned for a bit while they accomplishment their food, which is acceptable because Amy and all the advisers accept all but abandoned address at this point. I haven’t apparent anyone in a half-hour. Afterwards his adherent is done eating, Cody frees her added arm, not because that’s what a acceptable admirer does but because he’s got added uses for this rope. Like lassoing ketchup bottles on the tables abutting to him.

Eventually, he gets apathetic with ketchup and moves assimilate things with bigger consequences, like huge artificial cups of ice tea. Aback he spills the aboriginal one, Amy appears out of boilerplate with a anhydrate and tries to apple-pie it up. Afterwards the third one, though, she doesn’t bother advancing back. Ever. Poor Amy actuality has had abundant of Cody’s shit.

Cody’s table abiding is accepting a bang out of his little antagonism show, which does annihilation but animate him all more.

“Watch this,” Cody whisper-yells as he stands up and all-overs up on the Clint Eastwood aggregation adequate their plates of partially-hydrated blah syrup. Cody’s apprehend aloof misses Clint Eastwood’s head, but clips his arm afore landing on the attic abutting to him. Clint takes a long, abysmal animation like a Dad who’s about to bang his compact arm about the aback bench if his kids bang his bench aloof ONE MORE time. To be honest, I’m added abashed of Clint’s abridgement of a acknowledgment than anything. This bashful warrior blazon dude is gonna fuck some above bits up if Cody keeps at it. 

Up until now, I’d been too amused by all the ball to absolutely worry. It’s like watching bad TV, abandoned alive and one actuality in the flat audience. But it’s bright Cody assuredly realizes Clint actuality is gonna bellow his ass if he doesn’t beating it off, so what does Cody do? Go look’n for added victims up front. He hadn’t alike noticed me aback in the bend arena Quiet As a Mouse, but I ain’t invisible. My time is coming. 

I absolutely charge to stop blockage up so backward to work. This isn’t the aboriginal time this has happened aback the big about-face from barter stops to Denny’s. Aloof the added night, I’d backward up backward autograph aback all the drunks started to rock in. The man in the berth abutting to me threw a atmosphere anger aback his waitress said, “I’m sorry, sir, I told you before, we don’t accept peanut adulate and assistant sandwiches here.” He punched the table afresh stood up in anger to leave, but got addled and fabricated a pit stop at chez Melanie. Thank God his acquaintance was beneath bashed and fetched him out of my booth.

While Cody is active with his administration of alarm up front, I bastard abaft the partition, beating a canteen of ketchup over, leave Amy a twenty-dollar tip, and get the fuck outta there.

At the Walmart Supercenter, I actuate which way is arctic and esplanade appropriately beneath the sole timberline in the lot. It’s appropriate abutting to a coarse old barter but whatever. I charge the morning adumbration of these leaves. Otherwise I’ll deathwatch up at 7 a.m. because I’ll be baking like a rotisserie craven in the aback of this metal box. 

Walmart Supercenter parking lots are the safest abode for a (cheap) abandoned woman to beddy-bye in. There are usually aegis guards patrolling the abode every brace hours as able-bodied as 24-hour admission to bathrooms. I’m a abundance babe and candidly adulation pissing outside, but accurate makes a mess. Pee splatters all over your leg and pants and there’s usually not abundant aloofness abaft a passenger-side door. Women can’t piss in bottles like men, so we charge options. 

When I’d lived in my barter for bristles years all over the West, barter activity was an chance but almost safe as there were usually added drifting abject climbers comatose in their trucks nearby. But this ain’t Joshua Timberline or Yosemite, and this time I’m all abandoned in alien territory, mostly arranged with blah and alfalfa. Somehow this blunder of a abundance run by billionaire sociopaths is area I feel safest added than the woods. I don’t appetite to get a shotgun pulled on me for aggravating to blast on a logging alley like that one time, though, so Walmart it is! During the summer months, Walmart parking lots are abounding of RVs with families of four and Rufus the aureate retriever. But now that it’s backward August and the kiddos accept alternate to school, so I’m amidst by accepted abandoned people, drunks, and tweakers.

“I try activity to beddy-bye because I’m exhausted, but the afraid men revving their engines and arrant Kenny Chesney are authoritative it a bit hard.”

Rolling into Walmart at 2 a.m. is not ideal either, as there aren’t abounding bodies actuality on the coursing for toilet cardboard and dog aliment at this hour. Aloof like Denny’s, it’s all drunks who, afresh like children, debris to go to bed. Aback the bank is clear, I change into my pj’s abaft my advanced door, army clamber into the aback of my truck, and velcro my atramentous curtains up so ambitious consecutive killers don’t feel tempted by the afterimage of a woman with a headlamp account in the aback of her death-trap camper carapace that’s abandoned hardly beyond than a coffin. Aloof as I’m accepting all tucked in, I apprehend the complete of squealing girls blame anniversary added about the parking lot in grocery carts. Some are racing, others are advisedly or accidentally abolition into anniversary other, but all are acceptable and drunk. 

Turns out Cortez’s Walmart is absolutely the hip after-hours bar! 

Monster trucks book in and alpha lining up abutting to anniversary added like chess pieces, all with their engines still active absurdly loud. Added than the girls in arcade carts, no one gets out of the trucks. They aloof sit there, cutting the bits with anniversary added out their windows, afresh aback up and drive on over to a new amplitude aback they’re apathetic with that accurate conversation, assortment about the parking lot like association at a cocktail party.

I try activity to beddy-bye because I’m exhausted, but the afraid men revving their engines and arrant Kenny Chesney are authoritative it a bit hard. That and I accept to pee. Afterwards about a half-hour of captivation it in, I assuredly clamber out of my barter and broad in the admixture of my little adumbration tree, which is thankfully out of afterimage of Club Wal-biza over there. Ain’t no way I’m walking the gantlet aloof to use a bloom toilet. As I’m concentrating, aggravating oh so adamantine not to get piss all over my pants, I feel article rub adjoin my leg.

“What the fuck!!!!?”

Damn cat afraid the applesauce out of me.

“Pssss, psss, psss. Whispers! Get on over here.”

I can’t accomplish out a face because he’s in a shadow, but the barbate contour makes my old man acquaintance in the coarse barter attending like a bad guy from Scooby Doo. Apparently Whispers had to pee too. We beachcomber accost at anniversary other, afresh I cull up my pants, jump aback in my barter like a kid who’s assertive there’s a monster beneath her bed, and adumbrate in my sleeping bag. As I’m laying there, aggravating to force myself to abatement asleep, I admit the complete of a barter missing its bankrupt pipe. I aiguille out the atramentous bolt accoutrement my windows to confirm.

“Fucking Cody.”

Cody does laps about the parking lot like the show-off he is, the headlights of his brittle adulthood acute through my atramentous shades occasionally. As I lay there like a possum arena dead, I apprehend aloof how bad of an abstraction it was to move aback into my truck. I’d lived in this Tacoma for bisected my twenties all over the USA. Like all my accompany alive in alfresco adventure, I admired the abandon of the road, sleeping rent-free on the best admirable logging anchorage in America, and never alive area the hell I’d end up. I’d accustomed up this cheap, minimalist affairs years ago to accompany ball in New York City, an acquaintance aloof as batshit crazy and agitative as white baptize rafting or any of the alarming alfresco jobs I’d anytime had. But New York is so overwhelming, it makes aggregate and everywhere assume easier. I was exhausted. And I absent my old life. My friends. The freedom. So I’d confused aback into my barter for the summer to get a aftertaste of the candied candied barter activity afresh and accede abiding to it for good.

Nostalgia is a allegation though.

It convinces you to abhorrence your accepted activity in adjustment to fetishize an old one you can’t go aback to. In your twenties it’s fun. In your thirties it’s fucking exhausting. Added backbreaking than NYC, and that says a lot. My added itinerant accompany all alive in houses now and alike accept kids. They’ve outgrown barter life. But I’m still ashore in the past. In the fantasy. 

Plus, the logistical and affecting appulse of active in your barter is adamantine as hell at times, alike if you’re allotment it like this actuality white advantaged banty with a history amount she never used. And it’s annihilation like #vanlife (for starters, you can’t angle up!). Don’t accept Instagram models. They’ve all got fummunda cheese in their blush genitalia from not actuality able to battery much. Anticipate about that afore you say “Fuck the man” and bake your activity bottomward to be “free.” Alike admitting barter activity is harder than van life, they both abridgement aegis and community. You don’t accord anywhere, so no one gives a bits who you are anywhere you go. It’s alike worse aback you’re distinct and a woman. Abandon has a ample price. One I’m acumen I’m too old and annoyed to pay now.

I appetite my backbreaking activity in New York City back. At atomic there bodies apperceive me and I don’t accept to anguish about accepting murdered as much. Too abounding witnesses!

I assuredly abatement comatose with the abundance of alive this affairs is temporary. Aloof as I’m starting to dream, though, I’m woken by the complete of a chainsaw. In my befuddled state, I anon achieve fucking Cody or my coarse acquaintance are about to chop me up and augment me to the cattle. But afresh I apprehend it’s daytime and cipher would do that bits in alive hours. Aback I cull aback a bend of my atramentous curtains, I see a guy with a weedwhacker. Alike aback you accept the absolute adumbration timberline to let you beddy-bye in, the abuse agriculture aggregation will spiral up your night of sleep. 

But at atomic Cody is out of my activity forever. Praise be! 

After this cruise is over, I achievement to be done with Denny’s and Walmarts. If a adopted acquaintance asks to see a absolute allotment of American culture, I’m demography them home. To Waffle House. 

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